iPhone 10 is waterproof or not

Is it possible to shoot video underwater

If you submerge your iPhone 10 in water and shoot a video, then most likely nothing will happen to it. However, this is not recommended, since the protection of the iPhone X in the form of the IP67 standard is provided by the developer in order to protect the gadget in the event of force majeure. It does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the device after immersion in the aquatic environment.

Also, the touchpad will not work underwater. For those who still dare to take video with the iPhone X underwater, you will have to turn on the camera before diving. Instead of a sensor, you can use the volume button.

IPhone X water resistance rating

According to the official information provided on the Apple website, the iPhone 10 is water and dust resistant, the degree of which is expressed in the IP67 index. What does this mean and which term is best applied to the iPhone X: water resistance or water resistance?

According to the international classification system that determines the degree of protection of the enclosure of devices. IPXX (Ingress Protection) indicates the level of protection of the enclosure against water and dust penetration. The first digit X. characterizes the parameter of protection against the ingress of solid objects (including dust), and the second. from water, moisture. In the IP67 index for the iPhone 10, the number 7 means that the device will withstand a short immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter. It is not assumed that:

  • IPhone Functioning Underwater.
  • Long stay in water.
  • Diving deeper than 1 m.
  • Hot water jet exposure.

It is worth noting that “7” is not the coolest indicator of the degree of protection. Most of the flagships based on Android are certified IP68, which makes them more resistant to moisture.

Protection against moisture penetration is provided by a sealed rubber frame located along the perimeter inside the case. However, the material wears out over time, and the rubber plugs gradually lose their properties after moisture ingress.

From the above, it follows that the iPhone 10 is water resistant, not water resistant. He is not afraid of falling into a vessel with water, drops or jets on the body. However, if you dive into the pool with it, then under the pressure of the water, the protective mechanisms are likely to collapse. It is also recommended to avoid contact with salt or soapy water, tea and other liquids that could damage the rubber components of the protector. If this happens, then rinse the iPhone with clean water, wipe it with a soft cloth and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Refrain from charging the device after exposure to a humid environment until it dries completely.

iPhone X is waterproof or not?

Since the release of the iPhone X, it has continued to be tested for reliability and durability, coming up with new tests and tests. Advertising posters and videos showcase the latest smartphone in splashes of water, hinting at the water resistance of the glass case.

It will be useful for users to find out how good the water resistance of the flagship Apple iPhone X is, whether its case is waterproof or not, and what the “IP67” rating means.

Is breakage due to water covered by the warranty?

There are many videos and life hacks posted on the Internet offering to make sure whether the iPhone 10 is waterproof or not. For fans of experiments and underwater photography, it will be useful to find out. if the cause of the breakdown of the iPhone X, as well as of a gadget of another generation, is the penetration of moisture or water, then it will not be repaired under warranty. This is clearly spelled out on the official Apple Internet resource.

This means that the iPhone owner will have to pay for fixing the problem from his own wallet.

iPhone X (10): Waterproof or Not?

With the release of new iPhones, the same questions always arise. Most of them relate to water permeability and from here then another one appears, but can he shoot under water.

This time, Apple’s top flagship is the iPhone X, or it is also called the iPhone 10. When you spend 1,500 for a smartphone, it will be very disappointing if you just drown it, checking the water permeability.

Let’s figure out today what has changed compared to last year and what happens to phones if you dip it under water.

iPhone X (10): can you shoot underwater?

Quite a long time has already passed when moisture protection first appeared in iPhones. But this does not prevent users, immediately after purchase, to quickly run to the bathroom and dip into the bathtub.

Okay, bloggers are doing this, because they show the capabilities of iPhones and at the same time make money on it. There are many underwater iPhone 10 checks on YouTube.

In general, the situation has not changed much, compared to the iPhone 7. We still have IP67, which allows you to submerge under water for 30 minutes, to a depth of 1m.

Nevertheless, after watching some videos, you begin to understand that the protection is good enough and if you drop your iPhone X into the pool or want to shoot a video, then absolutely nothing will happen to it.

By the way, about photos and videos, if you still want to do this, then the sensor is not your assistant in this. For video. first we turn on the shooting and then we dive, or the volume keys, and for the photo. we use only the volume buttons.

This all sounds good, but there is one point you should definitely know. If something happens to your iPhone X due to the ingress of water or moisture, then under warranty you will not be repaired. This is clearly spelled out on the official Apple website. It can be found on the specification page and scrolling down, there is a text in small print. And this means that the likelihood of making a drowning out of your iPhone X still exists.

iPhone 6s waterproof or not?

For the past couple of years, it has been difficult to find a top-end smartphone that does not have dust and moisture protection. This feature is already the default and it will be difficult enough to surprise someone.

With iPhones, it’s a bit of a separate story, because even here they played the role of defenders, adding this protection quite late. This is how Apple’s strategy for today works.

Based on all this, many people have a question: “Waterproof iPhone 6S or not.” There were rumors that there was a feature, they just did not officially announce it. Let’s deal with this moment in more detail.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus: can you shoot underwater?

So, you can start with the fact that for the first time moisture protection appeared in the iPhone 7. There is an IP67 standard and it allows you to keep the phone under water at a depth of 1 m for as much as 30 minutes.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus do not have this standard. If you put them under water or accidentally drop them there, then it is likely that they will survive. But after a few days, they just stop working. Here you will be lucky, because it all depends on the situation.

I wrote a whole article on the topic of water getting into the iPhone and if you are interested in reading about it, read here What to do if the iPhone falls into the water?

There are already quite a few tests on YouTube, and if you’re interested, here’s one of them:

Two models were tested simultaneously and the blogger lowered the phones three times for different amounts of time. Of course, they were doing well, but the third session turned off the 6S and damaged the Plus version very seriously.

I do not recommend experimenting with this theme. If you want to take pictures underwater, just buy yourself a special case. There are a lot of them today and can be found for every taste and price.

iPhone / iPad 09/27/2015 | 0

Android smartphone manufacturers have been equipping their smartphones with water resistance for more than two years, whereas Apple has never added this feature to its products. The enthusiast decided to test the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for water resistance. The results of the experiment turned out to be incredible not only for the experimenter, but for the entire Internet.

For the experiment, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were put in cold water for one hour, and the whole process was recorded on video with a stopwatch turned on. After being underwater for so long, both Apple devices worked as expected. The water did not harm both devices, so the new iPhones can be considered waterproof.

Apple has not announced the use of a waterproof case in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so you shouldn’t wet such an expensive device anyway. It is possible that such a high resistance to moisture penetration is being tested on real customers so that the iPhone 7 can become an official water and dust resistant.

The waterproof smartphone case gives you a fresh perspective on how to use your smartphone. Dust and waterproof users can easily shoot pool videos without the need for additional covers. Also, with such devices, you can take a bath and shower, and not be afraid to accidentally spill some liquid on the gadget.

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What were the results during the experiments?

The iPhone 7 Plus and its original model have been the subject of hundreds of different experiments. In 90% of cases, the experiments ended positively, the remaining 10% included complicated experiments that exceeded the norm by several times, which is why, in fact, some unfavorable results of the experimenters’ activity arose. But it is not important, model 7 spent a lot of time under water and in almost every case proved that the technological basis of the model is in order and the developers do not deceive users, offering for review a special IP67 protection system, which provides maximum protection in terms of water resistance, dust ingress and some damage.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus turned out to be surprisingly quite water resistant, water permeability was almost zero, and even the ability to shoot videos and the ability to take photos underwater remained unchanged, which greatly surprised users who conducted experiments. But still, in a comparative analysis, the iPhone 7 Plus showed itself much better, which means that in technological terms this model is much better.

iPhone 7 waterproof or not

iPhone 7 has become not only the most popular mobile phone with a high degree of technological excellence. It has also become the most talked about gadget on the Internet. In addition to carefully studying this smartphone, users began to actively experiment on it, trying to prove or disprove this or that fact. It was dropped from a height, tried to burn and freeze, but the most frequent and popular experiment was immersion in water. iPhone 7, water permeable or not, at what depth, at what pressure, etc. All these experiments made the iPhone 7 stay in water for a long time and the most amazing thing is that all experiments ended quite unexpectedly for users.

Marketing ploy or technical excellence?

After the developers of the new technical model told that their development of the iPhone 7 Plus and the standard model will have improved protection, users began to perceive such statements as a kind of marketing ploy. Nothing can stop water from getting inside and breaking the phone, even if it is at least as protected as possible. However, after conducting a series of experiments, it turned out that the developers honor their reputation and the phone really can withstand the pressure of water.

In terms of technical indicators, the standard model and the plus model can withstand the pressure of water from the tap and function normally at a depth of 3 meters. That is, if you dropped the phone into the bathtub, got caught in the rain or fell into a puddle, then the phone will remain unharmed. Yes, scratches on the case may remain, but the phone itself will definitely survive such a nuisance. Even after carrying out complicated experiments, it turned out that the phone can remain working until it is drowned to a depth of 10 meters, but the likelihood of such a situation is extremely small. But the phone can be safely used in the pouring rain and nothing will happen to it.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the legendary latest phones of the next generation. In addition to technological excellence, they allow you to use their functionality at any time without any problems, not to be afraid of breakdowns and just enjoy the quality. But we immediately warn you that it is better not to conduct experiments personally, the fact is that there is a clause in the agreement about whether the phone is damaged as a result of water ingress, then the phone is not subject to warranty service.

Water resistant models

Apple began to provide this feature to smartphones starting with the iPhone 7 and above with an IP67 rating. the most common standard. In versions of the iPhone 6 and below, certain functions will accidentally fail or the device will be completely disabled.

The number 7 speaks of a short (up to 30 minutes) work in water at a depth of 1 m.Also Apple warns users that the phone is not subject to warranty and service repair in case of problems due to its contact with water.

IPhone X water test

This video shows the iPhone X water resistance test:

Waterproof case

For smartphones without IP67, you can use a case, including a non-standard one:

  • a plastic zip lock bag, the thickness of which even allows the use of the sensor;
  • a plastic container with a tight lid, although it will not allow using the smartphone under water, but will ensure its safety.

There are also specially designed waterproof cases that protect against moisture and shock, while looking compact.

Not all of them will look pretty, because that is not their main purpose. Also, pay attention to the supported models to avoid purchasing the wrong accessory.

About moisture protection

Protection from water has become widespread relatively recently. Previously, only specially designed phones with the same cases provided this opportunity.

The degree of water protection is determined by the manufacturer, after which it is encoded in the characteristics with a certain value. The modern international classification of the degrees of protection of the gadget (IP, Ingress Protection) combines indicators of dust and water impermeability.

The first number indicates the level of permeability of solid particles, starting from dust; the second is an indicator of protection against liquid. The higher these indicators, the better the protection.

Below is the decoding of digital values.

iPhone 7 shockproof or not

The shock resistance of the new iPhone model is amazing!

Popular Western YouTube blogger EverythingApplePro conducted an interesting drop test of the new iPhone 7, the results of which are surprising.

In his comparison video, the presenter alternately throws iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 from different heights onto a concrete floor. While last year’s flagship does not withstand the “test of height” already in the middle of the roller (falling from a height of human height), “Seven” shocks with its impact resistance throughout the test.

The climax of the video is the fall of the iPhone 7 from a stepladder, about 3 meters high. In previous years, we would have looked at a crashed iPhone with sadness, but not this time. IPhone 7 case and display remain intact! But see for yourself. We are waiting for other deadly crash tests.

The new iPhone 7 cannot be smashed or drowned. Apple, what are you doing? Shut up and take my money!

(4.00 out of 5, rated: 1)

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Yuri Andreev

I love Apple, I talk about gadgets, movies and useful things from the IT world.

Modern models of expensive smartphones have features that are not available in cheaper alternatives. Among these possibilities are dust and moisture protection. This article will take a look at which iPhones are waterproof.

To find out which iPhones are waterproof, you should pay attention to the degree of protection according to the international classification specified in the characteristics of the gadget. You can also use special covers for models without this option.

The smartphone has long become an integral part of the life of every modern person. He accompanies us everywhere, so he is often exposed to dust and moisture. Apple’s tech makers have solved this problem by making the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus cases dust and water resistant. Both devices received IP67 protection.

Enabling Yandex Caller ID on iPhone

Yandex has developed quite a few Internet services and mobile applications. Among them is the Caller ID, which allows you to find out who called and, if necessary, report potential intruders and possible violations and / or simply get additional information. Here’s how to activate this feature on iPhone.

Important! Caller ID is one of the features of the Yandex application, and therefore, in order to follow the recommendations below, it must be installed on the iPhone. Use the following link for this.

Customization and use

    Returning to the Yandex Finder interface after activating it in the “Settings” or simply re-launching the application, you will see information on how to check the number, as well as how to enable the ability to complain about spam and use it in the future. Let’s start with the last.

iPhone X Underwater Face ID Test!

Tap on the item “Report spam (SMS / calls)” and check the box next to “Yandex”.

In the pop-up window, click “Enable”, after which the function will be activated.

Now let’s look at how to use the included feature.

    Open the Phone app and go to its Recents tab. Find the number you want to report and swipe from right to left until more action appears.

Tap “Report”, and then select one of the two available options. “Yes, this is an important call” or “No, this is an unwanted call”.

When you select the second item, it will be possible to “Block the number” and, if you have communicated with the caller, provide additional information, indicating why you were called and from where, as well as, if there is such a desire, “Add a comment”.

If the number from which you were called was not identified, but is marked with warnings like “Unwanted call”, “Perhaps intruders”, you can check it. The same works with other unknown numbers.

    In the “Recent” tab of the “Phone” application, find the number you want to check, and click on the “Information” button located to the right of it (the letter “i” in a circle).

Scroll down the list of available actions a little and tap on the item “Check in Yandex”.

In the window that appears, you can confirm the service’s assumption about who called you, or correct it, call or write to the number, as well as “Find a number in Yandex”.

Note: If you notice that Caller ID has stopped working, delete and download the number base again. To do this, use the corresponding link in the Yandex application located directly in the service section.

Automatic caller ID works in the background, this service does not have its own interface, and we examined all the available settings in the fourth paragraph of the previous part of the article and the first of this.

Enabling Yandex Caller ID

    Launch the Yandex application, open its menu (the button with four squares located in the right corner of the bottom panel) and tap on the “Caller ID” icon.

Immediately after that, a step-by-step instruction will appear telling you how to activate the function. In order to do this, you need to “Go to settings”.

Once in the “Settings” iOS, if required, return to their home page, scroll down and open the “Phone” section.

After a few seconds, the Yandex Caller ID will be activated, but in order to use all the features of the service, you need to perform a few more manipulations, which we will discuss below.

What to do if “Block. and identif. call “is missing in the settings

In the latest versions of iOS, starting from 14.3, you can often encounter a problem in which the “Block. and identif. call “required to activate a third-party caller ID, which is Yandex, is not available in the phone settings. To solve it, you need to do the following:

    Open the “Privacy” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Deactivate and then reactivate the switch next to the item “Tracking requests for applications”. If required, confirm this action.

Check for the “Block. and identif. call “in the” Phone “settings section.

If it does not appear, tap the “Report spam” item below and turn it off.

iphone, waterproof

After completing these steps, the “Block. and identif. call “should become available and it will be possible to enable caller ID.

If this does not happen, uninstall the Yandex application, then install it again, enable the Detector and configure it according to the instructions above.

Note! Instead of the Yandex application with Alice, considered within the framework of this article, you can use Yandex Browser to enable Caller ID. the necessary feature is hidden in its settings.

In conclusion, we note that only one caller ID can be used on the iPhone at a time, so if you have several such applications installed, remove all of them, leaving only Yandex.

Water resistance of Mi band 5

Most people buy a fitness tracker for sports in order to monitor biometric parameters and try to correctly distribute the load.

Exercise is not limited to jogging or walking, there are also exercises on the water. Therefore, the question arises whether the purchased fitness bracelet is waterproof or not. In the material we will answer whether it is possible to wet the new model of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, and what class of protection it has.

Waterproof bracelet

When the manufacturer declares that the device is protected from moisture, this means that certain elements are provided in the design to ensure tightness. But not all gadgets are able to withstand diving to a depth of more than 10 meters.

The protection class is indicated by abbreviations: WR (Water Resistant), IP (Ingress Protection), ATM (atmospheric pressure measurement). Devices of the first and last row will only withstand the effects of the aquatic environment, and dirt and dust can disrupt the performance of external and internal parts and mechanisms.

The case of devices with IP67 protection is usually made resistant to mechanical damage to protect against environmental influences.

Protection degree Band 5

On different forums or reviews of the new Mi Smart Band 5, you can find different designations of water resistance: 50WR or 5ATM. Although these numbers are outwardly different, they mean one thing.

The bracelet will not be damaged by surface swimming in a pool or fresh water of an open source. Scuba diving, diving from a board or a tower should be discarded. In this case, the applied pressure increases significantly, mechanical damage to the case can be irreversible.

Sea water is an aggressive environment. If you are planning a vacation on white beaches, think carefully about whether to take your smartwatch on your trip. The Fifth Band steadfastly withstands a short swim in salt water. But it is worth remembering that such a liquid has a detrimental effect on external contacts located on the back side. Magnetic charging of the Pogo Pin is negatively affected.

Rain and even heavy rain, showers do not affect the functioning of the tracker.

Terms of reference

In order for the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet to delight the user with functionality for a long time, to help track the parameters of physical activity, we recommend following several recommendations:

    After swimming in the sea, thoroughly rinse the device under water, wipe it with a dry towel and leave it in a ventilated area. It is not recommended to visit the sauna or bath with a gadget on your wrist. The tracker will not withstand high temperatures. Go through the maintenance of the fifth Band in the service workshop. A technician will replace worn out gaskets to increase the tightness. Do not use cosmetics on the skin of the body, hands, or face while wearing the bracelet. If spilled, rinse with water. While in the water, do not change modes, do not switch tracks while swimming, and do not watch the weather.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet received a good moisture resistance class. Protection against water in Mi band 4 is implemented in the IP68 system, which adds resistance to external effects of dust and dirt. Which device demonstrates better or worse performance in the pool will show further practical use. But swimming in salt water is negative for both gadgets.

Waterproof iPhone

Did your iPhone accidentally fall into a full bath but nothing happened? Many iPhone models are specially protected from water and dust damage. And not only the latest models. For example, the iPhone 7 is not afraid of water.

Waterproof iPhones. Models

Interested in the question. is the iPhone XR waterproof or not? Let’s explain now. For example, the iPhone 7 (7 Plus), iPhone 8 (8 Plus), iPhone X and iPhone XR are rated IP 67. The rear code number 7 denotes temporary immersion protection.

First of all, this means that the devices work up to 30 minutes in water at a depth of one meter. At the same time, the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone 11 are numbered 8 (IP68). Therefore, they are protected from constant immersion for up to 30 minutes at a water depth of up to two meters.

As a result, these devices can be considered waterproof in the literal sense of the word. Waterproof iPhones are shown in the following table:

IP67 (waterproof) IP68 (waterproof)
iPhone 7 (Plus) iPhone XS
iPhone 8 (Plus) iPhone XS Max
iPhone X iPhone 11
iPhone XR

Waterproof iPhones. which models are water-resistant?

Waterproof iPhones exist. However, not all models offer this protection. Often, for many smartphones, falling into water can be critical. As a result, you have to spend a lot of time and money on repairing the device.

The first steps to fix the problem are described in the article: “How to dry the phone after water at home.” If drying does not help, then you should start diagnostics and repair.

When a smartphone is considered waterproof?

First of all, the waterproof setting on smartphones is also known as IP rating. The abbreviation “IP” stands for International Protection Mark. It should be noted that the IP protection class consists of two codes.

The first number is for protection from dust or other debris. The highest degree of protection of the first code number is expressed by the number 6. First of all, it indicates that the device is completely dustproof and protected from contact.

The second code indicates how waterproof the device is. For example, there are only 9 degrees of protection against water. They determine if the iPhone is water-repellent or truly waterproof.

You can learn more about IP protection classes online. IP certification can be found on all iPhone models starting from the iPhone 7. It should be noted that not only Apple smartphones have an IP rating. For example, other brands also produce similar devices.

What can you do if your iPhone falls into water?

First of all, protection against water damage diminishes over time. Therefore, Apple does not guarantee complete water resistance. Even if your iPhone has been classified as waterproof.

If your model does not fit this classification, you can purchase a waterproof iPhone case. As a result, this will increase the chances of protecting the device from water. Although it does not provide complete protection. For example, you still won’t be able to dive into the water with him.

If iPhone gets into water, remove it immediately. You should never charge it while it is wet. First, wipe your iPhone with a soft, lint-free cloth. And also make sure it is dry before opening the SIM tray.

It is best to place your iPhone where it will no longer be exposed to moisture. A heating and drying place is not recommended. Also, do not insert foreign objects such as cotton swabs or handkerchiefs into the device.

How to check Face ID upon purchase?

Be sure to check Face ID before buying, otherwise it will be too late later! Go to Settings → Face ID & Passcode. Set up Face ID by following the prompts on your phone. The procedure is long, in extreme cases, ask sellers to demonstrate how face unlocking works if his face is added to Face ID.

How to check the phone is stolen or not?

To find out whether the phone is stolen or not, you need to send an SMS to the phone number 4443 with the following text: Ministry of Internal Affairs, space IMEI. After a request, your mobile will receive information about whether the gadget is stolen or not.

How to check IMEI Apple?

Find Serial Number, IMEI / MEID Number or ICCID

  • Go to the “Settings” “General” and click “About this device”.
  • Try to find the serial number.
  • To paste this information into the registration or contact form in Support Apple, press and hold the number to copy it.

How to distinguish an original phone from a fake one?

  • the first 6 indicate the batch number;
  • the next 2 are the country code of the manufacturer;
  • then 6 digits show the serial number of the smartphone;
  • the last digit is the main one and allows you to check the phone for originality.

How to find out if the iPhone has been in use?

How to check if you bought a new iPhone?

  • Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.
  • Enter in the appropriate field the serial number of the iPhone (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

The bundle is empty as expected

You will not find anything superfluous in the box with the device, Apple continues to adhere to a minimalistic policy. Only the accessory itself and documentation.

or less lucky is the owners of the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max or the new iPad Pro, which have an 18W block in their packaging. It overclocks MagSafe up to 13W. And to reveal the maximum potential, you will need a 20-watt adapter, with which the access works at 15 W.

In any case, if you did not have last year’s iPhones or iPads, the power supply will have to be purchased separately. It costs only 2 thousand .

How MagSafe Works

In the case of the new iPhones there is a rounded insert that contains a special magnetic circle, as well as a charging coil. This is not the first smartphone that has a coil in the case, because wireless chargers work exactly according to this principle, but the whole difference lies in the presence of a magnet.

It is he who expands the possibilities of technology.

MagSafe’s many components include a circular array of magnets around an induction coil, a shielding system, and NFC. With their help, the iPhone does not just distinguish gadgets from each other.

You put Smart on a magnetic pad, it is securely fixed on it and determines by the chip that it is MagSafe in front of it, and not some ordinary Qi. It allows charging with 15W power.

It charges from 0 to 100 percent in about 1.5-2 hours. Works even in a case.

How to charge older iPhones and other devices

MagSafe works with any iPhone that supports wireless charging.

But keep in mind that it is only fully compatible with the iPhone 12. They have magnets that center the accessory with the smartphone. Thanks to this and the NFC reader, the maximum charging speed is achieved.

It is also compatible with other devices, but without a magnetic clutch.

Maximum charge rate (15W) will only be available with any iPhone 12 model. The rest of the iPhones with wireless charging support will only get 7.5 watts. This is a standard that applies only to Apple technology. And it’s easy to detach it just by touching the cable with your foot.

Overall, it takes me about 5 hours to replenish energy on an iPhone 11 via MagSafe. This is a lot. I certainly do not advise taking a novelty for my last year’s device.

But don’t forget that this is essentially a Qi charger. Therefore, it can also be used to charge other equipment, including Airpods and Android smartphones. If only they supported BZU.

Magnets are really strong?

Thanks to the magnets built into the iPhone and into the charging, they reliably, no, even firmly adhere to each other. You can calmly shake your smartphone, and it will not even think to move a centimeter.

That’s serious. You shake the devices, and they are connected further.

No, this does not mean at all that the iPhone will now have to be torn off the device. With a slight movement to the side, you can safely detach them from each other.

There are many uses for MagSafe. I’m already thinking about integrating the charger into a wall or somewhere in furniture so that I can conveniently put an iPhone 12 mini on it.

MagSafe iPhone Charging Review. Should I take it or not?

All new iPhones 12 feature the new MagSafe wireless charging system.

iPhone X Water Test! Extreme Conditions

Apple chose this name for a reason, it has been around for a very long time and was used in the MacBook before. The bottom line was that the device was easily magnetised to the laptop and just as easily detached. This way you can save your computer if you accidentally hit the cable.

? Watch our MagSafe unboxing test and follow us on Instagram:

Publication from iPhones.ru (@iphones_ru) 10 Nov 2020 at 9:54 PST

iphone, waterproof

With the iPhone 12, the company decided to follow a similar scenario. IPhones are still convenient to use with wireless charging, and if something happens, you can quickly disconnect it and not be afraid to damage the connector.

And now I have this cherished gadget in my hands. Does it really make life easier? Understanding.

Remove water from device interfaces

Use cotton swabs, toothpicks, and other handy tools to remove liquid from the Lightning interface, speakers, and other hard-to-reach areas. But don’t overdo it. don’t damage the contacts, etc.

What to do or not to do if iPhone 7 falls into water

iPhone 7 is IP67 water resistant. This rating says that a smartphone will survive 30 minutes when immersed in water (!) To a depth of one meter. But you can’t swim with your phone, take a shower, and so on. It is fraught with breakage.

Apple does not consider liquid spills in the iPhone 7 or device breakage as a warranty claim. Therefore, answer personally for the consequences. The editors of the site contacted a major service and received instructions to avoid it.

Disconnect cables and turn off your smartphone

If water gets on iPhone 7, disconnect any devices connected to your smartphone. Lightning cable for charging or transferring information, headphones, and so on. And turn off the device until it dries completely.

Wipe off liquid from the surface of the iPhone 7

Wipe the liquid off the surface of the smartphone with a soft cloth or paper towels. Pay close attention to screen seams, volume buttons, and the iPhone 7 mute switch.

Be patient and relax without a 7

To dry iPhone 7, leave your smartphone in a ventilated area for 5 hours. Service employees claim that this time is enough for drying. And you can’t turn on your smartphone before.

Don’t put iPhone 7 in a bag of rice

Forget about the old-fashioned way of drying your phone with rice. It works with non-waterproof devices. And in the case of the iPhone 7, it will slow down the natural drying of the smartphone and scratch the device (hello Jet Black).

Nikolay Gritsaenko

PhD in ripped jeans. Writing a doctoral thesis on Mac, never letting go of my iPhone, talking about technology and life.

How to distinguish a “gray” iPhone from a “white

For example, an iPhone model identifier that was produced for the US market will end with the letters LL (or LL / A), “British”. B (B / A), Apple smartphone from Poland. PM (PM / A), from Hong Kong. etc.

Screenshot of settings for a gray iPhone from Poland:

It is rather difficult to counterfeit all these insignia or use packaging from another smartphone and it is not very profitable in terms of potential profit, so these signs can be considered sufficient to determine the “whiteness” of the iPhone.

If you agree to purchase an iPhone from your hands, but do not want to purchase a “gray” gadget, then also start checking it by matching the information on the box and on the smartphone itself.

Serial number, IMEI and model must be identical in the device settings (Settings → General → About this device) and on the box.

How to find out the serial number, IMEI on a new, unactivated iPhone, we described in detail in this manual.

We talked in more detail about checking iPhone online in this article.

Benefits of a Gray iPhone

The main and often decisive advantage of a gray iPhone in comparison with a legally imported one for the buyer is cost. The difference in price can reach about 25%, while most users do not see any other differences between smuggled and purchased from an official reseller smartphones, but still they are.

What is a “gray” iPhone, and is it worth buying such a device

If the iPhone is called gray when selling, then in most cases it is not about the color of the case, but the degree of legality of the import of this device into the country. How to determine a “gray” smartphone and what consequences the purchase of such a gadget can entail. we understand the material below.

A few years ago, for the majority of domestic users, the difference between a “gray” and a “white” (official) iPhone was determined solely by the cost, and the purchase of a smartphone from unofficial resellers (among the common people of “second-hand dealers” or “hucksters”) the average Russian or a resident of the near abroad considered ordinary savings. In fact, the use of an illegally sold device can be justified from an economic point of view, however, gray strife is gray, and it is better to buy an iPhone based on the recommendations below.

Does Apple Warranty Cover Gray iPhones?

It is not possible to oblige Apple to legally repair warranty smartphones imported from abroad. the company does not undertake the repair of devices for objective reasons due to technical restrictions in different countries. For example, in China, communication standards differ from European ones. At the same time, it is hardly possible to prove that the LTE frequency has nothing to do with screen breakage or battery defects

It is worth noting that starting in 2019, some “gray” iPhones are covered by a one-year (1 year) Apple warranty in Russia. If you have any problems, you will need to contact an official Apple reseller. At the same time, the warranty period for the “white” (official) iPhone is 2 years.

Here is a list of current iPhone versions for Russia, subject to free warranty service in 2020:

iPhone 7: A1778 iPhone 7 Plus: A1784 iPhone 8: A1905, A1863 iPhone 8 Plus: A1897, A1864 iPhone X: A1901, A1865 iPhone XS: A2097 iPhone XS Max: A2101 iPhone XR: A2105 iPhone 11: A2221 iPhone 11 Pro: A2215 iPhone 11 Pro Max: A2218

It is important to understand that in this case we are talking about a worldwide warranty, the duration of which is one year, while the device purchased from an authorized dealer can be serviced free of charge for two years.

Problems of the “gray” iPhone during operation

In most cases, the use of a “gray” iPhone does not cause any problems, but this is only due to the fact that most of the devices come to us from neighboring countries. If you buy a Taiwanese or, for example, a Brazilian gadget, you may encounter poor communication quality and even the absence of an LTE connection. This happens due to the use of different frequencies in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. By the way, the Russian authorities have repeatedly threatened to block all smartphones that entered the country illegally. This is a very difficult, but technically feasible task.

Perhaps the most significant problems can be caused by the purchase of a “gray” operator’s iPhone (aka “locked”, “locked”, contract, tied to the operator, SIM-lock, etc.). Such a smartphone works only with a SIM-card of a certain operator in the country where the purchase was made.

In addition to the cases described above, the “gray” iPhone can provide less serious trouble for its owner. For example, the plug for connecting the charger adapter to the mains differs in many countries. This means that it is not possible to connect a British or, for example, an American iPhone to a domestic outlet using standard charging without a special adapter.

A less important nuance is that Apple complies with the laws of the countries to which it ships its gadgets, which entails some consequences. For example, an iPhone bought in the Emirates until 2020 did not support FaceTime video calls, a Japanese smartphone will not allow you to mute the camera, and a “European” will limit the maximum volume in headphones (for Russia, Apple has no restrictions yet).

The best “gray” iPhone for a Russian user is an iPhone brought from the European Union or the United States. The device practically does not differ from the official Apple smartphone, produced for Russia, with the exception of the absence of a two-year warranty.

What is a “gray” iPhone

To officially sell the iPhone in Russia or any other country in the world, you must conclude a contract with Apple, pay customs duty, undergo certification and obtain all permits. Naturally, official dealers who spent time and money on going through these mandatory procedures take into account their own and state interests when calculating the price (for example, the value of VAT, which is 20% of the cost in Russia). This is the “white” iPhone, and you can find it only at authorized dealers (which are usually large retail chains, for example, Svyaznoy, M.video, etc.), as well as on the official Apple website. You can get a list of “white” resellers for your locality by clicking on this link.

However, not every batch of smartphones is worth going through all the circles of bureaucratic hell and paying customs duties. It is not difficult for many people who want to earn money to carry several (or several dozen) iPhones across the border from nearby European or Asian countries, and the final price of such a device for the buyer is usually 20% (plus or minus) below the market price.

It is important to understand that we are talking about completely new original smartphones made by Apple. We talked in detail about how to identify a Chinese counterfeit here, and about used iPhones sold under the guise of refurbished ones. here. Also in this article there will be no mention of scammers selling through ads iPhone 5s under the guise of iPhone SE, jailbroken devices in sealed packaging, etc.

The “gray” iPhone is an ordinary new original smartphone from Apple, but which has not passed the certification procedure for the country into which it was imported after the sale. Usually “gray” iPhones are imported and sold in violation of tax laws (smuggled). In addition, when using the iPhone in a non-native region (not the country for which it was released), there may be some restrictions described below.

What is watch water resistance

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the smartwatch review, they wrote useful information about what water resistance is and what certain markings mean.

Pay attention to the water resistance icon on the dial or on the case back. When using such a watch, the following rules must be observed.

  • Non-waterproof watches This is a watch that is not designed to be used in water. Try not to keep them in humid places and protect them from accidental water or splashing, steam, etc. Please note that watches that are not waterproof usually do not have any special markings on the dial or case back.
  • Normal water resistance. up to 30 m These watches bear the inscription “WATER RESISTANT” (“waterproof”). This means that the watch is able to withstand the static pressure of a 30-meter water column (3 atmospheres), but does not mean that you can dive in it to a depth of 30 m. rain time, etc. The design of this watch allows it to be used in everyday life. for example, when washing your face or in the rain, but you should not swim, take a bath or wash your car in these watches.
  • Normal water resistance. up to 50 mThis watch has the inscription “WATER RESISTANT 50M” or “50M” (or “5 bar”). This means that the watch is able to withstand the static pressure of a 50-meter water column (5 atmospheres), but does not mean that you can dive in it to a depth of 50 m. This water resistance allows you to work with water in the watch. This watch cannot be used for diving, diving, windsurfing, etc.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 m The watch is labeled “WATER RESISTANT 100M” or “100M” (or 10 bar). This also means that the watch can withstand the static pressure of 100 meters of water, but please note that you cannot dive 100 meters in it. In practice, this water resistance allows the watch to be exposed to water, or even to be immersed in water, but does not allow the watch to withstand the pressure of water when swimming in a pool or in the sea, where waves can hit the watch.
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters A watch with this water resistance is called a “diver’s watch”. You can safely swim in the sea or the pool with this watch, but you must be careful when taking a pressure shower or jumping into the water. In addition, it is best to avoid bathing in hot water, as it can deteriorate the lubricating oil inside the watch.