iPhone Music Turns Off When Locked

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Enabling iPhone screen lock during a call

The iPhone should be locked during a call automatically as soon as the device is near your ear. Usually there are no errors in the operation of this function, but sometimes users are faced with the fact that the screen is not locked. This leads to accidental call drop, speakerphone on, microphone mute, and other unexpected consequences that interfere with the conversation.

Causes of the problem

Among the most common causes of the problem are:

  • Mechanical damage to the proximity sensor due to impact or falling.
  • Poor repair or installation of non-original components.
  • Moisture penetration under glass.
  • Reflection of the sensor signal by protective film or glass.
  • System crash.

Most often, it is possible to detect and fix the problem on its own, but if we are talking about poor-quality repairs and non-original parts or damage due to mechanical stress and water ingress, then you need to contact the service center. In order not to worry about the quality of the repair and the parts used, choose authorized service centers. it will be more expensive, but you will not have to redo everything again.

Important: when the speakerphone is on, the display should not go out. The sensor is triggered only when talking through the speaker.

Eliminating the problem

The first thing to do is to eliminate the possibility of a system failure that prevents the sensor from functioning normally. If the iPhone screen locks intermittently during a call, perform a hard reset. It will help eliminate non-critical errors in the system.

  • Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Hold until the Apple logo appears. 9-10 seconds.

IPhone 7 and other models without a physical Home button use a different combination. Power Volume Down key.

If the issue is not resolved after a hard reset, perform a factory and content reset. Be sure to back up your iPhone so you don’t lose personal information. After resetting your device, take your time to restore it from a backup. First, set up your iPhone as new, check if the sensor is working, then return the settings and files that were on the phone before the reset.

If factory reset doesn’t solve the problem, take a look at the smartphone screen. Is there a film, glass, or case on it that covers the top of the device? Remove all accessories from the display and test the sensor again. Perhaps a film, glass or case does not allow the waves to pass, and without them the screen will again block perfectly.

Remove Music Player Widget from Lock Screen on iPhone (3 Ways)

When a hard reboot, factory reset, film removal and other measures do not help, there is only one way left. to the service center. Probably something bad happened to the sensor and needs to be replaced. The procedure is quick and inexpensive, but necessary if you want to get rid of your lock screen problems.

Who is responsible for the screen lock

The proximity sensor is responsible for locking the iPhone during a call. The principle of his work is as follows:

  • Waves emanate from an emitter and bounce off a surface. for example, the head to which you bring the phone.
  • The reflected wave hits the receiver, which turns off the display.

It is very simple to check the operation of the proximity sensor: if you cover the part of the phone above the display with your finger when connecting to a subscriber, the screen will turn off. There are no proximity sensor settings on iOS, you cannot turn it off. That is, it either works properly, or does not function due to some kind of error, software or hardware.

Display stays on after notifications

Another similar problem is that the screen lights up when a notification of a message or other event arrives, and then does not go out. If this happens at night, then by morning you can get a well-discharged smartphone. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it yourself, without contacting a service center. For this:

  • Open iOS Settings and go to the “General” section.
  • Select “Auto-lock”.
  • Set the time interval. By default, the minute should be selected, but you can set it less. The main thing is not to select the “Never” option. it is because of it that the screen does not go out after the notification appears.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, remember when the problem first appeared. Uninstall recent games and applications if you have jailbroken or installed tweaks. pay close attention to them. Jailbreak, by the way, can also be the reason that the proximity sensor stops working on calls, so be careful with system hacks.

If you can’t find a specific app or tweak that is interfering with the normal operation of iOS, perform a hard reboot and reset of settings and content and then set up iPhone as a new device.

Developer restrictions

In “Developer options” there is a limit on the number of applications running simultaneously in the background. If this item is not displayed in the “System” section, then it must be enabled. For this:

  • Open phone settings and scroll to “System”.
  • Find the section “About phone” in the menu that opens and go into it.
  • At the very end of the list, information about the build number will be displayed. Click on it several times, the system itself will notify that developer mode is enabled.

Disable restrictions on background listening to VK music

The most efficient way is to update the version of the application to the latest version. However, if the problem persists, you can clear the program memory, for which you need to find it in the list of applications installed on your smartphone and click on the “Clear cache” button or simply “Clear”. it all depends on the android version.

Note! Alternatively, you can download your favorite tracks directly to your smartphone and listen to them offline. To do this, you need to install a special application, for example, VKMusic, which allows you to download audio files to the memory of the gadget.

There is another way how to bypass the restriction so that music can be played in VK without restrictions, Android requires a headset with the ability to turn on playback by pressing a button. So you need:

  • Open the app and turn on the song.
  • Press the pause button and lock the screen.
  • Press the button on the headset and enjoy VK music without restrictions on Android.

You can also, to listen to audio content in VK without restrictions on music, download the Android application, of which there are a lot, including on Google Play. Most of them have a minimal set of functions and the ability to play in the “Picture in Picture” mode.

Why does music turn off, YouTube videos when the screen is locked on Android

According to statistics, users most often listen to music on the VK social network or on the YouTube video hosting. As for the mobile version of VK, there is no playback time limit when listening to audio through the installed browser. Therefore, only the VK mobile application will be considered, in which music is often interrupted when listening on an Android smartphone.

iphone, music, turns, locked

There are also no restrictions on entering the site through a computer.

Music turns off when the Android screen is locked. what to do

Although portable players are still successful and sold, the smartphone is still the main means of listening to your favorite tracks. The user can download the Playlist to his phone or listen to music over the Internet. Basically, it turns on for the background, and it is especially annoying when the music turns off when the Android screen is locked, and the gadget completely refuses to play audio. Why is this happening and what to do in this case?

Screen lock turns off music on Android Meizu: what to do

This international smartphone manufacturer uses its own version of Android. the so-called FlymeOS shell.

If music playback is interrupted when you lock the screen or switch to another application, then most likely the restriction is imposed by the smartphone itself. To fix this annoying fact, you need to set the switch to the “Run in the background” position in the application security settings.

What to do if the player turns off when the screen is locked on Xiaomi Redmi Note line

The Chinese manufacturer is distinguished by the fact that it lives by its own rules, in particular, by developing its own operating system MIUI. However, here too there is a problem of stopping audio playback when the screen is off.

A possible reason could be that the smartphone itself turns off this application. To prevent this from happening, you need to install a lock on it, in this case the application will always work. Procedure:

  • Hide application.
  • Call up all recently used applications by pressing a dedicated button.
  • Drag the program of interest down to open a small menu.
  • Click on the lock icon.
  • Now the app widget on the home screen will be displayed with a small padlock on the side.

Note! Another reason is MIUI stops all idle processes. To fix this, you need to go to the battery settings and turn off the background activity limitation or move your application to the favorites list.

MIUI interface is very different from Android

Why is this happening and what to do about it

Restrictions on listening to music in the background are due to the policy of the organization itself, namely the Group holding with numerous copyright holders. Therefore, as many users note, it is necessary either to use more outdated versions of the social network, or to purchase a paid subscription that is not particularly expensive considering the possibilities.

But there are also other, but already free, ways to bypass the restrictions.

Restore iPhone via iTunes

It also happens that a restart will not fix a software error. We have to resort to a more radical operation. iPhone recovery via iTunes. You can find a detailed guide on how to restore an Apple smartphone via iTunes here.

Replacing the date and time

After all these steps are completed, you will be able to listen to music without restrictions. But only in background playback mode. Of course, in the end, restrictions will appear, but in this case, it will be enough to change the date to the previous one again.

It is clear that the protection of social networks does not stand still, so users may need other methods.

Test music playback in the Music app

Also, the problem may be caused by the application in which you play music. Use the standard iOS Music app if you have previously played music through a third-party tool.

Music turns off when iPhone is locked

Smartphone users are used to listening to music when they lock their smartphone. A handy feature is switching tracks from the lock screen. Sometimes it happens that the playback of songs stops immediately after pressing the lock button. What may be the cause and how to solve this problem?


The last way, but already paid, is to get a paid monthly subscription.

Headphones with a button

That’s all, you can enjoy the background music. The method will be relevant both for and for other social networks and services.

Reasons for failure

Among the most common reasons for a situation where the iPhone turns off or restarts during a call, service center specialists call:

  • errors in the system;
  • crashes in the work of individual applications;
  • using the phone in unsuitable weather conditions. for example, at low temperatures outside;
  • failure of the battery;
  • malfunction of the processor and other components;
  • moisture ingress;
  • mechanical damage to the device.

The user can independently deal only with system failures, errors in the operation of applications and the use of the phone in unsuitable weather conditions. In other cases, it is recommended to contact the service center to diagnose the device and determine the exact cause of the problem.

Eliminating system errors

Make sure the battery is charged before restarting your device, resetting settings, or performing any other actions. Remember that it discharges faster during a call. Even if at the beginning of a long conversation you had a few percent of the supply, they could dry out.

If after switching on you see that the battery is charged enough for the phone to work, but for some reason it went out during a call, try performing a hard reset.

  • Hold down the Power and Home keys at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen: 10-15 seconds.

The iPhone 7 and other modern models don’t have a physical Home button, so the keyboard shortcut has changed slightly. Press the Power button and the volume down key. Otherwise no change: hold until device restarts.

A hard reboot is suitable for eliminating non-critical errors in the system. Do not use it too often. If the spontaneous shutdown issue persists after restarting the device, try other troubleshooting methods. For example, factory reset and set up iPhone like new.

Be sure to back up your device before resetting your settings and content to avoid losing your contacts, photos, messages, apps, and other personal data.

Save an iCloud backup so you can restore it later without connecting your phone to your computer. You can not do a full rollback right away, but start by resetting only the settings. In this case, a backup copy is not needed.

Podcasts or Apppe Music Stops Playing when iPhone & iPad Locked or Going into iMessage, Safari iOS13

To reset iPhone to factory settings:

  • Open basic iOS settings.
  • Go to the “Reset” menu.
  • Select “Erase Settings and Content”.

When powered on after a reset, iPhone prompts you to set up your device as new or restore your system from a backup. It is recommended that you first set up your phone as new to make sure it works without errors. After that, you can fully or partially restore the system.

When asked why the iPhone turns off during a conversation in winter, the answer is simple. the reason is low temperatures, at which the charge level drops sharply. You can bring the phone to your ear with 20% charge, and after a few minutes the device will shut down and when turned on it will show 0%.

The norm for all iOS devices is from 0 to 35 ° C. The support section on Apple’s website states that cold temperatures may temporarily accelerate discharging, which will disappear as soon as the device is released into a higher temperature environment. However, if this does not happen, it is worth thinking about the state of the battery. perhaps it or other components are out of order or are working with errors.

Disconnecting iPhone during a call: finding and fixing the cause

If the iPhone turns off during a call with a full battery charge, then the first thing to look for is the system. If everything is in order with iOS, there may be problems with the hardware of the smartphone, which usually end with a trip to the service center.

Hardware faults

If the battery discharges sharply under normal operating conditions, contact a service center for a replacement. Particular attention is paid to devices that have been working for several years. The deterioration of the battery will drain quickly. You can replace the battery yourself, but you risk damaging the case and other components.

The reason that the phone turns off in various situations, including during a call, may be a malfunction of the processor and other components. Fortunately, this is a rare situation, but if you do come across it, it will not be possible to solve it without the help of specialists. The same applies to moisture penetration into the case and mechanical damage to the phone. Without diagnostics, it can be difficult to determine how serious the breakdown is, and untimely repairs can lead to aggravation of the consequences.

11 answers to the question “Why does iPhone music turn off when it is locked?”

While using the iPhone and iPad, I discovered two major glitches related to playing music: Music is played only if the sound switch is in the on position. If it is off, playback does not work. Music turns off when the smartphone or tablet is locked.


The solution for both cases is universal. We go to the multitasking panel on the iPhone (double-click on the Home button). We unload the application in which we listen to music. In this case, TuneIn Radio. To do this, swipe up on the application. We restart the application. Most of the time this works. If you know other ways. welcome to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.!

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Headphones with a button

That’s all, you can enjoy the background music. The method will be relevant both for and for other social networks and services.

Mobile version of VK

There was also another way, but now it has lost its relevance.

  • Download the official Boom software from VK to your phone (this did not require a paid subscription before).
  • Listen to music through the Boom app.

But, as already noted, this method has lost its relevance.


The last way, but already paid, is to get a paid monthly subscription.

Restriction features

In general, this limitation appeared 1 last year. Only then the listening limit was triggered after the user listened to 60 minutes of music. Later, this limitation was extended to 30 minutes of listening to music.

The developers note that in order to get rid of this limitation, you need to subscribe to Boom. The subscription will cost no more than 149 . The cost of such a monthly subscription may vary depending on the selected service and the company’s policy at the moment.

It is worth considering that, in addition to disabling the listening restriction, the user will also be able to save the audio recordings he likes to the memory and cache of the device for later offline listening. The same moment works when using the Odnoklassniki social network, which also belongs to the group organization.

At the same time, the web versions of both one and the other social network do not have such restrictions. The possibilities and forecasts of the introduction of such restrictions are exactly the same so far nothing has been said plainly.

Replacing the date and time

After all these steps are completed, you will be able to listen to music without restrictions. But only in background playback mode. Of course, in the end, restrictions will appear, but in this case, it will be enough to change the date to the previous one again.

It is clear that the protection of social networks does not stand still, so users may need other methods.

Why does music turn off when I lock the screen on Android?

A large number of messages from users appear on the Internet. They report that the applications of. Boom, Yandex.Music and others do not provide an opportunity to listen to music after the phone screen is locked. The essence of this limitation is the time limit for listening to songs in the background (limitation of 30 (60) minutes per day).

Why is this happening and what to do about it

Restrictions on listening to music in the background are due to the policy of the organization itself, namely the Group holding with numerous copyright holders. Therefore, as many users note, it is necessary either to use more outdated versions of the social network, or to purchase a paid subscription that is not particularly expensive considering the possibilities.

But there are also other, but already free, ways to bypass the restrictions.

Disconnect from the wireless network and reconnect

If the Wi-Fi icon disappears and a message periodically pops up on the screen stating that the password for the network was entered incorrectly, then it will be enough to simply reorganize the connection. To do this, in the “Settings” menu, in the “Block network” item, perform an action to forget the old connection, and then enter the password again.

No connection

Experts say that the Wi-Fi disconnection problem that all iPhones have is the result of a module installed in them. You can solve the problem as follows:

  • Perform a forced reboot. In the latest smartphones, you will need to press the volume keys and the side.
  • Check automatic connection to the Network. This will require you to forget it. You can follow this path by going to the “Settings” menu, select the “Wi-Fi” item, and in it the “Lose network” line. After entering the password again.
  • Perform a general deletion of all settings in the iPhone to factory settings. To do this, also in the “Settings” menu, in the “General” and “Reset” paragraphs, find the item “Reset network settings”.
  • Deactivate VPN. This phone function is also disabled in “Settings”, item “VPN”.
  • It is advisable to constantly update the operating system to the latest version.

Shutdown in sleep mode

If WI-FI is disabled on the iPhone when it is locked, then this problem arises most likely due to problems with the router, and not the gadget. Therefore, first of all, you need to look for and fix the causes on the router. The main factors that prevent iPhone from working properly are:

  • EAP encryption;
  • incorrectly created range;
  • automatic connection to the channel;
  • the time for leasing the IP address is set incorrectly.

To fix them and the iPhone stopped flying out of the network, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • To increase the lease time for an IP address, go to the “Settings”, “IP parameters” menu and select the “Lease time” item. And set the value there to at least 25000 seconds.
  • Changing the receiving frequency. This is how you can correct the frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.
  • Enable in WMM settings

Wi-Fi off periodically

The device may turn off due to two features on the iPhone that are not always useful:

  • Wi-Fi assistance. This function is designed to automatically switch to mobile internet when the signal is lost. But sometimes the iPhone loses the network even when the router is unstable: when the speed decreases or the ping increases. You can disable this function in the “Settings”, in the “Cellular” tab.
  • Auto connection. When Auto Connect is enabled, Wi-Fi on your phone will turn off and switch to other available networks after each disconnect, even if their signal is worse. You need to turn off auto-connection for each network separately.

Change your request to connect to wireless networks

To control this function, you need to go to the “Settings” and enable the “Confirm connection” line. In this case, the smartphone will automatically offer to establish a connection with a stronger network. If there were no connections before, then you will need to enter everything manually.

Why iPhone Disconnects from Wi-Fi in Standby Mode

If iPhone loses Wi-Fi, the first reason for the lack of connection may be a misconfigured router. The transmission quality and speed also depends on its serviceability. On the smartphone, this is displayed as follows:

  • Wi-Fi won’t connect.
  • Connection is very slow to establish, often freezes.
  • Internet icon blinks gray or disappeared altogether.

It is also worth remembering that when saving battery or when the smartphone is blocked, the connection may be poor or even interrupted.

Then the router should be checked, because in some settings there is a function “Disable automatically channels” that are not used often. It is quite easy to control this moment. It is enough to organize a local network connection in any public institution or try through another router, but at home.