iPhone Updates Quickly After iOS 13 Update

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If the iPhone does not turn on after the software update, you can try to restore the smartphone to work on its own. Unfortunately, almost every Apple product owner faced the problem of a broken iPhone after the updates.

Reasons for the malfunction

IOS software updates are necessary for your device for high-quality and productive work. Each software has at least one error, according to the law of programming. Specialists who develop the program constantly “catch” errors, eliminate them and improve the phone’s OS to eliminate possible and possible software failures.

But sometimes the iPhone smartphone turns off and does not load after the update. Do not immediately bring the gadget to the service center, you can try to start the recovery mode with your own hands. The causes of this problem are as follows:

  • The smartphone is simply exhausted, since the update requires a lot of energy
  • Memory chip out of order
  • The power button broke when the device rebooted
  • Removed binding to the location operator
  • The firmware “flew” (software collection and reset)

In some cases, you can try to solve the problem on your own, without the help of specialists. To do this, if the iPhone is updated and does not turn on, use the following recommendations for the recovery mode.

How to restore smartphone performance

If you upgraded the Apple phone OS to the latest version, and it disconnected and does not load after the update, you should try to reanimate it on your own.

The iPhone recovery process depends on the reason for shutting down during a software update. To get started, try putting the phone on charge (it is advisable to use the original charge, as Apple products do not respond well to left accessories). Software updates can take a lot of time and therefore drain the battery drastically.

If the battery is depleted during updates and the phone refuses to turn on, connect it to a power source for at least a day. If the problem lies in a discharged battery, the result will not appear earlier.

If the phone still doesn’t turn on after a day of charging, you can try restarting the gadget. A hard reset of the iPhone is the very first procedure for various minor breakdowns. It is used if there are any minor malfunctions in the work of Apple technology.

If the phone does not turn on, you can use a hard reset of the device. To restart the phone, do the following:

  • Simultaneously press the “Home” button and the power button, which is located on top
  • Hold the buttons in this position for 12-20 seconds
  • As a result, the Apple logo should appear on the screen

If the screen still doesn’t turn on after you upgrade your iPhone, most likely the lock problem lies in the internal details of the gadget or in the software in which the settings were reset.

Having tried all the above recommendations, and found that after updating the iPhone does not boot even after a hard reboot of the device, you should not try to start the recovery process further.

If the failure after which the iPhone does not turn on when you update it is covered in the microcircuit, only a professional wizard will be able to diagnose and repair the gadget to restore it.

iPhone Updates Quickly After iOS 13 Update

The repair process consists of the following steps:

  • Neat disassembly of iPhone
  • Diagnostics to determine the reasons why the phone does not turn on after updating the software
  • Determination of the cause of the malfunction
  • Removal of damaged elements
  • Installation of new parts
  • Flashing the smartphone if necessary
  • Assembly and verification of the result

Only a professional will be able to solve the problem if the phone is locked and it does not turn on after the update.

If you did not help a hard reboot or charging the device when updating the OS, you should immediately seek help from a professional who is ready to provide inexpensive repair services. Self-analysis and an attempt to change the original parts will only lead to even more serious damage to the gadget.

Where to find a professional

If your iPhone does not turn on after the iOS update and attempts to independently restore the smartphone did not work, you should contact an experienced wizard. Make a request through YouDo, if your iPhone does not turn on, and indicate in it signs of breakage and the model of the gadget. Specialists will leave their suggestions.

Also look at the profiles of the masters to find out how much the iPhone repair costs if it does not turn on after the update.