Iphone 4s Bluetooth Doesn’t Work

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What is Bluetooth for?

Bluetooth allows iPhone users to connect various accessories, including: wireless headphones, speakers, an optional keyboard, and more.

But connecting to another smartphone and transferring files using this option will not work. this is how Apple takes care of copyright compliance.

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Bluetooth iPhone 6s 6 does not work, what is the price of repair

There are several reasons why the iPhone 6 bluetooth does not work. Basically, all of them are associated with malfunctions of the operating system and can be eliminated by the user. But sometimes the function does not work well due to mechanical damage, and here you can not do without the intervention of specialists.

System reboot

If the iPhone 6s bluetooth does not work, then the first thing to do is reboot the system. To do this, hold down the lock and return button and wait until the smartphone starts up again. Typically, a reboot is enough to fix the problem.

Reconnecting function

If the iPhone does not see the device connected via bluetooth, then you need to go to the “Settings” of the gadget, select the “Bluetooth” and turn off this feature.

Iphone 4s Bluetooth Doesnt Work

Then you need to turn the device off and on again, go back to Settings and reconnect the option. After that, the smartphone should detect the connected device. If the situation after these actions has not changed, then the problem is not at all in the system.

Bluetooth iPhone 6s not working due to damage

If the cause of the idle bluetooth is not related to the operating system, then you have to take the smartphone to the service. Most likely, the iPhone 6 bluetooth does not work due to a breakdown in the smartphone itself, so the option does not turn on. After diagnosis, it’s possible to do just cleaning, or you may have to replace the bluetooth module completely.

Often, after mechanical damage, the bluetooth of the iPhone 6s does not work, but there is a possibility of breakage and some other elements of the smartphone. The lock button suffers the most, as it is located outside the device. Learn about repairing the power button on iPhone 6 on the InApple website.

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It’s not worth trying to repair the connection module itself, otherwise further repairs can be much more expensive if the user damages other internal parts that are responsible for the functionality of the device, for example, the screen. Learn about the cost of replacing the screen on the iPhone on the site.

In our service, engineers will solve the problem of connecting the bluetooth function in just a few minutes. Come to InApple and we will help you!