Iphone 4 Turned Off And Not Turning On

Sooner or later, almost all iPhone users face a problem when their device turns off for unknown reasons and is not going to turn on again after that. As a rule, many immediately panic and think that they will have to carry their iPhone 4 / 4S to repair. Do not panic ahead of time, because all generations of iPhones tend to turn off from time to time, it would seem without objective reason.

The very first thing is to check how low your battery is, so first, connect your iPhone to the original charger and wait up to 15 minutes. If the battery is not very discharged, the phone will respond immediately and begin the charging process by displaying the image of the battery on the screen. It may happen that the battery is very low, so to be sure, wait 10-15 minutes and then press one of the buttons (HOME or On / Off) to see the reaction of the phone.

If this does not help, then hold down the “HOME” button and the power button at the same time. It’s worth holding them until the iPhone 4 / 4S shows the bullseye on the screen. It will be necessary to observe the device for about 15 seconds, and if it does not show any signs of life, repeat the procedure several more times. If all attempts to resuscitate the iPhone in this way were futile, then the problem lies elsewhere.

For newbies. You decided to disassemble the phone and managed to disconnect the battery? Ok, when reassembling, be sure to set the correct time before inserting the SIM card. this will save you from communication module glitches, listen to this advice, as some arrange unrealistic dances with a tambourine to make the phone work again, although the reason is simple. Apple’s factory flaw.

iPhone does not turn on due to broken charging port

Iphone 4 Turned Off And Not Turning On

This reason can be described somewhat differently. The iPhone cannot be charged (because it does not turn on), since the charging connector does not work, is a fairly common problem, especially if you carry the device in your jeans pocket. Why it happens? Because over time, the nest becomes clogged with dust and just stops working. Sometimes the connector may break when you try to connect the charger.

What to do? Inside the house, you can try to carefully clean the connector, although we recommend that you still contact the workshop, as this problem is usually solved by the craftsmen within one hour. It is also worth remembering that charging with non-original chargers may damage the connector.

iPhone does not turn on after car charge

The iPhone 4 / 4S may not turn on due to the inability of most users to use car charging correctly. Improper handling of car charging can lead to battery failure, and in the worst case, you will have to change the power controller or repair a certain circuit in the power supply. It usually takes no more than two days. Therefore, if your device has turned off completely after using car charging, definitely bring your iPhone to the service.

iPhone does not turn on after firmware

If during the firmware your iPhone 4 / 4S turned off completely, then there are two options for the development of events:

  • Nor Flash. a GSM module chip is out of order. It is this module that is responsible for the correct calibration of all operators, and if a failure occurs during the firmware, then your smartphone will not be able to make calls in the future;
  • NAND Flash crashes. a chip on which all your data is stored: photos,s, contacts, programs, etc. Since iPhones do not have the ability to install additional memory cards, the device will refuse to turn on without the proper operation of this chip.

Some may panic after an unsuccessful flashing. What to do? Need to flash the iPhone again. Why is the crash happening? It can happen exactly like a failure in programs on a computer, nothing surprising. At the end of the article we will also tell you how to restore the system yourself.

iPhone does not turn on after falling from a height

Here the cause of the breakdown is very clear. In most cases, one of the device’s loops is clicked: battery, screen, power button, etc. If the smartphone really hit hard, then the soldering on the motherboard could be broken or one of the microcircuits could break. What to do? If you have the skills, to disassemble and inspect the iPhone for snapping off the cables, otherwise. to bring the device to a service center, the repair of such a problem can be protracted, so be patient.

iPhone does not work after rain

Why the device does not turn on is also very clear here. At the same time, it is not necessary to “drown” the device in the rain: sometimes even the smallest droplets can penetrate through the device’s connectors, which can cause a breakdown. If this happened, and the device stopped turning on: again, if there are crooked hands, we disassemble the iPhone and first turn off the battery, then give the phone time to let it dry completely.

After that, there is a high probability that the phone will work, but if not, and you are not a master at repairing phones, then it is unlikely to determine the cause at home. What to do? We take the device to a service center and wait for its repair, but it can be protracted in this case.

iPhone shows apple logo and does not start the system

If this happens, then most likely a critical error has occurred in the firmware. What to do? It is worth trying to force a reboot of the device, but if this does not help, then you will have to restore it. Fortunately, in this case, it is not necessary to carry the iPhone 4 / 4S to the service center. you can restore it yourself in a small amount of time.

To begin, we will tell you how the recovery from the update differs. If you make an iOS update, then ALL of your data will be saved, and if you perform a device recovery, ALL of your data on the device will be deleted. Therefore, afterwards do not ask, “why is there nothing left after the restoration and what should I do now?”

With this sorted out, proceed to recovery. To get started, you will need to install the latest version of iTunes, as well as download the official firmware version for your device. You can find all this on official Apple sources.

Next, connect the iPhone to the computer and launch the iTunes program, where we select our device. Hold down the “Shift” key and click on the “restore” button. A window appears in which you need to specify the path to the downloaded IPSW file, which is the firmware. Click “open”, and that’s all. the recovery process will be started.

You can also initialize the same procedure differently, having previously entered the iPhone in the “Recovery Mode” mode. To do this, the phone must be disconnected. Next, turn it on and holding down the “Home” button, hold it until the corresponding picture appears on the screen. Then we connect the iPhone to the computer and then iTunes will offer you to restore the device.

And finally, for those of you who intend to diagnose your phone yourself, we recommend watching the following.

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Good afternoon iPhone4 shows the apple logo and does not start the system, an error occurs when the recovery or update procedure is performed independently. tell me whether it is worth carrying it to the service? thanks in advance

Hello Julia, judging by your description, everything that you might have already tried to do, I think the thought of the service is fully justified, it’s worth contacting.

Good afternoon. I bought an iPhone for 3 days, it goes out on its own, but it didn’t turn on at all what to do

If you just bought it, then contact the seller under warranty, otherwise, it may be the battery, if you do not risk disassembling and checking yourself, it is worth carrying it to the service.

I downloaded the game, turned it off, then started turning it on and did not turn it on. What should I do?

Connect to the computer, start iTunes, and when the phone is determined, try to delete this game through the program.

Good afternoon, iPhone4s does not turn on, and vibrates at regular intervals during charging! What to do with him!

Phone without mechanical damage? Does Aityuns see him? Tried to restore?

Hello. 4 months passed after the firmware of the iPhone and I began to notice when unlocking the iPhone for a second a grayish screen appears and after the picture. It doesn’t bother me much. Is it worth it to worry? and it works as usual

If this does not bother you (does not annoy), do not worry)

I changed the battery to iPhone for 4 s, it has not turned on for 2 hours already, it only shows that it is charging, what should I do?

I would leave the phone charged for the night, if the battery is not fresh and needs more time to take a charge, then it will be enough for the night, if the situation does not change in the morning, it means your battery is dead, if possible, make a return.

Hello iPhone does not turn on 4 I don’t know, because of what help

Little information, what have you tried to do?

Hello, iPhone 4s did not turn on an hour before that, in the Vsap I asked to save the data to icloud, for some reason I worked after that and right now it doesn’t respond to anything, I pressed the buttons and does not respond to charging.

Does the computer see an iPhone? Pay attention to the USB cable, often because of its malfunction, the iPhone does not respond to connecting external devices.

Hello. IPhone 4 does not turn on at all. Previously, it turned off and when I put it on charging it turned off and an apple appeared and turned off again. Then it turned on after charging. And now only when I put on charging the apple lights up for 5 seconds, turns off and on again. And so on until I take it off the charge. Changed the battery anyway the same thing (((what to do please tell me.

The phone categorically does not turn on, I see only the bull’s-eye and that’s all ((

Have you tried reflashing? If, after the flashing / recovery process, it also behaves / behaved in this way, then perhaps the reason is hardware and you should contact the service.

good evening! Tell me please iPhone 4 does not turn on! Charging is on but it does not start! after getting caught in the rain! Tell me what could be the reason?

The reason you voiced. The charging process is shown on the screen, but the phone does not turn on, do I understand correctly? Most likely it’s in the battery.

I downloaded the iPhone 6.1.6 after it began turning off, it hangs for a couple of minutes on the apple and turns on again, this is when it is charging, the apple does not turn on at all without charging, the battery changed from the old 3g did not help

Flash again, maybe the last time there was a glitch.

Hello, I have an iPhone 4 s put in the car for charging, after that an apple appears on the iPhone but then it again beeps and the conda appears again, it is charging and it doesn’t turn on, what should I do?

Carry on diagnostics to the service.

Hello! I have such a misfortune. iPhone 4s began to turn off at 20% charge and to turn it on, I had to hold down the keys: Home and Power and only then the phone turned on and the screen was blurry, after this situation two days passed, so everything returned again, I had to hold down these keys again, after which I kept the phone on charge, but yesterday it was discharged by 30% of the charge, I put it on charge, it charges, it makes sounds, but it also heats up, the screen and if I’m not mistaken board, he stopped responding to holding the key. What to do. She did a recovery, but nothing changed, yesterday the icon appeared a little and then went out. What is the reason.

The battery may die, and the charging controller may also malfunction. If you don’t risk taking the phone apart by borrowing a battery from someone you know for temporary replacement and rechecking, it’s best to contact the service.

So if the battery dies, then it will not turn on now? And from iPhone 4, will the battery work for 4s?

Visually, the connectors for 4 and 4C are different, you need to look after the fact. If the battery is a weak link and leads to overheating of the phone and other glitches you described, it is likely that the phone will not work until the replacement of the defective part, in particular the battery. Although there is no guarantee of a malfunction of the battery, I’m saying that you need to disassemble the phone to identify the malfunction.

Good afternoon, iPhone 4 turned off and all no reactions, no indicators when trying to turn on, only the sound in the computer that something is connected but does not see anything

I put a new touchscreen assembled, the iPhone does not turn on. What could be the reason?

If there was no mechanical damage during assembly / disassembly, then re-check the connections of all the cables, blow them with a hairdryer, debris might get in somewhere and prevent normal contact.

Hello! The phone itself disconnected and does not turn on at all !! charging at that time was 50%. I tried everything, but without result (tell me what to do?

Start by checking the battery voltage (requires disassembly).

Thank you very much for the tips, your favorite phone refused today, after 3 years of service, your tips helped, very useful information

We will continue to try to present the information useful and accessible.

Hello iPhone 4 everything worked fine, put it on charge, charged for 2 hours, as it was 33 percent it remained, I decided to turn it off, turned it off. Now I’m trying to turn it on. it doesn’t turn on, I waited 3 hours, but nothing has changed. It works only from the network. Help me please!

If there were no prerequisites for failure, then with a 90% probability the battery died, the remaining 10. charge controller. If there is no experience in electronics, bring it to the service, as disassembly and further clarification of the malfunction is required.

the iPhone turned off. I pressed two buttons, turned on. I worked for 30 minutes and turned off again (charging was enough). I can’t turn it on. What could be the problem? And what can I do to solve it? Help please

What does the Aityuns say? Does he see the phone? Does the phone respond to something (connecting to the charger or to the computer)?

Hello, I have an iPhone 4, after flashing and replacing the battery, it worked then turned it off, after a while it turned it on again and it doesn’t turn on, connected to an ordinary device it shows a charge. And iTunes, what to do?

Hello ! I have 4 models, a year ago a child drowned it in a basin, it seemed like it started working, it only got buggy: it turned off and could turn on only after a few days, the sound turned off, the screen hung and the screen didn’t unlock, it turned off it showed that it needed to be charged (though not immediately after a couple of days), I gave everything up for repair, it seemed to be fixed, but it turned off the same and did not turn it on for several days, I gave it again, changed the charging connector, again everything was the same, brought the bodies and charger for repair, it turned out the charger was rusted, changed the charger (true not the original, deppa), now a new feature with he lives an ordinary soldier as soon as I turn it off, goes into sleep mode (the setting is specified in minutes) and does not exit it))) until you plug it in again, tried to press the home button and the on button, it shows the battery is low up to min, on the power outlet, the phone turns on and shows 100% charge

The drowned man is a diagnosis, do one thing, after a while another will arise, moisture is insidious.

The question is more legal. Play from the guarantee, if at the time of June 11 the phone was under warranty, then you have the right to a full exchange or refund. Although the details I would check with a lawyer.

Hello! Getting smarter after replacing the display on a 3 iPhone is such a misfortune — when you unlock it and start typing, he himself wants what letters and types, it feels like someone else controls it and not me. I changed the display about 4 months ago, it was turned off. I gave my 5th for repair (again replacing the display) and I needed it for a period of 3. So I couldn’t use it, and I probably need to carry it to the service?

This can happen if the display loops are not connected properly. You can make out yourself: brush, and blow with a hairdryer. And you can entrust this to the service.

But what should I do if such a situation occurs, but the on / off button does not work (the button does not work for a long time)?

Hello, I have disconnected iphone4. He was in his pocket not dropping anything. but it was very hot. Can it turn off due to the heat? what am I supposed to do?

Maybe because of the heat, then let it cool and try to turn it on

Hello! The iPhone 4s fell, but it worked perfectly for a day, and for some reason it turned off and now it doesn’t turn on. What could it be?

Maybe the contact in one of the connectors disappeared, you need to disassemble and look in place, or maybe you did not notice how the phone is dead. what does iTunes and PC say, do they see it?

Good day. Please tell me, iPhone 4s, put it on charge after 5 minutes, an apple is displayed on the screen, then it starts up and this only happens during charging. I tried to connect to a PC, the same thing. Otherwise, everything is fine. What could be the trouble.

If the phone was turned off, and then everything happens as you described, then this is normal phone behavior.

Good afternoon. A friend gave iphone 4, I used it for 3 days and got out such an error, the flash on the back side is constantly on. It turns off only when the phone is turned off or the screen is off but not always! What can be. Thanks!

You can try to reboot, but the problem is most likely with the iron, maybe the contact has oxidized / weakened somewhere, without disassembling it will probably fail to identify the problem.

How long does an iPhone 4s live after firmware, or is its performance reduced?

The firmware does not affect the viability of the phone, it all depends on the state of a particular hardware in a particular device.

This is the case for all iPhones, Vitaliy

iPhone4s does not turn on, but it vibrates at regular intervals during charging! no matter how much you charge it doesn’t change and the display doesn’t light up, but the computer sees it. and ay tunes too. when connected via USB, it’s also on the phone why not catch fire.

Maybe with a screen what? I think you can’t do without a service.

Hello, such a problem, the wi-fi module did not work for me, I warmed it with a hairdryer according to the instructions. After that, the screen of my iPhone was black (as if turned off) and did not respond to touch, the only thing when you connect to the computer or put it on charge, it it makes a charge sound at intervals. iTunes sees it, but asks for confirmation of trust with the iPhone, but doesn’t respond to touch, and I don’t know how to connect. Tell me what to do ??

It is unlikely that something with the screen, most likely the contact of the screen cables could be broken during warming up, it makes sense to disassemble the iPhone and check the reliability of all the connections.

Hello iPhone 4S often played games after a full discharge stopped turning on. The apple burns then the black screen and again the apple and so on in a circle. What do you think it’s about the battery? It’s just that it wouldn’t happen that I bought it in vain.

It may well be that perhaps the battery is trying to take a large current, and the charger cannot give it, if there is no more powerful charge at hand (5V by 1.5. 2A), then it makes sense to replace it, the battery certainly will not be superfluous.

The iPhone 4s turned off and does not turn on, it does not react to the charge in any way! What to do?!

If there were no prerequisites, take it to the diagnosis, it is not so expensive.

Hello, the problem is that the iPhone does not respond at all, to button presses and others.
Aityuns does not define it. just a dead piece of iron.
tell me what to do?

Do not be afraid to carry in service when the device is on hand, it is easier to diagnose.

Tell me, off iPhone 4s, I put on charging it shows only the battery charge and the battery is displayed in red stripes, I try to turn it on it does not respond, what can it be?

In order of importance = 1. Try a “hard” reboot (hold down the HOME and Shutdown buttons for 15 seconds). 2. Verify that the charging cable is working. 3. Replace the battery.

thanks really helped this site))

Hello, the problem is that the iPhone does not respond at all, I pressed all the buttons but not what! I did it as it was written, charge it, the on / off button did not work !! I have a panic! Tell me please!

Do not panic), if you have done everything in your power, now it remains to give a chance to the service center to do everything in their power.

after the firmware of iphone 4, it was switched off, made the settings after the update and it went out and there are no signs of life. what could it be?

Battery, firmware glitch, something unknown. If you are sure that the phone is charged, try connecting to iTunes what it will tell you. it may make sense to re-flash the iPhone.

Thank you very much! The problem was this: 4% of the charge remained, it turned off and did not show any signs of life, when they rang, the phone rang, the phone says. My iPhone has a broken back and front glass, it started to crumble in front, I thought the whole problem from because of this. thanks to your advice, he began to live without spending money on repairs) THANKS THANKS THANKS !!

Thank you HUGE, you help me a lot.

Hello !! Maybe it came from experience, please tell me! So iPhone 4, such a problem. the apple flickers when turned on. It starts once in 5. Clamped Two buttons, went to the aityuns, through it and updated. It cannot be restored, writes that it is impossible, 21 errors. Sometimes the phone works for a minute and goes off with stripes on the screen. What do you advise?

And yet, when the phone is on, I connect the cable, it says that it charges, but the charge does not increase, from that.

Hello. I dropped the phone yesterday, after that it still worked, but the screen went out. I decided to wait until it runs out. I put it on charge in the morning, and it doesn’t even respond, it just doesn’t turn on. Advise what you can do to make it work

At least Hard Reboot (HOME and Off hold for 10-15 seconds)

Hello iPhone 4s works for 20 minutes, it dims and that’s it, the firmware restored the same, maybe the battery? I just bought a used one.

Probably something with iron, it does not look like a battery.

Thank you very much actually just hold down two buttons wait 15 seconds and it will turn on

Hello iPhone 4S, I’ve dried it a little with a hairdryer, but it doesn’t turn on only when it’s at least 10 minutes on charging, and the network is searching all the time. What can I do?

Give more time to dry, turn off and leave for a couple of days in a warm, dry place. If the phone gets wet in clean water, then the chances that it will then work for a long time and reliably are greater, if the water was with impurities (salty, dirty), then it is better to clean it in the service.

Tell me what to do iPhone 4 turned off by itself, showed for a couple of seconds what needs to be charged and does not turn on anymore (the charge was full) I tried HOME and Off. Does not help((((

If it does not respond to charging from a PC, then you need to look starting from the power supply (battery). Here you can see for yourself, either on your own (disassembly, diagnostics), or using the service.

Hello. I got iPhone 4s in my hands, which doesn’t turn on at all, doesn’t respond to button presses. I tried to connect it to the aytyuns, it says that the phone is in recovery mode. I click “restore / update”, the software is unpacked, the phone is prepared for recovery. then it stops waiting for the iPhone, an apple is displayed on the phone screen and a loading bar. that’s all. Nothing else happens

Do not turn on after a fall, is discharged, when you connect to charging it shows the battery and nothing more