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Face ID

To unlock the iPhone X you need to look at it, as if it reads your thoughts and obeys. A TrueDepth camera is built into the display, it recognizes the structure of the face, creates an image and sends it to the processor, where it is processed. This process takes seconds, no more than scanning a Touch ID fingerprint. Face ID recognizes you in any form, with a beard, new hair, glasses and makeup. Don’t be afraid to change!


So, we have a completely frameless iPhone, only a small piece of the frame is left on top, on which the front camera, infrared sensor, microphone, speaker and face scanner are located. The diagonal of the display is 5.8 inches, which is less than the iPhone 7 Plus, but more than the iPhone 7. The thickness of the smartphone is 7.7 mm, weight is 174 grams. It is possible that the company has found a middle ground for the size of the smartphone, but this figure is individual for everyone.

The screen is protected by Super Retina HD glass with OLED technology, and the highest pixel density. The image fills the screen by 100%, now the picture is in the hands, and not the cold edges of the case. The display supports the True Tone function, it is responsible for adjusting the screen. For example, when reading for a long time, you can adjust the display to a warm shade that will not press on the eyes.

Iphone X, like the previous generation, is protected from water and dust according to the IP67 standard. If the smartphone falls into water, it will continue to work, but if you immediately take it out. Dust protection on the bezel-less display comes in handy.

Iphone X


The Galaxy A51’s borderless display optimizes visual symmetry. Now.

Iphone X. New Features Today

The Apple iPhone X combines high quality materials, brand-led innovation with a very good global reputation for high-tech gadgets and smartphones. On September 12, 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X anniversary smartphone, which marked the beginning of a completely new generation of smartphones.


The processor has become smarter, the new A11 Bionic understands you with a half-gesture, the response is instant. The processor is based on neural networks and six cores. Depending on the load, the A11 Bionic connects the cores in series, as a result, energy is consumed economically and work gets done faster. The neural system is responsible for the work of Face ID and 3D emoji.


The main camera is 12 MP, with two lenses. Optical stabilization and 10x digital zoom make photos clear and stable, without the slightest blur. Optionally, you can add a bokeh effect. The color range is expanded to produce vivid, saturated colors in your photos. The 7MP TrueDepth front camera is almost as good as the main one. Added Portrait and Portrait Lighting mode, taking selfies like in a professional studio!

To buy an iPhone X means to be the first, to work with it is pleasure, as well as to just hold it in your hands. Skay.Ua offers a price without markups, fast delivery by courier in Odessa or New mail in Ukraine.


From the pros. Support for various protocols PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP. The service is registered in Sweden. Allows you to use dynamic or shared IP address and connect up to 6 devices at the same time. The only data stored on the server are e-mail address, password, username, but they cannot be transferred to the hands of third parties.

Vpn for iPhone and iPad. Services for unlocking resources and high privacy

Digital security and anonymity. These are prerequisites for those who are used to conducting financial transactions using their phone or simply do not want their personal data to become the property of fraudsters. Vpn for iPhone and iPad comes to the rescue. Service for maintaining anonymity, bypassing closed resources and network security.

You can spend money on a premium provider, or bet on free resources. Streaming, working with torrents, accessing sites with entertainment content. This is not all that this functionality has to offer on your phone. So what other opportunities open up thanks to the application or extension in the browser?

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The application is powered by over 800 servers installed in 50 countries. Created and operated by a Swiss company. Earlier this year, she released the source code for installation on devices with different operating systems and conducted security monitoring. The company strictly prohibits the registration of user connection data. Powered by AES-256 protocol.

Popular VPNs for iPhone and iPad


Quite reliable, often used for streaming. It encrypts internet traffic and hides location. It can simultaneously encrypt traffic of up to 6 devices based on the same operating systems. The developers themselves say that this is a modern virtual private network. Copes well with intrusive ads.

Onavo Protect

Quite popular vpn configuration for iphone was released in 2013 by an Israeli company. And if the first few years the service was popular, then since 2015 it has been accompanied by some scandals. Allegedly, information appeared on the network that all hidden data goes to the company’s server and it sees the online movements of users. The story with Facebook added some troubles, because in this social network the application was officially used to “protect users”, and in fact to track their behavior. And it is allowed by the privacy policy of the social network.

How the iPhone influenced the phone market and culture

Before the iPhone hit the market, all other phone makers like Siemens, Nokia, Sony and others were making huge profits from their sales. The phone range was wide then, and the main difference in devices was only in the brand, style and fashion direction, and not in technological innovation.

Apple’s approach to creating the iPhone was radically different from this, they wanted to make one phone, but one that would suit ALL customers and include all the functions equally. To release it once a year, to make it, albeit expensive, but a high-quality product that could be used by music lovers, businessmen and others. A smartphone for everyone. The price for him was due to the fact that he was able to do everything, unlike the rest.

When he first appeared, people and thoughts did not have to name him. For show-off, etc. Because It had no competitors and offered many features that were simply not found in other devices, and most importantly, the user got a unique experience from using a touchscreen device. And the amount for it was even more than justified. It was only later, when smartphones on Android appeared, their users began to say that the iPhone is a show-off and a waste of money, Android can do everything the same and in general.

With its touchscreen and easy-to-use multi-touch gesture design, the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile communications industry. Steve Jobs said back in 2007 that the telephone is not just a means of communication, but a way of life.

Mobile operating systems of that time, such as Symbian, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile were not even close to being ready and could not solve as many different tasks that the iPhone could and offered. Therefore, they slowly sank into oblivion. Apple, on the other hand, has created an entire ecosystem with its App Store with millions of applications and games, which is developing every year.

Iphone 10 Views

Manufacturers of such operating systems were forced to spend a lot of money in order to somehow get closer to IOS in terms of functionality. The success of the iPhone has led them to a colossal decline in sales across all segments of their phones, whether it be fashionable novelties or devices from the business class. In business, mobile phones from Vertu, BlackBerry and Nokia were particularly affected. Nokia later realized what was going on in general, tried to make its own Maemo system, but they really did not succeed and they were swallowed by Microsoft.

At the moment, this is one of the best value for money, by purchasing such a smartphone, you can be sure that at least 4 years, and this is how long the models are officially supported, your smartphone will be one of the fastest, most convenient and secure.

What is an iPhone

The iPhone (iPhone) is a line of smartphones developed by Apple. They work on the basis of the IOS operating system. The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Steve Jobs said that the letter “i” in Apple devices is an abbreviation for the word “Internet” and means. Individual, educational, informative and inspiring.

The interface, elements of user interaction are built on the basis of control through the touch screen using touches and gestures. The control itself is implemented in the IOS operating system using multitouch gestures and swipes.

Every year, the company releases a new iPhone model and an update to the IOS version, new functions are added, the capabilities of devices are expanded and other improvements. The first iPhone set the standard for design and usability: button layout, shape, proportions, which remain true today. These standards were also taken up by other companies, so most of the phones that are on the market now are of the same type.

The first iPhone to be released has been described as “revolutionary” and “game changer” for the entire mobile phone industry. All of the following models also received well-deserved praise and critical acclaim. It continues to be the most sought after, popular and used smartphone in the world, and its success has propelled Apple into one of the most financially valuable companies ever.

Iphone. What is iPhone, its types and advantages

Smartphones of the iPhone series are almost the most popular and expected of all phones on the market. High-quality interface, user-friendly functions and fast speed of work made them favorites for many.

To their owners and those who are just going to buy themselves, I think it will be interesting to know what they are. The definition of how they work, the history of their appearance and other interesting details.

In the previous article, we examined in detail with pictures how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. This publication will be devoted to what the iPhone is, you will find out its definition, when it appeared and other equally interesting details about it.

  • 1 What is an iPhone
  • 1.1 Features
  • 2 How the iPhone influenced the phone market and culture
    • 2.1 In conclusion
    • Features:

      Iphone allows you to:

      • Take pictures
      • Write down
      • Send and receive text messages
      • Play audio / files
      • Work with email
      • Use the World Wide Web. Watch sites, etc.
      • Take notes
      • Carry out mathematical calculations
      • Work with voicemail and messages
      • And much more

      The modules are built into the iPhone:

      • Wifi
      • Gsm
      • Cdma
      • Bluetooth
      • Etc.


      These were the main points about these devices, this year there will already be 12 iPhones, and now SE2020 is out. I hope you were interested in this material and you learned something new for yourself.

      What is the norm

      For example, if the iPhone heats up while charging, there is no cause for concern at all. Apple phones are mini-computers that consume huge amounts of energy. They have a device that can not help but get hot when charging. It is also absolutely normal for the iPhone to warm up slightly under the following circumstances:

      • When viewed for a long time
      • When working on the Internet and viewing several pages at once
      • When using several programs at once (player, skype, geolocation)
      • When using the camera in recording mode for a long time

      Also iPhones often get hot in such cases:

      • When using various programs for editing or processing
      • When playing games with modern photography
      • While talking on a smartphone connected to the charger

      In short, the harder the processor works and the more tasks it processes in one unit of time, the more the iPhone heats up.

      Iphone is warming up

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    • Many owners of Apple smartphones are worried about the fact that their iPhone is warming up. Before thinking about a possible breakdown of your phone and visiting a service center, pay attention to the circumstances under which the iPhone heats up.

      Fault diagnosis

      By itself, heating the iPhone in the situations listed above is not terrible. You should only worry when, along with the heating of the iPhone case, there are other negative aspects of the mobile device. You can think about repairing the “apple” if you notice the following signs of breakage:

      • Iphone charges unusually long
      • The iPhone sits down very quickly
      • Iphone shuts down abruptly as soon as it heats up
      • When the iPhone heats up, the display shows much worse, the speakers do not work well

      The reasons for heating in these cases may be battery malfunctions or other problems with the “hardware” of the device. Internal problems occur when the case is damaged or water gets into the iPhone. The causes of internal malfunctions, in which the device is very hot, can also be the repeated use of the charger, which is not “native” for your “apple” model.

      Prevention measures

      If your iPhone is getting hot and you suspect it is unnaturally hot, make sure you follow the correct operating procedures. Smartphones rarely get warm if you:

      • Charge the iPhone with the “native” cord for the allotted time (turn off immediately after filling the battery)
      • Do not allow situations in which the smartphone is discharged to zero
      • Do not leave your phone to overheat in the sun
      • Disable unnecessary functions in standby mode (geolocation, search for wi-fi)
      • While playing or watching, you give the phone “rest” after several hours of constant work

      These operating rules are especially relevant for owners of no longer new models of Apple smartphones, which heat up much more often and faster than later versions of “apples”.

      Repair types

      Only a professional can determine the cause of your phone’s breakdown if it gets unnaturally hot during use. Most often, in these cases, the battery is to blame, especially if the smartphone quickly sits down or turns off involuntarily after it warms up. The battery cannot be repaired, it is simply replaced. Battery replacement is done within minutes, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on repairs.

      You can fix the problem yourself by changing the battery at home. However, a professional will at the same time check the health of such phone modules as:

      • Screen
      • Display touchscreen
      • Cpu
      • Speakers

      If your battery is very hot for a long time, some screen cables and other “filling” of the smartphone could be damaged. A professional technician will not only quickly identify, but also eliminate the breakdown, which is quite difficult to determine on your own.

      If your battery or the upper part of the apple’s case heats up while browsing the Internet, browsing, playing games or talking on Skype, and the phone runs out of power quickly and finally sits down, seek professional help from the Yuda performers.

      F. Remanufactured by Apple (ref).

      These iPhones had defects and were returned to the Apple factory under warranty, where the repairmen carried out tests on them, eliminated all defects, and changed the case and glass without fail. They then go on sale again, marked with a refurbished phone. In such cases, the packaging (box) is white, including the image of the smartphone on the front side.

      Such Apple smartphones are known under the names: “Like new” or “Refurbished” or “CPO”, their are usually 20-30% lower, and the quality does not suffer at all. The manufacturer gives the same one-year warranty as for a new device (M).

      Apple IPhone marking

      As mentioned earlier, the markings are on the back of the original iPhone box (in the figure under number 1).

      If there is only the smartphone itself, then it can be found in the settings, for this:

      Open up Settings your smartphone.

    • Choose a section General → About this device.
    • Scroll down to the line Model.
    • Having received the marking code, we will begin to figure out what’s what.

      It can start only with Latin letters M, F, N and P. Additionally, there is an option that starts with figures, eg. 3.

      P. Personalized (engraved).

      Next, the phone model itself is encrypted with the amount of memory and color. These data are not so important to us, since we can determine this even without marking.

      Important information will be given to us by the letter / letters at the end of the marking before the “/”.

      They indicate the region (country) of origin. Previously, this could affect the frequencies used in 3G and 4G (LTE) networks, in modern models this is not so important, because all fundamental frequencies are present in all models. And in some models, on the contrary, extra ones may be added, for use in some specific regions / countries where frequencies are used that others do not have.

      3 (or another number). Demo version (demo). For example, 3D035RU.

      As a rule, such devices do not go on sale at all. Are not provided to the customer in any form. In the case of sale, it can be either as a BU, or with a significant discount.

      M. New device.. N. Iphone, issued under the Apple warranty to replace a broken gadget.

      Apple has several programs to replace the iPhone. It can be exchanged under warranty or with a surcharge. These iPhones are also called replacement iPhones. And in this case, they should be distinguished from the replacement IPhone issued at the service center at the time of repairing your device under warranty. It is more correct to call it rather a replacement.

      These devices are produced along with new phones, and are issued only at the service center. Those. They do not come for sale directly from the factory, but are sent to the ASC, where they are issued in exchange for a guarantee.

      The peculiarity of these models is that the warranty of such devices is limited by the remaining warranty, the smartphone is handed over to the service center.

      Those. If, say, you brought an IPhone under warranty to the service in a month, and you were given a replacement device (N), then its warranty will be already 11 months (the remainder of the warranty of the first smartphone).

      At the same time, the replacement IPhone has not been previously used and has not been activated, and the balance of the warranty cannot be determined without its activation.

      Top 10: Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone (Wired)

      The best headphones for iPhone in 2020 are wireless headphones with AAC codec support. Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple has perfidiously ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of wireless headphones. Therefore, 9 out of 10 positions in our TOP 10 are occupied by Bluetooth headphones, which are well combined with new models of Apple iPhone phones (7), and with old ones too.

      This article covers the best headphones for iPhone. If you are looking for headphones for other phones:

      Looking for AirPods alternatives? We have conveniently divided them into price categories:

      Which wireless headphones are suitable for the iPhone?

      For wireless headphones for iPhone from Apple themselves (original) are very high: from 150 for already “old” AirPods 2019 to almost 300 for “top” AirPods Pro. Most models from other manufacturers, which can be found, for example, on the official Apple website at the same level.

      There are cheaper and more expensive wireless earbuds available for any iPhone. They will be considered in the rating. What I want to immediately warn against is the purchase of Chinese copies of fake AirPods. They are very cheap, they look like “apple” headphones, but the quality is fully consistent with the price.

      The iPhone (and Apple in general) only “recognizes” the AAC codec (excluding the standard SBC) for wireless audio transmission. Accordingly, there is no point in purchasing wireless Bluetooth headphones with aptX or LDAC support if they are more expensive than the option with only SBC and / or AAC.

      Why is the manufacturer from Cupertino refusing to implement support for high definition codecs? The answer is simple: you have to pay for licenses for them, but Apple does not see the point in this, and AAC is good. And the implementation of this codec gives sound no worse than aptX.

      • Can I connect headphones from an iPhone to a computer and use their microphone? Yes, you can. Most of the time, the process of connecting AirPods to your computer does not cause problems. And not only to the MacBook, but also to the Windows PC. This is detailed in our dedicated article. The microphone of any Apple iPhone headset will of course also work when connected to a PC. Most likely, without additional settings. But, even if problems arise, they are all easily solvable.
      • Can any wireless headphones be connected to the iPhone? Yes. Iphone supports the standard SBC codec (which can be used by any Bluetooth headphones), respectively, you can connect headphones from Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and any other manufacturer to the iPhone. But, most likely, no “magic”. # 128521;
      • Can I use headphones from iPhone with Android and vice versa? Sure. Headphones from iPhone are suitable for any Android phones. Except for wired EarPods with proprietary lightning plug. Only Apple technology has this interface.
      • What are the headphone apps for iPhone? Airpods and other Apple headphones do not require additional applications when connected to an iPhone. For many high-quality models from well-known manufacturers (Sennheiser, Sony, Marshall, and others), there are proprietary iPhone applications. As for Android. But all models can work without special applications.

      Iphone connectors and wired headphone adapters

      As you know, since the iPhone 7, Apple smartphones have lost the 3.5 mm audio jack. And which connector of the iPhone became “responsible” for the transmission of sound? Lightning. And the wireless Bluetooth interface, of course. Considering that literally a couple of headphone models (some of them EarPods) have lightning plugs, the iPhone, one might say, has stopped supporting a wired connection. Or not?

      The Chinese were the first to react: since the release of the iPhone 7 to the present time on Aliexpress (and similar sites) it is easy to find an inexpensive lightning adapter to a 3.5 mm mini-jack. Yes, this is an additional link, but this is almost the only option to connect regular wired headphones to the iPhone. Another option is more exotic: a 3.5 mm to Bluetooth adapter. But this is not a good idea for many reasons.

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