IPhone reset to factory settings forgot the password

Best tool: how to reset iPhone if you forgot the password

From time to time, situations happen to us when we need to understand how to drop the iPhone to factory settings if you forgot the password. For this we exist many ways: some of them are excellent, and some are completely useless.

iphone, reset, factory, settings, forgot, password

On the Internet there are a large amount of methods for dropping the iPhone to factory settings if you forgot the password from your phone. Unfortunately, these methods most often lead to a loss of a huge amount of data, because users do not always make backup copies of their phones.

In the text we will see how to drop the iPhone to factory settings if you forgot the password. We will share with you the simplest and most effective methods that you can use every day. Also, using these methods, you will understand how to help friends in such a difficult situation.

In order to figure out how to completely drop the iPhone, follow our guide and do not turn off halfway: we will show you the best tools and the most effective techniques that will help you achieve the desired result.

First: what to do if the numerical password is forgotten

You remember the password for Apple ID, but you forgot the numerical password? Remember did not work out. Then here are the steps that need to be taken:

1) Download the Passfab iPhone Unlocker application. Install. Launch.

2) connect the iPhone 13 by cable to PC. Choose the item “Delete the password of the screen lock”.

3) by clicking on OK, you will train all the data from the iPhone. So without a backup anywhere.

5) We are waiting for the system to analyze the OS, and then we wait for the discharge process. It takes half an hour.

6) Everything is ready. The password is removed. Iphone will have to set up again. Or upload a backup through iCloud.

Yes, everything is so simple. A total of a couple of clicks. The same method is suitable for those who have an iPhone screen and is simply impossible to enter a password.

How to Reset iPhone X without Passcode, Apple ID or iCloud Password

TOP-5 methods of unlock iPhone

So, in front of you is your favorite iPhone, which suddenly became unfriendly. You can return it to the usual mode in one of five ways to unlock the iPhone all models if you forgot the password. Over, some methods will allow you to save personal information, while others will lead to a complete loss of data on your “apple” gadget.

iphone, reset, factory, settings, forgot, password

How to unlock iPhone through itunes

So, if you introduced a wrong password more than 9 times or used the recognition scanner on the gadget, then the smart operating system will turn off the device, block and deactivate it. In order to prevent fraudsters for personal data (for example, passwords from wallets, your personal photos and contacts), all contents on the device will be removed.

And everything will end well if you regularly did the backhone recovery in iTunes. In this case, in order to reset the phone you will need an authorized computer.

  • Attach the iPhone to the computer using a cable, turn on iTunes.
  • To forcefully restart the phone on the iPhone X, XS and XR, as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, you need to click and quickly release the “Plant the volume” button, then “reduce the volume”. After that, hold the side button pressed until the recovery screen appears. (program icon). On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, at the same time press the side button and “Volume” button. On the iPhone 6s, click the “Home” button and the upper or side key.
  • Select “Restore the phone” in the window that appears.
  • If during synchronization you saved backups of the system, after loading software on the screen, a proposal will appear to use them to write to the phone. Agree.
  • Set up the newly turned on the phone and use it.

ITUNES users may have problems, and in this case it is appropriate to use third.Party tools that will help you remove the password. If your version of the iOS 11, 12 or 13 system, the Tenorshare 4ukey utility will save your data.

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How to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password on the iPhone?

The password of your iPhone protects your device from unauthorized access, and can also prevent you from using the device, how to unlock the iPhone if you forget the password. This message usually appears after you tried at least six times to enter the wrong password. When we see the message “iPhone”, first we should instruct: repeat the attempt after 1 minute or repeat the attempt after 5, 15, 60 minutes.

10 attempts. You will receive the message “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes ”or your iPhone will be completely deleted if the“ Touch ID and password ”(or“ Settings ”“ Password ”for iPhone without Touch ID) include“ reset data ”in the“ Settings ”menu.

Too many unsuccessful attempts, and your iPhone is automatically blocked for a short period of time. If you continue to enter the wrong password, the phone will either turn off until it is connected to iTunes, or will automatically erase all your data if you have this option. Many users want to know how to delete access to the iPhone lock screen without password? How to unlock the iPhone off without password? How to unlock the iPhone without password. Do not worry, this article will tell you five effective methods of unlock iPhone without password.

Phone ensures user safety. Your phone stores a lot of valuable data, including contacts, photos, accounts on social networks, passwords and even electronic wallets. Almost everything is hidden on the other side of the lock screen, and it seems that you cannot get it if you do not know the password. Everything seems to be safe, but there may be problems with the iPhone. Your iPhone 5s/6 (Plus)/7 (Plus)/8 (Plus)/X/XS/XS Max/11/12/13. Can be blocked for many reasons. Most often, children enter the wrong password and ultimately block your phone. Here we will provide several general solutions, you can unlock the iPhone without password.

Using Passfab iPhone Unlocker

The program is modern, supports iOS 14, iPados 14, iPhone 12, 2nd generation iPhone SE (released in 2020). There are versions of the program for Windows and MacOS. It allows you to unlock the iPhone or iPad in cases when:

  • Unknown Touch ID and Face ID;
  • Lost 4 valuable 6-digit digital password from the iPhone;
  • Apple ID is lost, forgotten or blocked;
  • Forgot/lost password from iCloud;
  • It is necessary to remove the MDM mobile control profile;
  • When you need to drop the iPhone to factory settings without a password.

And here is a step.By.Step instruction for working with the Passfab iPhone Unlocker:

Connect your iPhone or iPad using a USB cable to a computer on which the Passfab iPhone Unlocker program is launched and then click on the “Start” button.

Then there will be a window with instructions on how to introduce your Apple device into the recovery mode or in the DFU mode.

The matter is simple, but you have to be careful and neat at this stage.

Now you need to choose a folder into which the desired firmware will be downloaded from the Internet. And click “Download”.

If the firmware for some reason did not work out the first time, but do not be discouraged. In this case, click on the “Copy” button and then the firmware downloads using a browser. Well, if you already downloaded the firmware file on the computer in advance, then just click on the “Select” button and specify the path to the firmware on the computer.

To finally remove the iPhone screen lock password in the window that appears, click on the “Start unlock” button.

How to reset iPhone to factory settings without password

The easiest way to use the Passfab iPhone Unlocker program, which has repeatedly helped us out in various problematic situations. In order to reset the iPhone to factory settings without a password, first you need to remove the lock. We will answer the question of how to reset the password on the iPhone.

2) connect the iPhone to PC using a cable.

4) On the main screen, click “Unlock”.

5) We enter in DFU mode. “enter the DFU mode”.

6) confirm the removal of the lock and wait.

7) Everything. Here you have the answer to the question of how to drop the settings on the iPhone. Together with the discharge of password, all data from the iPhone memory are deleted. Now he, like a new. Dropped.

We set it up again and use it. Or restore from a copy to iCloud. Easy, fast and simple.

Do not forget only to download the actual iOS. Now this is iOS 15.One. Without this, all actions do not make sense above.

Ways to drop iPhone if you forgot the password

Passfab iPhone unlocker iTunes method DFU recovery mode iCloud Find my App set
Recommendations pointer
Need a screen password
Need an Apple ID password
Need itunes
Need a computer
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According to my research, Passfab iPhone Unlocker. The best and only option for resetting the iPhone 12/13 settings to factory settings if you forgot the screen for the screen and the Apple ID password. But if you know the Apple ID password, you can also choose iTunes, recovery mode, DFU, iCloud mode or “find my application” how to drop the iPhone to factory settings if you forgot the device settings for the settings of the device. Over, if you want to quickly reset iPhone settings or prevent other problems with the iPhone, Passfab iPhone Unlocker will still be your best choice.

Reset iPhone to factory settings without password via Passfab iPhone Unlocker [Best Method]

As we know, it is quite difficult to reset the settings on the iPhone without a password. What even more complicates the task is that you also forgot the Apple ID password and cannot use iTunes or iCloud to restore iPhone factory settings. However, Passfab iPhone Unlocker. The perfect solution for restoring the IPhone factory settings without password. And this is also available to restore the IPhone 13/11/11/12/8/7/7/6/5/5/5/4/4/11/11/11/11/11/11/11. Passfab iPhone Unlocker with an absolutely reliable set of functions can easily and 100% effectively bypass the iPhone/iPad screen to understand how to drop it to the IPhone factory settings.

4 reasons to choose an unlock iPhone from Passfab

  • The password is not needed.
  • The highest level of success: 100%.
  • Several functions: fast unlocking the lock screen, discharge of iPhone settings to factory settings, removing Apple ID or screen access code, MDM bypassing.
  • Simple control: you just need to click on screen buttons to understand how to drop the iPhone if you forget the password.

Use a powerful iPhone Passfab unlock program, which will do all the work for you in just 3 steps. Just follow the instructions indicated below:

Download and install iPhone unlocker

To start the process, just upload this software to your working PC or Mac. After installation, start the application and click “Unlock the iOS screen”.

Then connect the device to the computer or Mac and click “Start”.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password [Tutorial]

You will need to load the last firmware package. Make sure you have chosen the right path, and then click “Download” to continue.

Reset iPhone to factory settings without password

After loading the firmware package, the program will drop the iPhone settings to factory. Click “Start” to delete iPhone access code.

Just wait a bit. As soon as the password is deleted, configure your new iPhone and make changes to the safety settings. In the event that you have a common backup iTunes/icloud, restore the iPhone from a backup copy.

Reset iPhone if you forgot the password via iTunes

Itunes, official iPhone media player. This is primarily a music application for Apple users. But it can be used to solve how to erase the iPhone without password, as well as for other purposes, such as updating the device. If you want to access the second iPhone device, eliminate problems with software/hardware or eliminate any malfunctions, resetting iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. The best way to make and understand how to drop the iPhone to factory settings without a password. All you need is a connection between the device and PC, and follow the following actions.

To erase data from the iPhone using iTunes, you need:

  • Know Apple id and password.
  • Disconnect the “Find Me” function on your device.
  • You have ever synchronized the iPhone with your computer and trusted him.

Reset iPhone without password in recovery mode

Iphone transfer to recovery mode can eliminate a number of problems such as iPhone stuck on the screen with the Apple logo. Of course, it can also be used to reset the iPhone without a password in the situation, but you should know the Apple ID password, and the “Find My Face” function is disconnected on the device.

  • 01 download the latest version of iTunes and open it on your computer.
  • 02 Put the iPhone into recovery mode.
  • For iPhone 8 and newer: press and hold one of the side buttons and one volume button. Drag the shutdown slider to turn off the iPhone. Then click and hold the “Reducing” button to connect the iPhone to iTunes and enter the recovery mode.
  • For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: press and hold the “side” button until you see the “shutdown” slider. Drag it to the right to turn off the phone. Press and hold the “Reducing Redding” button until you see the recovery screen screen.
  • For the iPhone 6 and earlier versions: press the side button and release it when you see the “shutdown” slider. Drag it to turn off the iPhone. And press and hold the “home” button to enter the recovery mode.

We all know that technology develops at the fastest pace and provide us with a world of opportunities in all areas of life. Among all the good things that technologies offer us, mobile devices (for example, iPhone) occupy a significant place.

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You may well encounter a situation where your iPhone was blocked due to the fact that the child has incorrectly entered the password or PIN code several times. It happens that a person himself forgets his own password from his device and cannot remember him. Or the smartphone screen has broken, and there is no way to enter a password, even if you know it. There are several ways to unlock your iPhone, but it is important to choose the most optimal one. So as not to damage the device and not lose important data stored in it. How to find the right solution? It’s good that you are interested in this, because we have an answer for you.

In this article we will tell you how to unlock the iPhone without password in various ways.

Unlock iPhone without password / iTunes / icloud. 4ukey (recommended method) unlock iPhone without password using iTunes (only for synchronized device) use iCloud to unlock the iPhone (the “find iPhone” function should be turned on)

Unlock iPhone without password / iTunes / icloud. 4ukey (recommended method)

Tenorshare 4ukey is a great option if you want to unlock the iPhone without entering a password. With this powerful solution, you can without much trouble with circumvent the need to enter a password. The screen has broken, you forgot the password or the system was blocked due to attempts to enter the wrong password-4ukey will help effectively in such situations. This software can delete six- or clear-valuable access code, Touch ID or Face ID from your iPhone. It supports the latest IOS version and instantly unlocks the password to enter the system. With this tool, the iPhone is also possible to reset to factory settings without using a password.

Download Tenorshare 4ukey to your computer from the official website and run it after installation. Connect the iPhone to the computer using Lightning cable and let 4ukey find your iPhone. Click the “Start unlock” button in the 4ukey interaction.

Now you need to click “download”. The latest iOS firmware is downloaded for your iPhone.

To unlock the iPhone, click “Start unlocking”. Wait for the process to end.

Now that everything is ready, you can drop a password for the iPhone, as for a new. It is necessary to re.Configure the Face ID, Touch ID and password settings. You can restore the iPhone using the icloud or iTunes backup.

iphone, reset, factory, settings, forgot, password

After that, you can close the program, turn off the iPhone from the computer and configure it like new.

If you forgot your Apple ID, you can also use 4ukey to remove the iPhone binding to Apple ID.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password using iTunes (only for a synchronized device)

iphone, reset, factory, settings, forgot, password

Another way to unlock the iPhone without password is to use iTunes. However, this method can only work if your device is already synchronized with iTunes. In addition, using this method, all your data will be deleted along with the password from the device. Therefore, it is recommended to save a backup of data from your device in iCloud or iTunes in advance.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password using iTunes:

Connect your iPhone to a pre.Authorized computer, on which you have previously synchronized the device. 2. Launch iTunes and wait until it recognizes the iPhone. Click the device icon, and then go to the “Summary” tab. 3. Click the “Restore iPhone” button in iTunes.

Using iCloud to unlock the iPhone (the “Find iPhone” function should be enabled)

In addition to iTunes, there is another way to drop the password on the iPhone. Please note that if you want to use iCloud, you need to enable the “Find iPhone” function. Thus, you can easily unlock the iPhone without password.

Go to ICLOD.Com and enter your account. After that, select the “Find iPhone” option.

Click on “all devices” and select your iPhone in the list of devices.

Click “Erase the iPhone” and confirm the action by clicking the “Watch” button. All the data of your iPhone together with the password will be deleted, and your iPhone will restart without the need to enter the password or PIN code code.

Activation of activation blocking through 4MEKEY

Iphone activation blocking is a function that allows you to use iPhone restored by factory settings only after entering the initial ID ID and password identifier and password. The professional utility Tenorshare 4mekey will help to get around this blocking.

⦁ Download, install and run 4mekey on your PC or Mac. Assume a blocked iPhone to it and confirm that you trust the device. Select “Delete iCloud activation lock”.

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