Iphone 4s Panel Replacement

An accidental impact on a door jamb, falling onto a granite floor in the subway, or contact with keys forgotten in your pocket can lead to inevitable damage to the iPhone 4, 5s panel. In simple cases, these are minor scratches that slightly spoil the look of the smartphone. Usually they appear when the phone is operated without a case or protective cover.

Iphone 4s Panel Replacement
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IPhone Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

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IPhone panel replacement sequence

How repair works:

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Video: Iphone 4s Panel Replacement

With a strong impact, glass damage, cracks at the ends and back cover cannot be ruled out. Usually, when contacting the service, our customers require not only a panel repair, but also an indisputable replacement of the iPhone sensor. In addition, a fall on a hard surface can cause a failure of the hardware of the iPhone 4c, which may cause the device to restart regularly, not show imei or not see the network. Therefore, when contacting a service center, it is advisable to diagnose the phone and eliminate the identified defects.

How is iPhone repaired?

To repair iPhone 5s, 5c it is necessary to dismantle the hardware. At the first stage, the front panel is removed, which in addition to the screen module includes the Home button, front camera and some other elements. Then the back cover and battery are removed.

Having access to the insides of the iPhone 5, you need to disconnect all visible connectors from the motherboard and carefully dismantle the modules connected to them. The board itself is mounted on seven bolts that must be unscrewed in the most accurate way.

After dismantling the electronic filling, the case is replaced with an iPhone 5 and the subsequent assembly of the phone. Then, iPhone 4c is turned on and checked for operability.

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IPhone Repair Risks

In an effort to reduce the cost of repairs, some decide to independently replace the iPhone panel, especially since Moscow has a lot of offers to buy original cases for all iPhone models. However, this approach carries a huge number of dangers associated with careless damage to sensitive electronic filling when removing a module or unscrewing the fixing screws. As a result, you can increase your spending many times, since only professionals can change the hardware components of the iPhone 4s, 5c.

Another mistake of inexperienced users when it is necessary to replace the panel on the iPhone is to contact dubious services. The price of services for repairing the iPhone panel in such offices is much lower than the market, but the quality of the repair can hardly be called acceptable. Despite the fact that the master of the SC is responsible for the safety of internal components, cheap repair often involves the installation of low-quality panels, which in appearance and performance are much worse than the original. Nothing like this happens in our services. See how iPhone repair is carried out in our services.