Iphone 4 Do Not Uninstall Applications

Happy owners of Apple devices are faced with the problem of uninstalling applications from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We’ll look at a few simple removal methods that you can use on all devices in the Apple family.

Method number 1. Uninstall apps from iPhone.

Step number 1. We touch the display and hold down the application that we need to remove until the icons start to shake on the screen.

Iphone 4 Do Not Uninstall Applications

Step number 2. Select the application you want to remove and click the cross in the left corner and confirm the removal.

In this way, you can remove the game or application on the iPhone or iPad. On older versions, after you remove the program, the manufacturer may ask you to rate it.

Method number 2. Removing applications from iPhone through settings.

In this method, we will try to remove applications from the iPhone through the Settings (Standard Settings) application.

Step number 1. Open “Settings” and select from the list of “Basic” in the menu and go to the Statistics section, where there will be all the applications that we previously installed and their size on the device. To display all the programs, click “Show all programs.”

Step number 2. We select an unnecessary application and go to it, click the “delete program” button, after clicking the program, you will be asked again to confirm the removal of the application, where you will need to click “delete the program” again.

Method number 3. Uninstall programs from iPhone and iPad via iTunes.

Consider the example of uninstalling a program using iTunes from an iPad (or iPhone). Before uninstalling, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a standard USB cable and don’t forget to install iTunes on your computer.

Step number 1. After starting iTunes, select your device (iPhone and iPad) in the left side menu. In some versions, the side menu may not be displayed, press the key combination Ctrl S to activate it.

Step number 2. In the return menu, click on the program tab, where the entire list of our applications will be.

Step number 3. We point the mouse to the desired application, which we need to remove, and click on the cross.

Step number 4. To confirm the removal of programs from the iPad, click the “Apply” button. If you uninstalled the application by mistake, click the “Return” button.

Method number 4. Applications from iPhone or iPad are not deleted.

This method is used if you didn’t succeed in uninstalling the first three methods. If this situation occurs, it means that a restriction has been enabled on your device that prohibits you from uninstalling the application from iPhone or iPad. The main symptom of the included restrictions are the following factors:

1. The lack of a cross when clamping the application to the desktop.
2. The lack of a button to remove our program, in the Settings section. Basic.- Statistics.
3. The iTunes program does not delete applications from the iPhone.

The solution to the problem.

Step number 1. You can disable the restriction on uninstalling applications in the Settings section. Basic.- Limitations

Step number 2. You need to enter a password (the password that you set yourself) and turn on the toggle switch, to enable the removal of software (software).

Step number 3. Next, do everything in the same way as in Method No. 1 and No. 2.

After removing the application from the Iphone or Ipad, you cannot restore it, only you need to reinstall the program through the AppStore. You can restore it only if you have not forgotten to make a backup of your iPhone or iPad.