Iphone 6 Audio Devices Not Found

Toshiba laptop A300 satellite. There was a driver Realtek high definition audio. The sound worked, but the microphone worked very quietly. I wanted to reinstall the driver. downloaded the new realtek. I removed Realtek high definition audio from the device manager and some windows something that was located in the manager near realtek and had an exclamation point. Rebooted. The Realtek high definition audio device was found by itself. installed a new driver. And then windows was not found. And there is no sound. And in the control panel-“sounds and so on” all tabs are empty, no audio device was detected. In the device manager Realtek high definition audio “connected and working fine”. Windows audio service is running. Please help restore the sound. Thanks.

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Rollback is not possible. system recovery is disabled

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Strange devices will appear. a suppressor of an acoustic exo of a core of a system and a sound separator of a core of a system with exclamation marks.

I tried it. Do not find where to roll back, because I repeatedly completely uninstalled and installed the driver. And those problematic devices have drivers, but “the driver is not loaded because the device is already running”. The realtek driver is probably not completely deleted, even if I delete it with the scaner. The root of the problem: when rebooting after installing realtek, the computer freezes completely, I had to turn it off by force.

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Only the sound separator of the kernel of the system remained in the dispatcher, it appears with the installation of realtek, and disappears when uninstalling realtek. Its driver. splitter.sys. When you try to remove it from the manager, the manager freezes. Can I force splitter.sys to be removed using avz, or will it only get worse?

Iphone 6 Audio Devices Not Found

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an attempt after installing realtek not to restart the computer and turn on the realtek device causes it to freeze.

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Reappeared and “exo suppressor” ((

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I looked at the driver in avz: it costs sysaudio.sys. not started and does not start. But there is a VIA AC97 audio controller (not running)

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I tried to remove some drivers, everything was restored, after rebooting and sysaudio.sys was started, but still no sound, no audio devices were found, in avz aec.sys and splitter.sys (problematic) were started.

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How to remove AC97?

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AHA! Found in HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Enum \ 2 kernel sound separators. I know what is superfluous, but I can’t delete it. error deleting partition. How to delete?

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and 3 Suppressors Echo!

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You need to give yourself the right (right click, permissions).

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THEY ARE RESURRECTING !! (Killed registry keys)