Iphone 5s Does Not Charge What To Do

Broken charger

You protect your Iphone 5S like an apple of an eye, there was no fall, and it did not sink in water. However, the gadget has turned off and is no longer charging.

You also noticed that the apple on the back of the phone is off and the screen is no longer blue but black. What to do in this case?

Iphone 5s Does Not Charge What To Do

Broken charger

  1. Check the charger is working properly. It is possible that the gadget has stopped working and is not charging for this very reason. Tip: in order to make sure that the matter is in charging, try using it to connect another device.
  2. Check if the connector on the Iphone 5S is working. If the reason lies in this, then you most likely cannot fix anything. Take the gadget to the nearest service.
  3. Check for electricity at home. No matter how strange it may sound, there are cases when the user thought that the Iphone 5S stopped working for whatever reason, but it did not even occur to him that there was no electricity in the house or the outlet simply broke.

Iphone 5 Won’t Turn On: Solutions and Causes of Possible Breakage

One of the main reasons for the frenzied popularity of modern smartphones is their reliability and serviceability.

But what if the iPhone 5 does not turn on, and you have already tried all possible methods?

Unfortunately, even the most advanced gadget of our time is not immune from falls, breakages, shocks and other things.

We will not take into account the cases when the Iphone 5 turned off due to the fact that it was simply completely discharged. Consider more complex causes of breakdown.

Fake phone

Knowing how the black market for fakes is thriving these days, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised to learn that they purchased a fake Iphone 5S even at the cost of a real one.

So, what to do if you find that you have purchased a fake:

System crash

As practice shows, a system failure is one of the most common reasons why your Iphone 5S stopped turning on. In this case, there is no need to carry the smartphone for repair.

You can repair the damage yourself.

  1. Carefully inspect your gadget, if the apple is on, but the blue screen has gone out, then proceed as follows: hold down the only button located at the bottom of the display and the shutdown (lock) button on the panel at the same time.
    Then hold for 15 seconds. If the cause of the breakdown of the Iphone 5S is precisely a system failure, then it should turn on.

System crash reboot method

  1. If the apple does not light up, as well as the blue screen, while you are sure that your smartphone is not discharged, then try simply restarting the Iphone 5S by long pressing the button on the phone panel.

New firmware required

Consider a situation when you noticed that your smartphone does not turn on, while the apple on the back does not burn and you know what to do about it.

Quite often, the reason lies in the fact that your smartphone needs a new firmware.

Flashing as such does not bode well for your Iphone 5S.

Since the consequences of poorly done work can subsequently be irreversible if you turn to incompetent specialists.

There are also known cases when it was easier for a user to change an iPhone than to install a new firmware.

Before you decide on one of these drastic measures, make sure that your smartphone is not overheated, dropped, not charged (while charging is good).

Also check how the apple reacts on the back of the smartphone and the screen when you try to turn it on.

If the display turns blue at the same time, then perhaps you can do without replacing the firmware.

And in the case when neither the apple nor the screen responds to switching on, things are much worse and in any case you need to carry the device to the service.

Wet or overheated

No matter how reliable the Iphone 5S is, if you drown it or, conversely, leave it in the sun for a long time, then most likely you will need to replace the battery later.

So, if the blue screen goes out and does not light up after falling into the water, then proceed as follows:

  • Disassemble the smartphone until the battery is replaced and let all its components dry thoroughly.
  • After drying, collect the smartphone and try to turn it on. If your gadget does not turn on, and you do not know what to do next with it, then we can confidently tell you that it smells like repair. Take your phone to a workshop and as soon as possible.

Suppose your Iphone 5S is overheated, the temperature indicator built into the smartphone can inform you about this.

If the phone stops turning on and the apple does not light up, then the first thing you need to do is let it cool down.

In other words, it’s not charging, not connected to a computer, and in a cool place.

Temperature indicator

But what if, after all the manipulations, the Iphone 5S does not turn on and does not even charge? The answer is simple: take it to the workshop.

There is a high probability that your motherboard flew, which means that you will need to replace it.

6 Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone Charging Issues

1. Obviously, the first thing to do is make sure the power cord and adapter are plugged in and functioning properly.

2. Why does the computer see the iPhone via USB, but does not charge? The power supply and charge of the device depends on the connector to which you connect on the computer. As a rule, when the power consumption is high, the discharge of the device connected to the computer occurs much faster than its charge. It all depends on the output voltage from the USB port. Therefore, charging a gadget from a computer is not the best idea.

3. Unplug your device and check the Lightning port for debris. Take a toothpick and gently clean the connector. The most detailed information about possible problems with the port was discussed in this article. For reliable protection from dust and dirt on the front of your smartphone, we recommend you to use protective glasses for iPhone from Benks, which completely cover the entire device and have rounded edges using 3D technology. Most Popular Series Sapphire XPro 3D Tempered Glass for iPhone 7.

4. Try using a different cable and power adapter. Test each component of the charging and power system separately.

5. If you are sure everything is working, connect the iPhone to the charger for half an hour. Your gadget still won’t charge? Reboot while plugged in, or reset your device. How to hard reset or reset your iPhone, we have detailed in this guide.

Iphone 5s does not charge. What to do?

Last time we reviewed in detail and compiled a simple and understandable instruction for those who do not know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. You can read about it here.

Sometimes the iPhone and iPad simply stop charging, if this happened to you for the first time, like many others, contact the Apple fan forum for a problem. A quick glance will show that you are far from alone.

Today we will deal with one of the most important questions that most users have with previous models of iPhone gadgets, for example, the 5 or 6 series. Typically, the main problem is related to the charging of the device. Iphone 5S stopped charging what to do? The main thing is not to panic, but to familiarize yourself in detail with all sorts of points of the instructions, which we will give below in the text.

In this article we will describe what you can do if your iPhone or iPad simply won’t charge, including the official advice from Apple on how to fix such problems yourself. Malfunction symptoms vary. In our experience, the problem is mostly with the Lightning cable. First of all, carefully inspect the charger cable for defects.

Interim fixes (First Aid)

While you are waiting for a response from Apple technical support, you can try the short-term tips below. We have considered the main reasons that can help to understand your problem. Why iPhone 5S won’t charge, but charging is connected?

1. Gently wiggle the Lightening cable in the connector on the device while it is connected to a power source. Be careful as the connector on the USB cable is fragile and can break off under moderate use. At least many people find it helps in most cases.

2. We found that with the old cable (30-pin), the iPhone works much better than the modern Lightening USB adapter that comes with.

The above steps are not official advice based only on our experience. If your problem is related to the hardware stuffing of the gadget or faulty electronic components of the device, in this case only the service center will help.

Communication with Apple technical support

The USB cable manufacturer is Benks. Quality and warranty from the manufacturer.

Iphone does not fully charge iOS system glitch

Nothing is perfect and iOS is no exception. It may be she who is to blame for the fact that the iPhone is not fully charged.

What can and should be done here?

Here are some solutions:

  • First, try Hard Reboot, read here how to do it for different iPhone models.
  • Then we calibrate the battery, discharge it completely and try to charge it to the end. Even if nothing happens on the first try, it makes sense to do this manipulation 2-3 times.
  • If the iPhone falls short of just a few percent of 1 or 2%, and after plugging the charger, the gadget continued to charge, then relax 🙂 This happens with many and you are not alone. Most likely this is due to the fact that the calibration of the charge indicator is lost in the previous paragraph, it is written how to fix this problem.
  • We go to the App Store and download any program that monitors the iPhone battery charge and allows you to do it in various modes. The most famous Battery Doctor. But nothing prevents you from using any other.
  • Installing the latest firmware on the iPhone. If now it has the newest version of the software on it, we do recovery via iTunes. Perhaps something went wrong with the update. At the same time, be sure to set up the device as new and do not restore from a backup at least the first time, check if it is charging up to 100% now?

Important! All these manipulations are worth trying in any case, even if the charge percentage freezes at lower values, it can help.

Iphone after iOS 13 update does not charge above 80%

Everything flows, everything changes with the iOS 13 update, there is another reason why the iPhone will not charge until the end (it will stop at about 80% of the charge).

What is this thing? New Apple trick to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

When activated, iPhone learns from daily charge cycles so that the battery can wait until it is charged above 80% before you need to use the device.

  1. Open Settings Battery Battery Status.
  2. Move the slider opposite to Optimized charging.

That’s it, now your iPhone will charge as before without any pauses and stops.

Why iPhone won’t fully charge and what to do about it?

Hello! Charging the iPhone and the problems associated with it is, perhaps, the biggest attack that awaits the owners of Apple devices. Well, after the forgotten iCloud password, that’s for sure. The site already has a lot of instructions on how to charge correctly, what you can do while charging, and what not, etc. But still, new problems keep popping up!

Recently, there have been just a huge number of comments with the same problem. Users write that they cannot fully charge their iPhone. He does not want (or cannot?) That’s all! over, at first the charging goes as it should, but then it reaches a certain amount of percent and everything stops. It’s some kind of epidemic! Let’s figure out what is the reason for this behavior? Go!

What is causing this? In fact, there are only two options:

  • Problems in the software (the operating system itself).
  • Hardware problems (Phone is not always to blame).

Let’s start with the simplest

Iphone Charging Doesn’t Get To 100% Iron Issues

Iphone refusal to charge above certain values, may be associated with other, more serious malfunctions.

There can be two main ones:

  1. Power adapter and Lighting wire. Even if you have the original wires and block (the ones that came in the box with the iPhone), it makes sense to try a different adapter-cable pair. I have come across this repeatedly, like the original one, but there are problems with charging. What is to blame for this physical wear and tear, blackening of contacts, or something else? Unknown. But the fact remains that even original accessories sometimes fail. What can we say here about uncertified !? If you use a Chinese wire and plug, then it is definitely worth trying others, most likely the charge does not reach the end for this very reason.
  2. Well, the biggest problem is the problem with the hardware inside the device. Battery, charging controller, any damage from drops or moisture. You can guess ad infinitum But, in most cases, it is the battery that is to blame. The most interesting thing is that this can happen even with a new, just replaced battery. No choice will have to be changed again.

As you can see, there are many reasons why the iPhone does not receive a full charge.

And, unfortunately, there are very unpleasant ones among them. For my part, I can only wish that you fix the iPhone battery without resorting to serious steps of assembling and disassembling the device, replacing parts, contacting a service center, etc. Let everything be solved in much simpler ways!