Iphone 5s Error 78

Iphone 5s Error 78

Today, let’s talk about the error 1 (-1) iPhone. This error can occur either due to a software failure or due to hardware non-equilibrium. In this article, we will analyze the reasons leading to iPhone 1 error and advise different ways to resolve this error.

IPhone Error 1 Software Solution

1. Update iTunes to the latest version

2. Launch iTunes in compatibility mode and on behalf of the administrator.

3. Disable antivirus;

4. Use original cable

5. Using Recovery Mode, try to restore the firmware via iTunes to the factory one.

6. When restoring, try various usb ports, you can also try restoring through another computer.

Malfunctions leading to error 1 iPhone


2. Cantroller power modem unit (U2_RF)

4. Modem processor (U1_RF)

5. Transceiver (U3_RF)

7. Power controller (U7)

9. Bottom loop

10. The throttle at the output of the modem’s power controller

The most common cause of iPhone 1 error is a modem malfunction. Here are the symptoms by which you can understand that your modem is faulty:

    When trying to restore the iPhone, the firmware process reaches about 60% and then gives an error 1 just at the beginning of the modem firmware or at 99%.

The network disappears and the constant search for the network begins

Wi-Fi periodically becomes inactive (switch inactive)

  • IMEI does not show through # 06 #
    • There was a battery replacement or replacement of some components
    • Squeezing iPhone or getting it wet

    Ways to resolve iPhone error 1

    1. The first and obvious solution is to take the smartphone under warranty (if it has not expired)

    2. Put the phone in the freezer for 20 to 40 minutes. Then get it and flash it right away (some right there they connect the cable from the laptop and sew it). The principle of operation is very simple. the temperature changes the geometry of the contacts, “torn” the connections converge again. Of course, the question arises. why did everything work fine before the firmware? As far as I know. the fact is that a number of contact “legs” modems are used only for firmware purposes and are not required during normal operation. If these “legs” have defects / dumps, then we get 1 iphone error.

    3. It also helps a lot to warm up the phone if you have a soldering hair dryer, you can warm up the modem itself or the modem’s power controller (first remove the metal screen) that is in the area of ​​the SIM tray. If there is no hair dryer, then you can warm the iPhone back cover with a regular hair dryer to warm for about 1 minute. In the process of firmware, you can try to update the modem can help.

    The A7 processor is highlighted in red, the Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE modem is highlighted in orange, the Qualcomm WTR1605L LTE / HSPA / CDMA2K / TDSCDMA / EDGE / GPS transceiver universal module is highlighted in yellow.

    4. You can restore via iTunes when an error occurs at 60 percent, remove the back cover and temporarily open the battery terminals and then try to flash again.

    Samples repair iPhone 5s with error 1 in the service centers

    Decision. Rolling the modem and warming up the modem power controller.

    Decision. Rollover modem power controller.

    Diagnostics. Removing the modem power controller and measuring the voltage drop at the pitak, followed by comparison with the experimentally obtained data. Diagnosis is a probable modem malfunction.

    Decision. Rolling transceiver U2_RF

    Decision. Rolling two chips U6_RF (Eeprom) and U6

    Decision. Replacing the power controller of the U2_RF modem unit and replacing the U2_RF transceiver chip

    I hope that the above material will help you solve iPhone 1 error.

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