iPhone disabled connect to iTunes without a computer

Iphone is disabled, connect to iTunes: what to do

If the password is incorrectly entered on the iPhone, then the device will be blocked, and the message “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” will appear on the screen. How to unlock a smartphone in order to get access to it and, if possible, return the data.

After several incorrect attempts to enter the iPhone password, it is blocked and completely encrypts the files stored on it. Thanks to this, no attacker can hack the device and gain access to photographs, applications and user documents.

  • Data can only be restored if a backup was made before that (using iTunes, icloud or third.Party software).
  • If the device has not previously synchronized with iTunes, then you can unlock it and reset the password only with a complete loss of data.
  • If partial synchronization with iCloud (contacts, calendar, notes) was included on the iPhone, then you can return the data after authorization in the Apple ID account.
  • If the backup was made through third.Party software, then before starting the recovery procedure, reset the password through iTunes.

To remove the notification from the screen of the disconnected iPhone and unlock it, it is necessary to make a complete discharge. You can do this in different ways.

About “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes

The iOS device is protected by several security functions, one of which. Screen lock.

Every time you turn on the iPad with a lock screen, you need to enter the correct password or use Touch ID to enter the iPad. And as soon as you enter the wrong password for:

  • 6 times: the iPad will turn off for 1 minute;
  • 7 times: the iPad will be disconnected for 5 minutes;
  • 8 times: the iPad will be turned off for 15 minutes;
  • 9 times: your iPad will be disconnected for an hour;
  • 10 times: This iPad will say: “The iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”.

When your iPad is simply disconnected for one hour or less, you can wait until the disabled screen disappears on its own, and then enter the password to unlock the iPad.

But as soon as you see “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”, you can no longer just unlock this iPad. The only way to fix the disconnected iPad. This is to reset the settings. By dropping it, you can remove the disabled condition and normally use the iPad.

To reset the disconnected iPad, you can follow the screen instructions and connect your iPad to iTunes, this can help you reset your iPad, and there are also some other methods, this can help you reset the disconnected iPad when iTunes does not help. Now let’s see how exactly you can drop the disconnected iPad from or without iTunes.

How to fix the disconnected iPad:

Special instructions: to correct the disconnected iPad by reset, all the data on it will be deleted, so you better make a backup copy of your disconnected iPad firstly to avoid data loss.


For all 9 wrong guesses, all you need to do is wait. (You will notice that “repeat the attempt through the 10 minutes” counts the time so that you can see how much is left). You cannot do something while you are waiting, but if you want, then make emergency calls-tape the bottom with the inscription “Emergency call”.

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After the expiration period, your iPhone screen will change on a regular background, and you can try again. But it is very important that you enter your password when you have a chance. If you are mistaken again, you will go to the next waiting period.

As soon as you get to 60-minute expectation, you have the last life. Make an error again. And you will be blocked until you connect the iPhone to iTunes, and the data on the device will not be restored.

If you are approaching 10 times, be careful. Maybe you recorded somewhere the right password, or there is someone else who knows this?

Perhaps it is worthwhile to record every hunch that you have from that moment (and all that you introduced earlier), but this is only to help your memory to requent. Quite smart, iOS calculates several records of the same incorrect access code as some wrong guesses, so you do not need to worry about spending any guesses, repeating.

If you reach the 10th wrong assumption, you need to go to the next section of this lesson.

We drop the counter by minute

If you are at home and you have your PC, which has a connection with the iPhone, it is possible to connect them through the cable and synchronize them. This can be removed by the return report counter with the above message.

When you click on the button indicated by the allocation, the timer will be dug up and you will have the opportunity to enter the right password. At this time, there is no need to wait at all when the synchronization is over. There is an opportunity to interrupt it as soon as it began. But, nevertheless, the smartphone under locking will not work from this.

Alternatives / replacement iTunes

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, you can use other programs to replace iTunes.

If you want to create a backup copy of your iPhone or restore some data from the backup of iTunes, you can apply for Fonelab. Or you can use Fonetrans to transmit data between your iPhone and computer.

Backup and restoration of iPhone data without iTunes.

There is the best option for safe backup or restoration of your data. Fonelab.

Fonelab. This is the universal manager of iOS, you can use it to restore data from previous files of backups of iTunes and iCloud, backup iPhone data and correct several errors of iPhone.

In addition, when you use Fonelab to restore or backup data, you can first view and select the data before making a decision. This function of selective backup and recovery saves you a lot of time. He also supports dozens of data categories, you can create backups and restore data, such as text messages, photos, contacts, notes, audio, video and history of social applications, etc. D.

Now, if you want to know how to use Fonelab to backup iPhone data, press the questionnaire and send it by e.Mail: Ekaterinaowf@gmail.Com.

Or you can press the questionnaire and send it by e.Mail: ekaterinaowf@gmail.Com. To find out how to restore data from the ITunes backup file using Fonelab.

# How to make an iPhone backup using Fonelab

Step 1 install Fonelab on your computer

Step 2 Connect the iPhone to the computer.

I phone password disabled कैसे करें without PC // iPhone is disable connect to itunes //

Using a USB cable, connect the iPhone to PC, make sure that the connection is stable.

Launch Fonelab and select backup and restoration of iOS data. Then click on the backup of the iOS option.

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

Step 4 Create a backup copy of your iPhone

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Press the start to continue. Then you can select data for backup by categories.

Press further after selecting data. Fonelab will start backing up your iPhone data into the default folder.

After these simple steps, your data on the iPhone will be in full security on the computer.

# How to restore data from the backup of iTunes using Fonelab

Step 1 Download Fonelab to your computer

Step 2 Select iOS data recovery

In the Fonelab integration, select iOS data recovery. Select the recovery from the ITUNES backup file.

Step 3 Select the ITUNES backup file

Fonelab will display all previous ITUNES backup files, select the one from which you want to restore data, click start scanning.

Step 4 Restore your data

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

After clicking, start scanning, Fonelab will analyze the backup file and display all the data of this file in the integration.

When the scan is completed, you can choose the data and click the Recover Restore it on the computer.

When the recovery is completed, the backup file data will be saved on your computer.

Reset iPhone without itunes

Many people use iTunes to virtual reset of settings of their device, you can do this directly on your device. Remove your iPhone, click on the settings, then go to the general reset, click reset all the settings and contents, enter your password for Apple account to confirm.

Thus, factory settings will be restored on your device, nothing will remain. If the data is important, it is better for you to make a backup of data using Fonelab.

Iphone is Disabled With Activation! Remove Without iTunes or PC Unlock 1000% Fixed Done~2021

The reason and the solution for “iPhone” is disabled

As a rule, if the blocked iPhone was broken 5 times incorrectly, this iPhone will be disconnected for 1 minute. Failure 6 times, it will be disconnected for 5 minutes. It will be completely disconnected if someone cannot unlock it 10 times. If your iPhone viphone is disabled, connect to iTunes ”, the priority is to turn it on so that it functions normally. To achieve this goal, your iPhone should be restored. After recovery, your iPhone can work normally again. But the restoration of your iPhone means completely reboot your iPhone, all data and settings will disappear.

To restore the disconnected iPhone, Apple Inc would give us a sign to connect to iTunes, because in iTunes the IPhone restoration can be deleted, in general, the restoration of the disconnected iPhone can bring it to the normal state, and to restore the disconnected iPhone, you must connect to iTunes.

And in the following sections, I will introduce you to how to connect to iTunes so that your iPhone works normally, and with other solutions that can also return the disabled device to working condition.

How to get into blocked iPhone through siri

Siri. Voice Virtual Assistant on iPhone. Users have found that there is a siri error that can be used to block iPhone. This method works only with iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.One. Therefore, if your iPhone 6 or other devices operate in these versions, you can simply go around the iPhone password using SIRI. Just look at how to block the iPhone using siri, as shown below.

Hold the “home” button at the bottom of the iPhone device until Siri appears. If you use the iPhone 6, click the “Party” button to activate Siri on the lock screen. And you can use Siri without pressing the “Home” or “Part” button, if you configure Hello Siri. (Siri does not work?)

Ask Siri: How much time or open an application with a clock. When the time is proposed, tape the watch. You will fall on the screen “World Time / Alarm Current / stopwatch / timer”. Then click on the watch icon. And on the intensity of the world hours, you need to add another watch.

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You need to choose the location by typing something on the search tab and choose it to get various options. Then select “Select everything”.

Next, several options added will be shown, and you need to choose a Share. When you see all the parameters that you can use to share this text, you need to choose the “Message” application.

Now you can enter the iPhone with a new integer where you can write a new message. Enter something in the “Who” field and press the return button. After your text is highlighted, click on the additive icon.

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

Another integration will open, where you can click on a new contact. Next, you need to click on the photo icon and choose a photo selection option.

Then you will go to the “Photos” application. You can just visit the album or wait a minute. Then press the “home” button again. If nothing goes wrong, you will be blocked by the iPhone.

In addition, you can also press the Timer after step 2, and then select “When the Timer is over” and click “Buy more tones” on the screen of the list of melodies of the call. Next, an application store will open. Click the “home” button to go to the home screen. For the iPhone 6, touch the thin long strip at the very bottom of the screen to return to the main screen. Now you got into a blocked iPhone without a password.

Resetting the counter of attempts

In some cases, when the device tells you to connect to iTunes to unlock the iPhone, just follow this advice. If a simple connection with a computer with iTunes is not enough, try starting the synchronization procedure. It is not necessary to finish this process to the end, you can stop it with a cross or arrow, if one appears. After that, try to enter the password again from the device.

Important! Before connecting to Aytyuns, if the iPhone is blocked, make sure that this is the same PC from which the connection has already been made. Otherwise, the program will request confirmation from the apparatus.

Data recovery after reset

Password reset involves the complete destruction of all user information, which is currently stored in the memory of the device. Without an access code, it will not work to return it. If before that the owner of the iPhone used synchronization and backup tools, then you can make a backup.

  • Through itunes. To do this, connect the device to the PC and go to the “review” tab. In the “Data Restoration” block, select one of the available copies and wait for it to download on the iPhone.
  • Through third.Party software. The method is suitable only if another software was used for backup.
  • Through iCloud. If synchronization of the contacts of the telephone book, calendar and notes were used, then after reset to factory settings, run the smartphone. Wait for the appearance of the “Program and Data” unit. Find and select “Restore ICLOD” in the list and get back using the Apple ID account.

If the device has never been synchronized with iTunes, iCloud or other software, then the user files will not be able to return. Therefore, to avoid loss of important information, use the functions for backup.

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