iPhone hung on an apple and does not turn on

Way to fix the iPhone x

There are no ideal things, so you should not be surprised if there is at least one damaged model among the new iPhone party. By the way, not always the problems with the smartphone are caused by factory marriage. Of the most common troubles, there are complaints that the iPhone X is not turned on. The malfunctions are traced exactly from the moment when he suddenly turned off for the first time. In such cases, the gadget does not light up at all or begins to shine endlessly on the OS loading screen.

How to fix an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop (Stuck on Apple logo)

Let’s figure out what it can be due to and how to fix it.

The device does not react at all

If your iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X does not react at all to your actions, it simply hovered and shows a static picture or just a dark screen, you need a restart.

In this case, you should not lose any data on which you worked if there is a function of autosa in the appropriate software. And the iPhone will definitely not be reset.

iphone, hung, apple, does, turn

On the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, press and release the volume increase button, then press and release the decrease button. And at the end, press and hold the power button to the Apple logo.

If you use the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the power button and the volume reduction button for ten seconds or longer to the Apple logo.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo or Boot Loop (No Data Loss)

If you use the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or older models, at the same time press and hold the “home” button and the power button for ten seconds or longer to the Apple logo.

Connect the iPhone to a charger

Often the iPhone does not turn on and does not show any signs of life due to the fact that its battery has sat down. Connect the smartphone to the charger and leave it connected for an hour.

A few important recommendations that should be taken into account:

  • Use original or high.Quality charging accessories. There were cases in which the iPhone turned off due to the sowing battery, but was not charged due to the use of a broken charger or cable. Be sure to make sure that the charger and cable are in working condition.
  • Charging the iPhone from the electricity network. Very often users charge the iPhone from a computer USB port. But due to the old battery in the smartphone and low power of the charging connector, it simply does not occur.
  • Check if the connector is contaminated. Sometimes iPhone charging does not start due to a highly contaminated Lightning connector. Inspect the charging port. If it is really contaminated, carefully clean it, for example, with a toothpick.

⚡ How to understand that iPhone began to charge?

If on the screen the Lightning. Iphone cable logo does not charge and asks for connection to the charger. If such a logo is displayed after you put the iPhone for charging, then the cable or adapter failed. Use other chargers.

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If only the battery is displayed on the screen, then charging is successfully performed. It is worth worrying only if this logo is shown without changes on the display for more than 30 minutes. In this case, the charging adapter and cable should also be replaced.

There is another way. You can restore your iPhone through

If, after a forced reload of the iPhone, the device does not turn on, and the screen still hangs on the Apple logo, then in this case, to solve such problems, it is best to resort to directly developed professional software. Among these programs is Tenorshare Reiboot utility.

With it, you can quickly and easily fix about 150 different types of iOS failures on iPhone or iPad. Download and install the reiboot and run.

  • When the program automatically finds your phone, the main program menu with three available functions will appear on the screen. Select the option “Start”.

After performing all the necessary steps to load the firmware package, click the “Restore now” button. Wait a while until the process of installing a new version of the operating system is completed. At this stage, your iPhone will automatically reboot and the working version will open and the working version will open.

The program has many outstanding functions.If you have messages “Support.Apple.COM/iPhone/Restore “, Reiboot has the function of entering the recovery mode and exit from it in just one click of the mouse.

One. Forcibly reboot the iPhone

Simple forced rebooting the phone helps in most cases. The device repeats the loading process from zero.

If you have an iPhone 7 or the device is more playful, then click the buttons “Volume down” “Nutrition”. Hold them until the smartphone is rebooted.

    Press and at the same time hold the physical buttons “home” and “food”.

Deep discharge of the battery

The battery can be converted into extreme use due to a special controller, which will not allow the process of charging. In this case, the first thing to do would not hurt to verify the performance of the battery.

A way to solve this breakdown is to extract the battery, and then connect to the tester. If the voltage is below 3.2V It is necessary to connect the universal ZA called the “frog” to the battery. It will take 1-2 hours to charge, after which the battery should be returned to the place and try to start the device again.

iphone, hung, apple, does, turn

If even when the phone is charged, nothing helps, contact the service center.

What to do if the iPhone is not loaded (the problem of the “white apple” or “eternal chamomile”)

All Jailbreak lovers have encountered a problem more than once, when after rebooting the device or just a system failure, the phone refused to load. The failure can occur at different stages of loading. Sometimes it is a “hanging apple”, and sometimes a constantly spinning “chamomile”. Today I will tell you how to return everything to working condition without big losses.

So, we have an Idevice with Jailbreak, who refuses to load. This situation may occur as a result of several actions:

I want to note right away that the easiest way out of the situation is to reflash the device and make a jailbreak again. This option can not always arrange you due to the fact that you can lose certain data, programs, photos, music. Even if you use our instructions and regularly make a backup, flashing and recovery of data can take a lot of time.

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We will deal with all points in order. If you are the owner of the healed iPhone and have not yet used our service on the lifting of the apparatus from the operator, then when increasing the firmware, the use of official firmware is strictly contraindicated for you. Only customs must be installed, which do not increase the version of the modem. You can download such firmware for any iPhone in a special section of our site. Our instruction will help you next.

Our firmware is not the so.Called assembly. T.E. In addition to the modem of the desired version, nothing has been changed in them and not added. If you downloaded the assembly in another place, it can include some tweaks or innovations and, at the discretion of the author, something can be removed from it. Always carefully treat such firmware and read the reviews of other users who have already managed to use them. Successful installation of such an assembly is not a guarantee of its stable work in the future. For a frequent one after installing such firmware, you can use the phone for a long time, and then at one point try to restart it and get a dependent device. If you have this particular case, most likely only a flashing to the custom firmware of our production will help you, and not the assembly with additional software. If the situation arose due to the incompatibility of tweaks, it is advisable to identify the tweak after which the problem has appeared so as not to establish it in the future. I recommend restarting the device after installing each tweak. Yes, someone will say that this is not necessary and passed the times when even Windows asked for rebooting after the installation of any program, but I will answer that this is the most reliable way to identify problematic tweaks.

If you are a fan of “delving” in the file system (it doesn’t matter which program to use itools, ifunbox or file). It is important to remember that you have full access to all files, the change of which can affect the performance. If you are trying to replace the graphics with “hands”, change the inscription on the unlock slider or change the system files, be sure to save the originals and restart after the manipulation.

With the reasons that can cause a “white apple”, we figured out, now let’s talk about how to fix it (without flashing, of course). First you need to completely turn off the phone by turning it away from PC or charging. After that, click the “Home” and “Power” for 40 seconds. This will make the phone completely turn off. Now click the Power button and wait for the device to download. In most cases, the failure occurs at the final stage of iOS loading when the graphic shell is loaded. The rest of the phone modules have already begun to function, but it’s difficult to see it. To understand that the phone is at this stage, you need to make an incoming call from another phone on it. If the operator reports that the phone is outside the zone of action or off, it is obvious that the freezing occurred at an earlier stage. If the beeps have gone, then the phone hung at the final stage of loading, which means you can access its file system.

Now you can use ITOOLS and IFUNBOX programs and without problems copy any data from the device: applications, photos, music, contacts, messages. Also in this mode you can return the system files to the place (of course, if the originals remain).

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If in your case the case is not in the problematic firmware and not in the replacement of system files, but in the incorrect work of tweaks, you need to download the phone in safe mode “Safe Mode”. A device falls into it if a software failure or “crooked” has been installed by a twig is installed. In this mode, all tweaks and programs from Cydia are completely disconnected, and the application store itself is available for launch. From personal experience, I’ll say that from version to IOS version its stability is growing and falling into a non.Penal regime on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.One.1 A rather rare phenomenon, unlike the old 3GS with iOS 4.3.3, I’m not talking about iPhone 2G and iOS 3. Also, always pay attention to the warnings of authors in Cydia to compatibility of tweaks with iOS versions.

To download the phone immediately at Safe Mode, you must completely turn it off (click the Home and Power buttons for 20 seconds). Now click the button for adding the volume “” and start turning on the device. Do not let go “” until the phone is completely loaded. If the point is really the incompatibility of tweaks. The iPhone will boot in the “without tweaks” mode and you can go to Cydia and delete the tweet that caused the troubles. If it is difficult to understand which of the tweaks led to the failure. Delete those that were added recently. After that, you can try to restart the phone in normal mode again. If it doesn’t work out. Try to repeat the operation and remove other tweaks.

Thus, you can try to return the device to life without the need for firmware and further restoration of all the necessary. If these tips did not help you, the problem is much more serious and the firmware cannot be avoided. However, you should not be afraid of it, because the probability of spoiling the device is close to zero, due to the fact that the loading area is reliably protected from third.Party intervention. This means that “saving” the Idevice by recharge will be possible in most cases.

Forced reloading iPhone

Sometimes to get rid of an apple on a dark screen helps forced reloading the device. Iphone 7 and newer models can be reloaded by while pressing and holding the power button and a volume control for 10 seconds.

To reboot earlier models, press and hold the power button and home for 10 seconds.

iphone, hung, apple, does, turn

We talked in more detail about rebooting in this material.


Despite the fact that we tried to describe in detail all the ways of solving the problem with freezing iPhone on an apple, it will be better if you contact the Apple Ilab service center. One way or another, the iPhone that befell the fate of the “white/black screen of death” must be subjected to unscheduled diagnosis so that this does not happen again.

Our masters will be happy to help you in this matter and not only. So, we are waiting for you in our service centers!

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