Iphone 7 backlight not working

All models of mobile devices from Apple are very diverse, but they are united by only one thing. complex electronic content. Therefore, the repair of this equipment should be carried out by highly qualified specialists. You should not trust “talented” lovers for the sake of economy, because subsequently your faulty device will be much more difficult to restore. Our company APPLE-SAPPHIRE has been repairing these complex devices for many years and offers affordable for its services.

Those iPhone users who are faced with the fact that the backlight does not work, know that without this function just can not do. And if the backlight does not work on your iPhone, then we can return it within an hour by replacing the phone screen or clearing the contacts in the service center. In our work, we use only high-quality components from the manufacturer. Therefore, when performing repairs on your own, you run the risk of causing even more damage to the device, or even worse, making it completely unrepairable.

Why iPhone (iPhone) backlight does not work:

  1. The backlight chip has become unusable.
Iphone 7 backlight not working

The backlight may not work for the reason that the backlight chip is out of order. Usually, this can happen from a strong blow or liquid. In order for everything to work again, it is necessary to replace the microcircuit.

  1. Moisture in the display connector.

As a result of moisture, first of all, the connector suffers where the backlight path passes. If this is the case, then replacement of the component is not required. Tracks can simply be restored.

  1. Malfunction of the display itself.

This is not the most common problem, but it is still not worth excluding it. If the backlight does not work on the iPhone (iPhone), but there is an image, then the user will experience inconvenience when using the phone. He will have the feeling that the brightness of the screen is simply reduced.

Having gone to our APPLE-SAPPHIRE service center, you will receive all the answers to questions of interest and the qualified help of the masters, regardless of what model your iPhone is. We have a wide range of accessories for all models, which means that soon you will be able to pick up your phone back.

In addition, we often get specimens whose breakdown causes mechanical stress or water ingress. If liquid gets into the smartphone, the strapping of the circuit, the display connector and the board may fail.

In such a situation, our employees will perform the following actions:

  1. Replace the connectors on the screen;
  2. Replace the connectors on the board;
  3. Replace discrete elements;
  4. Replace the display module.

If the device suddenly fell, then most often, the backlight of the display is the cable moving away from the board or detaching from the display.

At the same time, the backlight generation chip may be damaged and the coil in the power circuit burned out.

In order to eliminate this breakdown, our employees will do the following:

  • coil replacement;
  • breakage elimination;
  • chip replacement.

Sometimes it also happens that the reason the display backlight does not work on the iPhone (iPhone) is hidden in the software.

But no matter what problem you encounter, our company employees with extensive experience and special education will eliminate the breakdown, whatever the cause and complexity of the upcoming repair. You will be surprised at our for services that can be seen right now by looking at the price list.

The masters of our company will take care of your equipment by repairing it as soon as possible. We have all the necessary accessories for replacement from the manufacturer. In all cases, the customer receives a guarantee for the entire device, so you can be sure that your iPhone will work like a new one.

Turning to us for help, you will not spend much time. It is enough to just get in touch and talk about your problem. Then the whole thing is up to us!