Iphone 6 Hearing Speaker Not Working

What you need to clean?

Iphone 6 Hearing Speaker Not Working

We only need 2 ingredients or tools:

Hard bristle brush. If you find a soft bristled brush, that’s okay. Just trim off the bristles, it will be hard at the base of the bristles. This is perfect for us. You can use a cotton swab, but it is worse in terms of effectiveness.

  • Some liquid with m alcohol. It can be cologne or alcohol itself. Available to use gasoline for lighters (high purity).
  • All this is in almost any home. Prepare a brush and liquid. Let’s say it will be gasoline.

    Reasons for poor sound from the speaker

    There may be several reasons. If water spills on the phone, the sound from the speaker is bad. This is a completely logical consequence. Also, the speaker could get clogged with dust, and even worse. Sand. Therefore, remember if the device fell out on the sand on some beach.

    It should be noted that iPhones have a special metal mesh above the speaker. It serves as protection, but during operation it naturally clogs up.

    Rarely is the software responsible. There are reports on the forums that the quiet sound issue has been resolved after a software update. So to get started, just try installing more recent software, or, if not already available, downgrade to your previous iOS. If that doesn’t work, then read on for an article on how to clean your iPhone 6 speaker. Try to follow the tips.

    How not to clean?

    Some users don’t know how to clean the speaker on iPhone 6 and try to do it with a toothbrush, but they don’t need to. The toothbrush is very hard and has long fibers, so it can damage the mesh, which can later clog the speaker itself.

    It is also advisable to use alcoholic solutions rather than the alcohol itself. Although the latter is also fine. But never use water. Water is oxidizable and is not a degreasing agent. Alcohol and alcohol-based solutions degrease the surface and resist oxidation, which is why they are ideal for cleaning.

    Alternatively, you can safely use disposable alcohol wipes, which are usually intended for hands. But be careful not to leave a piece of cloth on the speaker grill. Also, do not use alcohol-free wipes, because most wet wipes now do not contain alcohol, although they also degrease the surface a little. Some users try to do this with a toothpick. Do not use it to clean smartphones, no matter how. You cannot clean the speaker on iPhone 6 at home with a toothpick. You will simply break the mesh, which is already not strong.

    Now you know how to clean the speaker on iPhone 6 S and other models.

    How to clean the speaker on iPhone 6? Instructions

    Pour gasoline into a small container. You need to pour just a little. The main thing is that the brush can be dipped in gasoline and moistened, no more. Gasoline should not be allowed to drip from the brush.

    We moisten the brush and very carefully process the speaker mesh. You don’t need to disassemble the phone and take out the net. Simply moisten the assembled mesh of your phone with a brush. Repeat this procedure several times and very carefully. After the second or third cleaning with a brush, you will visually see that the speaker has become much cleaner.

    After that, simply wipe off any remaining gasoline from the speaker grill and from the phone with a tissue. The smartphone should now perform better. Check if the interlocutor can be heard better. If not, then you have to clean the inside. This will require special tools. At the very least, you need an asterisk screwdriver, which only people who repair phones and small electronics have. You also need the skills of disassembling and assembling smartphones, because when you remove the case cover, you can accidentally break the cable. Therefore, if you do not know how to clean the inside of the speaker on the iPhone 6, then it is better not to go inside, but to give the phone for repair.

    Although the simplest external cleaning with a stiff brush and an alcohol solution usually helps.

    How to clean the speaker on iPhone 6? The easy way

    Iphone 6. Is a problematic smartphone in terms of sound. Users often complain about poor sound. Such messages are usually teeming with various forums. Sometimes it is enough to simply blow out the speaker, and sometimes a weak sound is the result of a software flaw and is eliminated by software. But more often than not, the speaker needs either cleaning or replacement. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean the speaker on iPhone 6. This may well return your smartphone to its previous high-quality sound.

    How to prevent speaker clogging?

    Nothing new can be advised in this regard. Standard smartphone care tips are fine. Just don’t spill water on it, don’t throw it in the sand, and try not to drop it at all. In any case, sooner or later the speaker will clog up, and the interlocutor will again be hard to hear, no matter how well you monitor the state of your smartphone. But now you know how to clean the speaker on iPhone 6 plus at home, and no blockages are scary. Use this method and recommend to your friends.

    What to do to restore sound on iPhone?

    The next step is to eliminate system software errors. To do this, you must either update the software, or return the original parameters of the phone, that is, factory settings.

    This can be done through iTunes or through the Apple smartphone itself. By the way, this procedure can also help when the smartphone spontaneously reboots.

    Nothing happens? Then try to gently clean the sound holes with a toothpick, but you need to do this very carefully, and it is better to entrust this process to the specialists of the service center altogether.

    Speaker not working iPhone 6 Plus, 6

    Sound functioning on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus series is simply necessary so as not to experience any inconvenience when using your smartphone. But, due to the fact that the speakers can be accessed from outside the phone, their work can be disrupted over time. How to fix a breakdown when the speakers do not work on the iPhone 6 Plus, we will tell you on this page.

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    Why iPhone earpiece does not work?

    How does the repair work:

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    If you find that the earpiece or earpiece has stopped working on your iPhone 6 Plus, don’t be upset.

    After all, the breakdown could not have occurred for technical reasons and it will be easy to fix it. First, let’s find out why the speaker does not work on the iPhone 6 Plus, these are: mechanical defect, oxidation of contacts, clogging with dust or dirt, software failure, incorrect settings.

    Checking the settings when the speaker is not working well on the iPhone 6 model

    First of all, go to the settings of your smartphone and check if the sound is turned on and at what level the volume is set.

    Then make a forced restart of the phone by holding down home and power for ten seconds.

    After completing the process, check the volume on your smartphone. If there is still a problem when the sound stopped working, read below.

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    No sound due to damage

    Has your iPhone been dropped or has water got into it and now there is no sound? Then, with a probability of 90%, the element is damaged.

    Breakage can be of three types. The sound element itself is broken, the loop is broken or the contacts oxidized.

    That is why, before starting any repair, the engineer makes diagnostics in order to understand what kind of damage and which part will have to be replaced.

    Usually, the repair in the service does not take much time, so your Apple smartphone will be restored in your presence.

    Speaker iPhone 6s, 6 does not work

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    The mobile phone iPhone 6 / 6S has 2 speakers. Auditory and main. Despite the different locations, they can stop working for the same reasons: the phone was dropped, moisture got into it, operating system errors. The reason may be more commonplace. You forgot to turn on the sound in the phone, or the speaker is simply clogged.

    Apple Service Center Locations

    How much will the repair cost if the iPhone 6s, 6 speaker does not work

    Locating your phone speakers

    The earpiece is located at the top of the front of the phone. It is used for phone calls or Skype conversations, and is turned off the rest of the time. The main speaker is located next to the microphone on the bottom of the device. It is used for listening to music, watching movies, or when talking on speakerphone.

    Speaker not working iPhone 6s, 6: diagnosing problems

    How do I recognize a problem? If during a conversation on the phone or on Skype you have difficulty hearing the caller, phoning or hearing nothing, it is likely that the iPhone 6 speaker is not working. If the music is quiet, noises and wheezing are heard, the sound rattles. The main stereo speaker is burnt out.

    Iphone 6S top speaker not working? Try to connect a headset or headphones. If you can hear the interlocutor well, then the reason is precisely in the speaker.

    The bottom speaker is even easier to check. Turn on any ringtone that you know well. If your speaker wheezes and makes noise, you need to change it.

    And if the phone has recently fallen and cracked on its display, this is a sure sign that the speaker is faulty and needs to be replaced. Over, an urgent replacement of the iPhone 6 glass is also required, otherwise you may accidentally damage your ear during a conversation.


    If during a Skype conversation or during an incoming call you cannot hear the other person, ask him to check if the microphone of the subscriber’s phone is turned on. And if he really forgot to turn it on. You’re in luck.

    If the iPhone 6c speaker does not work due to clogging, then try cleaning it with a stiff brush or toothbrush. Never rinse the speaker with water! You can fill the whole smartphone.

    And if the speaker fails after updating iOS, then you can try reinstalling the operating system of your smartphone. It is possible that errors are from the system.

    If you know for sure that drops of water have penetrated into the phone over the past few weeks, then you need to contact the service: the speaker may not be the only part that got wet. I will do a full diagnosis with the next repair in just 30 minutes! We will replace any damaged unit of your smartphone: case, cable, battery, as well as replace glass on iPhone 6s, if necessary.

    The inApple service center has been repairing Apple equipment since 2009. We offer quick repairs within half an hour and a guarantee for all types of work performed.

    Speaker failure

    In most cases, breakdown occurs after mechanical impact on the body of the gadget. When dropped or severely hit.

    • If you cannot hear the interlocutor while talking on the IPhone 6, make sure that the phone has not been dropped and has not been in the sun for a long time. Overheating can seriously damage the components of the board and stop performing their functions.
    • The sound also disappears after the liquid gets inside the smartphone. In iPhone 6, the sound module is protected by a thin mesh that does not save the speaker from water.

    Hardware faults are best rectified by an authorized service center.

    Cause 1. The headphone plug has shorted

    Yes, it can happen. When buying a new or even a used iPhone 4, you are not insured against the fact that the 3.5 mm adapter, which is responsible for connecting the headset, can close. And only repeated sticking and pulling of the headset can help to open it. In some cases it helped. It is desirable to pull out sharply.

    It should be understood that if this happened as a result of long-term operation, then there is only one way out. Replacing the upper sound loop, simultaneously with a 3.5 mm audio jack

    Restart IPhone

    In some situations, a simple reboot will resolve the problem. Perhaps the smartphone’s RAM is overloaded with a large number of processes. The sound driver may also hang.

    Software malfunction

    In principle, applications for iOS devices are created very competently and with the maximum minimization of system failures. But as the saying goes: “once a year, and the stick shoots.” So, after installing any program from the App Store, it is possible to change the system parameters. Due to the privileges provided to the installed application, which can provoke a defect in which the sound of the speaker is hard to hear or not heard at all.

    To determine the culprit, analyze after what actions you started having problems with sound and remove suspicious programs. After cleaning the malware, go to the volume settings and check all the parameters, then you need to test the sound of the speaker. If the problem persists, follow the instructions below.

    Broken speaker

    You can find out about a broken speaker if you connect headphones to the phone. The check consists in testing the sound card itself, since if the loudspeaker does not show signs of life, but there is sound through the headphones, then in 95% of cases it is he who is broken. This can happen for the following reasons:

    • Water has got into the mini-speaker or its contacts.
    • Iphone dropped or experienced severe shaking.
    • Through the “jailbreak”, the volume and bass were increased, which led to the rupture of the membrane of the mini speaker, after which, when the interlocutor was talking, it became hard to hear.
    • You bought an initially defective smartphone.

    This type of repair involves a complete disassembly of the gadget, which requires special tools and skills. If you do not have them, it is better to entrust this work to professionals from the service center. Employees will replace the necessary spare parts with high quality and in a short time, and you will again be able to enjoy the melody of your device.

    What could be the reason for the breakdown

    Sound problems with spoken (high) and low (polyphonic) speakers are fairly common. The main causes of malfunctions:

    • Ingress of moisture due to the fall of the smartphone in the snow or flooding with liquid (tea, coffee, juice, water)
    • Mechanical impact (shock, falling on a hard surface) causing damage to internal parts (loop, “ear sensor”, microphone, front camera, etc.)
    • Dust and debris on the speaker or headphone jack
    • Software malfunctions (especially if you install “left” programs on your phone)
    • Volume is poorly adjusted
    • Manufacturing defects

    Problems can manifest themselves in different ways: it is hard to hear when the interlocutor speaks, the iPhone speaker rattles and wheezes, or stops working completely.

    We fix the malfunction on our own

    If you stop hearing the other person or he speaks very softly, start by checking the equalizer settings. First, adjust the volume during a call, making sure the indicator is displayed on the screen. Then make sure that no other devices are connected to the phone jacks. Insert and remove the headphone plug several times. Disable Bluetooth function.

    To rule out the possibility of a software problem, you should uninstall new, recently installed software and reset all settings. Algorithm for hard rebooting the device:

    • Press the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously
    • Hold for 10-15 seconds
    • Wait for the gadget to restart

    If the speaker on the iPhone still does not work (spoken or downstream), restore the saved copy of the system using iTunes. Remember to regularly update iOS to the latest version.

    Simple cleaning of hearing and polyphonic speakers from dust often helps. Before performing the procedure, remove the cover and film from the back and front panels, then use a soft-bristled brush slightly moistened with alcohol or refined gasoline.

    If you suspect a factory defect, immediately take your iPhone to an authorized service center or Apple dealer. They should change the internal parts of your model free of charge. Remember. When installing unlicensed software and careless handling, the warranty conditions are violated. Therefore, if you dropped or flooded your smartphone and damaged the speaker (hearing, voice), do not waste time traveling. It is much easier to call an experienced craftsman at home.

    Speaker stopped working on iPhone

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  • If the speaker on the iPhone does not work for you. It is completely broken or wheezes and rattles during a call. It is not necessary to immediately go to the service center. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and fix the malfunction at home.

    Where to go for help

    If you’re having problems with your microphone (bottom left side) or speaker (top, spoken), save time and effort by finding a wizard on youdo.com. Yuda performers will find and fix the breakdown as soon as possible if you are faced with the following situations:

    • The speaker does not work well. It is worse to hear the interlocutor during a call after moisture or mechanical damage
    • Rattling sound (when communicating through the voice speaker, when turning on the speakerphone)
    • The sound does not wheeze or tremble. It does not exist at all

    Each YouDo performer has been working for many years, has extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing iPhones. Other advantages of performers:

    • Leave within an hour to any area
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    Private traders and companies registered on YouDo guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering and installation of new components. If the speaker on the iPhone does not work (for example, it broke due to mechanical impact), order the service through Yuda. The master will change the spare part within one hour.

    Weak sound from speaker or why the iPhone became quiet?

    Good! Just the other day, some incomprehensible nonsense began to happen to my iPhone. It consisted in the fact that the sound from the speakers. Normal and spoken, suddenly became quiet. And if you can somehow live with the main unimportant speaker (no one canceled vibro), then the fact that the interlocutor is very hard to hear during a call is quite a problem. And I really was about to go to the service, but before that I decided to tinker myself. As a result, the author tried a lot of methods and one of them still helped. Victory!:)

    To celebrate, it was decided to help everyone who encountered quiet sound from the speakers on the iPhone and collect all the tips to eliminate this trouble in this article.

    As the saying goes. We will always have time for the service, first we will try to fix it ourselves. Go!

    At first I wanted to share the tips for each of the speakers specifically, and then I realized that they are almost identical. Therefore, do not blame me, all possible solutions will be presented in the form of a general list.

    And here is this very list:

    • Let’s start with the simplest, but you never know. Check if the volume is set to maximum? Buttons on the side of the device will help you change the volume.
    • Reboot your phone.
    • There is another very strange, but at the same time common situation. Immediately after buying an iPhone, people sometimes complain about faint audio when talking. The whole problem is in the shipping film, which is glued to the phone right at the factory. Since the iPhone is an expensive device, some do not remove the film. Thus trying to keep it looking longer. Naturally, this blocks the speaker and does not fully reach your ear.
    • We continue about accessories and the next in line are covers. If worn, it is recommended to remove and check without them. Some part of the cover or bumper can easily cover the lower speaker and thereby muffle the sound.
    • It is possible that the mesh that covers the speaker membrane is clogged. In this case, you can try to clean it (alcohol, a toothbrush, cotton wool and some non-sharp object will help you) or blow it out, just do not forget about accuracy and caution during this whole process. True, one more problem may lurk here, you can clean the outside, but the dirt accumulates from the inside. You may have to disassemble the phone.
    • Try plugging in and out the headphones. Judging by the messages on the forms, some users are helped by just such a simple action.
    • If moisture gets in and corrosion forms, the sound may also be muffled or even absent altogether. How to be? We read about water and the iPhone here, about complete silence. Here.

    By the way, it must be remembered that there is only one bottom speaker. It is on the right.

    If a quiet sound comes from the left, then this:

    • At the very least, a very strange phenomenon.
    • As a maximum, you are the owner of an absolutely unique device.

    However, let’s go back to what helped the author of this blog. And. In the end, my situation was solved very simply.

    It was enough to do the restoration and that’s it. The sound became loud again. Yes, it took a little time, but. It’s better than walking around with a quiet iPhone 🙂

    I hope that one of the listed methods will still help you and you will not need to visit the service center. However, it may happen that this cannot be avoided. But here’s the good news. Repairs will be relatively inexpensive and done quickly. Replacing speakers is a simple operation.