Iphone 7 Motherboard Replacement

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Iphone 7 Motherboard Replacement

Professional replacement of the iPhone 7 motherboard in Nizhny Novgorod is the best way to restore the operation of the Apple communicator if interruptions are caused by the failure of this particular module. We offer professional repair at an affordable price with a high quality guarantee. You just need to contact the service center of our company to solve any problem that arose in the smartphone.

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Even people far from the sphere of repair understand that repairing the iPhone 7 board is a serious undertaking. It hosts a huge number of microcircuits and elements, the task of which is to ensure high-quality operation of the device. If the board is faulty, the smartphone does not work correctly or does not work at all.

Problems and their solution. If the problem is uncritical, replacing the iPhone 7 board might not be necessary. In some cases, partial repair, proper tuning helps. But if the malfunction is serious, you will have to change the board for iPhone 7. It is possible to break the board only with a very serious blow, it is under reliable protection of the case. After strikes, most often there are problems with loops and individual microcircuits; the board itself remains intact. A problem may occur after liquid has entered, dusted parts (cleaning the board using various methods); software failure (reinstalling or configuring the system).

How to understand that the board is faulty? It is clear that replacing the processor with an iPhone 7 should have good reason, since the repair price is quite high. The first signs are quite obvious:

  • The communicator is unstable; it shuts down or reboots;
  • The system does not respond to commands or the reaction is slow;
  • Lack of charging with a working cable connector;
  • No connection, SIM card not displayed;
  • No internet, no wireless connection;
  • Some elements and modules stopped working.

To understand how much the replacement of the iPhone 7 microcircuit is necessary, in order to eliminate the possibility of an error, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics on the profile equipment.

Work sequence. Turning to our service, you can not doubt the excellent result. On specialized equipment, replacing the motherboard with an iPhone 7 is carried out in the strict sequence:

  • Fasteners are unscrewed, the back panel is removed;
  • The smartphone is completely disassembled, elements and modules are dismantled;
  • The new part is installed in place;
  • All components are installed in reverse order;
  • The device is being tested.

As a result, the owner receives a working, high-quality iPhone, a company guarantee is presented.

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