iPhone 7 plus won’t turn on

IPhone Symptoms

Problems with an iPhone can manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the nature of the problem. Possible situations:

  • the screen is black or has gone out, the phone does not respond to button presses and touching the sensor
  • The iPhone turns on, but gets very hot (you can feel the display or adapter hot) and quickly discharges (the battery lasts for several hours, even if the indicator is on, and the gadget hangs on charging all night)
  • the smartphone is charged, but you cannot turn it on. the logo flashes for a long time, iOS does not start
  • iPhone keeps turning off by itself
  • iPhone won’t turn on even though it beeps and vibrates

If you have been using an iPhone in the cold for a long time and cannot turn it on, the situation is normal, since the battery is designed only for a certain temperature. Wait for the battery to warm up to room temperature, and only then start diagnostics.

How can you solve a problem with an iPhone without leaving your home

First, make sure the battery is charged and not the cause. Connect iPhone to original charger and press “Power”. The device turns on quickly under normal conditions, but if the iPhone has not worked for a long time, then, most likely, the battery went into deep discharge mode and you need to wait about half an hour. Check if the charger heats up, if there is any dirt in the connector. The iPhone may not start because there is not enough current (this happens when using cheap chargers and connecting the battery to the USB port of the computer).

If you see a black screen and your phone buzzes and beeps intermittently but won’t turn on, try restarting it. ALGorithm:

  • press the “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” buttons at the same time (if you have an iPhone 7 or 7S, use a combination of “Power” and “Volume”)
  • hold (about 10-15 seconds) until the Apple logo loads
iphone, turn

A hard reset will not erase iPhone data (contacts, pictures, videos, etc.). If the smartphone still does not turn on, you will have to act more radically:

  • connect the original USB cable to the computer and open iTunes
  • press the “Power” and “Volume” buttons (for 7th generation models) or “Power” and “Home” (for iPads, iPods, iPhones 6 and earlier models); release them only when the screen goes blank
  • press Home and, connecting the USB cable to the smartphone, hold the button until the iTunes logo turns on and the plug icon appears
  • confirm the procedure for updating iOS (if you want to keep the data) or restoring iPhone (if the information has already been saved on another medium)

The new software installation process takes about forty minutes. At this time, it will seem that the iPhone has turned off. the screen will turn off, the phone will not vibrate, buzz and get very hot. During the procedure, the Internet connection should work well, otherwise the software will not load.

iPhone won’t turn on

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If the iPhone is disconnected, does not charge or turn on (for example, vibrates, shows the logo and turns off immediately), do not rush to go to the service and call the wizard. In some cases, problems with Apple technology can be solved without qualified intervention. Perform diagnostics at home, try to understand why the smartphone turns off. Try to find the exact cause of the iPhone breakdown and fix it on your own.

What can cause the problem with the iPhone

The reasons for iPhone breakdown can be software and hardware. In cases where the phone freezes or turns off, because incorrectly configured and buggy, most likely, you can fix it on your own. At home, you can also disconnect and reconnect the battery if you are experienced in iPhone disassembly and have tools: spudger, suction cup, tweezers.

If iPhone won’t turn on due to complex hardware problems, it’s best to contact a qualified technician right away. Visit an Apple Service Center if you suspect a manufacturing defect. And urgently seek help from the workshop if you spill liquid on your iPhone: tea, coffee, juice or other drink. You cannot dry the display with a hair dryer, you need to immediately carry the gadget to the master. It is important to clean the contact pads and boards in time to prevent corrosion inside the iPhone.

Basically, problems with the iPhone (difficulties with turning on) arise for the following reasons:

  • The battery is completely discharged or was in the cold (in this case, you need to wait. the phone does not turn on only temporarily)
  • the smartphone has been dropped, improperly repaired or flooded
  • a factory defect of parts is allowed (for example, a power controller, a U2 microcircuit or a battery. the phone will not turn on without them)
  • software malfunction (iOS itself or other software)
  • a charger is used that is broken (that is, the iPhone does not turn on, although it hangs on the charge, since it simply does not charge)


Find the cause of the breakdown, act consistently and you may not have to spend money on repairs.

Software settings ok: what to do

If everything is in order with iOS, firmware and applications on iPhone, contact the specialists.

Of course, with the tools you need, you can disassemble the iPhone yourself and, for example, turn off and reconnect the battery. But without experience and qualifications, you can accidentally damage other parts and, of course, violate the warranty conditions.

Owners of iPhones with a valid warranty can contact the employees of an authorized service center to make repairs free of charge. If the warranty is violated (for example, the iPhone has survived drops in water or shocks that require replacement of the case), the best way to solve the problem is to call an experienced technician at home.

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  • technicians quickly and accurately find the cause of the breakdown if the iPhone constantly turns off, does not respond to buttons or does not work at all
  • professionals provide on-site iPhone repair services, set reasonable and provide guarantees for up to 1 year
  • private traders and companies use only original Apple spare parts (batteries, power controllers, etc.) and professional tools (allowing you to carefully disassemble the iPhone case, disconnect the battery, repair the motherboard)

Apply for youdo.com in a couple of clicks, select an artist and call him at any convenient time. Tell the phone technician all the details: why the iPhone turned off, how long the phone flashes or vibrates, whether you tried to disconnect the battery and restart the device, how much the charger heats up.

If the iPhone does not turn on due to faulty hardware, performer Yudu will fix the breakage within 1 hour.

IPhone Repair Service Prices

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
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  • iPhone 8
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  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS-Max

iPhone is dead and won’t turn on anymore

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on anymore, and there is no charging icon on the screen. The reasons for this may be:

  • faulty charging;
  • low throughput of the charger;
  • battery failure.

What to do?

Most importantly, do not panic and do not try to disassemble the device. First, check if the charger is working properly by connecting it to another smartphone. If the device is charging normally, then most likely it’s time to replace the iPhone battery. This can only be done in a service workshop, since the design of the Apple smartphone is non-separable.

If, when the charger is connected, a battery icon appears on the screen, but the gadget does not charge or turn on, the reason may be iOS freezing. This happens when the battery is deeply discharged. To fix this problem, charge the device for 6-8 hours and then try turning it on. If the smartphone starts successfully, observe how long it holds the battery charge.

Another way to turn on iPhone is DFU recovery. To do this, you need to connect your phone to your computer, go to iTunes and click the “restore” button. In most cases, this procedure will help turn on the device.

If all the above methods did not help, contact the service center for diagnostics. Free diagnostics at rem-iPhone centers.

iPhone 7 Plus DOES NOT TURN ON

We will carry out diagnostics of the phone for free, determine why it does not turn on, select an original part, agree on the cost and perform high-quality urgent repair of the iPhone 7 Plus and provide a proprietary warranty!

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renovation work
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up to 12 months

The case when the iPhone 7 Plus does not turn on is the most common when contacting our workshop. This circumstance of the phone can be characterized by a variety of primary reasons. However, you should not immediately lose heart, but you must first understand the reason for the occurrence of such a situation.

If the iPhone 7 Plus does not respond when you press the buttons, or the device cannot be charged, you should definitely contact our service center. Experienced engineers will diagnose and fix iPhone 7 Plus.

IPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on


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Before contacting a specialized service center, we recommend that you try to turn on the iPhone 7 Plus yourself. The phone should be forced to reboot. To do this, you need to hold down the lock key and the home button together. The buttons should be pressed for 10-15 seconds, then the Apple logo should appear on the screen. Then the device should boot up, and the iPhone 7 Plus will start working normally.

If the implementation of the above action did not bring any results, you should certainly contact our service center.


Contact the service center if:

Such a breakdown can occur after exposure to various factors, namely, the ingress of liquid into the device’s case or a software error. The specialists of our service center are able to identify and eliminate such a malfunction, regardless of what it appeared.

The first thing our engineers will do is perform free diagnostics, the duration of which will take no more than half an hour. Then our employee will advise the cost of the repair. Further actions of our specialist will depend on the nature and reasons of the smartphone breakdown. As a rule, the following works are performed:

WI-FI does not work on iPhone

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If Wi-Fi does not work on your iPhone, do not rush to take your device to a service center. First, try to fix the problem yourself. As soon as there is a problem with the wireless network connection, reboot the device and reset the settings. There are also other ways to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem, which depend on the cause of the problem.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to hardware failure

The hardware failure is not related to OS firmware or malware. This problem is quite unpleasant. Improperly performed repairs can affect not only Wi-Fi performance, but also other functions of the iPhone.

On the Internet, you can find the following methods for self-recovery of the Wi-Fi hardware:

  • warm up the switched on iPhone with a hairdryer at the maximum power level. if a warning about an extremely high temperature level appears on the smartphone screen, immediately stop heating and reboot the device
  • if Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, try putting iPhone in the refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes, then restart your smartphone

These methods are quite simple, but they are not always suitable, so if you are not sure of the correctness of the actions, it is better not to do anything until you disassemble the device.

The main causes of the malfunction

If you surf the Internet a lot, the quality of the wireless network reception is very important. Therefore, when Wi-Fi stops working on the iPhone (does not catch the network, freezes or works with poor speed), it can become a very frustrating problem. You can try to restore the device yourself or use the help of experienced specialists.

There are reasons why Wi-Fi may stop working on iPhone:

  • hardware failure
  • software glitch
  • accidental factory reset
  • mechanical damage to the device
  • ingress of moisture inside the smartphone

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: How to Fix Black Screen/ Wont Turn On/ Blank Display

Software failure and flashed network settings can be easily fixed by yourself.

Signs of Wi-Fi Failure

It’s easy enough to understand that there are problems with Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not functioning very quickly, the problem may not be with your smartphone, but with your router. Therefore, first check if the router settings are correct.

The following symptoms indicate a Wi-Fi problem:

  • the device does not catch the network
  • smartphone does not connect to hotspot
  • Wi-Fi icon is gray
  • Wi-Fi freezes after a short period of time
  • the button of the mobile Internet, Wi-Fi connection does not turn on
  • Internet connection is poor (low speed)
  • lost network settings

Of course, Apple equipment undergoes rigorous production testing, but some users notice that even the new iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi. Fixing a software glitch is much easier than fixing a hardware problem with Wi-Fi not working on an iPhone. In any case, the troubleshooting method depends on the type and complexity of the breakdown.

How to repair a gadget after disassembling it

If smartphone functions work poorly or did not recover at all, disassemble the device using special tools and try to determine what the problem is.

To disassemble Apple smartphones, two screwdrivers are usually enough (a regular Phillips screwdriver and a specialized one for smartphones). Having prepared the tools, follow these steps in stages:

  • unscrew the fasteners and remove the front cover of the iPhone
  • find the Wi-Fi module (1 x 1 cm square, covered with a thin film)
  • gently peel off the protective cover using tweezers
  • slowly, at an angle of 90 degrees, start heating the module with a hairdryer, gently directing hot air to the board
  • evenly drive the hairdryer around the perimeter of the Wi-Fi module
  • after heating the board, press it to the contacts, fix the square with a small piece of cardboard
  • wait for the components to cool completely and turn on the iPhone

After such actions, usually Wi-Fi begins to function stably, however, there were situations in which the owners of smartphones discovered additional malfunctions.

Such a nuisance can happen with any iPhone model, therefore, if Wi-Fi does not work, and you do not know what exactly the problem is (in a software failure, in a module, power and volume buttons, or other hardware elements), you doubt the successful completion of an independent repair, use the services of qualified specialists.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to software glitch

It happens that Wi-Fi freezes and functions poorly due to system errors. A software failure after updating the operating system is often the cause. However, there are other software reasons due to which Wi-Fi does not work very quickly or does not turn on at all.

If iPhone stops functioning properly, Wi-Fi isn’t working properly or won’t turn on at all, a button won’t turn on, an icon is grayed out, or you see other signs of a problem, try the following:

  • reboot the router
  • if restarting the router did not help, make a forced “reboot” of the mobile device
  • if Wi-Fi is not working or freezes, please update your operating system
  • install antivirus, the iPhone may be infected
  • try to connect mobile internet

If the steps you performed did not help, and the Wi-Fi in the Apple mobile phone did not work, the problem is most likely in the hardware. The reasons for such breakdowns are quite diverse, ranging from the breakage of contacts with the motherboard and the failure of the power button loop, and ending with the breakdown of the module.

Professional recovery for iPhone with wireless networks

Using the Yuda website, you can quickly find an iPhone service provider near you. An experienced technician will immediately arrive at the specified address to diagnose the device, determine the cause of the malfunction and repair the Wi-Fi.

It is profitable to order the services of certified specialists registered on the Yudu website for many reasons:

  • no time wasted on a trip to the service center
  • works are performed in your presence
  • only high-quality components and spare parts are used for iPhone repair
  • the master brings with him all the necessary equipment and tools
  • the specialist provides a guarantee for the work performed

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone, you should not risk expensive equipment, order repairs from trusted masters on the YouDo website.