IPhone stuck and won’t turn on

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If you have an iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone SE (2016), or iPad with a Home button

To reanimate the above iPhone and iPad models, just press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 15-20 seconds, after which the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

If you have an iPad equipped with a Face ID scanner (without the Home button)

This method is completely identical with the latest iPhone models: you need to press and quickly release the volume up button. Then press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the device restarts (Apple logo appears).

iPhone or iPad is frozen, does not turn on, or does not respond to buttons. What to do?

Don’t panic if your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on or respond to buttons when you try to turn it on. There are two ways to quickly bring it into working order, which we will tell you about.

The first two reasons iPhone won’t turn on are not related to hardware or software glitches. Most likely, the smartphone is simply discharged and needs to be recharged, or it freezes, in which case a forced reboot will help.

iphone, stuck, turn

iPhone or iPad is frozen, won’t turn on or respond to buttons (may be black screen)

A common problem. A fully charged iPhone (iPad) is frozen (the program is frozen) or has completely turned off. Pressing the screen or the side button, unfortunately, does not lead to anything and does not start the device.

Do not worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically went into the so-called “save mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

It should be noted that resuscitation methods may differ depending on the device model. so.

Your iPhone or iPad battery is completely discharged?

If your iPhone or iPad is discharged, connect it to the power adapter and charge it for 15 minutes, then try to turn it on without disconnecting from the charger.

If the battery is completely discharged, then sometimes after 5-15 minutes of charging, by pressing the power button, you can see an image with a lightning bolt and an outlet on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This means that not enough time has passed since charging started. Wait a little more.

On the left is a screenshot of an iOS device that is not connected to the charger, on the right. it is charging:

If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Press and hold the Power button and the volume down button on the left for 15-20 seconds, after which the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

So, step by step instructions

  • You need to connect the gadget to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Then the smartphone must be completely turned off.
  • Button Power must be kept pressed about three seconds. Button Home, not letting go Power, need to to push and hold during 10 Seconds.
  • Then the button Power can be released, and the button Home continue hold 15 seconds.

After performing the specified manipulations, nothing should be displayed on the iPhone screen. If a USB cable or logo appears, then the process must be repeated.

After its completion, the operating system of the PC or laptop will inform the user that a new device has been detected.

If all the steps described are correct, you can try to boot normally. This requires hold for 10 seconds buttons Power and Home. When they are released, you can turn on the device with the usual pressing Power.

After doing this, the problem where the iPhone has turned off and refuses to turn on usually disappears.

Life hack: what to do if the iPhone has turned off and won’t turn on

Sometimes iPhone owners face an issue where iPhone suddenly turned off and won’t turn on.

If you do not consider the trivial options, when you simply forgot to charge the battery in time, then most likely the matter is in damage to the boot partition of the device’s operating system.

The specified problem can be solved if you try to restore the partition by connecting the device in DFC mode.

What to do if the device still does not turn on after the performed actions

This is usually due to the fact that a running operating system restore was not completed or was not completed correctly. In this case, you will need to perform a number of other actions:

  • We repeat all the manipulations up to the detection of the new device by the computer OS.
  • Next, manually download iTunes.
  • After downloading the application, the user will be presented with options for updating the software.
  • The program will automatically detect the current firmware for the current device model and install it.
  • After that, the functionality of the smartphone will be restored.
  • If all these measures were not successful, and the iPhone does not want to function normally, you will have to use the services of a specialist.

    The service center will try to solve the problem.

    Why iPhone XR won’t turn on?

    To find out why the iPhone XR has turned off and no longer wants to turn back on, you need to run a detailed device diagnosis. This can only be done by our experienced professional. As for the reasons, over the entire period of repairing these smartphones, a variety of situations arose in our workshop. The most common are:

    iphone, stuck, turn

    IPhone XR won’t turn on

    Quite often, after a certain period of operation of an Apple smartphone, various problems begin to arise with it, expressed by various defects. For example, it may turn out that one day the iPhone XR does not turn on.

    What could be the reason for this phenomenon and how to eliminate it. The main thing is, do not rush to try to carry out repairs yourself, because you can easily introduce additional breakdowns, for the elimination of which you will have to pay.

    If a problem occurs, then first of all it is better to contact the services of our service center. We have been servicing smartphones of this brand for a long time, so we guarantee all our customers high quality, reliability and durability of the device after our intervention.

    How is iPhone XR repaired??

    The repair technology and the use of certain techniques depend on the type of breakdown. For example, if the iPhone XR does not turn off with the side button, then most likely the problem is with it. To do this, the master will disassemble and replace it.

    We have many different parts in our warehouse that were purchased from reliable suppliers who provide a guarantee.

    If the smartphone freezes and does not turn off, then you will have to do it forcibly. To do this, the master will disassemble the case and disconnect the battery, because when it hangs, no buttons respond to pressing.

    Fix Any iPhone Frozen/Stuck/Loop Screen (How to Force Restart!)

    After the phone is turned off, the specialist, by pressing and holding certain buttons, will transfer the smartphone to the service mode, from which you can reset to factory settings. It is important to know that if your data has not been saved in the cloud, then it will be lost.

    Why is it better to turn to the services of a professional workshop?

    If your iPhone XR has turned off and won’t turn on or off, don’t rush to tamper with your phone, because you can easily damage some parts. For example, the same building. Who therefore will be pleased to use a crumpled phone.

    If you decide to carry out the repair yourself, then consider the following points:

    Considering that there can be many reasons for the breakdown of a smartphone when it does not turn on or off, the wizard will first of all perform diagnostics. It will allow you to exclude unnecessary actions that will not lead to a positive result. Usually, after carrying out diagnostics, our master finds a specific reason, and then performs a high-quality repair.

    Sometimes there are situations when some parts are not in stock. In this case, you will have to wait some time. If, in the course of diagnostics, it turns out that an expensive part needs to be replaced, then before performing the repair, the master will definitely contact the client and inform him about the upcoming waste.

    If you decide to repair the iPhone XR yourself, which turned off and does not turn on, you can always contact our specialist for advice. He will be happy to explain all the subtleties of the process and point out the pitfalls that you may encounter during the repair process.

    If you have any problems, then contact us at any convenient time. In this case, it is not at all necessary to go to us, because our courier will independently come to you and pick up the device for repair. After, he will bring and carry out the calculation on the spot.

    We take inexpensively, carry out high-quality repairs and provide extensive advice on any issues.

    DFU reset

    This is an option for the most extreme case. It implies the complete removal of all user data. If your device has valuable content that hasn’t been backed up, it’s best not to make hasty decisions.

    The process runs in low-level recovery mode when the operating system does not boot. The transition to the DFU mode is performed on the device connected to the PC, according to the algorithms described above. The only difference is that you need to hold down the Home button or the volume key until iTunes informs you that the device is in recovery mode. In this state, the iPhone screen is completely black, nothing is displayed on it.

    If the user knows for sure that a jailbreak, an installed tweak or other application is the cause of the hang, then this is the only way that can solve the problem.

    There are situations when none of the above options helps. This means that the problem is of a hardware nature. It is necessary to contact a service center specializing in the repair of Apple appliances.

    Recovery Mode. recovery mode

    If the first method did not work and the gadget did not recover, it is worth trying the recovery mode. Usually it is used when it is necessary to reinstall the current OS while preserving the user’s content located on the device. Feel free to use this opportunity to reanimate a frozen device. Even if there is data that is not synchronized with the cloud storage on it, it will be completely safe.

    There is one nuance here. The desired result will be only if the failure occurred due to the update of the current version of the operating system. For users of the system, jailbreak, as well as in the case of a technical malfunction, Recovery Mode will not help.

    First, run iTunese on your computer, make sure you have the latest software, and enable recovery mode on your device. The smartphone model should also be considered here.

    • If the iPhone 7 freezes and does not turn on (this also applies to later versions of the gadget), then you must, as in the previous scenario: press and hold the power button and the volume control in the direction of decreasing the sound. As soon as the device turns off, hold down the volume button again and, while holding it, connect the device via a USB cable to the computer. Make sure the iTunes logo lights up on the screen and the cable appears. This signals that the connection was successful.
    • If the problem occurred in an early model or the iPhone 6 freezes and does not turn on, then the procedure will be slightly different. We press and hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons, wait for the shutdown. Press “Home” again, hold and connect the USB cable already connected to the PC. We are waiting for the logo to appear on the screen and a notification about the detection of the device in the working window of the program.

    After pairing with the device, the program will ask what task should be performed in the current situation. In addition, the software will give recommendations on the choice. We press the “Update” command and wait for the completion of the process. As a result, the smartphone should return to working condition.

    If the “Update” option did not give the desired results, you can repeat the algorithm, but choose to restore the system. But keep in mind that in this case, user data will be deleted, and the gadget will be reset to factory settings.

    Force reboot

    This is one of the most effective methods for getting out of a frozen state in most cases. We advise you to start resuscitation with him.

    Here the algorithm depends on the device model.

    • If you have an earlier version of a popular smartphone, up to and including iPhone 6, then to start a forced reboot, you must simultaneously press the power button and Home (home). Hold the buttons for a few seconds until the gadget goes into reboot mode.
    • If a newer iPhone model hangs on an apple and does not turn on, then the procedure is the same, but different keys will be functional. Here you need to hold down the power button and the volume rocker to decrease the sound.

    If everything is done correctly and the device responded correctly to the start of the forced reboot, then the screen will first go out completely, and then it will show the logo again and the process will start over.

    How to deal with the situation

    So, the owner is in a panic: the iPhone is frozen, does not turn on, what to do is the first question to which he wants to know the answer. Therefore, for a start, we offer effective ways to bring a smartphone into working condition.

    IPhone problems: the device hangs on the apple and does not turn on

    Apple technology is of high quality, everyone knows that. Nevertheless, she gets into trouble. Most often, people who are not ready to put up with the manufacturer’s restrictions and use jailbreak, but sometimes even ordinary users. A more widespread problem is of the following nature: the iPhone hangs on the apple and does not turn on. Today we’ll talk about what to do and why a similar phenomenon occurs.

    Possible reasons for freezing

    Only a service center will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of iPhone failure. But we bring to your attention a list of the most frequent problems for which things do not move beyond a black screen with a corporate logo.

    Malfunctions are of both hardware and software nature:

    • Failed to update the operating system. At the moment of updating the firmware version, the script is executed incorrectly and the smartphone stops running iOS.
    • This is often encountered by jailbreak users. After installing the next tweak, a device reboot is required, which ends up freezing on the logo.
    • If the iPhone has been disassembled, the power button may be damaged.
    • Malfunctions when charging the device (possible power surges), breakdown of the controller responsible for the process, problems with the battery. The latter is typical for smartphones, which are often subject to falls.
    • Screen freeze due to situational software error.
    • Problems with the motherboard. Usually, in this case, a complete freeze is preceded by short episodes, when the repeated shutdown of the device saves.
    • Memory failure. The storage chip needs to be checked.

    These are all common reasons iPhone freezes on an apple and won’t turn on. The article contains the most effective methods of correcting the situation, unless it is of a hardware nature. We are waiting for everyone who has any questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share the article and stay with us.

    iPhone stuck on apple after iOS 11 update: reasons

    What can be the reason that your iPhone 6/7 freezes on the apple logo after the iOS 11 update. At the same time, the phone does not turn off or turn on, it cannot be restarted, and in general it refuses to respond to any of your actions. The most common reason for this error is an unsuccessful update attempt. It is possible that during the installation of the new iOS 11 platform via iTunes or over the air, something went wrong, and your iPhone hangs on the apple and reboots.

    By the way, exactly the same error, when the iPhone freezes on the apple logo, can also happen during jailbreak, during the process of restoring data from a backup file via iTunes, if certain elements of the motherboard are damaged (for example, if the iPhone fell or water got into the phone) It could also be a simple system failure, some kind of hardware error.

    What to do if iPhone 6/7/8 / X is stuck on the apple logo after iOS 11 update

    What to do if iPhone won’t turn on and apple on screen is lit after iOS 11 update or iOS 11 update, even when downgraded from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3? A similar mistake can happen to any of us, despite the fact that the iOS platform is considered one of the most stable and reliable mobile systems. For many users, this behavior of the smartphone can cause fright, suggesting that the iPhone is broken. In fact, it is in your power to fix this bug, but not without the help of additional software. In just a few clicks, Tenorshare ReiBoot will be able to restore the correct operation of your device and remove the Apple logo from the screen.

    What to do if iPhone won’t turn on and apple is on?

    We suggest you use the simplest, but at the same time very effective way to fix the error. Tenorshare ReiBoot program. This tool solves most of the iOS problems by entering / exiting recovery mode. If iPhone stuck on apple after installing iOS 11 update, follow these steps.

    How to restart your iPhone if it’s frozen on the Apple logo — Apple Support

    Download and install the Tenorshare ReiBoot software on your computer from the official website. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

    Start the Tenorshare ReiBoot program. The utility will recognize your device and prompt you to enter recovery mode.

    Click on the “Enter Recovery Mode” button. Wait a while.

    As soon as the button “Exit recovery mode” becomes active, click on it. It will take some time for the device to reboot. When the iPhone restarts, it will be ready to use normally.

    Please note that the data on your device will remain intact. nothing will be deleted. Tenorshare ReiBoot can be used on both Mac and Windows. You can download the program absolutely free. Tenorshare ReiBoot can fix other iOS errors on iPhone / iPad: for example, if iPhone stuck in recovery mode or iPhone stuck after iOS 11 update.

    iphone, stuck, turn

    What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after iOS 12 update

    This year, Apple developers made us happy with the release of iOS 12. For now, the beta version is available to users, which is in free use. The release version will be presented in September 2018. The beta version, as a rule, is intended for developers in order to check the functionality of the system and get information about the work. as well as about its improvements. But as with many beta versions, the installs experience errors that disable the operation of the iPhone. For example, an apple is on, the iPhone does not turn on. iPhone is frozen. In this article, we will analyze all the effective ways to restore iPhone operation after updating iOS 12.

    Ways to fix the problem. iPhone turned off and won’t turn on

    Restoring iPhone with iTunes after iOS 12 Update

    iTunes can help you with these situations. You can always use iTunes to enter recovery / DFU mode and fix the problems. For example iPhone freezes, black screen on iPhone but it works. sensor or microphone does not work on iOS 12. You can restore your device using iTunes. If your phone is still working, you must sync your data first.

    • Connect iPhone to the computer that was syncing and open iTunes.
    • Wait while iTunes syncs iPhone and backs up.
    • Once the backup process is complete, click “Restore iPhone”.
    • When in the course of restoring iPhone, the setup screen should open, where you need to click “Restore from a copy of iTunes”. After that, you need to select your own device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the one that suits you best.

    If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, I will note that this method always works, but all media files and information will be erased on the iPhone. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes, make a forced restart, select “Restore”.

    It is worth noting that this method takes a long time and has a low success rate or the iPhone does not turn on and does not work at all.We recommend using Tenorshare Reiboot to restore iPhone / iPad / iPod.

    Force restart if iPhone won’t turn on

    If iPhone won’t turn on after iOS 12 update. We recommend performing a forced reboot. It is done differently depending on the model of your iPhone.

    How To Fix STUCK AT APPLE LOGO ENDLESS REBOOT Trick iOS 12 iPhone, iPod & iPad

    So, for example, to make a forced restart on an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
    • Step 2 Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
    • Step 3: Press and hold the power button until the company logo appears on the screen. Hold the power button for a few seconds until the “Swipe to turn off” slider appears

    To force restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you need to do the following:

    • Step 1: press the power button and the lock button without releasing them.
    • Step 2: press the volume button.
    • Step 3: Hold these buttons until the screen turns off and the logo appears.

    If you have an iPhone 6S, then you need to follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time.
    • Step 2: wait about 7 seconds.
    • Step 3: Your screen should go dark and the Apple logo icon should appear.

    Reliable tool. if iPhone won’t turn on after iOS 12 update

    If your iPhone won’t turn on after iOS 12 update, then Tenorshare ReiBoot is the ultimate solution for you. This tool offers a 1-click solution for such problems (iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone stuck on apple, iPhone doesn’t work, black screen on iPhone but it works, etc.) that occur in iPhone, iPad and all Apple devices Here are the steps to follow if your iPhone has turned off and won’t turn on.

    • 1. Download, install and run the program on the computer, connect the iPhone using the original cable.
    • 2.Click the “Solve All iOS Freezes” button in the main window to enter System Restore.
    • 3.Click on Fix Operating System. This will put the device into recovery mode.
    • 4. Download the latest firmware package by clicking “Next”. After downloading the firmware, click “Start Repair” and restore the system. This process takes less than 10 minutes, you cannot turn off the device in this process.
    • When the recovery process is complete, your iPhone will automatically restart and there will be no more error on iPhone.
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