IPhone 6s Does Not Hold iPhone Charging

Many people are faced with the problem of quickly discharging the iPhone 6. What are the reasons for this and how to solve this problem? A quick discharge of an iPhone can occur for a variety of reasons, several main ones can be distinguished.

Malfunctioning telephone

A faulty battery, damage to the charging cable, failures on the motherboard in the phone will not allow you to use the iPhone for a long time without recharging. Any of these problems requires an urgent call to a service center. The reason may also be a broken or non-original charger, in which case you need to purchase a normal charge.

IPhone 6s Does Not Hold iPhone Charging

The phone is not broken, but the battery runs out quickly

Next, we consider what factors affect the battery consumption on iPhone 6 and with a working phone.

Geolocation enabled

Geolocation services quickly consume battery power, to reduce power consumption, turn off GPS in some applications. Leave it turned on only where it is really needed, for example, in maps, Foursquare, etc. It is also necessary to disable GPS in system services, in addition to motor calibration, compass calibration, Find iPhone services and Time zone.

Extra notifications

Every day, users receive a large number of notifications, they are sent by almost all programs installed on the phone. These notifications are not only distracting and annoying, but also contribute to a faster discharge of the phone. Leave on notifications from only major programs.

Background Updates

It is also necessary to limit background ads, in iOS even closed applications have the ability to update themselves. These processes discharge iPhone 6, you need to disable updates for all minor programs.

3G Included

In many regions, there is still no 3G, even if it is, the signal quality leaves much to be desired. At this time, your iPhone 6 continues to catch the 3G signal for nothing, it also drains the battery. You need to turn off 3G in order to keep the charge longer.

Photo stream

Another reason for the rapid discharge of the battery is the photo stream. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then iCloud automatically uploads your photos to the cloud. This is a very useful and convenient feature, but it discharges the battery. If you do not need to use this function, then disable it.

Games consume a lot of phone resources. If you want the iPhone to hold the charge longer, you will have to abandon them. In addition, giving up games will give you more free time for many useful and interesting things.

Automatic program downloads

This feature makes it possible to download programs, music and books purchased on other Apple devices to your phone through the App Store. It may be useful, but it really discharges the iPhone.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

For many people, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth work constantly, regardless of whether the owner of the phone is currently using them. To prevent the phone from being discharged, turn them off when you are busy with something else. It is worth noting that Wi-Fi drains the battery much less than 3G, so its use is more preferable. Do not forget about the ability to set the optimal screen brightness.

Extra programs

Clean your iPhone, getting rid of unnecessary programs. The fewer applications you have, the less likely it is that any of them will drain the battery. This can be done using special programs. In addition, after cleaning, your iPhone 6 will run even faster than before.

After the release of the new iOS firmware, some iPhone 6 began to discharge faster. If the case temperature rises when using the phone, then this problem has affected you. To get rid of it, you will have to hard reset the device. To do this, you need to hold down the power and Home buttons at the same time, waiting for the screen to go blank, and then the company logo will appear. After this procedure, the service life of the phone from one charge should be longer.

If all of the above measures do not help, calibrate the battery. In extreme cases, you may need to replace it.

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He just couldn’t be very discharged in one day. In the discharge statistics, what does it write? You can’t discharge your iPhone batteries at 0! It’s just that you can’t never. from this they only die faster.

hello, such a problem; IPhone 6 — after watching the second “specially made for iPhones from which he immediately catches a glitch (naturally, he didn’t know about it before viewing), the android doesn’t see this glitch and it doesn’t noticeable.” He glitched and immediately rebooted HOME and POWER , after that the phone turned on, I started to watch another and it became very hot immediately. I turned it off and put it on charge. The next day I noticed that it runs out 2 times faster and then it charges more slowly, instead of the usual 2.5, it took 6 hours. It seems sometimes it stops seeing the charger. But I talked with the guys who also watched this (they also all caught a glitch), but this was not with the battery!
in general what the problem may be if you can tell me please. Before this, everything was fine.