Iphone Lit White Screen With Apple

If you are a regular jailbreak user, then you should be familiar with the situation when a lone apple is burning on the iPhone or iPad screen (on a black or white background, depending on the color of the iOS gadget’s case) or you are seeing an endless “camomile”. Of course, users who have never used a jailbreak may face such problems, but the solution to this problem will be the same for everyone.

It is worth listing the most common causes of the problem of a “frozen apple” or a spinning “daisy”:

  • Changing the iOS file system
  • incompatibility of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia;
  • custom firmware problems;
  • faulty hardware of iPhone, iPad.

In fact, the solution to this problem is one and it is universal. a complete flashing (recovery) of the iPhone, iPad. This procedure does not take you much time, so I recommend it, but if difficulties arose due to the installation of unstable jailbreak tweaks, you can try to remove the last tweaks through a third-party utility to access the file system or through the Safe Mode mode ( more about that below).

Flashing / Restoring iPhone, iPad

In our case, the device is not functional, so you need to enter it in DFU mode. The procedure is simple:

  • connect iPhone / iPad to computer;
  • hold down the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds;
  • after exactly 10 seconds you need to release the Power button, but leave the Home button pressed;
  • the device’s screen will not turn on, but iTunes on the computer will detect the device.

You can start the recovery, however, after installing iOS, iTunes will offer you to restore the system from backup or set up your iPhone, iPad as new.

For those who are not looking for easy ways

First you need to understand if the problem lies in the tweaks of Cydia. There is such a way to download iPhone, iPad. download without tweaks:

  • turn off the device;
  • hold the volume up button “”;
  • turn on the device and wait for the full download of iOS without releasing “”.

If the device has booted, then the problem is a recently downloaded tweak. If so, go to Cydia and remove the problematic jailbreak tweak.

If the device did not boot:

  • Turn off the device and turn it on again;
  • After a while, try to call on the iPhone or send an iMessage message if it is an iPad;
  • If the message / phone call has passed. you can access the file system, if not. reflash / restore iPhone, iPad according to the instructions above.
Iphone Lit White Screen With Apple

And so, the device receives messages and this means only one thing. the error occurs at the final moment of iOS download. Therefore, using iTools or iFunBox, you can access the file system of the device and try to recover the problematic files yourself. Of course, you can restore files only if you have backups, but if your iPhone or iPad demonstrates “eternal apple”, then most likely you have finished the device dripping into the file system and you should have backup copies of mutable files.

Nothing helped?

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