Iphone 4s dimly lit flash

How to delete music from iPhone

Iphone 2g sweat where to find the firmware good and which he supports how to flash

Iphone 2g please tell me where to find the firmware good and which one he supports how to flash correctly please tell me

Supplemented by (1). writes in iTunes IPHONE 2G
you have a problem with your internet phone

Sorry, but your iPhone cannot be identified and activated.
We recommend that you contact your supplier or visit the Apple Support website at www.apple.ru

Iphone 4s dimly lit flash

and in the telephones of the current, the magician raise calls, but I do not see the menu and block the magician and tell me what to do, please

What is better iphone or tablet? 1

What is better iphone or tablet?

The service of this subscriber is temporarily suspended. What does it mean?

My mother went with friends to rest in Gagra, in Abkhazia. There, they have a common SIM card number starting at 8940. It’s like a megaphone, I don’t know for sure. All 2 weeks there was no communication problem, and yesterday at 12 noon the daughter of one of the women phoned them, everything is in order, they talked, and I started calling at lunch and they told me “This subscriber’s service is temporarily suspended” That was until evening, in the evening short beeps began and it was supposedly written on my iPhone “Number busy” but it feels as if it was ringing or breaking. And then again and still, subscriber service is temporarily suspended. Today they already have a train going back, by nature I’m a very emotional person and I immediately wind myself up for bad things (Explain to me, please, why they say that, what does it mean?

IPhone 2G problem with audio output

I’ll be brief: without headphones, it doesn’t play sound through the speaker (I insert the cut-off plug 3.5), when the headphones are fully inserted into the connector, there is sound in the speakers, but not in the headphones! When playing music on the iPod, when you turn on the headphone jack, sound distortion is observed (sometimes it plays in the speaker or in the earphone) and even glitches such as:
– randomly changes the volume (the slider jumps)
– fast forward music
and all this when the device comes in contact with the headphones.
Tell me how to be? I tried to change the firmware, it doesn’t help, the connector seems to be normal, but you can still configure it. but for a long time. Has anyone encountered this problem? What could it be?

Supplemented by (1). Roman Granov
I will consider, but should not

Would you buy an iPhone 3GS now, or is it an outdated model for you?

Would you buy an iPhone 3GS now, or is it an outdated model for you?

What is ArtPhone? How is it different from the iPhone?

What is ArtPhone? How is it different from the iPhone?

How to recover changed photos in iPhone?

I wanted to see what the cropped photo would look like and it was saved! How to return the original?

Supplemented by (1). Can I tell you how this is done? Pancake. How I love the iPhone for it! Why doesn’t he save the photo in a new file ?!

Iphone 4 shows a plug when connected to the charger, but does not charge

Iphone 4 when connected to a memory or USB shows a plug, but does not charge. PC via USB everything works. Cable, battery, changed. The battery from the frog is charging. Help me please!

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