Iphone 6 Headphone Input

Connectors are the most vulnerable point of any smartphone, and the iPhone in this sense is no exception. They are open and intensively exploited by users. No matter how high-quality the assembly is, over time absolutely all ports become loose. Contacts are oxidized from contact with liquids, dust, dirt, etc. In this post we will deal with the main problems of connectors in the iPhone and how to fix them.

Iphone 6 Headphone Input

Symptoms of problems

When your iPhone suddenly starts to disconnect from the network while charging, it is impossible to synchronize, because the computer does not see the device. it is likely that either the lightning cable has become unusable, or there are problems with the connecting port itself. The following prerequisites will make sure that the latter is broken:

  • if on the eve you dropped (or drenched) a smartphone;
  • the plug freely dangles in the socket and at the same time the connection appears and disappears;
  • when a “plug” appears on the screen when the battery is critically low, while you put the iPhone on charge;
  • if the problem persists even when you use other cables.

It is much easier to identify problems with the headphone jack, it is accessible to any user, even with minimal technical knowledge. So, the first bad call will be the appearance of extraneous noise and cod when listening to music. If the jack is broken due to heavy use, playback will be interrupted continuously because contacts will begin to move away from any turn of the head. Surely there is a breakdown if during a conversation through the headset the interlocutor ceases to hear you. Also, the sound becomes too quiet even when the maximum volume is set.

Sometimes, poor contact is facilitated by dust accumulated in the charging connector or in the headphone slot. Usually, we all carry smartphones in pockets of clothes or bags, in which there is a mass of villi, and covers, as you know, do not protect technical holes. It can be easy enough to clean the ports to restore the connection. Use a not too sharpened toothpick or soft-bristled brush for these purposes.

We check ourselves

The first thing to do if a malfunction occurs or their forerunners listed above are to test the accessory itself. Perhaps the broken cable or the wiring of the headphones is to blame for everything. Or you pulled them too much from the socket and the contacts are gone.

In addition, fakes are also dangerous because they can ruin the smartphone connector itself, since the plug will still be slightly different from the standard in thickness, length and, most importantly, in the quality of the conductor. Therefore, the “juiciness” of the sound of such headphones is much lower, or the charging process drags on all night.

We trust professionals

If you are unable to independently identify and eliminate the cause of the failure of the connector, you will have to carry the gadget to a service center. In principle, replacing the charging jack or headphone is not a technically difficult operation, but you are unlikely to handle it yourself. After all, for this you have to disassemble half the housing of the smartphone, and without special devices it is impossible to open it without damaging the insulation at the joints. Otherwise, then, you can forget about the tightness of the external panels.

Also, if the iPhone is still under warranty. bring it directly to your native technical center, perhaps the replacement will be completely free if the identified problem arose due to improper assembly.

However, if the iPhone was flooded with water, the replacement will be made only on the terms of payment by you services not stipulated by the contract. This is clearly stated in the warranty.

Even if you immediately dried the gadget quickly and it worked normally for a long time, the oxidation and corrosion of the contacts will inevitably lead to breakage. It is better to preempt it by giving a routine inspection and cleaning. This, in the end, will cost much less than with an emergency repair, when you can stay without a phone and necessary contacts for a couple of days.

To identify “drowned” or wetted specimens in each iPhone, inside, under the nano-SIM card slot, a special chemical reagent is applied, which turns red when in contact with the liquid. The technical center specialists will look at him first of all, and it depends on whether the upcoming replacement will be paid or not.

When going to the service center, do not forget to bring your “native” box from the iPhone. With its help, you can confirm the originality of the smartphone, and therefore your right to warranty service (if the one-year period from the date of purchase has not yet passed).

Problems with the connectors can be avoided by observing three conditions: the use of original accessories, careful operation and regular cleaning of all ports from dust.

Price order

Typically, the procedure for replacing a failed charging cable or headphones takes about half an hour or an hour. The cost of such work starts from 2000-3000 rubles, taking into account the price of a new spare part.Often the culprit of a non-working connector is a corded connection cable that has corrupted away from the board. Such a nuisance sometimes arises due to smartphone crashes. In this case, you don’t even need to repair anything, the master, having carefully opened the case, just fastens the contact into place. For this, they will take a symbolic 500 rubles from you, as for the diagnosis.

Also a common cause of broken charging is the failure of the power controller. Power surges, mechanical damage, the use of a non-original headset, etc. can be blamed here. The iPhone stops responding to pressing the on / off button. It should alert the reeling of the connector, spontaneous connection and disconnection when connected to a computer, periodic interruption of the charging process, etc. This is an important chip that provides energy to all the boards of the smartphone, so the repair cost will be high. 8000. 10,000 rubles.

In addition, a leaked battery could damage the connector from the inside. Although the iPhone 6 came out recently. in September 2014, due to the need for daily charging, the battery lasts only one and a half to two years. After that, the gadget starts to discharge faster, and the battery itself can swell, deforming all the connections. And then you will need to replace not only the connector, but the entire charging unit. Sometimes it even breaks the display glass, or bends the rear metal panel.

Preventative care

In order to preserve the legal capacity of all the mentioned iPhone slots for a longer time, do not pull it towards you by the cable when it is charging, do not swing it in the socket trying to improve the connection. Try to evenly plug the headphone plug into the jack or gently clip on the lightning, because you already know that the replacement will cost a lot.

Regularly clean ports from accumulated dust, debris, dirt, but do not use needles or similar sharp objects. They can scratch the channel from the inside, and the connection density will be broken.

Do not allow sharp overheating or overcooling of the iPhone, as this will cause condensation to form inside, which, slowly evaporating, destroys all metal components, including and connector.

Use only original components (accessories), or select brands verified and approved by the manufacturer. Replacing them with cheap analogues will not lead to anything good.