Iphone 7 Front Camera Does Not Work

At the most inopportune moment, during a selfie, did the camera application close with an error? Come to the PlanetiPhone service center for free diagnostics! We quickly find out why the front camera of the iPhone does not work. You can also call the master at home (Departure in Moscow. Free!) For all works and original components, a guarantee of up to six months is given. Apply now and get a 5% discount.

IPhone front camera does not work

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IPhone front camera not working?

It’s very bad if the front camera of the iPhone does not work, because it began to be especially popular with the launch of Instagram. then there was a “peak” in the popularity of selfies, which at the moment is only increasing. Sometimes the front camera of the iPhone does not work and to solve this problem, you will need to contact the service center for a professional check of the gadget, as The causes of failure are different. We will analyze the main ones.

Iphone 7 Front Camera Does Not Work

The main symptoms of breakage.

The following signals are used to indicate that the front camera of the iPhone is not working and needs to be replaced:

  • – Photos are blurry, not clear.
  • – The light sensor does not work.
  • – The appearance of stripes during shooting or in photographs.
  • – Blurred or dirty lens.

Have you found at least one of the symptoms? Do not hesitate and call PlanetiPhone. Damage will not go away herself!

The main reasons for the failure of the front camera.

Over a long time, the craftsmen saw thousands of different malfunctions and their causes. We have collected very frequent ones so that you can try to prevent them and save on service centers.

  • – Moisture in the enclosure.

(“Talking in the rain”. It sounds romantic only if the person you are talking to is nearby. Otherwise, you should remove the phone. The ingested moisture oxidizes the contacts in 1 hour and disables the telephone. If the front camera of the iPhone does not work, due to water ingress, cleaning the iPhone from moisture in the service will help.)

  • – Falling the smartphone from a height or a strong blow.

(As a result of the fall of the iPhone from a height, the loop could disconnect or even break, resulting in the front camera of the iPhone not working. You will have to completely disassemble the smartphone to replace the front camera of the iPhone or connect it back.)

(Any mechanism has the property to wear out. After five years, the front camera of the iPhone stopped working precisely because of it)

  • – Software failure of the operating system.

(iOS is stable and reliable, but not 100%. A couple of it is buggy. To exclude a program error from the list, restart the smartphone several times by holding the Power key and Home. If this does not help, contact the service, because you won’t be able to repair the front-end yourself.)

How is the repair carried out?

  • – Contact the Apple PlanetiPhone service center and tell you what the malfunction is or call a specialist at home. (Free within the MKAD.)
  • – A complete diagnosis is carried out to identify problems.
  • – We will announce what exactly the malfunction is, stipulate the terms and the final price. (The repair cost already includes all spare parts and work! Not any overpayments!)
  • – Operational repairs and full testing are carried out.
  • – We inform you about the readiness of the iPhone.
  • – Services are paid and we issue a fully functional gadget, a guarantee of up to 180 days and a discounted card by 5%.

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Apple service “PlanetiPhone”.

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