iPhone 7 does not catch the network

Why iPhone won’t catch Wi-Fi

The reasons for the breakdown are different:

  • Failure of the Wi-Fi module as a result of a fall or shock;
  • Crashes in the installed OS;
  • Unsuccessful cropping of the SIM-card for the mini-size, which is used in iPhones;
  • Soaking phone hardware and others.
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As a result, EDGE appeared on the display instead of the Wi-Fi label; the slider in the settings menu does not respond to touch; the phone is constantly looking for connection points or “sees” many networks, but is not able to connect to each of them.

iPhone won’t catch Wi-Fi

Today, a phone without access to Wi-Fi is just a dialer. And even if it’s the latest iPhone for thousands of dollars. Today we will talk about why the iPhone does not catch the Wi-Fi network and how to fix it.

How to fix the problem

If there is a failure in the OS, then there are chances to restore the item’s performance by forcibly rebooting the gadget. To do this, press and hold the Power and Home buttons for about 10-20 seconds. Then we turn on the smartphone and check the Wi-Fi operation. Usually this is enough and the phone works normally again.

Another way is to reset your Wi-Fi settings. To do this, in the main settings, go to the “Reset”. “Reset network settings” item. This operation will reset the settings and delete all network access points (other user information is not lost). Then we look for connection points and try to connect. Also, it will not be superfluous to disable geolocation for Wi-Fi (Settings. Privacy. Geolocation services. System services. Wi-Fi networks).

If the first 2 methods did not give any result, we proceed to more “stringent measures”, namely, to install a “clean” iOS. Before performing the procedure, it is worth making a backup copy of the device and uploading it to another device or iCloud. Also, to install a new iOS, you need to update iTunes for Mac or Windows to the latest version. Then download the firmware IPSW file and install it on the iPhone. After installation, we restore user information from the backup and check the Wi-Fi operation.

If nothing has changed here, we try to roll back the phone to the factory settings, while not forgetting to create a backup copy. all information and settings will be deleted and you will receive the phone in the state it was at the time of the first purchase.

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If none of the options restored the Wi-Fi operation, then you should contact a certified service center for help. Here, experienced engineers will diagnose the gadget and in case of a “complete” failure of the part, replace the damaged element with a new one and you will again become an Internet user from your favorite gadget.

Incorrectly set time in the settings

This happens after updates and flashing, as well as after repairs in service centers. To fix this problem, you need to connect to a wi-fi network. Then go to Settings. General. Date and Time and activate the item Automatically. Restart your phone. Please note that these actions must be carried out being necessarily connected to a wi-fi network, otherwise the cellular network will not come to life.

Damage to the antenna responsible for receiving the signal of the cellular network

Often, there are cases when the iPhone stopped catching the network due to damage to the antenna due to shock, moisture and oxidation, previously carried out repairs, defective parts. To eliminate such a malfunction, you need to contact us at iConceptService, where qualified technicians will diagnose and be able to repair the device.

Damage or failure of the SIM card

In the process of solving the problem of finding a network on your own, you should pay attention to the SIM card. Often, it can be damaged during cutting, it can fail if it gets wet or for other reasons. Pull out the SIM-card using the key in the box from under the phone, put the SIM-card in place. Turn on. turn off the “airplane” mode several times.

Cellular operator settings and updates

Have you checked the date and time, and the message “no network” has not disappeared? The operator may not provide its services in the region where you are located. Then you can try to activate the “airplane” mode for a few seconds. We do the same if you are in your home region. It happens that the connection is “buggy” and you just need to restart it. You can also turn off and on the device. If this does not help, then you need to check the operator settings. Go to Settings. Operator and check if the Automatic mode is activated.

Do not forget about the update for the system. Connect to Wi-Fi again. Go to Settings. General. About this device. If updates are available to you, the operating system will ask you to install them. If Wi-Fi does not work, connect to iTunes. Then update your device to the latest iOS version.

iPhone does not catch the network?

Often, after a fall, flashing or updating the phone, as well as replacing the SIM card, the smartphone does not catch the network. An inscription “no network” appears and, in fact, the device turns into a useless expensive “brick”. There are usually several reasons for this problem. Let’s look at the most common of them, while paying attention to ways to troubleshoot a problem called “no network”.

iPhone locked by carrier

It happens that a gadget is blocked by a telecom operator for a SIM card of a certain operator. The phone simply does not support other SIM cards, it says “no network”. You can contact us at the service center, we can unlock by IMEI. As a rule, such a service takes from several days to 10 days, depending on which operator the device is locked to.

Damage to the modem part and eternal network search

If the modem part on the motherboard is damaged by shock or moisture, the phone will constantly search for the network and the modem firmware will be absent in the settings. To make sure your modem is not damaged, go to Settings. General. About this device. Modem firmware. If the field is empty, then your phone has received damage to the modem and only qualified service center technicians can help you here. It will take painstaking, complex work on the motherboard, which will allow you to restore the modem part and return the device to the ability to see the network. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in this kind of work, which allows us to carry out even such complex repairs.

Doesn’t support operator

It often happens that the iPhone does not see the network if it is locked to a specific operator. SIM cards of other dealers are not supported, and the user will have to contact the service to unlock the device.

No network on iPhone. solving the problem

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The question why there is no network on the iPhone worries many owners of Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, this problem occurs quite often, regardless of the version of the iPhone and iPad.

Check coverage area

The situation when the network is lost on the iPhone often has a simple reason. the device is located in an area that is not covered by the operator. You can create Wi-Fi using another gadget that is connected to the mobile Internet and distributes a wireless network.

Why is there no network

There are some known reasons for this error:

  • the phone was brought into the country unofficially and locked under a certain operator;
  • software failure;
  • interruptions in the work of a mobile operator;
  • hardware problem: damage to the antenna, radio module.

Solve the problem yourself

When the iPhone does not catch the network, the help of the service center is not always required. The user has the ability to cope with the problem on his own. There are several ways to get out of a difficult situation.

Antenna problems

often than others, if damaged, dampness suffers the antenna, which is responsible for receiving a cellular signal. As a result of mechanical action, it oxidizes and breaks down.

Replacing the antenna

The service center will help you to replace the antenna if damaged, oxidized or defective.


A factory reset is an effective way to troubleshoot network connection problems. As we already found out, connection failures started a long time ago. The iPhone 4 did not see Wi-Fi, the story continued with the iPhone 5, 6 (they are not being updated at the moment). The latest versions have eliminated these problems. If you are the owner of previous models, then the reset operation will help.

Make sure to back up your data, otherwise it is almost impossible to restore information.

How to reset the settings:

  • go to the menu;
  • find the item “Settings”;
  • select “Reset”;
  • click “Reset settings”;
  • wait until the end of the operation.

Module malfunctions

In this case, it is recommended to give the cell phone to a specialist, but if you have the appropriate skills, you can fix it yourself.

So, what to do if the iPhone does not see the network at home or any other Wi-Fi:

  • Turn off your smartphone and remove the case.
  • Unscrew the screws on the housing.
  • Remove the cover and unscrew the additional 4 bolts next to the camera.
  • Remove the unit and unscrew the screw from the antenna.
  • Use tweezers to pick up the latch and pull it out.
  • Take out the module and warm it up to 300 degrees. This can be done with a hair dryer.
  • Warm up the board. We do not recommend holding the hairdryer over it for a long time.
  • Wait for the machine to cool down and put it back.

The solution to the problem is also relevant for the iPad, which does not see Wi-Fi. You can use the same method if you need to replace a defective part with a new one.

Warming up is a dubious method. Even if you do not completely ruin the gadget, this method usually helps only for a while. Then the problem comes back.

Causes of the problem and solutions

Why is iPhone not catching Wi-Fi? Experts identify several reasons why the gadget does not recognize the network:

  • The access password was entered incorrectly. This is one of the most common reasons. To fix, enter the code again.
  • The Wi-Fi wireless module is defective on the device. Try to diagnose yourself and restart your smartphone. If this does not help, then take the device to specialists.
  • The router has malfunctioned. Here you should try to reconnect to the wireless network. Reboot your router and connect.
  • The firmware version is incompatible with the device. Reset to factory settings or update software.
  • Malware has entered the system. Install antivirus software on your device and activate it when downloading each application.
  • The software can’t handle the loads. In this case, you can partially clear the memory.
  • Unpaid invoice for communication services from the provider. Check your balance and top up.
  • The parameters of the router are entered incorrectly. It is enough to reset the settings, enter them again and reboot the device.
  • Mechanical damage. Corrected depending on the complexity of the situation.

If the smartphone shows that the Wi-Fi network is available, but cannot connect to it, then the problem lies in the incorrect settings of the router. To fix, follow these steps:

  • reset all parameters and rename the access point;
  • change the security key;
  • try to connect again;
  • disable password entry;
  • try to connect again.

Mechanical damage can be avoided if you follow the basic rules for using your smartphone. If you ignore the problems, then because of them others may appear, the level of complexity of which will be impossible to predict.

A few more tips are described in the following

Additional ways to troubleshoot problems

Other troubleshooting methods that we will look at can be considered universal and provide answers to the questions that have arisen, why the iPhone does not see the Wi-Fi network. Let’s analyze the most popular.

What to do if the iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi: we look for the reason and solve the problem

If the iPhone stops picking up the Wi-Fi signal, do not rush to take your smartphone to a service center. Any failures cause great inconvenience, but if you figure it out and find the reasons, you can fix the problem yourself. Today we will find out why the iPhone does not see the Wi-Fi network.

  • Causes of the problem and solutions
  • Additional ways to troubleshoot problems
  • Module malfunctions
  • Reset
  • Checking the operation of the router
  • Additional Information

Checking the operation of the router

Relevant if a router malfunction is found. Because of this, no device can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. This can happen due to power surges or malfunction of some parts.

What can be done:

  • Try restarting your router. If the situation has not changed, then use the second option.
  • Go to your personal account and check the parameters of the router. Login to the settings is done through the browser at (or another, which is indicated on the device itself). Enter your personal password and login from the “admin”. Check if the settings are correct.

If that doesn’t work, then try connecting through another device, such as an iPad. And, if, when trying to connect, the iPad does not see Wi-Fi, then contact the repair service. This is an extreme measure. Maybe it’s time to change your router to a new one.

Additional Information

If a virus was detected on the device and no antivirus programs are helping, follow these steps:

  • Connect via iTunes to your computer.
  • Press the return and power button at the same time.
  • When a message about recovery appears in the application, click on the “Restore” button.
  • Select the file with the appropriate firmware version and wait for the installation.

If the iPhone is not looking for or cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you can independently identify the problem and solve it through self-diagnosis. This will save you time and money, because in most cases the breakdown can be repaired by yourself.

But, if after the performed manipulations your smartphone still cannot connect to the network, do not risk it and take it to a service center.

Be sure to tell us which method helped in your situation. If you know other solutions, share your experience. Comments and online chat are always open for our readers.!

How to fix iPhone7 & 7 Plus No SIM Card installed Error! Fixed carrier not available.

What to do if iPhone does not catch the network after a crash

What are the first things you look for when you drop your iPhone? Most likely, the majority will answer that the screen is still intact, or you need to run to change the display module as soon as possible (and this is a normal reaction). However, physical damage to the machine may not be limited to just a crack in the display; often the internal components of the iPhone, including the radio part, suffer from falling.

Broken screen isn’t the only problem iPhone can cause

IPhone 7 Plus Radio Part Repair

In the case of the iPhone 7 Plus, which came to our colleagues from the Apple Pro service center, due to the fall of the smartphone, not only the display module was damaged, but also the radio part of the device, as evidenced by the signs we described in the previous paragraph. We will tell you about how the display is replaced on the iPhone 7 Plus in the following articles, so this time we will focus on the intricacies of repairing the radio part.

In our case, the firmware of the modem is not displayed. the iPhone modem was repaired here. There may be several reasons for this. failure of the modem power controller, failure of their EPROM microcircuit and violation of the modem processor soldering. All these problems can be solved, but if the modem itself is out of order, it cannot be replaced. It is rigidly attached to other components of the smartphone at the hardware level.

The engineer proceeds to repair the iPhone, unscrews the fixing bolts, disconnects the battery, connecting cables, and removes the display module. For further work, the board is separated from the device and placed in a special fixing tool.

Removing the cover

The iPhone’s motherboard is small in appearance, but it contains all the components important for a smartphone. from the processor to the memory chip and the modem. To dismantle the modem chip, the engineer uses heaters.

Cleaning the compound around the modem

You need to work very carefully, the components are placed very close to each other

Modem Chip Disassembled

To restore the contacts of the modem and the system board, the modem and the corresponding place on the board are cleaned from the factory compound, in order to then restore the soldering between the board and the modem chip.

Cleaning the system board from the compound

Next, the most interesting part begins. the restoration of the soldering using a soldering station. After that, the modem is soldered to its rightful place. Then, again, with the help of heating, the chip is soldered to the board.

Stripping the contacts of the modem from the compound

“Reanimated” modem chip

The chip is installed in place

iPhone 7 Keep Searching For Network Without SIM | How to Troubleshoot

Before assembly, it is necessary to check the device using a laboratory unit.

Testing on the laboratory unit

Modem firmware appeared

After you have finished using the modem, you can replace the display module. The engineer carefully connects all the cables and the battery back, and also installs a special waterproof rubber glue. This is a special layer between the body and the glass that protects against unwanted liquid spills.

Installation of waterproof gluing

Display module connection

All components in place

The fact that everything is in order is evidenced by the fact that the modem firmware reappeared, and the phone shows the full signal of the operator’s cellular network.

The phone is catching the network

The display is also new

This is one of the most painstaking types of repairs, as it requires the appropriate skills and extremely accurate work from the engineer. So it is better to entrust such a complex repair to professionals. specialists from the Apple Pro service center who repair iPhone and other Apple equipment of any complexity. P.S. Don’t forget about a 10% discount for all AppleInsider.ru readers.

News, articles and publication announcements

What is the radio part in the iPhone for?

It is a key component of a smartphone that allows it to make calls, receive SMS and provide Internet access. The radio part may fail due to a fall or ingress of water into the device, or due to a malfunction of the modem power controller, transceiver, or a short circuit on the system board. Even banal voltage drops during charging are sometimes enough for the iPhone to show the annoying “No network” message.

How to find out if the modem in iPhone is not working

You don’t need to be an expert in cellular networks to do this. It is enough to notice that the signal of the cellular network has disappeared, and the iPhone does not see the network of the mobile operator, being in constant search. You can also check if the modem firmware is displayed in the phone settings. this is one of the main indicators of incorrect operation of the radio part.

Modem firmware is not displayed

  • We go to the “Basic”;
  • “About this device”;
  • Find the item modem firmware.

Join our Telegram chat if you want to ask a repair question to specialists from Apple Pro.

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