Iphone 4 Requests Apple Id When Turned On

Iphone 4 Requests Apple Id When Turned On

iPhone and iPad are extremely secure devices, largely due to the fact that the iOS mobile operating system takes care of user safety with maximum meticulousness. However, this concern may not please everyone, especially when you have to enter your Apple ID account password 20 times a day. However, you can reassure Apple mobile devices and in this guide we will talk about how to disable frequent verification of Apple ID on iPhone and iPad.

Usually, users are really annoyed by the need to enter a password for Apple ID when downloading free applications from the App Store, which you can really download a lot while searching for the right tool. By default, iPhones and iPads require you to confirm your password every time you boot, which can just make you crazy, especially if the password contains a lot of characters.

How to disable frequent verification of Apple ID on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings. The main. Limitations
Step 2. Click “Enable restrictions»And specify a password for them, if the restrictions were not included before. Otherwise, just enter the password previously set for restrictions

Step 3. Go to the “Password settings

Step 4. Select “Request after 15 minutes“And deactivate the switch”Password request

In such a simple way, you can significantly reduce the number of device requests for a password. When downloading free applications from the App Store, the password will no longer be requested at all, and when purchasing paid applications, the Apple ID password will be requested every 15 minutes.

If iOS constantly requires you to enter the Apple ID password and this is not related to downloading applications, then you must follow these two steps:

  1. enter password. Typically, iOS does not require entering a password for Apple ID just like that, so if you ignore the request of the system, then you should not be surprised at the constant appearance of pop-up windows asking for a password.
  2. Force reboot the device. If you correctly enter the passwords (and do it correctly) and the requests are in no way related to applications, then most likely the problem is due to a software error. Force reboot your device by holding the buttons Home and Nutrition while holding them until the Apple logo appears on the screen

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