Iphone 5 Password Forgot

How to reset password on iPhone 5?

Many owners of this gadget today use device password protection. And not surprising, because it is very convenient. However, practice shows that this is not always the case. After all, every time you need to enter a password to turn on the smartphone. Of course, many people know these numbers by heart. However, each time you enter them very annoying. Therefore, users are wondering how to remove the password code from the iPhone 5?

There are various cases in which users wish to disable this feature. For example, you forgot your password or just tired of entering it in a special field each time you unlock your smartphone. In addition, there are people who bought devices in the secondary market, and they are already blocked. There are even cases when one of the children or relatives decided to joke and change the password, while forgetting it. Any human factor.

Iphone 5 Password Forgot

In this situation, there are only two options. The first is very cardinal. This is a sale of a device for parts. But to consider this option is better in the most extreme case, if nothing else helps. Actually resetting the password is not at all difficult. However, it is difficult to bypass the functions of Activation Lock on your own.

If you forgot the iPhone 5 password and don’t know what to do, it’s better to use the second method. Which one? Try to reset yourself. In this case, the simplest way is to select a password from the simplest digits (for example, four units, etc.). Or if a person just forgot what password on iPhone 5 he set himself, you can try to remember it. However, such a process is very laborious. And remember that the device has a special function. If it is turned on, then after the tenth input of the combination, all data on the gadget is immediately deleted.

Fortunately, such a counter can also be reset. To do this, just connect the iPhone to the computer and synchronize all actions through it. But not every computer is suitable for such synchronization. Nevertheless, device developers have taken great care to ensure their high degree of security. You can use only Mac or PC. In addition, if no Apple gadget has been connected to the selected computer yet, then synchronization will fail.

Remember, if you bought the device in the secondary market and have no idea what the password was, then the probability of its recovery using the usual selection method tends to zero. How to reset the password code on iPhone 5 in this case? There are some methods that can help you. But they are associated with a complete zeroing of the device to the factory settings. Be sure to create a copy of this device on your computer before starting.

If the smartphone does not have any connection to an account in the iCloud system, then it is necessary to enter recovery mode to reset the password. To do this, enter the DFU or Recovery Mode. In the first case, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer in the off state. After that, you should press two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds: POWER (power) and HOME. After that, you need to release the HOME button and continue to hold the power button until iTunes can recognize the gadget in this recovery mode.

Regarding the second method, using Recovery Mode, you need to perform the following actions with the phone. Initially, be sure to make sure the smartphone is turned off. When connecting it to a computer, you must press the HOME button and hold it down until a cable image and iTunes logo appear on the gadget’s device. Next, go to the program interface and select the “Restore” function.

Thanks to these two methods, we examined how to reset iPhone 5 if you forgot your password. Remember that in both cases the smartphone will be completely reset to the factory settings and the device will become “clean” from any information. In order to recover all the missing information, a backup copy was created on the computer.

In addition, all this is relevant only if you forgot your own password or bought in the secondary market and forgot to specify the password. If the phone was lost, and someone found it, then it is not possible to recover the password and find out all the data that is stored on it. After all, Apple developers are carefully worried about the safety of their customers.

There are situations when you want to remove the password on your own device. But very often the smartphone itself does not allow disconnection through the Touch ID settings and through the password. In this case, the field that was responsible for the removal of the code is inactive and glows gray. Simply, you can’t click on it. In this situation, you should immediately verify the firmware and exit iCloud. If nothing has changed, then you need to perform several other actions.

Unfortunately, there are practically no information on this subject on Russian-language sites. However, the information is on English (American) sites. And we found her. Asking the question of how to reset the password on iPhone 5, if the device itself does not allow turning it off, you can select several answer options:

  1. Very often, this problem occurs when using a Microsoft Exchange account. After all, just she is responsible for all actions related to the password. For example, removing, turning on, the system lock retry time, password length, etc. In this situation, the solution can be only one. delete the account, otherwise you will not be able to remove the password. To do this, go to Settings and accordingly delete it. But remember that all information associated with it, including contacts, files, etc., will also be deleted. Take care in advance to copy all the information to your computer and do not rush things.
  2. But there are cases when it is not possible or expedient for you to delete an accounting record, since this is a corporate account. In such a situation, you should contact your company to change the security policy and allow your employees to disable user passwords on devices using the settings.
  3. There is another option of the inability to remove the password, which is not related to the direct settings of the smartphone system. It is associated with the installation of profiles. How to reset the password on iPhone 5 in this case? Very simple! To do this, go to “Settings”. Select “Basic” and move to the very bottom of the list. There will be a line “Profile”. We click on it. You should carefully study the list and remove those that you do not need. Here, also, it is worth remembering that on a “clean” device such a line will not exist at all.

After completing these steps, the field indicating the password is turned off will become active again, and you can use it.

And remember that if you disable the password on the gadget when it is lost, you risk that someone else will know all your data that was stored on the iPhone. In fact, it’s not at all difficult to enter four numbers. It will be worse then to lament that your information will be available to others. Therefore, before you reset the password restrictions on the iPhone 5, think about it well.

However, for those who have something to lose, and they want to protect themselves from the possible provision of information to third parties (especially corporate information), it is worth considering how to put a password on iPhone 5. This can be done by performing the following combinations: click “Settings”. “Basic”. “Password protection”. Then enter 4 any numbers. Also, as mentioned above, you can use a special function that, after 10 unsuccessful entries of possible password combinations, will erase all the information on the device. This happens if the device falls into the hands of someone who will not know what password on iPhone 5.

Remember, if it doesn’t work for you to independently configure the settings for removing the password or restoring the device after blocking, you should contact the service center. there they will certainly help you. And only in the most extreme case, such a device can come in handy for spare parts. But never rush, so you don’t regret what you’ve done. Be sure to try all recovery methods.