IPhone Apps Do Not Work

IPhone Apps Do Not Work

Remove programs from the desktop

Removing games and applications from the desktop (this method is also called 5-touch method) Is the simplest option. Follow this instruction:

Step 1. Click “Home“To return to the desktop.

Step 2. Touch the icon of the application that you would like to remove with your finger and hold for 2-3 seconds until all the icons start to tremble. After that you can remove your finger.

You will see that “crosses” appeared in the upper left corners of the icons.

Step 3. Click on the “cross”. The iPhone will ask for confirmation of the delete operation and warn that all data stored in the program will be erased.

Step 4. Click “Delete“, And the icon will disappear from the desktop. This means that the program has been removed from the iPhone.

Step 5. Click “Home“Again, so that the icons stop” trembling “and you can again fully use the gadget.

It is not possible to remove any standard applications from the iPhone.

Delete unnecessary applications through the “Settings”

Uninstall programs through the built-in “Settings»Is possible only from those gadgets on which iOS version higher than 5.0 (inclusive) is installed. This method is more informative. Users can see how much memory a particular program takes, and this is the basis for deciding whether to delete it.

To completely remove the program through “Settings“, Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Follow the path “Settings“-“The main“-“Statistics“, And you will see a list of programs installed on the gadget. Initially, only the most “weighty” applications will be shown. If you want to view the complete list, click on the “Show all programs. “

On the right you can see the weight of the application.

Step 2. Select an unnecessary application, click on its icon and on the next page click on the “Delete program“. Then confirm the deletion in the window that appears.

This completes the removal procedure.

How to completely remove applications through iTunes?

You can also erase applications from the iPhone through iTunes, even if this is not the most convenient and fastest way. You need to act like this:

Step 1. Connect the gadget to the PC via a USB cable or Wi-Fi and run Aytuns.

Step 2. Select the connected device in the left sidebar. If there is no panel, you can call it up by pressing CTRLS.

Step 3 On the device control screen, select the “Programs“.

Step 4. There are two ways to uninstall. First way: find the unnecessary program in the list and click “Delete“.

Second way: Scroll through the home screens, select the one on which the unnecessary application is located, and double-click on the screen with the left mouse button. Then just click on the “X” located above the unnecessary application.

Step 5 Click “To apply“, And after synchronization, the program will be deleted from the iPhone.

Applications are not deleted: what is the reason?

If the icons are “trembling” with a long press, but the cross does not appear in the upper corner, this means that the settings have a ban on deleting programs. You can remove this ban as follows:

Step 1. Follow the path “Settings“-“The main“-“Limitations“.

Step 2 Enter the security password (the same one that you always enter when unlocking the gadget). Be careful: there are only two attempts!

Step 3. Switch the toggle switch opposite “Uninstall programs»In an active position.

You can then delete applications in the usual way.

Can I erase game data on the iPhone?

Progress in games from the AppStore is tied to the account, so if the user wants to start the game again, he has two options:

  • Create a new account at the initial launch of the application.
  • Delete game achievements via iCloud. To do this, on the device you need to follow the path “Settings“-“iCloud“-“Storage and copies“-“Storage“And switch the toggle switch opposite the application name to the”Off.”.

It is after deleting game data from iCloud the user can be sure that he erased the application completely.

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An important advantage available to owners of Apple technology is that even after uninstalling from the iPhone, any application can be restored, because the programs are not tied to a specific device, but to an account in iTunes. Users of paid software do not need to worry: they will not have to pay again to download the remote application again.

To understand the reason why VPN does not work on your iPhone, at the beginning of the article we will look at how the VPN profile is configured correctly so that you can track your mistakes and fix them right away. We’ll also see how to use the popular free Betternet app.

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And in the second part of the article we will dwell on the reasons for the loss of the VPN icon, as well as the nuances of using this functionality on iPhone X and newer, i.E. Models without a classic status bar (with monobrow).

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This article is suitable for all iPhone 11 / Xs (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. On older versions, the menu items and hardware support specified in the article may or may not be present.

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  • Configure VPN on iPhone
  • Via built-in settings of iOS 12 and later
  • VPN on iPhone through apps
  • Problem. VPN icon disappeared
  • VPN does not work on iPhone
  • VPN is constantly disconnected on the iPhone
  • Configure VPN on iPhone

    Via built-in settings of iOS 12 and later

    To use this method, you must first visit the resource that provides VPN services, and create an account on it.
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    Let’s set up the example of the free service https://www.Vpngate.Net/en. We are interested in a large table and only those servers where the green daw is in the L2TP / IPsec column.

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    We perform the following steps:

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    • Go to the iPhone settings.
    • Select item "The main"
    • Are looking for "VPN"
  • Push "Add VPN Configuration"
  • Choose "A type" L2TP. Description. Your arbitrary name. In the server field, copy the value of the DDNS hostname IP Address column, i.E. It will be something with the ending.Opengw.Net (e.G. Vpn904585973.Opengw.Net). In the fields “Account”, “Password” and “Shared key” we simply write vpn.
  • Push "Done"
  • It remains to start the VPN. To do this, click on the button and wait for the connection.

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    If the connection did not happen, then there are 2 options:

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    • You made a mistake when entering data (server name, password, if any, etc.).
    • The selected VPN server is no longer available.

    VPN on iPhone through apps

    Similar actions are much simpler if you use third-party applications. For example, the free Betternet software from the App Store.

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    This method is the easiest to configure VPN on iPhone.

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    After the first launch of the program, you will be prompted to create a VPN profile automatically. We agree.

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    As a result, a new profile will be created and you will have a VPN icon on top of the iPhone status bar.

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    In the application itself, you can select the country through whose server you will work. There is also a shutdown button (Disconnect).

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    Problem. VPN icon disappeared

    When iPhone is connected to the network using VPN, the corresponding icon will appear in the top notification bar. The disappearance of this icon will indicate that you are still connected to the Internet, but through the VPN redirection is complete.

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    The VPN connection is interrupted, and it is able to deactivate itself due to problems on the server that provides VPN service, or if the Internet connection is unstable.

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    In this situation, you must manually reconnect to VPN using any of the above methods. There is a possibility that the device will have to be rebooted first, and only then reconnected.

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    VPN does not work on iPhone

    There are reasons why VPN connections on iPhone may not work:

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    • Problems with the server providing VPN services.
    • Unstable internet connection.

    The user first of all needs to check the stability of the connection to the Wi-Fi network or to the mobile Internet. After that, we check the correctness of the entered settings if you used the connection method through the built-in settings. If you use the application for VPN, then you can try installing another program.

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    It turns out that the best way to solve VPN problems on the iPhone is to choose another application or service. It is important to choose a VPN that will operate in your area.

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    VPN is constantly disconnected on the iPhone

    The VPN service does not depend on the device used. Without shutdowns, VPN cannot be made to function; you can only change the service.

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    Best VPN apps on iPhone:

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    • VPN Master.
    • IPVanish VPN.
    • NordVPN.
    • ExpressVPN.

    On iPhone X, the connection status is checked a little differently. During the design of the new model, Apple developers removed a number of useful functions that, through the status bar, could be conveniently controlled on previous models of the device. These options include VPN.

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    View the VPN connection status on iPhone X and newer as follows: open the “Control Panel” with a swipe from the upper right corner. To simplify the verification process, especially when working with one hand, you must use the following instructions:

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    • Go to “Settings”, click on “Basic”, then “Universal Access” and “AssistiveTouch”.
    • Move the virtual button to a convenient place. Now set the appropriate transparency threshold in the Opacity at Rest menu.

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    If you need to work with a connected VPN with one click, you can open and close the “Control Center” to view the status line.