iPad Tuples After iOS 13 Update

Greetings to all and all! I didn’t want to write the title of the article in that way, but it was very difficult to pick up another word, except for “buggy”. It’s very capacious (the powerful and rich Russian language is rich and beautiful!) It describes all the possible problems with a screen that lives on its own. The keyboard buttons are pressed, desktops are scrolled, applications are launched, and all this without your knowledge. And the display itself does not respond to clicks!

It would seem that the situation is fantastic and somewhere even mystical, but. In fact, there is nothing strange in this. Everything has a logical explanation. Which one? Now we all know! But first, let’s decide after what actions the screen of your iPhone or iPad can start to live its own life, create chaos, mess around in full and scare its owner.

These actions are not so many:

  1. Firmware update.
  2. Physical damage (drop, shock, moisture).
  3. Replacement or repair of the display (possible nuances).

That’s all. Although no, there is another option. None of the above happened, and the screen suddenly began to “glitch”.

Let’s start with the general preparation of the device, which will help to eliminate some standard points, because of which the touchscreen behaves in such an incomprehensible way:

  • If film or glass is adhered to the device, remove them.
  • Wipe the screen thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use special cleaning liquids, sometimes they can just ruin the oleophobic coating.
  • To eliminate a software problem and errors in iOS, do a hard reboot of the device.

Yes, all of the above is commonplace, but it can help. However, this is far from all the actions that can be performed in order to make the display work.

And the first thing you should pay attention to is non-original power supplies and Lighting wires. Although soon it will be all the same about the wires (the adapter itself, as a rule, does not greatly affect the operation of the device). Here they are. Yes, they can spoil the nerves.

Once I myself came across this and saw how a person’s phone was charging and at the same time periodically lit up, the screen unlocked, pressed on its own, the characters printed on the keyboard. Honestly, I was very surprised how the iPhone has not yet called somewhere on its own !?

iPad Tuples After iOS 13 Update

After a short conversation, it turned out that although this annoys the person, he simply does not want to buy the original wire (I rarely use it, and it will do!). The fact that spontaneous pressing of the display is still not the worst thing that can happen, and the battery will definitely have to be changed soon, he was not interested.

If everything is ok with the charger, then it’s worth moving on to the next reason. These are poor-quality display modules. There were just a huge number of them, but there is an explanation for this:

  1. Many models are simply wildly popular, such as the iPhone 5S.
  2. Original displays are not officially brought to Russia.
  3. China will help everyone.

Here you have a large number of screens of varying degrees of quality. Over, they can be installed both during repair and on “new” (in fact, restored where it is not clear) iPhone. And if you are not lucky, and the screen is set absolutely “left”, then accidental clicks and other joys of life are provided.

By the way, a characteristic feature of this defect is that after locking / unlocking the device everything comes back to normal, but for a while, and then starts to “fail” again. This can occur both immediately after repair / replacement, and after updating iOS. What to do in this case? There are two options:

  1. Set a normal display.
  2. Try sticking a film or glass.

The most interesting thing is that some workshops, knowing what quality of the display they install, when replacing the module, “stick as a gift” they stick a sticker on the screen. Often this is done just to ensure that the iPhone or iPad display behaves correctly and does not live its life. A brilliant move! The difference between a good and a bad screen is big, and the price of the film is small. And everyone is happy: the client thinks that the service is good. He even glued the tape, and the workshop itself won in money.

There is another reason why a touchscreen can behave strangely. But here it will be more correct to say that he will not process clicks at all, and not “just” work in the wrong place.

Perhaps this is a display sensor controller and this is very sad. It can be damaged in the event of a fall, shock, moisture entering the gadget and the lack of timely action to remove this same liquid. Only a few service centers have the ability to solder it (the procedure is done so as not to change the entire system board as a whole). Well, it also costs money, respectively. Certainly cheaper than a complete replacement of the board, but still.

Here is such an unpleasant conclusion at the end of the article.

However, I really hope that all the “glitches” of the screen of your iPhone will be healed by an elementary replacement of the charger, wire, or, in extreme cases, a film or glass sticker. And it will not come to a complicated repair in the service center. So be it!