Iphone 5s Proximity Sensor Works Conversely

Does your favorite gadget’s screen go blank for no apparent reason or, on the contrary, burns even during a conversation? This means that the proximity sensor iPhone 6, 6s does not work and requires repair or replacement. Our masters will quickly, efficiently and inexpensively carry out all the necessary work and in half an hour the device’s performance will be restored. Call now for a free consultation on your problem.

Causes of Breakdown

IPhone 6 screen backlighting is the most expensive feature that causes the battery to run out faster as a result of heavy use of the device. The proximity sensor allows you to economically consume the gadget’s charge during the moments of “rest” and active use of the smartphone.

Urgent replacement of the proximity sensor iPhone 6, 6s, Plus is required in case of incorrect operation, which may be caused by:

  • The occurrence of corrosion processes. This situation can be triggered by the penetration of liquid into the device, as well as the frequent use of the phone in high humidity.
  • Mechanical damage to a mobile device as a result of a fall from a height or impact on a solid object.
  • Violation of the tightness of the device and the penetration of dust under the body of the device.
  • Incorrect settings for the applications used and other problems with the gadget software.
  • Inoperability of the upper loopback iPhone.

Important! In the event of a malfunction in the operation of the light sensor, the device must be taken to a service center (SC). The price of service is much lower than the cost of a new device.

Repair of European quality at an affordable price from the specialists of our workshop

If the proximity sensor does not work well on iPhone 6, immediately take it to the SC! The masters will make the necessary repairs as soon as possible, including:

  • external inspection of the device for mechanical damage;
  • full diagnostics;
  • voicing the cost of repairs with the price of necessary spare parts;
  • disassembling the smartphone and removing the failed part for repair or replacement;
  • assembly and re-diagnosis of the repaired apparatus;
  • issuing a warranty check and returning the device to the owner.

After that, the device will be given personally to the owner or courier for the prompt delivery of a mobile phone to the address specified in the application. The cost of a full range of services remains affordable for everyone. We are always happy to help you solve this problem!

Iphone 5s Proximity Sensor Works Conversely

Call now and enjoy the updated gadget in half an hour!