IPhone 6s does not turn on when charging

If the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on. the first thing to do is not to panic, because there are several ways to make it work. But first, you need to figure out why it does not turn on. After all, even if you forgot the password on the iPhone and you don’t know what to do, then the battery charge is still saved. In fact, there are only two reasons why the iPhone may not work: the first is a fully discharged battery, and the second is a software failure. We will deal with each of them.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on due to a dead battery

If the phone has a dead battery, you need to connect it to the network adapter and charge it for fifteen minutes (some models take half an hour). After the specified time, it is recommended to try to turn on the mobile device, but it should not be removed from the outlet. If everything is okay, then the gadget’s screen should display an empty battery icon inside, which is lightning (this means that it is charging and will turn on soon). In some cases, if the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on even after a half-hour charge, an empty battery icon, a socket and an arrow indicating lightning may appear on its screen. This means that the gadget’s battery was completely discharged (or did not turn on for a long time), so it needs extra time to recharge (about four to five hours, after which it can be turned on).

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on due to a software malfunction

If a software failure occurs, the gadget needs a hard reset. To do it, on the iPhone you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons at once: Power and Home. They should be held clamped for about 10-15 seconds, after which the Apple logo should appear on the screen of the gadget, which will mean that the device has restarted. If you already know how to distinguish an original 3GS iPhone. you probably saw this icon. After the reboot is completed, the phone will begin to function in normal mode. It is worth noting that the same reboot can be done if a program freezes and the phone does not respond to pressing any buttons.

The above problems and their solutions are standard, but if none of these methods helped, then most likely one of the following malfunctions occurred on the phone:

It is recommended to contact a service center with all of the above problems, because it will be very difficult to solve them yourself. Although the world is nothing impossible!

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Apple specialists managed to create convenient, fast and reliable iPhone smartphones, which have gained popularity among millions of people around the world. But, despite the high level of reliability, breakdowns in them still happen. If the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, this may indicate a malfunction of its electronic circuit. Let’s try to understand the causes of such symptoms and find out what actions we can take in this case.

Battery Check

If the mobile device is charging, but does not want to turn on, this may indicate a problem with the battery. The peculiarity of the iPhone smartphone is that it uses a non-removable battery. we can not pull it out and test it. In this case, we may suspect that the discharge is too deep, so the battery needs to be checked somehow. We can only leave the device on charge for the night, trying to launch the iPhone in the morning.

This procedure is often used to eliminate the effects of deep discharge of batteries. While charging for a long time, she will be able to replenish her capacity and gain the necessary amount of energy. In the case of a removable battery, it could be “dispersed” by an external power supply or a “frog”, but in the case of the iPhone we can only wait and hope.

Non-removable batteries are present on all iPhone smartphones, including the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. If the battery in your device is removable, then you have a fake in your hands.

Charger Check

Does your iPhone show that it is charging but not turning on? The problem may lie in too low a charging current. As a result, a discharged battery cannot gain enough charge to start the smartphone. We have no way to get into the smartphone with a multimeter and check the charge current. But what prevents you from using a known-good charger? We perform the following actions:

  • We find a known working charger that successfully charges other smartphones;
  • We connect the current iPhone to the charger;
  • Leave for the night.

Please note that if after such a charge a rapid discharge of the battery is observed, you should contact the service center for the replacement of the battery.

Charge problems are often observed when using non-original chargers made by third-party manufacturers. If you want to avoid such problems, use only genuine accessories manufactured under the Apple brand name.

IPhone Recovery

If the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, you can try to restore it through DFU mode. To do this, leave the smartphone on charge until the morning (so that it can take the maximum charge). In the next step, we need a computer with iTunes installed. We connect the smartphone to the computer, hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons, press 10 seconds, release the power button and, while continuing to hold “Home”, wait another 15 seconds. At this time, iTunes should report the discovery of a recovery-ready iPhone.. We confirm our intentions and wait for the results. Next, try to turn on your smartphone.

We have already written about the procedures for restoring and flashing iPhone in our reviews. use the site search and get the information you need.

Repair iPhone

Your iPhone 6s does not turn on and does not charge? Such a fate can befall not only the 6s model, but also any other Apple smartphone models. If the device does not show signs of life, does not respond to a long night charge and does not start even when you try to enter recovery mode, you must contact the service center. Here experts will bring him to life. most likely, your system board is faulty in your smartphone; self-repair is not possible in this case.

What to do if the iPhone 5 / 5s charges, but does not turn on

Although Apple gadgets are famous for their quality, even they sometimes fail, confusing their owners. There are cases when the iPhone 5s is discharged and does not turn on, even connected through a charger to a wall outlet. What to do in such a situation? The main thing is not to panic and sort it out.

The iPhone is discharged and does not turn on when charging

IPhone 6s does not turn on when charging

A black screen and lack of response to button presses are a common problem. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and not to spin the device yourself. As a rule, the problem is a deep discharge of the phone or a hang of iOS. Try the following:

1 Energy charge can quickly discharge at low temperature. If you came from a cold and found a black screen, warm the device. 2 Leave it for 20 minutes connected to charging. iPhone should turn on by itself. This will not happen if the smartphone is fully discharged. 3 In this case, hold down the “power” and “home” keys for 10 seconds. For the 7th iPhone, press the “power” and “volume down” keys. When the logo appears, stop holding the buttons down. Expect a full iOS download. 4 If this procedure did not help, then turn it on and off the silent switch before executing it. And follow step 3 again.

If after all of the above has not given a result, we can conclude about a possible malfunction: iPhone, the “charging” cord, the “charging” head is not working, the charger’s bandwidth is low.

iPhone 5 charging but not turning on

When the smartphone is charging, but at the same time, the device itself does not respond to the power-on command, this may be due to problems with the battery. This gadget has a non-removable battery, and you can’t remove it for testing. In such a situation, there may be a deep discharge, and to check this, you need to leave the phone connected to the charger for six hours or all night. After that, check for “inclusion”.

In such a situation, replenishment of a deep charge loss will be replenished by a long contact with the power supply and switching on will occur. All Apple phones have a built-in battery, even an iPhone 4 and 4 es. If the battery is removed in your smartphone, then you are the owner of a fake.

The second problem may be the low current flow in the charger. The current is not enough and the phone cannot take the desired charge to turn it on. Next, you need to check the health of the “charge” on another smartphone. Or apply a known working order in order to leave the phone charged for 6 hours. Then check the device for “inclusion”. If the smartphone is successful, observe how long the charge of energy lasts.

If the battery charge runs out faster than usual, it is worth contacting a service center for diagnostics. Maybe it’s time to replace the battery. Such problems are often encountered when using non-original charging devices. To avoid such situations, purchase accessories of original origin.

Another option in this situation will be an attempt to restore the iPhone through DFU mode. Plug in your phone overnight to charge the battery. Install the updated version of iTunes on your PC and run it. It connects the phone via a USB cable and simultaneously hold down the “Power” and “Home” keys for 15 seconds. We press the “Power” button without releasing “Home” for another 10 seconds.

After the notification about the definition of the device and its readiness for recovery comes out, click on “restore”. After completing the processes, try turning on the smartphone. It should turn on normally.

If you encounter a problem when the phone does not charge or recharge, but does not turn on, contact a service center. Before contacting, check the health of the smartphone with another charger. Maybe it’s not about him. It is not recommended to try to fix the phone yourself. And even more so to open it. Violation of integrity will result in loss of warranty service.

If a fully charged iPhone discharges quickly without your active involvement, this is a cause for concern. He may have a problem with the built-in battery. If you find a problem with the iPhone, and you couldn’t fix it yourself, then contact an authorized service center for help, entrust the work to qualified specialists.