Iphone 5 Charging Cable Camera Not Working

IPhone 5 camera does not work. fix the problem yourself

Damage to the rear camera on the iPhone 5 may be due to mechanical damage or the result of third-party software. Let us consider in more detail all the common causes of failure, as well as methods for fixing it.

Breakdown reasons

If the lens does not show anything after launching the standard Camera application (iPhone 5 camera has a black screen), check if the cover or other external objects are blocking the camera view. The most common causes of a malfunction are:

  • firmware update. Often, after updating the version of the installed OS, users may encounter incompatibility between the software and hardware components of the camera. Because of this, the camera does not work in the iPhone 5;
  • too little RAM memory, because of which the program can not load;
  • the main directory of the camera is full;
  • moisture in the case;
  • a strong fall or shock of the phone, which can cause a breakdown of the camera module.

Method 1: Emergency Reboot

This method will help to fix the problem of the camera not working, if the phone currently does not have enough RAM or after updating the standard Camera program, the lens has stopped working.

Hold down the power key and hold for 10 seconds.

Iphone 5 Charging Cable Camera Not Working

Wait until the device shutdown menu appears. Slide the slider to the right to turn off iPhone 5. Then, start the phone again. Check if the camera is working.

Method 2. Delete the camera directory

Often the camera on the iPhone 5 does not work when the root folder with all the photos is full. Connect the phone to the computer and delete the directory that saves all thes and photos. It is located at “private / var / mobile / Media / DCIM / APPLE”.

Method 3. Restore device settings

To fix all existing software problems, including the camera’s functioning problem, it’s better to restore your phone through iTunes. Connect your phone to the computer on which iTunes is installed. The program will automatically detect your phone. After a few seconds, a window opens containing information about the iPhone. Click on the “Restore” button and wait until the formatting process is complete.

Important! After recovery, absolutely all data will be deleted from your smartphone. All settings will be returned to the factory settings.

Method 4. Replacing the camera module

The most effective way is to replace the camera module. First, turn off the phone. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws from the bottom of the case.

Using a suction cup, detach the back cover and pry the bottom edge with a spatula. Position the cover 90 degrees from the phone without disconnecting it completely.

Using a screwdriver, remove the access panel from the motherboard as shown.

Using a spatula, carefully disconnect the cables of the front camera, ADC and LCD of the phone.

Loosen the screws shown in the photo:

Remove the battery connector holder.

The place of the connector must be pry off with a spatula. Then pry off the battery itself and disconnect it. Lift the loop of the antenna module.

Remove the cover plate that holds the top of the motherboard. Use a screwdriver to release the indicated loops:

Remove the screws at the top of the housing:

Loosen the screw and remove the central holder of the main board:

Remove the SIM card from the phone. Disconnect the motherboard completely and remove it. On the back of the motherboard, disconnect the Wi-Fi cable. Detach the camera and replace it with a new part. Repeat all the steps in reverse order to assemble the phone.