Iphone 5 Board Replacement

To date, there are no special difficulties with the repair of California smartphones. Even in a small provincial town there is a workshop in which you can fix the “hopelessness bit by fate”. However, the recovery process for the iPhone 5, whose motherboard is considered “difficult to lift,” will require considerable financial costs from the owner. Why pay extra? Languishing in anticipation? Tighten your brain with doubts about: “How high quality will the installed part be”? Isn’t it easier to get some recommendations and solve the problem yourself? Well, let’s save some money!

IPhone 5. Motherboard

The description of this part can be reduced to a list of the main hardware components of the smartphone. It may be useful for some readers to find out what exactly is under the shielding of the fifth model.

  • The A6 processor is located above the sim receiver.
  • The accelerometer and two touchscreen controllers are located just above the CPU.
  • The reverse side of the board (directly below the processor) is equipped with a flash memory chip, above which are located: auxiliary memory (LTE), a gyroscope and a Wi-Fi module.
  • Two power controllers are located slightly lower.

It is worth noting that the CPU is flooded with a special substance. a compound, which significantly complicates the process of repairing it.

It works. do not touch!

In order for the replacement of the iPhone 5 motherboard to be a justified process, you need to be sure that the part really needs to be replaced. The far-fetched reasons: “something is not working” or “probably the motherboard is covered”. there is no reason to radically modify your “humble electronic servant.” You must have good reason for making this kind of decision. After all, the motherboard of a smartphone, in fact, is the mobile phone itself. As you know, a mistake can cost you dearly. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand what exactly is the cause of the iPhone 5 breakdown.

The motherboard needs to be replaced if.

  • The smartphone was short-circuited.
  • Some parts of the body frame are very hot.
  • The phone fell hard.
  • Visually, there are signs of body deformation: kink, kinks and another kind of “asymmetry”.

Any mechanical damage to the smartphone that caused a partial or complete loss of the device’s performance, first of all, requires software diagnostics. However, when you are completely sure that the main board is unusable, follow the instructions below.

Dismantling the main part of the smartphone

As mentioned earlier, repairing the iPhone 5 motherboard is possible, in principle, but, due to the complex arrangement of components and the use of some technological “chips” by the manufacturer during factory installation, this is an incredibly time-consuming task, in general, is doomed to failure (even in the hands of experienced craftsmen). As practice shows, it is much more advisable to purchase a new or working second-hand board.

Iphone 5 Board Replacement

So, for the direct installation of a working “motherboard” you will need:

  • A set of Apple screwdrivers.
  • Tweezers.
  • Plastic spatula (old credit card).
  • Suction cup for removing the screen module iPhone 5.

The motherboard is dismantled elementarily. However, you just can not do without this tool. Believe me, the use of traditional screwdrivers and a kitchen knife will not lead to anything good. it’s proved!

First action: remove the battery

  • Remove the two end screws on the front of the smartphone.
  • Using a suction cup, gently lift the bottom edge of the screen module.

Attention: in the upper right corner (under the touch panel) there are connecting loops that can be damaged by careless actions.

  • Unscrew the protective cover of the connectors (top right). three screws.
  • Disconnect the touch and display cable.
  • To the right of the battery (under the SIM receiver), unscrew two more protective elements.
  • Disconnect the battery connector and remove the battery from the case.

Second action: disconnecting coaxial cables and harness loops

After you manage to dismantle the battery, switch your attention to the right side of the iPhone 5 smartphone.

  • The motherboard is attached using five Phillips screws.
  • At the top of the phone (the inner end of the case) there are two more bolts securing the part we are dismantling.

Attention: before unscrewing the mentioned bolts, carefully disconnect all visible connecting components of the phone. After carefully flip the board to the left.

  • Disconnect the two coaxial cables (top and bottom of the board).
  • Remove the “motherboard” of the smartphone from the bowels of the body.

Now install the new part in the reverse order.

To summarize

As you can see, replacing the iPhone 5 motherboard is easy. Even an ignorant person in electronics without special difficulties will be able to implement this kind of repair process. However, remember: extreme attention and caution in actions will significantly increase your chances of success of the enterprise. Good luck to you!