Iphone 7 Does Not Ring When Incoming Call

In this article, I will explain why there is no sound on the iPhone with an incoming call or receiving SMS. We will figure out what settings you need to make in order to return functionality to the phone.

This article is suitable for all iPhone 11 / Xs (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. On older versions, the menu items and hardware support specified in the article may or may not be present.

Let’s go from simple to complex.

There is no sound because he is disconnected

Despite the fact that the iPhone is a fairly reliable gadget, users are sometimes faced with the fact that when an incoming call or SMS, the melody suddenly disappears.

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Often, the ringtone stops playing due to the fact that the iPhone has been switched to silent (silent) mode. Of course, this explanation is quite simple, but in most cases it is it that becomes true, especially for new owners of the device.

To solve this problem, you need to check the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. If this switch is set to silent mode, you just need to move it. When an incoming call, the music will play again.

A reboot is required for sound to appear

When the volume switch is in the desired position, and the melody does not sound anyway, your gadget may need a reboot. Performing a reboot will solve software errors that affected the disappearance of the ringtone. To do this, you must press and hold the Home and power buttons simultaneously until the logo in the form of an apple is displayed.

Iphone 7 Does Not Ring When Incoming Call

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you should hold down the volume down and power buttons.

If the disappearance of the sound is due to a software error, then after a similar reboot, it should appear again.

Do Not Disturb option activated

When the ringtone stopped working on the iPhone, you need to check if the “Do Not Disturb” option is activated. By mistake, users often activate this mode without noticing it themselves. When a crescent-shaped icon is displayed at the top of the screen, it means that the Do Not Disturb mode on the gadget is turned on. It turns off all sound notifications.

This problem can be solved very simply, just follow these steps:

  • Swipe up and down on the screen.
  • Open the “Control Point”.
  • Turn off the mode.

After that, a sound signal should appear again.

Checking the sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone have occurred due to incorrect sound settings.

  • Open the “Settings”.
  • There we select the menu “Sounds”.
  • Set the appropriate volume for notifications and ringtone.
  • Turn on “Change buttons.”

This will allow you to adjust the volume of the melody using the volume buttons, which are located on the left side of the iPhone.

Headset mode erroneously started

When the above methods do not help to solve the problems with the lack of sound during SMS and an incoming call, then the problem is more complicated. For example, your device could by mistake remain in headset mode. You can check this in the Music application or using the “Control Center”, where you need to click on the “Devices” icon.

Then several times we try to connect and disconnect the headphones, gently clean the Lightning connector with a toothpick and reboot the iPhone.

Solving a problem with AssistiveTouch

  • We go to the “Settings” section, select “Basic” and “Universal Access”.

One of the calls made to your iPhone should return full functionality. If this did not happen, then the problem, apparently, is the technical plan.

Erase content and reset settings

This option should be used only in an emergency. To delete all content on the gadget and reset the settings, go to the “Settings” menu, select “General”, then “Reset” and “Erase content and settings.” We check that before resetting, a backup copy of the data on the gadget was made using iCloud or iTunes.

Mechanical problems

If the iPhone does not have a sound when making a call, and the methods listed above did not fix the error, you must contact the service center. Diagnostics will help determine the reasons for which there is no sound:

  • Damage to the speaker. The problem arises as a result of shock or fall. Eliminated by replacing this item.
  • Audio channel pollution. When you use your phone actively and for a long time, small debris can clog its audio channel. You can troubleshoot by gently cleaning the audio channel.
  • Problems with the sound chip. It can simply fall off under mechanical stress. It needs to be replaced, and if it is not damaged, then simply solder the original microcircuit back.
  • Damaged or dirty headphone jack. The problem is eliminated by replacement or cleaning, depending on the results of the diagnosis.

There may be problems with other components. For example, the problem may be in the operation of the loop, which is responsible for the functioning of the speaker. To diagnose the causes and troubleshoot, you should visit the service center.