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Powerful editors for anyone who wants to learn how to edit or find a new application for already acquired skills.

1. Premiere Pro

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.
  • Cost: 2 029 rubles per month or 15 456 rubles per year.
  • Russian interface: there is.

Premiere Pro is considered the industry standard. Here you can create projects of any complexity. When searching for an editor, they most often look for specialists who work in this particular program. And thanks to its popularity on the Web, it is full of courses and other educational materials on Premiere Pro. It really helps novice users.

The program supports a large number of formats and offers a wide range of settings for saving. Project files opened in Premiere Pro can be exported to other Adobe products for effects or sound processing. In addition, the already wide functionality of the editor can be improved with various plugins.

2. DaVinci Resolve

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Cost: free or 385.
  • Russian interface: there is.

Another advanced editor that is widely used in the industry. DaVinci Resolve supports fewer export formats than Premier Pro, and it lacks some features, for example, to work with captions. But this program is considered the best tool for color grading. And most importantly, it can be used for free.

Paid version of DaVinci Resolve features plug-in support and some additional features, for example, for working with 3D-video. In addition, after the purchase you can create projects with other users.

IPhone Processing Software

3. Final Cut Pro

  • Platforms: macOS.
  • Cost: 22 990 rubles.
  • Russian interface: not.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro program is a powerful editor for professional editing. Its capabilities are enough to be called one of the best in its class. In addition, Final Cut Pro stands out among its competitors with a simple, fast and very smooth interface. At the same time, the program is available only to Mac owners, there are no versions for Windows and Linux.

4. FilmoraPro

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.
  • Cost: free or 150.
  • Russian interface: not.

Filmora offers a balance between professional editors and simplicity. The program does not have a mode for multi-camera editing, as well as advanced tools, for example, for working with 3D and 360-degrees. But many users do not need this. Most importantly, most of the professional tasks of this editor are tough. However, it is easy to learn.

In the free version, all FilmoraPro features are available, but the program puts a watermark on the. To remove it, you need to purchase a paid option.

5. Shotcut

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Cost: is free.
  • Russian interface: there is.

Free open source editor. At the same time, Shotcut offers many basic tools and effects that can be useful for amateur editing. In addition, the program supports a large number of formats.

The Shotcut interface cannot be called simple. But you can customize it to your needs, leaving only the necessary tools in the window. The editor works quickly even on slower machines. In addition, Shotcut has portable versions for Windows and Linux that can be used without installation.

6. KineMaster

  • Platforms: Android, iOS.
  • Cost on Android: free, 349 rubles a month or 2 150 rubles a year.
  • Cost on iOS: free, 349 rubles a month or 2,790 rubles a year.
  • Russian interface: Android version only.

This is perhaps the most advanced editor for mobile devices. As functional as possible on a tablet and smartphone. In addition to basic tools such as cropping and gluing rollers, KineMaster offers many opportunities for working with visual effects and sound. You can overlay captions, control speed, use chromakey and much more. The program supports layers for easier editing.

KineMaster is free to use. But in order to remove the watermark and open access to the source library, you need to issue a premium subscription.