Iphone 6s Reboots Every 2 Minutes

Greetings! iPhone, like any other technically sophisticated device, is prone to breakdowns. Yes, yes, yes, there are no perfect gadgets (that’s the news!) And Apple’s smartphone is no exception to this rule. One of the most common ailments is the self-disconnection of the iPhone for no reason. That is, there seems to be a charge, in general, everything works fine, and sometimes it will take and turn off. over, these “tricks” occur periodically and often enough!

That’s about the causes of such a breakdown, and also whether it is a defect in its essence (and in some cases everything is logical and more or less normal), we now find out. And of course, we’ll find out what can be done with the iPhone constantly turning off at home, without visiting the service center (we’ll always be there in time!). Let’s get started!

Why there is a situation when the iPhone turns off by itself:

  • Spontaneous reboots may be due to software problems. For example, if you have a beta version of the iOS operating system or its jailbreak installed, then do not be surprised to periodically disable it. Although such options do not only happen in these cases.
  • If this happens on the street in the cold season, then this is just the case when disconnecting the iPhone (even if there is still charging) is a logical phenomenon. Read more on how to help the battery in cold weather.
  • Problems with iron. In 95% percent of cases, this is either a battery or a power controller. To begin with, it would be nice to find out more information about the battery. find out how many recharge cycles have already been, the actual capacity, etc. We check the battery of our iPhone and if it is completely bad, then replacement is inevitable.

Iphone 6s Reboots Every 2 Minutes

In fact, this is all because of which the iPhone can upset you with a periodic cessation of work. And now we will analyze the actions that must be performed in order to fix this ailment and the iPhone stopped turning off for no reason:

  1. Fighting various software bugs leading to reboots is best done using iTunes recovery. As a result, we get a “clean” device with the latest current firmware. If your smartphone has important data, then do not forget to create a copy of it in iTunes or save it in iCloud.
  2. It is possible that the iPhone simply can not turn on, the screen lights up and the device itself immediately turns off. Be aware that simply plugging it into a power outlet will no longer save it. Read here what to do in such cases.
  3. A hard reset can help! At the same time, we hold down two buttons. Home (round under the screen) and Power (inclusion) and hold them for 10-15 seconds before the screen lights up. Updated! This combination does not work for all models. here is an article with current information on how to force restart any iPhone. You don’t need to worry about your data, with this manipulation they will not be lost.
  4. As I said, if the problem is “iron”, then in most cases either the battery or the cable are to blame and they need to be changed. If there are not enough skills and repair experience, we turn to the service.
  5. By the way, if a few more problems are added to the shutdown. a blue screen, various stripes on the display, then the problem can be a little harder than just replacing the battery. Microcracks on the board and other scary things are possible. Here you definitely need to be diagnosed. Although. read about the blue screen of death of the iPhone, there are several sensible ideas to deal with this and other ailments.

To summarize or instead of an afterword.

As we found out, there are only two reasons why the iPhone turns off by itself (we will not consider a special case when using it in the cold season). this is either a software malfunction or a problem inside the gadget.

And if the first can and should be fought independently, then in case of any breakdowns it is better to contact professionals. Especially if you know for sure that warranty service is available for your device and its period has not expired.