iPhone 11 Setup

Many people prefer to update their smartphone on New Year’s holidays (or give iPhones to loved ones). But it’s one thing if the transition is from iPhone XS to iPhone 11 Pro, and quite another, if before that the owner of the new smartphone had, for example, iPhone SE or iPhone 6. In recent years, the iPhone setup process has changed as much as itself iPhone Apple just makes the process simpler. And setting up the new iPhone 11 from scratch is no more complicated than before. The days of manually copying passwords have passed, just to get to the home screen.

iPhone 11 Setup

Many people have difficulty setting up their iPhone. But everything is very simple

However, there are a few other tricks that will help you start using your phone quickly. Let’s see how to properly set up your new iPhone.

Restore iPhone from backup

This is the easiest way to upgrade from an old iPhone to a new one. All you have to do is make sure you have a recent backup from your existing iPhone (or even iPad), and then point your new iPhone 11 to this iCloud backup. Then it will load all your settings, applications, passwords, even your wallpapers. When the process is completed. It may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet and the size of your backup. Everything will be as if you had never sold an old iPhone. Even your Safari tabs will stay in place.

The backup time depends on the amount of information on the iPhone

To do this, first go to the iCloud settings on your iPhone and make sure there is a recent automatic backup. If not, just make a new copy manually.

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IPhone auto setup

This fantastic feature appeared in iOS 11. Just bring old and new devices close together when prompted, and automatic setup will copy your Apple ID and all settings. This is something like AirDrop, with only one specific purpose.

This window appears automatically as soon as you bring your new iPhone

When you launch your new iPhone for the first time, any nearby iOS devices will detect it and prompt you to perform automatic setup. The new device will display a dot pattern in the form of a cloud. Just use the camera of your old device to “scan” this pattern as a QR code. Your iCloud login, Wi-Fi passwords and everything else you need is transferred automatically. This is really awesome.

To use migration, you must have an iPhone with iOS 12.4 and later

If it’s not possible to use the camera of the current iPhone, click “Manual Authentication” and follow the on-screen instructions. Before completing the data migration process, both iPhones must be nearby and connected to a power source.

Transfer data from Android to iPhone

To do this, there is a Move to iOS application. Only Android device users can install it. Use the Move to iOS app to quickly transfer contacts, photos, and other data from an Android device to an iOS device. In other words, it is intended for those who decide to switch to the iPhone.

Just download this application and follow the instructions.

What to choose. ITunes or iCloud?

You may prefer to use iTunes backup instead of iCloud backup. If you do this, keep in mind that this can take a lot longer. Also make sure you check the box in iTunes to encrypt the backup.

If you have a fast Internet connection, it is better to do the recovery using iCloud. It happens much faster. Otherwise, restoring iTunes may be the appropriate way. Remember, if your Mac is running macOS Catalina, you will have to use Finder instead of iTunes to back up and restore.

These are the three main ways to set up your new iPhone. Of course, advanced users probably already know all the subtleties, but sometimes experienced owners need to peek at certain moments, not to mention newcomers (if you still have questions, answers can be found in our Telegram chat). The latter will be much larger after these holidays.