Iphone 11 Slow Motion

Yesterday we talked about what new features the iPad received with the release of iOS 11, and today the iPhone has come. As promised, we will demonstrate the innovations that can be found in iOS 11 on the iPhone with 3D Touch.

Swipe for notifications

If you received a notification on a locked screen, now you can swipe up and open the notifications that were earlier today. In this case, the screen now lights up with a slightly different animation. The message backing, in my opinion, has become a little darker, but just a little bit.

Main screen

On the main screen, swiping down usually called the Notification Center. Now the lock screen is called, by which you need to swipe down to call notifications for today. You can return back to the main screen only by pressing the home button without scanning the fingerprint or, conversely, with your finger. In this case, you do not need to press the button, it will work as a touch. Apparently, the scan itself is not required, just a simple impact on the Home button. Perhaps this is a bug, but so far this is the case.

Iphone 11 Slow Motion

Swipe from below, as before, calls up the Control Center. They talked a lot about him, and he really became much more interesting than in iOS 10. Now everything is gathered in one place. The buttons can be used as usual, or you can use the 3D Touch to call them full screen. For example, you can simply turn on airplane mode, or you can go deeper with 3D Touch at this point and get access to a complete list of wireless settings. Brightness and volume are controlled by swipes according to the corresponding switches, but with 3D Touch they can be opened. You can adjust more finely on the increased switch. Immediately, by the way, Night Shift turns on.

From the rest: the flashlight now has four divisions of brightness, the timer can be started immediately at the right time, add the last result to the calculator, and select a shooting mode for the camera. You can add function icons through the settings. To do this, go to the settings of the Control Center and upload everything you need. Now you can add a wallet, font size adjustment and much more. On the iPhone, as well as on the iPad, it is possible to shoot from the screen, and this function already works well now, and thes are saved in camera roll.

Some icons also changed their style. The font on the calendar icon has become a little thicker, and the day of the week is now capitalized. The calculator icon has become very strange and looks like a folder, and the App Store icon has lost a circle around the letter “A”.

App store

That’s just how the App Store has changed a lot, and its changes can be called almost the biggest ever. Functionally, little has changed, but visually everything has become completely different. Colorful cards are now hanging on the Today screen, opening which you can access a detailed description of the application or a selection of applications. It all depends on the chosen card. Cards are closed by clicking on the cross or swipe down.

The “Games” section has appeared, in which there are already selections, suggestions and recommendations. The remaining sections have not fundamentally changed in their capabilities, but the entire App Store has now become very reminiscent of Apple Music, which has also changed, but slightly, and you should not talk in detail about it. Application cards, under which the description is hidden, began to resemble the Play Store. But still, they have become more convenient than before, and visually more pleasant.


Finally, the most interesting. Many have said that they want to see a dark theme in iOS. Now it has become almost possible, though you will have to walk a little through the menu. We open Settings, further “Basic”, “Universal access”. Scroll to the bottom to the item “Keyboard shortcuts”. We select in it the item “Smart color inversion” that appears only in this firmware. Then we return, go to the “Display Adaptation” section and select “Color Invert”. In the upper field it will be written that the inversion is performed with some exceptions. Move the slider and you’re done.

Now all the main settings menu items have become dark, but the icons have not changed color. It also became in some other original applications. For example, Calendar, App Store, Reminders and some others. For some reason, the screenshot after turning on the slider has not changed much, but trust me: the screen really turned black.

It seems that everything looks beautiful, but some points repel. For example, album art in a player will become ugly. Also, when deleted, the “Delete” icon will not be red, but turquoise. And in the “Weather” there will generally be quiet horror. All this can be seen in the review located at the beginning of the article.

In the end, we can say that there are innovations, but certainly not all are still available, and much more will appear in new beta. Plus, stability will be added and with localization it will become better. I would also like to add Siri to the system as soon as possible, the possibility of transferring money through iMessage and see how the “Do Not Disturb While I Drive” function works. We continue to study the latest iOS, and if we discover something new, I or my colleagues will tell you about it.


An interesting point appeared in the film: now you can immediately make wallpapers for Apple Watch from any photo.

The interface of the section where you can watch the loading of the iPhone storage has been seriously redesigned. The item “Unload unused software” appeared immediately. If you activate it, unused programs will be deleted, but the data is saved. Now iPhone supports playing music in FLAC. Not everyone needs it, but those who were waiting for it finally waited.

An integrated document scanner has appeared in the Notes, and now you will not need to use third-party solutions. And if you take into account notes that are locked on a fingerprint, this was another reason to abandon some scanners like Scanner Pro, which I have been using for a long time and really love.

Updated Siri icon. Now it matches the design of its counterpart on the Mac. Screenshots now, after they are taken, appear in the lower left corner of the screen and offer quick editing tools. It is convenient if you need to quickly note something. The design of the Apple Music player on the locked screen has been updated and has become much nicer and more usable.

In conclusion, we note once again that, as befits the first beta, this assembly works very unstable. Therefore, we do not advise you to install it if you use the device selected for this purpose as the main one.

Best commentary

Nikolayyakunin, Even if you imagine for a moment that ios and android will be the same externally, this does not cancel the fact that on ios everything is implemented as it should, not like an android that works for free on a virtual