IPhone is not restored via iTunes

How long does it take to restore iPhone via iTunes

The wait can take from 10 minutes to several hours. As mentioned above, it all depends on the volume of files and the quality of the Internet connection.

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Description of iPhone recovery problems

One of the most common problems is error 3194. It occurs due to various reasons, but more often due to the consequences of working with the TinyUmbrella program or similar.

Get rid of error 3194 when restoring iPhone via iCloud:

  • Go along the path in Explorer: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc and find the hosts file inside.
  • Open this file using the stock program “Notepad” and find the line that contains the inscription gs.Apple.com. delete it.
  • Remember to save the modified file and restart your PC.

Most likely, the error will not bother the user again when trying to restore the phone again. However, before starting work, it is recommended to temporarily disable the Windows firewall. the risk of blocking will be significantly reduced.

Other common errors are 1013, 1014 and 1015. They may mean that you cannot rollback the firmware due to the impossibility to return to the old version of the modem. The solution will only help when using old models. To remove the error, you need:

  • Download the latest version of the redsn0w program.
  • Extract the downloaded file and open the utility as a PC administrator.
  • Synchronize your phone with your computer.
  • On the main screen of redsn0w select “Extras”, then “Recovery Fix”.
  • Click “Next” and switch iPhone, iPad to DFU mode as shown in the instructions. It is not difficult to do this: for 3-4 seconds you need to press the “Power” key, then hold the “Home” for 10 seconds, release the “Power”, but continue to hold the “Home” for another 10 seconds. The program will display a timer for each action so that the user has no problems activating the desired mode.

Important! Other errors are easier to solve by contacting the technical support of the company. specialists will answer all questions.

IOS version for recovery

Before restoring iPhone se, you still need to determine which version of the system is suitable for the phone and make preparations. The bottom line is that by developing new iOS “stamps”, the company stops signing old assemblies. Rollback and recovery on them is no longer possible.

You can determine which version of the system a user can recover to using the IPSW service. Going to the site, you need to select the iPhone model (it works for other devices of the company). For firmwares that will be marked with check marks, recovery is provided. On the same site, you can download the firmware to perform the rollback itself.

Description of iPhone recovery methods

Many owners of modern gadgets are interested in how to restore iPhone via iTunes. This process consists of two stages:

  • Factory reset (to a clean state).
  • Restoring user data from backup storage.
  • IPhone recovery via iTunes is available only for the official and current firmware version (requires a subscription from Apple). For example, a smartphone user with iOS 4.2.1, which has long been decommissioned and out of service, will not be able to initiate a rollback through the service. The application will throw a critical error.
  • Relevant for people with a locked iPhone. When the firmware is updated, the version of the modem will probably be updated as well. For such smartphones, before starting the recovery, it is better to use the Redsn0w utility.
  • If the user has not prepared a backup copy of the system in advance, then it will have to be restored in one step. the phone will return to the factory settings. All files and parameters will be lost.

Important! After familiarizing yourself with the nuances of the procedure, you can proceed to the very restoration of the smartphone via iTunes.

IPhone Recovery via iTunes

The smartphone will have to be connected to a personal computer or laptop with Internet access. the device needs to download all the latest updates. Only then the program starts. IPhone Recovery via iTunes:

  • In the program, open the “Overview” section, click on the line “Restore iPhone”.
  • A window will open asking you to confirm the action. All the consequences of the procedure are described here. this is the complete removal of files and any information from the phone.

After agreeing to the terms, a long rollback process will begin. This can take 5 to 25 minutes. Immediately after the end of the recovery, the iPhone will reboot with the factory settings. data loss is possible if you reset everything.

Restoring iPhone through the created backup

After a factory reset, the phone starts working completely empty. there are no old user files in it. You can restore iPhone via iTunes using the created backup. Algorithm for the correct process:

  • Open iTunes, connect your smartphone to your computer and put your phone into recovery mode iPhone, iPad.
  • Go to the files section and open the context menu using the CtrlB keyboard shortcut.
  • In the menu, select the item “Restore files from backup” and click on it.

Important! After user confirmation, uploading data from the cloud will start.

Recovery via Mac PC with macOS Catalina 10.15:

  • Open a Finder window.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. If you are prompted to enter a password for the system or select a computer as trusted, you will have to follow the instructions on the display. If the password cannot be remembered, then you need to revive it through technical support.
  • Select the device (in this case the iPhone) when it appears in the program window.
  • Click on “Restore from copy”. A message may appear stating that the software is too old.
  • View the creation date of each copy and choose the one that works best.
  • Click on “Restore” and wait for the end of the process. You may be prompted for a password for the encrypted version of the backup. you will have to enter it to access.
  • Do not turn off the smartphone after restarting and wait while it syncs with the PC. Once the iPhone is paired, you can disconnect.

Important! If you have problems restoring or accessing the required backups, for example, if you accidentally lock your phone, we recommend that you contact Apple Support.

How to restore iPhone via iTunes. detailed instructions

An unsuccessful update or flashing can lead to the “death” of the phone. In such a situation, there is nothing to be afraid of. just start the device in recovery mode. ITunes app lets you return iPhone to backup settings or factory settings.

How to restore iPhone without a computer

You can reinstall the system without the help of a PC. Algorithm:

To complete the procedure, it is recommended not to break the connection and regularly connect to the network and power source.

iPhone is disabled or not recognized by iTunes

Make sure the new version of iTunes is up to date.Check USB cable and connections.Restart your computer and iPhone 8.Put iPhone into recovery mode with free Tenorshare ReiBoot to be detected.

If you’ve enabled encrypted backup and accidentally forgot your backup password, there is no way to restore iTunes backup to your iPhone 8 unless you remove the password using third-party software like Tenorshare iBackupUnlocker. on How to Remove iPhone Backup Password.

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An application such as iTuns is an additional program for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which is downloaded from the official website Apple.com, through the “Music” section and installed on your computer.

After that, the user must go through a simple registration to create his account. What is it for? ITunes can download music, videos, and more.

This program provides for such an opportunity as buying new clips, books, etc. It is also possible to add your files to the program’s library, which is very convenient.

At the same time, iTunes needs to be updated periodically. However, after updating it, users may face some difficulties when syncing devices and iTuns, in particular, the fact that iTunes does not see the iPhone 5s, what to do and how to act in such a situation? In this article, we will discuss various problems and how to fix them.

Reinstall USB Drivers

After making sure that the cord is working, and the iPhone is listed in the system, but does not work, you need to reinstall its driver. Most likely, the hardware driver was installed with version 1.0 or 2.0. All modern devices are equipped with high-speed USB 3.0.

  • To do this, go to the “Device Manager”: right-click on the shortcut “My Computer”. “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, click “Device Manager”, go to the item “USB Controllers”.
  • By the inscription, we determine the one related to our device, click on it with RMB and select “Delete”.
  • Next, we agree to the operation. All that remains to be done is to get the USB cable and insert it over again to install the drivers.

Removing a program

Another option that can help in case iTunes does not see the iPhone 5 s is to simply update the program. However, this does not always help.

Therefore, to solve this problem, you can use another option, in which the program is uninstalled. In addition, it is also worth deleting the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg file in the iPhone itself.

It can be found using the Library / Receipts. After that, restart your PC, then re-download and install iTunes.

Reinstalling the driver on Windows

The Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is required for iPhone to sync properly with your computer. If it was damaged or accidentally deleted, then the smartphone will not sync with iTunes.

  • Disconnect and reconnect iPhone to computer via USB interface.
  • If the iTunes window automatically appears on the PC, close it and end all related processes through the task manager.
  • Open the system drive (the one where Windows is installed) and go to “ProgramFiles”. Here find “Common Files”. “Apple”. “Mobile Device Support”.
  • Open the “Drivers” folder and open the context menu in the “usbaapl.inf” or “usbaapl64.inf” file (for 64-bit systems). In the list that appears, click “Install”.
  • Wait for the end of the operation and disconnect the iPhone.

After that, be sure to restart your PC and try syncing your device to see if it shows up in iTunes.

How to restore iPhone if there is no backup

If a backup copy is missing, iPhone owners can still return some information that was stored in the memory of their mobile devices. To do this, you can use an application called Mac FoneLab. With it, you can recover some of the data after deletion, unsuccessful flashing, full reset to factory settings, etc. The utility is quite simple to use. To recover data using Mac FoneLab you need: 1. Purchase the application on the official website of the developers. 2. Install Mac FoneLab (there are versions for Windows and OS X). 3. Connect your mobile device to your computer. 4. Launch Mac FoneLab. 5. Wait until the utility analyzes the memory of the mobile device and displays a list of data that can be recovered. After that, all that remains is to mark the necessary files and save them in the computer memory. It is worth noting that Mac FoneLab cannot recover all the information that was available on a mobile device. If you want to restore your iPhone, you might be missing something. But with this utility, users can recover at least some of the data. The only drawback of Mac FoneLab is the price of the application. On the official website, it can be purchased for 80. At the same time, from time to time, the developers give users the opportunity to purchase the utility at a large discount. For example, at the time of this writing, Mac FoneLab could be purchased for 48. In addition, before purchasing, users can familiarize themselves with the application by downloading a free trial.