Iphone 5s Hearing Aid Poor Hearing

The problems associated with verbal communications are some of the most unpleasant. Indeed, the inability to hear the interlocutor, or the inability to clearly and clearly convey your thoughts to him. causes the user a lot of negative emotions. When the speaker does not work, the main function of the phone disappears.

We have repeatedly heard about problems with the player on the iPhone 4S, about the deterioration in sound quality when listening to an answering machine or calls. Most likely, you also faced a situation when you are hard to hear during a conversation. If sound quality deteriorates, noise or cracking may be heard. What to do with all this. we will try to tell.

The fourth iPhone has a polyphonic and auditory speaker. It is the auditory speaker that is responsible for the sound quality and audibility during a telephone conversation. The earpiece is located at the top of the iPhone 4s, it is protected by a thin metal mesh. If you experience sound problems. this speaker should be replaced.

Signs that there are problems with the speaker on the iPhone

  1. The interlocutor is hard to hear during the conversation.
  2. During a conversation on the iPhone 4S, the sound is distorted.
  3. Third-party noise and interference appear during a conversation.

Reasons why sound doesn’t work on iPhone 4S

  1. iPhone 4s was subjected to mechanical deformations, fell, bumped.
  2. For some reason, moisture has gotten into the phone (for example, it gets wet in the rain).
  3. Failure to comply with the rules of use has led to the fact that the protective mesh of the speaker is clogged with debris or dust.
  4. Using your iPhone 4s as a sound player, including sound on your phone as much as possible.

In most cases, you should not sound the alarm and contact the service center for help, because you can try to take a number of simple steps, thanks to which, perhaps, you will be able to fix the problems yourself.


Can’t hear the interlocutor? During the call, try using the volume control buttons (located on the left side of the iPhone 4s sidebar) to adjust it. Make sure that when you press the volume buttons, the volume indicator appears on the screen and its indicators change, depending on your actions. If such an indicator does not appear, then the buttons do not work.

Checking that the headset is turned off correctly

Fact. If you connect a sound headset to your iPhone, then the sound will not work in any speaker of the phone. This implies the following reason, if you have poor headphone contact, the iPhone may think that a headset is connected to it and mutes the sound. This can be verified and we propose the following actions:

  • make sure that absolutely no headset is connected to the headphone jack;
  • adjust the sound using the control buttons and pay attention to the Indication;
  • If it is the same as on the left side of the next image, then the reason is not in the connector;
  • Otherwise, you can gently insert / pull the headphones into the jack in order to disconnect properly.

Cleaning iPhone 4s speaker screen

No manipulations will make the smartphone speaker work if it is dirty or clogged. If the phone is new, remove the protective film from the panel. Otherwise, make sure that the speaker is not blocked by anything (the film or a cover that comes into contact with it can serve as a lock), and then make sure that the mesh is clean and easily transmits sound. If the metal grill is clogged. take a soft, dry brush and gently clean the receiver of dirt.

Device reboot

If the sound does not work well and you can’t hear the interlocutor, restart the iPhone and then check the speaker is working. If the sound quality has not improved, try upgrading to the latest version of iOS on your smartphone.

If you hear your interlocutor well. but he doesn’t hear you. you should check the microphone’s performance. This is easy enough to do. You need to record your speech on the recorder and listen. If the speech is not clear, intermittent, or missing at all, contact the manufacturer’s authorized service center to replace the microphone.

Service center

After you tried everything, but not a single step helped you fix the malfunction. the service center is the last hope. Replacing the speaker in a service center takes less than an hour. Do not do this yourself, because such actions can lead to new problems.

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Iphone 5s Hearing Aid Poor Hearing

Comments: 7

On a 4 iPhone, the auditory does not work, is it audible only from the speaker, is it from the settings or?

Restart the iPhone and play with the volume, according to the recommendations of the article. If everything is displayed as expected, most likely the matter is in the dynamics, otherwise in the firmware or in the hardware.

I record on the recorder. everything is clearly and clearly audible, when I record, noise appears

But nothing that the phone was no longer produced in 2014, and you probably have recovered from Chinese parts with Chinese hands in some kind of basement?

problem with 4.
The recorder is perfect, I hear the interlocutor, the volume of the call, also no problem. recently, it became hard to hear when recording a, the recording seemed to close the speaker with my hand, the sound was muffled. What is fashionable to do, the speakers are clean, dust free, cleaned everything. Everything is in order, but here is the sound. )