iPhone works but black screen what to do

How to fix and unlock the black screen iPhone

Iphone screen conclusion suddenly becomes black, and you cannot access the phone anyway. Here are three useful ways to help you remove the password with an iPhone with a black screen so that you can use it again.

Black screen. The common problem that most iPhone users come across from time to time. When the iPhone screen becomes black, you cannot answer the call, even if you clearly hear his call; You cannot access all the phone data, because the screen is black and you cannot enter the lock screen password. Like any other problem with the iPhone display, the iphone black screen can be caused by a software or hardware problem. Some of the problems associated with black screens include the discharge of batteries, equipment failure, application failures and much more. Since fix and unlock the iPhone with a black screen?

If you are faced with a black iPhone death screen, don’t panic. There are several corrections that you can try to make your phone again.

Iphone or iPad hangs, does not turn on and does not respond to the buttons (maybe a black screen)

A common problem. Fully charged iPhone (iPad) took the hover (the program hung) or completely turned off. Pressing on the screen or side button, unfortunately, the device is brought to and not launched.

Don’t worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically moved to the so.Called “conservation mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

It should be noted that depending on the model of the device, intensive care methods may differ. So.

iphone, black, screen

How to introduce iPhone into recovery mode

The simplest thing that can be done, and this function is available for free is to enter the iPhone recovery mode. After that, it will already be possible to independently load the firmware and try to solve the problem (by the way, there is also the opportunity to get out of the restoration mode of one click).


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This is a really useful function. Few people know how to introduce the iPhone in DFU or Recovery

Why is this happening

“Black death screen” is a relatively new concept for iPhone users, we used to have extremely rarely encountered similar system failures. Most often this was decided by banal rebooting or updating the firmware.

Now almost every user of “apple” has observed such malfunctions on his device or on a device of friends. Black screen can appear on most models, regardless of the IOS version.

Several basic causes of this strange glitch are distinguished:

Black screen often appears on devices that have visited the water. Even the new iPhone 7 with protection against moisture from hitting it sin with this. It is not necessary to drown a smartphone for this. It is enough to actively use it in a humid environment, in the rain or several times spray the device.

Iphone X: How to Fix Black Screen (1 Minute Fix)

It is 100% to establish that the black screen began to occur on the device after getting wet will not be able to in any service center. However, the adoption of “water procedures” with a smartphone will be an excessive reason to think about the causes of such glitches.

Problem software

Every year, iOS becomes more open, developers can embed their modules in many standard programs. It can affect the work of iOS.

Any system update can bring part of the code that does not work well with existing applications or settings.

Only the complete cleaning of the device with the restoration of the firmware can minimize the chance of the appearance of the black screen, but not everyone can go to such measures. Not everyone wants to turn its iPhone for 50 thousand into a test landfill.

Masters of service centers note that often the cause of the appearance of the black screen can be problems with the battery. An old worn.Up battery can lead to such.

On new gadgets, a black screen often causes an overheated battery. This can happen even on a completely good device when connecting to a charger.

The causes of the black screen on the iPhone 5

If possible, try to find out, after which a “black screen” appeared on the iPhone 5. You can also try to find source of malfunction by excluding, using several ways in turn.

Why when starting the application appears a black screen and nothing happens

After starting the application, a black screen appears and a spinning load indicator. At the same time, the iPhone does not freeze, you can easily get out of the application and start another.

During installation, many applications download only the main part of the data and at the first launch are loaded from the network the necessary content. Sometimes data are loaded, but when starting it, it is unpacking and structuring.

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So you can reduce the time of downloading the program from the App Store, but you will need to connect to the network or free space on the smartphone at the first launch.

Sometimes the iPhone accumulator may not be enough and the application can not start, while the iPhone itself will not hang, but will continue to work.

If during the launch of the application you see a black screen or an eternal load indicator, do the following:

Check the Internet connection, perhaps the application needs to get something from the network.

Check your free space on your smartphone. Follow the setting path. The main. Iphone storage.

Remember how much free space is left, try to start the application again and check the free space after that. If the program requires a place for diving or unpacking data, you will notice how free space is reduced.

If no more than 1-2 GB remains on the iPhone, the drive should be cleaned. To do this, you can use built.In recommendations like cleaning the album recently deleted or complete removal of several recorded rollers.

The last means of solving the problem is the reloading of the iPhone and reinstalling the application from the App Store.

iphone, black, screen

If even after that the program will not be launched, you should contact the developer, its contacts can be found in the application store.

iphone, black, screen

How to fix a black screen through a hard discharge of iPhone

As practice shows, most often such a failure in the operation of the device is caused by a hardware problem. It is likely that it will not be possible to solve it quickly. First of all, the user must take the possibility of hard rebooting.

To perform hard discharge, click and hold the inclusion button and “Home” at the same time (the round button that is located under the display). They should hold them at least 10 seconds until the sign of the American company Apple is displayed on the screen.

On the models of the iPhone 7 and 7, the hardware reset is done somewhat different. You need to press and hold the volume reduction button, as well as the power button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.

On the iPhone 8, 8 and X you need to press and immediately release the volume increase button, then quickly press and release the volume decrease button, and then clamp the power button until the apple logo is displayed.

Note! If the logo after the above actions was displayed quickly, then most likely the reason was a small failure in the software work. If the logo is not displayed, then radical measures will be required to solve the problem.

Iphone screen goes out

One of the reasons why the iPhone screen goes out after the conversation is poor.Quality accessories or their natural aging. Pay attention to the state of the protective glass: usually over time a huge amount of garbage is collected over the edges, as a result of which it interferes with the normal operation of the approximation sensor. By the way, if the iPhone with Face ID, it can also interfere with normal recognition when unlocking a smartphone.

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Check if the dirt has come under the protective glass

It is very difficult to determine whether the garbage has hit the protective glass, because modern accessories have a dark frame around the edges. Try to change the protective glass every one and a half to two years. Remember that even wiping the iPhone screen is not worth a T.Shirt, but by a special microfiber cloth.

Also, pay attention to the protective cover that you use: even the original iPhone cover, tightly adjacent to the edges, can cause a dark screen after talking on the phone. Such accessories protect the iPhone, but at the same time create certain inconvenience.

Does the magnetic holder affect the iPhone

Magnetic holder is an insanely convenient thing that allows you to safely use a smartphone while driving. However, Apple on its website notes that the magnetic field may interfere with the image stabilization. True, it is still believed that magnets do not affect the iPhone work critically, but this nuance is still worth it: perhaps the approaching sensor does not work precisely because of them.

Advice. Recovery mode without the “Home” tab

As you know, the “Home” tab is really important for converting the phone to the recovery mode, but what if you cannot access the “Home” button and want to enter the restoration mode mode. Perhaps the “Home” tab cracked or damaged. You do not need to worry about it, because you can still translate your phone into the recovery mode without the help of the “home” button.

Download Reiboot

To do this, you need to download reiboot and run this program in your system. After that, connect your device and the program will find it automatically.

Click on the option “enter the recovery mode”.

Next, click on the option “enter the recovery mode” and, therefore, transfer your device to the recovery mode.

So, you can correct the black iPhone screen using the methods mentioned above in this article. You can choose any method of correcting the black screen on the iPhone, but Tenorshare Reiboot is the most effective method of restoring your iPhone. Try to repair the iPhone black screen now!

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