IPhone 4 factory settings with buttons

How to reset iPad using buttons?

Hard Reset iPhone / iPad (Hard Reset).

  • Press and hold the On / Off buttons and the Home button at the same time.
  • Continue holding the buttons even after the slider appears on the screen.
  • When the Apple logo appears, release the buttons and let the device start as usual.

How to Reset iPhone 4 Using Buttons?

Entering Recovery Mode

  • Press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time.
  • The device will show a shutdown slider and then the screen will turn off.
  • Wait until the device starts to boot and release the “Power” button.
  • After 10-15 seconds, a cable image and an iTunes icon will appear on the screen.

How to reset all settings on iPhone 4 if you forgot your password?

In case of using the iOS application, you need to select the device, click the “Actions” button and select “Erase iPhone”. After that, you will be able to reconfigure the device, select a password and restore from a copy. In addition to a hard reset, in some versions of iOS, a forgotten password can be “recovered” through an iCloud record.

How to Delete iCloud Account of Previous iPhone User?

Disconnecting Apple ID Account on iPhone

STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud. STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click Exit, then click Exit again. STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click on “Remove from iPhone”, then enter your Apple ID password. May 4, 2020.

How to completely clean iPhone 4?

How to erase content and settings on iPhone

  • On iPhone, go to Settings. Basic. Reset “.
  • Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.
  • Confirm the request by double tapping on “Erase iPhone”.

How to factory reset iPhone 5s with buttons?

Entering Recovery Mode

  • Press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time.
  • The device will show a shutdown slider and then the screen will turn off.
  • Wait until the device starts to boot and release the “Power” button.
  • After 10-15 seconds, a cable image and an iTunes icon will appear on the screen.

How to reset iPhone 4 to factory settings?

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset”.
  • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
  • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password and iTunes

How to reset iPhone settings on the device itself

The simplest solution to reset iPhone settings is to follow the diagram below, with which you can reset the phone in the settings of the phone itself without resorting to any programs. To do this, you definitely need to remember your device password and Apple ID password. To reset iPhone settings on the device itself, follow the instructions below.

Go to the device in the Settings General Reset.

Select the function “Erase content and settings”.

When prompted, enter your device password as well as your Apple ID password.

Confirm erasing data from the device by clicking on “Erase iPhone” and wait for the process to complete.

How to reset iPhone settings on the device itself

Here’s a very easy way to reset your device. Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool provides you with a pretty easy way to factory reset iPhone without using iTunes, even if iPhone / iPad is disconnected, connect to iTunes. iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone stuck on apple, it can solve these problems too. Download and install the program on your Windows or Mac and then follow the instructions below to erase everything.

Download the program and connect your iPhone to PC, select Fix Operating System.

Select “Recovery Deep” to download the firmware package.

Specify the path to download the required firmware package from the local computer folder or, if you do not have the firmware package, click “Download”.

Select the Start Recovery option and wait for the process to complete. After that, your iPhone will be restored to factory settings.

How to Factory Reset iPhone Using iTunes

In addition, it is possible to reset iPhone settings through a computer. This will require iTunes, a well-known program for Apple users, which is commonly used to exchange various types of files between Apple devices and PCs. To reset iPhone using iTunes, follow the steps below.

Connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable and run iTunes on PC.

Select your device in the window that opens by clicking on its icon at the top of the screen.

In the left pane of the window, select the “Overview” tab and click on the “Restore iPhone” button located on the right side of the screen. At this stage, a warning about the need to disable Find My iPhone may appear.

After disabling this feature on your phone (to do this, go to iCloud Find iPhone Settings), you will be asked to confirm the start of the process. Click on the “Restore” button again. After that, all personal data will be erased, and the latest version of the system is installed on the iPhone.

Open the iCloud.com cloud storage page in a web browser and enter your Apple ID password. In the “Find iPhone” section, delete this device so that it is no longer linked to your Apple account.

At the end of the day, there are various reasons why you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. At the same time, you can remember the password that allows you to unlock the device to perform various operations and gives the owner access to the settings, or, forgetting it, enter the wrong one and stay with the phone disconnected for a long time. There are various ways to perform a full reset of the iPhone, but the most optimal solution in all these cases. including the absence of a password from the device. would be to use the ReiBoot program. In addition to this function, the utility can also help with a number of other problems, for example, when the system freezes, black screen of death, etc.

iphone, factory, settings, buttons

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password in 2021

Modern mobile devices have many levels of protection, which often make the system inaccessible not only for intruders and outsiders, but also for the owners themselves. The reason is trivial, because both old and young people can forget the entered password, especially if they are often changed to enhance the security of the gadget, which can be fraught with similar consequences. And everything would be fine, but only the number of attempts to enter the coveted cipher is limited, so you should never rush to try all possible combinations so as not to block the device.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 5, 5S, 6S, 4C, SE without Apple ID

Naturally, it is possible to change the account settings only if the information about the previous data has not been lost. In all other cases, you will have to reset the basic parameters of the smartphone or tablet to the factory settings, which is fraught with the complete loss of personal data. It is quite simple to insure yourself against such consequences, because you can always dump all information from Apple products to a PC or hard drive in time, using such a universal tool as iTunes.

As for the very algorithm of actions for resetting the settings, it does not represent anything complicated, assuming a transition to the settings menu, and then to the section “Password and Security”. For the reset itself, you will have to strain your brains and remember all the secret answers to questions, trusted phone numbers and mailboxes, as well as recovery keys that were specified by the user during registration.

It is also worth noting that you can implement your plan not only from this iPhone, but also from a device paired with it using the same Apple ID.

Things will be much more difficult if the user forgets all security questions at once, or loses access to synchronized devices operating from a shared account. Nevertheless, today even such problems are easily and quickly solved, albeit through the use of third-party software such as “Apple Support” and “Find iPhone”.

The first application is supported by Apple devices running iOS12 and later versions of the proprietary operating system. As for its use to reset user data, immediately after downloading the software from the AppStore to the gadget system, it is recommended to act in accordance with the following instructions:

  • First of all, you need to go to the “Get support” section, which can be seen at the bottom of the device display.
  • Next, from the entire list, select the tab “Apple ID” and “Forgot your password”.
  • The next step involves clicking on the option “Another password”.

After going through the specified chain, you should reset the code, following the instructions, which may differ slightly depending on the type and model of the device. The Find iPhone program is no less effective in solving this problem, moreover, it is suitable not only for the 12th version of the operating system, but also for its earlier versions (and therefore for older devices), starting with the 9th Factory reset works in this application according to the following principle:

  • Immediately after entering the software, you must make sure that the field is free of any characters. If this is not the case, then you will have to manually delete the entered data.
  • Then click on the command “Forgot your ID or password?” and all the necessary reset manipulations are performed.

If the input screen remains inaccessible, then there is always the opportunity to exit and re-check the state of the field to enter the verification code. And if this time it is empty, then you can safely bring the started business to its logical conclusion.

What is an Apple ID password and why it is dangerous to forget it

One of these security codes is the Apple ID password, found exclusively in Apple products from Cupertino. And unlike many other locking tools, the use of this key is mandatory, and from the very beginning of the device’s operation, that is, from the moment of its first setup.

In the first case, the user is prompted to enter a name written in Latin with the obligatory ending “@ iCloud.com”, while the password requires a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters with the obligatory use of uppercase and uppercase letters.

It is noteworthy that to create your Apple account it is not at all necessary to purchase a new device, because you can register on the official website appled.Apple.com, doing it for free.

In this case, it is not at all necessary to tie up your bank card data, despite the fact that the system will request them. over, if you do not intend to use iTunes or any other paid Apple services, then it is better not to tie the card at all, because by agreeing to a 3-month free subscription to any application, its owner runs the risk of being automatically debited after the specified period.

It should be noted that it will not be possible to do without accounting, and not only at the initial stage of operation, but also in the future, since access to the AppStore and any other built-in service of the company without an Apple ID continues to remain impossible.

But changing the secret code-password is quite real, and completely free of charge and as much as your heart desires. To do this, go to the “Account Management” menu and enter a new password with a mandatory duplicate confirmation, using for this purpose any synchronized device with the same ID.

How to solve the problem through iTunes if you forgot your password

ITunes is considered to be one of the most multifunctional devices for Apple, which helps to quickly and easily restore a locked iPhone. But it is enough just to enter the wrong code several times in a row or use the biometric scanner incorrectly for the phone to go out completely. Therefore, in such situations, it always makes sense in a PC with iTunes installed on it.

At the same time, for the recovery itself through the application, the following step-by-step algorithm of actions is provided:

  • Connect the smartphone to the PC via the supplied cable.
  • Try to force restart the gadget by quickly pressing the plus and minus of the volume control (relevant for models “8”, “8 Plus” and older). If you use earlier versions, such as “6s”, then it makes sense to simultaneously hold down two keys at once. “Home” and “Power / Volume”. But the activation of an extinct iPhone in almost all devices is carried out in the same way, or to be more precise, by pressing and holding the side controller for a long time.
  • If the iPhone has been restored to its senses, then you should select the restore option and synchronize, along the way agreeing to save the previously made backup file copies in the device’s memory.
iphone, factory, settings, buttons

At the final stage, the phone is reconfigured, after which it will not hurt to write out the saved code and password in some notebook or diary, so that one not very fine day the user does not have to restore this data again.

Password recovery methods

It is worth noting that an almost identical method for recovering user information is provided when using the iCloud cloud storage service. But that’s not all, because there are a lot of life hacks for changing the password. And it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the following ones:

  • Resetting the counter of incorrect password attempts.
  • Using iPhone recovery mode, relevant only if the ID is known.
  • Installing new firmware using a special DFU-mode, used when the previously performed manipulations were not effective enough.

It is noteworthy that all of these recovery tools are also based on iTunes, in most cases asking for an ID. But if the user cannot boast of such a privilege, and none of the methods works, then it is necessary to check all paired devices for logging into iCloud, and also exclude the presence of activated 2-factor authentication. Alternatively, you can try to fix the problem in the following ways:

  • Click on the “Forgot ID or Password” option, after going to the account page.
  • Select the item “Reset password” and confirm it with the command “Continue”.
  • Decide on the method of data reset by choosing the answer to security questions or sending a confirmation to the email address.

It is also worth recalling that when requesting a recovery key, you will have to pass verification in two stages, entering not only the user-specified identifier, but also the requested key. Next, a trusted gadget is selected, the changes are confirmed using the link sent to the specified address, a reset is performed, and a new password is specified. Voila! iPhone is restored and ready for further use without the slightest threat to user security.

Reset Windows 10 in settings from the installed system

The easiest way to reset Windows 10 assumes that the system on your computer starts up. If so, then a few simple steps will allow you to perform an automatic reinstallation.

  • Go to Settings (via start and gear icon or WinI keys). Update and Security. Recovery.
  • In the Reset this computer section, click Get Started. Note: if during recovery you are informed that the required files are missing, use the method from the next section of this manual. Also, at this stage, an error may appear: Unable to find recovery environment.
  • You will be prompted to either keep your personal files or delete them. Select the option you want.
  • If you select the option to delete files, you will also be prompted to either “Just delete files” or “Completely clear the disk”. I recommend the first option unless you are giving your computer or laptop to someone else. The second option deletes files without the possibility of their recovery and takes longer.
  • In the Ready to Reset This Computer window, click Reset.

After that, the process of automatic reinstallation of the system will begin, the computer will reboot (possibly several times), and after the reset you will get clean Windows 10. If you selected “Keep personal files”, then the system disk will also contain the Windows.old folder containing the files old system (user folders and desktop content may come in handy there). Just in case: How to delete the Windows.old folder.

How to reset Windows 10 if the system won’t start or factory reset won’t work

In cases where Windows 10 does not start or a reset in the settings does not work, you can try using the manufacturer’s tools or with the recovery environment.

If Windows 10 does not start, but shows a blue screen with an error, then clicking on the “Advanced options” item, you can get into the recovery environment. If the system starts, but you cannot reset the OS, go to Settings. Update & Security and click the “Restart now” button in the “Special boot options” section.

After rebooting, go to the “Troubleshooting” section, and then click on the item “Reset the computer to its original state”.

Further, just like in the first described method, you can:

  • Keep or delete personal files. If you select “Delete”, you will also be prompted to either completely erase the disk without the possibility of their recovery, or simply delete. Usually (unless you are giving the laptop to someone), it is better to use a simple removal.
  • In the Select Target Operating System window, select Windows 10.
  • In the Reset this computer window, review what will be done. remove programs, reset settings to defaults, and automatically reinstall Windows 10 Click Reset.

After that, the process of resetting the system to its original state will begin, during which the computer may restart.

If your device was preinstalled with licensed Windows 10 upon purchase, then the easiest way to reset it to factory settings is to use certain keys when turning on your laptop or computer. For details on how to do this, see the article How to reset a laptop to factory settings (also suitable for branded PCs with a pre-installed OS).

How to reset Windows 10 or auto reinstall OS

Learn how to reset Windows 10 to factory settings, reset, roll back, or otherwise automatically reinstall Windows 10 on a computer or laptop. This has become easier than in Windows 7 and even in 8, due to the fact that the way of storing the image for reset in the system has changed and in most cases you do not need a disk or flash drive in order to perform the described procedure. If for some reason everything described does not work, you can simply perform a clean install of Windows 10.

Resetting Windows 10 to its original state can come in handy in cases where the system began to malfunction or does not even start, and you cannot perform a recovery (on this topic: Restoring Windows 10) in another way. In this case, reinstalling the OS in this way is possible with the preservation of your personal files (but without saving programs). Also, at the end of the instructions, you will find a video in which the description is shown clearly. Note: A description of problems and errors when rolling back Windows 10 to its original state, as well as possible solutions, are described in the last section of this article.

Update: in the latest versions of Windows 10, additional methods of resetting the system have appeared, including removing all programs preinstalled by the manufacturer of the computer or laptop. Automatic clean installation of Windows 10, Restoring Windows 10 from the cloud.

Automatic clean install of Windows 10 using Refresh Windows Tool

In the latest versions of Windows 10, a new function has appeared in the recovery options. “New Start” (formerly called the Refresh Windows Tool), which allows you to perform an automatic clean installation or reinstallation of Windows 10 with the preservation of files, but with the removal of preinstalled programs from the manufacturer. Using it allows you to reset when the first method does not work and reports errors.

  • In the recovery options, at the bottom under Advanced recovery options, click on Learn how to start over from a clean install of Windows.
  • You will be prompted to go to the corresponding page in the Windows 10 Security Center, click Yes.
  • Click the Get Started button in the New Launch section.
  • Check out what exactly Start Over is and, if you agree, click Next.
  • Wait for the Windows 10 factory reset to complete.

Upon completion of the process (which can take a long time and depends on the performance of the computer, the selected parameters and the amount of personal data when saving), you will receive a completely reinstalled and functional Windows 10. After logging in, I recommend that you also press the WinR keys, type cleanmgr, press Enter, and then click on the “Clear system files” button.

When you clean up your hard drive, you will most likely be able to delete up to 20 GB of data left over from the system reinstallation process.

The video below shows both ways to run an automatic reinstallation of Windows 10 described in the article.

Windows 10 factory reset errors

The first and simplest methods when you have problems resetting Windows 10 to factory settings consist of the following steps:

  • Make sure there is enough free space on the system disk partition (drive C). Ideally 10 GB or more.
  • Remove all third-party antiviruses and other protection programs before starting recovery.

If, when you try to reset Windows 10 after restarting, you see the message “Problem returning your PC to its original state. Changes not made ”, usually this indicates problems with the files required for recovery (for example, if you did something with the WinSxS folder, from the files in which the reset occurs). You can try checking and restoring the integrity of Windows 10 system files, but more often you have to do a clean install of Windows 10 (however, you can also save personal data).

The second error option is that you are asked to insert a recovery disc or installation media. Then there was a solution with the Start over function described in the second section of this guide. Also in this situation, you can make a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 (on the current computer or on another, if this one does not start) or a Windows 10 recovery disk with system files included. And use it as your required storage device. Use a version of Windows 10 with the same bitness installed on your computer.

Another option in the case of a requirement to provide a drive with files is to register your own image for system recovery (for this, the OS must work, the actions are performed in it). I have not tested this method, but they write that it works (but only for the second case with an error):

  • You need to download the Windows 10 ISO image (the second method is in the instructions on the link).
  • Mount it and copy the install.wim file from the sources folder to the previously created ResetRecoveryImage folder on a separate partition or computer disk (not the system one).
  • In the command line as administrator, use the command reagentc / setosimage / path “D: \ ResetRecoveryImage” / index 1 (here D acts as a separate section, you may have a different letter) to register the recovery image.

After that, try again to start the system reset to its original state. By the way, for the future, we can recommend making your own backup copy of Windows 10, which can greatly simplify the process of rolling back the OS to a previous state.

Well, if you still have questions about reinstalling Windows 10 or returning the system to its original state, ask. Let me also remind you that for preinstalled systems, there are usually additional ways to reset to factory settings provided by the manufacturer and described in the official instructions.

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Yes, the reset seems to be completed and Windows has already started loading, after the cycle.

And this cycle is never interrupted, for example by a blue screen with a button “additional parameters”? She could help with recovery. Well, and so, perhaps the fastest way without going into reasons to decide is to make a bootable USB flash drive with a 10 somewhere and put it cleanly from it (if there is important data, then you can do it without formatting).

Good day! Please tell me, if you reset to the factory ones for a licensed win 10, then the license will also be lost?

Good day! Is it possible with such a reinstallation to install Windows on another disk (SSD, currently on HDD). I would be very grateful for your help

Hello. No, this option will not work. Can be migrated to SSD. https://remontka.pro/Windows-10-to-SSD/

The system is working with errors, the parameters are not opened. How to reset a laptop to factory settings?

There is such an option: we download the Windows 10 installer from the official website microsoft.com/ru-ru/software-download/windows10 and there, after launching, we press “update this computer now” and in fact the reinstallation takes place.

Hello. I have such a problem, I reset my PC using your video instruction. Now I have removed the licensed Office. How can I restore it?

Hello. Just re-install: once the license, then the Microsoft account, in theory, will be restored. Well, or by key if the old version.

Hello, when you hold down Shift and restart the PC, there is no “Reset the computer to its original state” in the diagnostics

iphone, factory, settings, buttons

and in other sections? there, depending on the version, the items changed slightly

Hello! Dmitry, the last hope remains for you) The problem with installing Windows7 on the Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 (2020) monoblock. Is it possible to do this? I am installing Windows 7 professional x64 on a “clean” (SSD drive. 110 GB). I made a bootable USB flash drive through Rufus (UEFI. GPT). Disabled Secure Boot. It goes through all the stages of installation quickly, but it hangs on “Starting Windows”! Resetting to factory settings. And again the same! Is this a verdict? or is there hope? Thank you. (Lenovo reported that the Legacy option has now been removed from the BIOS on devices from 2020)

Hello. Perhaps the reason is that your 7-ke does not have any drivers for the modern hardware of your candy bar. A possible solution is to try modern “assemblies”, where such nuances are taken into account.

How to Factory Reset iPhone Quickly

How to reset an iPhone to factory settings, when the phone starts loading for a long time, applications stop turning on and malfunctioning, and you just need to reset the settings. You can reset them in different ways, but this procedure is not always necessary. Before selling a smartphone, you also need to do all these steps so that your information does not fall into the hands of another user.

Why reset iPhone settings is dangerous?

Reset all settings on iPhone, what will happen and how to fix it? You risk losing important personal information, photos, phone contacts. To avoid this, you need a copy of all your files in the iTunes app. This does not require professional knowledge.

The second option is to copy all your files using iCloud through your personal computer.

These two options will help you save all your data, which you can restore at any time to your smartphone.

How to reset iPhone using iCloud?

Thanks to iCloud, each user can reset all smartphone settings and delete all information from it. To do this, you only need access to the Internet, login and password from your Apple ID account. To reset the settings, you need:

  • Go to the iCloud website.
  • Sign in.
  • Select the device you want to clean (There can be as many as you have for personal use. Choose carefully to avoid deleting the necessary information).
  • Click on the “Erase” tab. After that, all the settings of your phone will be reset, respectively, all functions of the phone will be disabled.

When you can’t do without a factory reset?

There are a number of reasons why you need to do this operation before taking your phone to the service:

  • As mentioned earlier, this is the sale of a phone, especially when it comes to a stranger, so that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Spontaneous switching on and off of the smartphone.
  • Freezing your phone (Doesn’t respond to anything, just a white or black screen).
  • If the phone does not turn on in any way.

These are the main reasons. Not everyone will be able to do the reset procedure on their own, but you can read the recommendations on the Internet and try. There will always be time to take the phone to the repair center.

Reset settings on iPhone and can’t activate

Many users face this problem, but it is also a fairly simple operation. Use a few tips.

  • Turn on the new WiFi network. Sometimes, but very rarely, this is the problem.
  • Click the “Home” button, then click “Start over”, try several times (from 5 to 10), since the servers are loaded.
  • Replace the SIM card with a working one, then press the “Home” button again and try the activation process from the very beginning.
  • Connect iPhone to PC, then hold down the Home button. In the iTunes application, click “Restore iPhone” as described in the above paragraphs.

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When wondering whether to prepare an iPhone for sale or to fix problems associated with incorrect software operation, users have a need to reset the device to factory settings. Today we will look at how this task can be accomplished.

Why do a factory reset on iPhone

Hard reset often helps with the following problems:

  • iPhone won’t turn on;
  • spontaneously reboots;
  • iPhone is frozen. The screen is white (red). There is no information on it.

Hard reset the system “Hard reset”

A forced reboot can be done by hand, the main thing is to follow the instructions.

  • Hold down the Home and Power key.
  • After the appearance of “Yabloko”, the buttons can be released.
  • The process of complete cleaning of the device from personal information, photos and other files will begin.

Restoring data from a backup

After purchasing a new device or cleaning an old one, do you need data recovery? Do the following:

  • Open settings, item “Applications and data”.
  • Slide the “Recover” toggle switch and sign in to your iCloud account.
  • You will see a backup in the list.

how to reset iPhone without a computer

If you urgently need to restart your iPhone without a computer, then you can do it by following these steps.

Similar to restarting your computer, what you need is your device itself.

On your iPhone, go to Settings Reset Erase All Content and Settings, enter the password on the screen to confirm the changes, and then restart your iPhone without a computer.

How to Factory Reset iPhone by Erasing All Content and Settings Permanently

If you want to reset iPhone to erase all content and settings for iPhone sale or donation, you need to make sure that you wipe all iPhone data and settings. FoneEraser is exactly the tool that can help you.

Don’t forget to backup iPhone before erasing all data.

iPhone, USB cable, computer and FoneEraser

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to PC, meanwhile, launch FoneEraser on your iPhone.

Step 2 Wait a few seconds for this software to detect your iPhone and select the erasure level from Low, Medium and High.

Step 3 Click “Start” to permanently erase all iPhone data and settings to restore iPhone to factory settings.

You can watch the video to learn more about iPhone Eraser:

iPhone frozen / black screen / disabled? Reset iPhone Using iOS System Recovery

If your iPhone is stuck at black screen / white screen / Apple logo, or freezes and you can’t let it answer you, then you can reset iPhone without iTunes, but FoneLab. IOS System Restore That Can Fix Your Disabled iPhone To Normal And Factory Restore Your iPhone.

Frozen / Disconnected iPhone, USB Cable, Computer and iOS System Recovery

Step 1 Launch FoneLab on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Select “iOS System Restore” click “Start”.

Step 2 Do as the picture says to have your iPhone Recovery Mode or DFU Mode in three steps.

Step 3 Select Advanced Mode Confirm to select Category, Type, Model, etc. iPhone Information. And then click “Restore” to start fixing your iPhone and restoring it to factory settings.

How to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

In this part, we will share two solutions to help you factory reset iPhone without iTunes.

Three Ways to Restart iPhone with / without iTunes or Passwordless

I want to factory reset my iPhone to sell my old iPhone 5. Is there a way to do this?

I buy a used iPhone 6 Plus, but the seller didn’t tell me the lock screen password. I want to restart this iPhone and make it new. How to Factory Reset My iPhone Without Passcode?

How to Factory Reset iPhone?

For various reasons, you may be interested in a way to reset iPhone to factory settings. If you have a password, it will be easy for you. However, if you fail to forget the passcode, it may be difficult for you to restore iPhone to factory settings without passcode.

Don’t worry when you read here you will get solutions. In this post, we are going to show you 4 ways to factory reset iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4 / 3GS with / without iTunes or password.

Factory Reset iPhone

How to reset iPhone without password. using iTunes

If you forgot iPhone screen passcode or don’t know it for some reason, you can use iTunes to reset iPhone using iTunes.

Before you reset iPhone using iTunes, back up iPhone to iTunes so that you can restore iPhone from backup later.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable, meanwhile, you need to launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time for 10 seconds. Once the screen turns black, release the Power button while continuing to hold the Home button until iTunes displays a message stating that it has detected the iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 3 In the pop-up window, you can update or restore your iPhone. Here you need to select Restore and follow the instructions as instructed to reset your iPhone to factory settings.

During the whole process, your iPhone will be rebooted and you need to wait patiently for the whole process of resetting iPhone to factory settings.

So far, all methods of resetting iPhone have been posted here. You can choose the best way to factory reset iPhone according to your actual situation. No matter which method you use, you can factory reset your iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 mini / 11/11 Pro / XS / XR / X / 8/8 Plus / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS (including iOS 14).

If you lose data after resetting iPhone to factory settings without backup, you can learn from this post to restore iPhone data after restoring iPhone to factory settings.

Without iTunes, you can still restore a disabled iPad to factory settings.

If you are an Android user, you can get the easiest way to restart your Android phone and tablet.

iPhone Is Moving That Slow? Then clear the iPhone app cache to free up more memory.

How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone? This article introduces you to one of the best ways to get back deleted files from iPhone.

How to Backup iPhone Safely? This article introduces three iPhone backup methods.

Everything new about iPhone X and iPhone 8, whether you need to update your iPhone, what to do before upgrading to a new iPhone, etc., is located here.