Iphone Does Not See Charging And Does Not Charge

Some of the iPhone users may encounter a situation when their smartphone simply does not charge when the charger is connected, and the cause of this dysfunction may be the reasons for both the hardware and software levels. In this article I will tell you what to do if the iPhone does not charge, but shows that it is charging, I will describe the causes of this problem and the features of the methods for solving it.

Iphone Does Not See Charging And Does Not Charge

IPhone does not charge. hardware reasons

The reasons that the iPhone does not charge, but shows that the following are charging:

  • Damage (breakdown) of the cable. If your cable was damaged (physical wear and tear, animals, children, etc.) then you will not be able to charge your iPhone, and in some cases you will even see signs of charging, but de facto it will not happen;
  • Damage to the charging port (Lightning). Usually caused by physical wear, as well as strong (sharp) movements of the user when connecting / disconnecting the cable;
  • Clogged port with mud. During the long-term use of the phone, its stay on various fleecy (dirty) surfaces, the socket may become clogged with small pieces of wool, dirt, dust and other things, which leads to insufficient contact of the cable plug with the port;

Mud clogged port

  • There is a problem with the charger. Your device for some reason (physical wear or incomplete compliance with the declared characteristics) does not give the declared charging parameters (usually 5V and 1A), and this leads to various problems with charging the smartphone. Especially these are the devices of little-known manufacturers (the so-called “noname”);
  • Battery problem (usually wear). Over time, the battery runs out of life and requires replacement. If you use your iPhone for a long time, or purchased it with your hands, then it is likely that the battery of your device has exhausted its resource;

IPhone Battery Wear

  • Physical damage to the telephone circuit board. If your phone received any physical damage, fell, or experienced any other mechanical impact, then it is quite possible they negatively affected its functionality, including the possibility of charging it;
  • Problems with the controller responsible for charging the phone.

iPhone does not charge. software reasons

Among the reasons why it is impossible to charge an iPhone, there are also reasons for the program feature, and some experts call them prevailing. The main software reason is a malfunction in the software (at the smartphone firmware level), which for some reason does not give a command to the phone controller to charge, because charging simply does not occur.

Also, the reason why the iPhone refuses to charge is because the user uses incorrect (custom) firmware in their device (similar firmware is available for first-generation iPhone versions, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4Rev A).

How to fix iPhone charging problem

So, if you have a situation that your iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging, then do the following:

  • Try to completely discharge your device, and then charge it;
  • Hard reset your device. Hold the On / Off and Home buttons while the unit is turned on, and hold until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears again on it (it may take 30 seconds). After rebooting, try charging the smartphone again;

Hard reset iPhone

  • Try using your cable with a different iPhone. If charging still does not happen. replace the cable;
  • If during movement of the cord connected to the port, the charging turns on, then turns off. it is quite possible that the port will not contact or simply broken. Replace the port in the service center;
  • Turn off your phone, grab a wooden toothpick and gently collect rubbish accumulated in the socket. Do the procedure as gently and accurately as possible so as not to damage the contacts. In no case do not use any material that conducts well current (for example, a metal pin), you can close the contacts and cause harm to your device;
  • Try your charger with a different iPhone. If charging still does not happen. replace (repair) the charger;
  • IPhone Charger

    • Recover through iTunes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, click on “Device” in the upper left, then click on “Backup” and wait for the procedure to complete. Then click on Restore and wait for the process to complete;
    • Check the service center for the charge controller (or bottom loop). If your iPhone does not charge, quickly loses its charge, gets very hot, then this may be an indicator of the controller’s “guilt”. If the controller fails. repair it (replace);
    • Replace the battery. If you use the phone for a long time, the battery could run out of life. Replace it.
    • Contact your nearest service center, a significant damage to the board of your smartphone may be guilty due to any accidental physical impact.

    error correction illustration

    Above, I listed the reasons why the iPhone is not charging but shows that it is charging, and also listed what to do in this situation. A good option is a complete reset (hard reset) of the device, as well as cleaning the port of the smartphone from dirt accumulated there. If you tried all the options, but nothing helps, then contact the nearest service center. perhaps the problem of poor charging is located in the device’s board itself, and your device needs a thorough repair.