iPhone 7 does not see the network

iPhone does not see the network. simple solution to the problem

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After manipulating the iPhone’s firmware or hardware, it is not uncommon for the iPhone to not see the network. There can be many reasons for this problem, but one of the most common is a failure in the current date and time zone settings. Today we will look at the main ways to solve this problem.

After flashing iOS or replacing the SIM card, it happens that the iPhone says “no network”. In place of the operator’s logo is the inscription “No network”. This situation immediately reduces the capabilities of the device and actually turns it into a player. Often, users take the device to a service center, where they try to return the connection for an additional fee, although in most situations the problem when the network on the iPhone is lost can be solved on their own.

The secret lies in the peculiarities of the operation of iOS itself. iPhone will not pick up the network if the time zone and date / time do not match the current values. It is very easy to fix the situation by simply connecting the smartphone to a Wi-Fi network and performing a number of simple manipulations.

Time correction to restore access to the cellular network

  • Connect to an active Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings. General.
  • Open Date and Time.
  • Activate the item Automatically.
  • If the switch “Default” is active, then turn it off and turn it on again.
  • Restart iPhone.

As you can see, the method is very simple and at the same time quite effective. However, you definitely need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for the iPhone to register with Apple’s server. Otherwise, the cellular connection will not come to life.

What to do if there is no wireless access point nearby?

In this case, the simplest solution would be to create a Wi-Fi network using another iPhone that can connect to the mobile Internet and distribute the wireless network. It is quite simple to do this:

  • Go to Settings. Cellular. Cellular data network.
  • In the Modem mode section, in the APN field, enter the network identifier. It depends on your mobile operator. The corresponding settings can be found in the technical support of the operator.
  • The Username and Password fields can be left blank.
  • Return to the Cellular menu and go to the Modem Mode section.
  • Activate Tethering.

After these manipulations, a new item will appear in the main settings menu. Modem mode. After its activation, the device will start to “distribute” the Internet.

If this method is also unavailable (the inscription on the iphone “network search” is saved), then all that remains is to restore the iOS firmware.

First, you will have to download the firmware file, connect your smartphone to a computer with iTunes installed. In the app, select Recover.

It is important to remember that the recovery procedure will delete all personal data and settings from the mobile device.

If even after these manipulations the iPhone does not levitate the network, then the problems may be associated with the hardware of the device and it is no longer possible to go to the service center.

How to know if your iPhone has broken modem

It is easy to find out that the problem is in the modem. just notice that the signal of the cellular network has disappeared, and the iPhone does not see the network of the mobile operator, being in constant search. The advanced method is to check if the modem firmware is shown in the settings:

  • We go to the “Basic”;
  • “About this device”;
  • Find the item modem firmware.

If the value is not specified in the modem firmware line, most likely, the radio part is not working correctly.

What can cause the radio part in the iPhone to fail?

In addition to falling, the radio part may fail due to water ingress into the device, malfunction of the modem power controller, transceiver and Rx-Tx amplifiers, short circuits on the motherboard, and voltage surges during charging. It is also possible to break the soldering of the radio part microcircuits. Nevertheless, in all these cases, repair is possible, but not without the appropriate skills and equipment. this is not a display for you to change in 30 minutes.

iPhone does not see the cellular network. What to do?

Contrary to popular belief, a broken screen is far from the only problem iPhone can cause. And even if your smartphone is armored with the most advanced protective glass, it is far from a fact that the internal components will not suffer if the display remains intact. Often, as a result of a fall, the radio part of the iPhone breaks down (the reason for which is the violation of soldering), and without its normal operation, the phone will not be able to call, receive SMS and provide access to the Internet.

How to repair an iPhone modem

Immediately, we note that repair is not possible in all cases. If the RF chip is out of order, it cannot be replaced. However, it is often possible to return the radio part to operation. as in one of the iPhone, which came to the specialists from the Apple Pro service center. Due to the fall, he lost the soldering between the main board and the modem chip, as a result of which the phone cannot “catch” the cellular network. Let’s analyze the repair of the iPhone radio in detail.

The engineer proceeds to disassemble the device. unscrews the fixing bolts, disconnects the battery, connecting cables and removes the display module.

Having gained access to the board, the specialist separates it from the smartphone case for further work. Although the board is small in size, it houses the smartphone’s modem, memory chip, and other vital components for the iPhone. This is, one might say, the “heart” of the phone.

Next, he cleans the modem and the corresponding place on the board from the factory compound, in order to then restore the soldering between the board and the modem chip. This is one of the most painstaking parts of the whole work, as it requires the appropriate skills and extremely accurate work from the engineer.

After removing the compound, the BGA balls are restored, and after that the modem is soldered to its rightful place. Then, again with the help of heating, the chip is soldered to the board, after which the engineer proceeds to reassemble.

It connects all the cables, display module and battery to start testing the smartphone.

As we can see, the modem firmware reappeared, and the phone shows the full signal of the operator’s cellular network, which means the repair was successful.

This type of iPhone 5s repair is considered one of the most difficult and labor-intensive (only the compound can be removed for a long time), so it is impossible to do it “on the knee”, and “craftsmen” often do not undertake to repair the modem and other microcircuits (and if. are limited only by heating the chip). So it is better to entrust such a complex repair to professionals. engineers from the cool Apple Pro service center will fix your modem and carry out diagnostics. The guys are doing other iPhone repairs, so don’t forget about a 10% discount for all AppleInsider.ru readers.

They also answer questions in our Telegram chat, so join.

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How to Fix iPhone won’t connect to WiFi (Not connecting or Slow)

iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c is no longer advisable to repair because of the high cost of work, and all the last devices indicated above that came to me turned out to be with dead modems.
iPhone 6 suffers from u1-v1 breakage of “dimes”, while the modem firmware is present in the settings, however, when trying to make a call “failed to get through”
You need to unsolder the modem, restore two contacts on the board and put the modem back (there is no compound under the modem in the 6th series)
In 6s modems can be said to have no problems, however, the microcircuit has a very small step, you need to roll it very carefully
But the sevens. the modems die and fall off to the left and to the right
over, A1660 and A1779 with modems from Qualcomm tend to go into a short circuit (short circuit), along one of the power lines, and there is nothing to be done about it
A1778 Europeans with intel modems for the most part suffer from a dump, rolling helps, but complicates the placement of the processor in a tight place and the power controller on the other side of the board. At the same time, everyone, the seven has a very heat-intensive percentage, it is extremely difficult to get it.

Switch from LTE (4G) to 3G

Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings.

Select Cellular → Voice and data.
3. Click on the Voice and Data label and change LTE to 3G or 2G.

Why should you do this? Experience shows that not all mobile operators abroad provide roaming in 4G / LTE networks. As a result, which is logical, your iPhone or iPad is not connected to the networks. simply because there is nothing there for “foreigners”. And the easiest way to solve this problem is to look for networks of the previous, third generation (3G), because it is difficult to imagine a more or less developed country where they do not exist.

Let’s repeat. this situation has nothing to do with 4G coverage of foreign operators. They can provide 4G networks to local subscribers, but not to newcomers.

Try it. it really helps :).

Well, let’s look at the options for solving the problem from among those that Apple offers us.

Turn your iPhone (iPad) off and on

Update carrier settings

Take out the SIM card and insert it back

Reset network settings

Settings → General → Reset → Reset network settings. Keep in mind that this operation resets Wi-Fi passwords, cellular network settings, and preset VPN / APN settings.

Update iOS on iPhone and iPad to the latest version (details)

Contact your cellular operator for help

Check with him if the account is active, if there are any technical problems with communication in your region.

Reset iPhone or iPad to factory settings (detail)

No network, search, or why the iPhone does not see the operator’s SIM card

Sometimes users face such a problem while traveling, using roaming, after reinstalling iOS, hardware repair (battery or display replacement) of the smartphone, or a long period of inactivity (without recharging). the operator logo disappears on the iPhone and there is no connection to the cellular network. Let’s try to figure out what in such cases is the cause of the “breakdown” and how to fix it.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that the employees of service centers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. They are far from always able to identify the real reason for the lack of connection to the cellular network (or deliberately hide it) and perform a number of expensive procedures. from a simple reinstallation of iOS and ending with hardware repair using a soldering iron and other “jewelry” tools.

No network, search or what to do when the iPhone cannot see the operator’s SIM card while roaming abroad

If you have ever traveled abroad with your iPhone, you may have encountered this problem. You turned off your smartphone during the flight, and when you turned it on, your device does not connect to the cellular network, but displays the message “No network”. What to do?

The Apple Support Forum has a corresponding discussion thread with a million pages to read. But even if you honestly start reading everything in order to figure it out, you will not get an answer to your question even after a few hours of careful reading.

The system message “No network” (Searching for a network) appears when your iPhone or iPad (yes, the problem is relevant for Apple tablets) cannot connect to it, or connects to an operator, but cannot establish a connection with any Internet or cellular network. You can even see the name of the operator who serves you. but then it will disappear anyway.

This error can have several reasons at once. But first, the most common and simplest of them should be excluded. And anyone can do it.

What to do if instead of the operator on the iPhone it says “no network” or the smartphone does not see the SIM card after repair (flashing)

In the event of the described problem, first of all, you need to look at the set time. if the smartphone does not correctly display the current time and date, then you need to perform the following simple aLGorithm of actions:

Connect the device to an active Wi-Fi network;

Go to Settings → General → Date and time;

Toggle the “Automatic” checkbox to the active position (if set by default. turn it off and on);

Restart iPhone.

Check if the SIM card is working?

Unfortunately, SIM cards also fail. Therefore, first of all, check if the SIM card in your iPhone works. This can be done, for example, by installing a SIM card in another smartphone.

What to do if the Internet does not work on iPhone while roaming

Go to Settings → Cellular and see if the slider next to Cellular data is enabled.
2. If you are abroad, check if the data roaming settings are active (Settings → Cellular → Data Options → Data Roaming).

Keep in mind that the cost of mobile data roaming is much higher.

These simple methods in some cases will help you avoid going to the service center and save a decent amount, which could be invoiced by not clean on hand specialists.

Be sure to share this tutorial with your friends.

Obsolete SIM card

Another reason why the iPhone does not see the SIM card is the expiration of the life. Cards also do not last forever, over time they deteriorate. communication works worse, during calls you hear interference and scraps, and then the card simply stops working. In such cases, it will no longer be possible to help, you will have to change the SIM card. usually they do not even take money for such a service, it is only important to provide the owner’s passport. The procedure takes 15 minutes and does not require any additional steps. If necessary, the new card will be cut to fit the size of the SIM slot, the service will cost 150 rubles. Although new cards are often sold with plastic adapters to allow for size adjustment.

Mechanical damage to the smartphone

Update operator settings

Most of the operator settings are loaded and installed automatically, but the update can also be installed manually. To do this, open the smartphone settings, go to the “General” tab, where you will select the “About this device” item. If an update is available for installation, a message will appear on the screen. Confirm your choice and wait for the installation to complete. The process takes a couple of minutes, you may need to restart your smartphone. It is imperative to update the settings, even if the SIM is working properly. the mobile network will work better and “cleaner”.

SIM locked

Also, the iPhone does not see the SIM card if it is locked, that is, it is designed to work with the network of a certain operator. In this case, other networks will not be recognized / therefore it is worth buying only models marked “SIM-Free”. There are two ways to solve the problem with a locked SIM card:

  • use the R-SIM microchip (the method will lead to the loss of warranty, there are also problems with communication and Apple branded applications);
  • contact the operator for whose work the smartphone was created.

In the second case, you will have to be patient, but the unlocking will be “clean” and forever. It is also worth noting that you will have to pay several thousand rubles for the procedure. Only scammers perform such works quickly and cheaply.

Reboot smartphone

The first method that users resort to is to reboot the device. It has long been known that this procedure can solve three quarters of iPhone problems. The fact is that under active loads, the operating system starts to “glitch”, and the smartphone. to give errors. This is normal, rebooting the device and cleaning up unnecessary debris will quickly improve the situation. Users regularly complain about pop-up errors, but the masters say that they will have to put up with it and do not forget to restart the smartphone. Buying Android will not solve the problem. such errors occur even more often.

iPhone 7 “No Service” issue (Explained and Fixed)

Enable flight mode

If the iPhone does not see the SIM card. what to do will be suggested by other owners who have checked the tips on their own experience. An interesting fact. due to errors in the operating platform, the iPhone stops recognizing the SIM card. The solution was found, you need to turn on and off the “Flight” mode:

  • open the “Control Center”;
  • activate the mode by clicking on the airplane icon.

After that, the smartphone will recognize the card and work normally, if the problem was minor iOS problems. Do not forget to just turn off the mode, because the mobile network will not work during the “Flight”.

Firmware upgrade

Updating the device through iTunes will also help solve the problem:

  • install the program on your computer;
  • connect your smartphone using a cable;
  • select a specific device in iTunes;
  • go to the “Overview” tab;
  • click the “Update” button;
  • click on the “Download” link;
  • confirm your choice by clicking “Update”.

After updating the firmware, the smartphone will start normally. If there is a problem with the SIM card, the iPhone will kindly inform the user about it. A similar solution helps if there were errors with the previous installation of the update or the iOS version was not stable.

Weak GSM signal

If the reason for the weak signal is that the user’s place of residence is not within the GSM coverage area, the problem cannot be corrected on your own. You will have to buy a SIM card for temporary use. Although, in fact, the territory where there is absolutely no GSM signal, you still need to look.

There are also areas where the signal is very poor in large cities. As a rule, iPhones are not caught in the subway, basements, elevators. The network can disappear inside the building due to the fact that the concrete walls of the room jam the GSM signal. In some buildings, jammers are deliberately used to prevent employees from over-engaging in Internet surfing. The “jammers” look like this:

Previously, “jammers” were willingly placed in educational institutions. Now the use of such devices is minimized. the modern educational process involves an active student’s appeal to the mobile Internet.

If the GSM signal is weakened in the user’s home, this is a reason to file a claim with the service provider. The iPhone owner needs to call the hotline and complain about the lack of network. The application will be forwarded to the technical department, whose employees will make every effort to solve the problem.

Why iPhone won’t catch the network: the main reasons

If your iPhone doesn’t pick up the network, you shouldn’t immediately panic and look for a suitable service center. Perhaps the problem isn’t worth a damn. What can cause the loss of the GSM signal on the “Apple device”?

To be “on hand” with an iPhone that does not catch the net, on a trip or on a business trip is not a pleasant situation. The boss will be annoyed that his employee is unavailable and did not submit a timely report, relatives will be worn out with anxiety, potential clients will be off the hook. Even calling for help or a taxi if something happened to the car would be impossible. It should be admitted that modern people are heavily dependent on the GSM signal.

Fortunately, in most situations, you can fix the problem of a weak network on the iPhone yourself and rather quickly. In the article we will tell you about the common reasons why the “Apple” gadget does not catch the network well, and how to fix the situation.

Time is set incorrectly

The first thing to check on an iPhone that doesn’t pick up a GSM signal is the date / time settings. If the settings are incorrect, you should set the correct ones manually. This is done like this:

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Date and time”.

Find out the exact time in your time zone. To do this, you can use, for example, the Yandex. Time”.

Scrolling the reels, set the correct date, hour and minute.

Restart iPhone and check network.

If you have Wi-Fi access, you can avoid manually setting the time. In the subsection “Date and Time” there is a slider “Automatic”. After activating it, the iPhone independently determines the time in the set time zone. but only if the gadget is connected to the Internet.

Your humble servant prefers not to use the automatic time setting, because his iPhone “counts” one hour more than it should be.

IOS crash

The failure of the above measures tells the user that the problem may be with the software. For the gadget to work correctly, the latest system updates are required. To check if there are available updates, the user needs to follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Software update“.

If, as a result of the verification, the iPhone finds newer software than is installed on the device, the user should download it. If there is nowhere to update further, you need to refer to the procedure for flashing the gadget. This procedure is simple and does not require contacting the service center. any user will be able to perform it with his own hand. To help a newbie, our article on flashing iPhone.

SIM card damaged

Mechanical damage to the SIM card or its incorrect cutting cannot be the reasons why there is no network on the iPhone. If the card is defective, the SIM gadget will not recognize it at all. This is a completely different problem, the possible solutions to which we suggested in the article “Why the iPhone does not see the SIM card”.

However, a user suffering from a lack of network on a smartphone should still have a visual inspection of the SIM card. If there is dirt on the contacts, you need to carefully remove it. Even the fact that the user removed the SIM card and installed it back into the slot can help return the normal GSM signal.

If the iPhone owner has suspicions that the gadget does not catch the network well because of the SIM card, he should contact the service office with a passport and replace the SIM. This procedure is free and takes only a couple of minutes.

Problems with the settings of the cellular operator

If the time is set correctly, but the iPhone still does not catch the network, you can suspect that the settings of the cellular operator are lost. A set of such measures will help to solve this problem (each subsequent step must be performed only if the previous one did not work):

Turn airplane mode on and off. The corresponding slider is located at the very beginning of the “Settings” menu.

In the “Settings” go to the “Operator” section and deactivate the “Automatic” toggle switch.

Check if the cellular data settings are correct (APN, username, password). Follow the path “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular data network”. The block “Cellular data” contains the necessary details.

You can find the correct parameters for the top 3 carriers in our article on how to set up Internet on iPhone. In case of mismatch, change the cellular data settings on the “Apple” gadget manually. Remember to restart your device after changing the settings.

There was a breakdown of the gadget

If there is a physical breakdown of the iPhone, a visit to the masters cannot be avoided. The failure of the gadget to catch the network, as a rule, is caused by a malfunction of the antenna module. Antenna breakdown is the result of falling or flooding the gadget. The repair cost in this case will depend on the iPhone model. We will collect approximate in a plate:

What to do if iPhone can’t see the network

So, this problem is quite relevant for the owners of Apple products. “What is the reason for these problems? What to do? Where to start when the iPhone can’t see the network? ” with such questions, most inexperienced users immediately run to service centers without trying to deal with the problem on their own.
In this article, we will try to anticipate the possible causes of a breakdown and explain in detail how to deal with them. But about everything in order.

In a number of cases, service center workers cannot (or simply do not want) to immediately determine the cause of such a malfunction and perform a lot of often unnecessary manipulations with your device, for which you give a considerable amount of money. But there are “problems” that you can fix yourself without resorting to the help of third parties. Consider such cases.

If iPhone can’t see the network, what to do?

Very often, the iPhone stops seeing the network after reinstalling the software. Or, the operator’s logo may disappear after repair or prolonged “inactivity” of the device. In cases where the inscription “No network” appears, this is most likely due to the fact that the time and time zone settings are out of order. You can solve this problem if you follow our elementary instructions:

We connect our device to the Wi-fi network;
2. Go to “Settings”, then “General”, then “Date and time”;
3. Turn on the “Automatic” function (if it is selected by default, then turn it off and turn it on again)
4. Restart iPhone

In some cases, such a simple scheme can help your phone to return to a working state without wasting time and money.
Also, problems with the operator can be a problem. You can try to turn Airplane mode on and off several times. often after that, the “No network” icon disappears. If the problem persists, then you need to remove the SIM card from the phone and check if there is any mechanical damage on it. If none are found, we correctly insert the SIM card into the slot. After these manipulations, there is a possibility that the network will appear (if, of course, we are talking about a proprietary SIM card of a cellular operator).

When all the above options turned out to be irrelevant in your case, you should check the settings of the cellular operator for updates. This requires the following:

Connect to an active Wi-fi network;
2. Go to “Settings”, then “General”, then About this device “

If there are updates, the system will ask you to install them. After that, the network should return.

In the case when none of these action aLGorithms worked and the iPhone still does not see the network, it is still better to contact a specialist. He, in turn, will carry out the necessary diagnostics of the device and will be able to accurately indicate the cause of the breakdown.