Iphone 8 Plus Back Cover Replacement

Iphone 8 Plus Back Cover Replacement

Apple is famous for its stylish gadgets. The exterior of the new iPhone uses a very durable glass. This is done not only for the sake of aesthetics. Unfortunately, any fall or a strong blow forces you to contact the service and replace the back cover of the iPhone 8. Come to Apple. PlanetiPhone for free computer diagnostics or call the wizard at home. We will quickly carry out repairs, following the results of which, we will provide a guarantee of up to 6 months. Do not delay the repair, call now.

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Warranty 6 months for all modular repairs and 3 months for soldering!

Advantages and disadvantages of the back of the iPhone 8.

Apple Corporation assured us that in the manufacture of the back cover of the iPhone 8, a particularly durable glass containing metal particles was used. This is probably the technology of the latest generation of Gorilla Glass 5. This was a necessary solution, since the introduction of a new technology, in the form of induction charging, does not allow the use of metal, and plastic, not enough quality material. As a result, the company introduced a smartphone in three colors: White, Black and Golden. All back covers are oleophobic coated. Note that despite the fragility, the appearance of the smartphone fascinates with its shades and solidity.

Tests carried out by bloggers at the edge of the test show that falling from a small height does not cause smartphone critical damage, except severe scratches. If you increase the height of the fall, to the level of the trouser pocket go chest, you will need to replace the rear window of the iPhone 8. The back panel is covered with a grid of cracks on the first try. We are sure that when falling to an angle, the same result can be achieved when falling from a small height.

Removing a damaged cover is not as easy as it may seem. It connects to the body, a very strong adhesive. A specialist takes it piece by piece. This requires accuracy and reduces the speed of repairs. Replacing the rear window of the iPhone 8 is not the only thing you need to pay attention to. It is important to restore the wireless charging module that could be damaged as a result of the shock.

Very often, a broken cover is not the only thing that needs to be fixed. You need to be prepared that you need to replace the camera’s protective glass, touchscreen, side keys, etc. We provide a long-term branded warranty, so you know who to contact.

How is the rear window of the iPhone 8 replaced?

To change the back cover of an iPhone eight, you need to come to the nearest Planet workshop and hand the smartphone to our employee and describe the situation in detail. He will conduct a complete diagnosis of the device to find all the faulty components. If you are very busy, perhaps replacing the rear window iPhone 8 with a call to the master at home.

Departure within the capital is free of charge. After a short time, we will announce the results of the diagnosis, the final cost of the repair and the deadlines. If you are satisfied with our conditions, the replacement of the back cover of the iPhone 8 begins. You will be notified immediately after a full functional test. After paying for all services, you will be given a repaired smartphone, a guarantee receipt and a discount card.

Replacing the rear window of the iPhone 8 is an inexpensive procedure?

In the PlanetiPhone service, this procedure is cheaper, due to the lack of manufacturer wraps and faster, due to the lack of verification, for up to 40 days. The same professional tools and the same equipment are used. As a result, you save on the cost of the original spare part, on additional expensive services of the manufacturer, but not on the quality of the repair!

Replacing the back cover of the iPhone 8 in PlanetiPhone.

By the time new models are released, our employees are trained in the representative’s workshops on the maintenance of the gadget and its full repair. Thanks to the work of the service for more than eight years, the accumulated experience of employees and the restoration of gadgets, after all kinds of situations, replacing the rear window of the iPhone 8 is done in a matter of hours. Our advantages also include:

  • – Availability of our own warehouse with original components.
  • – The lowest price for replacing the rear window iPhone 8.
  • – Long-term branded warranty on all types of services.
  • – Check out a specialist in the capital and check iPhone. free.
  • – Daily work and finding points near metro stations.

Replacing the back cover of iPhone 8, this is one of the services provided. We repair gadgets in all conditions and after other services. From modular repairs to complex component soldering.