iPad takes a long time to charge and discharges quickly

What to do if your iPad takes a long time to charge and drains quickly? Causes of fast discharging and slow charging iPads

Many people think that charging and discharging Apple devices can be done exactly the same way as other tablets, but that’s not the case. Such equipment is different in its use and care. It’s a pity that owners of “Apple” products think about it only when they notice how long it takes to charge the iPad.

We are very accustomed to having to fully charge and discharge a new device several times in a row. This tactic is good for phones with nickel batteries, which have a “memory effect” of the charge point, but unacceptable for lithium batteries, which can be recharged at any time. It is recommended that it should never be discharged below 10%. That way you can prevent the battery from failing prematurely.

New versions of Apple tablets use an improved version of the battery, but some owners have a question about why it takes a long time to charge. With the addition of new features and increased memory of the gadget, it needs a lot more power than other tablets. It takes several times as long to charge it.

The charging process lengthens each time, and the time of active work of the gadget decreases? It is worth to apply to the experienced specialist who will carry out qualitative diagnostics and will reveal the reasons of malfunction.

You can use free diagnostics service in our TC. No use “guessing by coffee grounds” when your gadget requires urgent repair.

Why the iPad 4 Charger is “Lacking”?

Easy at-home diagnostics for charging

You may perform preliminary diagnostics at home. Insert the plug of the lightning cable into the socket and wiggle it. If the indicator light from time to time lights up and goes out, then the cable or the interface of the charger must be replaced. If even after replacing the device is charging slowly. it makes sense to contact a good service center.

How long does it take to charge iPad under normal conditions??

The developers have tried to take into account the shortcomings of the previous generation iPads, among which were often mentioned the long time to charge the device fully. The new generation has increased charger power (12W vs 10W). Full charging time in iPad 4 is about 6 hours. Considering that full charging time in iPad 3 was 7 hours, that’s a lot of time.

At the same time the battery life of the tablet computer is from 2 to 7 days, depending on the nature of the load, which is comparable to the best models of “adult” laptops. The battery has an impressive capacity: 11560 mA / h. This weighty consumer advantage levels out the small disadvantages. But if a full charge of your iPad takes much longer than 6 hours and it causes you discomfort, contact our service center. We quickly find the cause and eliminate the defect qualitatively.

ipad, long, time, charge, quickly

Modern tablets have a number of advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to “apple” tablets, whose users are faced with a particular problem. iPad charging slowly. Some still think (from old memory) that the device should be brought to a full discharge two or three times in a row. This practice was acceptable for devices with nickel batteries. Tablets with lithium batteries are not recommended to bring the charge level below 10%.


The main factors that contribute to iPad taking a long time to charge are as follows:

  • charging from PC via USB;
  • uncertified charger;
  • using a non-certified USB cable;
  • Inappropriate charger model or inappropriate cable;
  • prolonged inactivity of the tablet;
  • Using an adapter for the “American” input to the “European” input.
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iPad does not charge, what to do?

Owners of MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBooks that have seen the world since 2011 and beyond do not face this dilemma. Their devices are equipped with powerful ports that provide the iPad with the amount of power it needs. Well, you can play games in parallel. USB-port, in standard mode, is able to provide work to all connected devices, the power consumption of which up to 2.5 watt. This kind of power is not enough to. because it is charged by a power supply with 10 watts of power. When charging time is not important, you can safely connect your iPad to your computer. It will be slow to accept a charge. But do not forget to press the sleep button (lock the display), otherwise the problem of why the iPad does not charge comes up again?

Try connecting a USB cable to all available ports on your computer. Therefore, you should know exactly the characteristics of all the USB ports that your computer has. Modern hardware comes with three kinds of USB. Two of them, 2.0 и 1.0. provide up to 500mA current, and 3.USB port 0 outputs almost twice as much. in the range of 890 mA. Naturally, from 1.0 USB iPad will take a charge for over. and from the 3.0 charging will be much more efficient, especially in terms of time. You can buy a double USB-adapter is a Y-shaped wire, because it allows you to take twice as much power. This kind of device solves the problem of practicality and mobility at the same time. Its name is dictated by the fact that the device has two inputs. for data and power, but the output is only one. It looks like the letter Y. To solve the problem when the iPad has no charge, the manufacturer has finalized its motherboards. Special software has also been released. They are able to switch the USB port in a different mode, respectively, so the necessary power is provided.Based on all of the above, it is worth remembering: – All devices iPad is rather slow to receive a charge from the computer; – The appearance of the icon on the iPad display that “no charge” is not a broken cable or device. When the iPad does not charge. it is quite solvable.

Here is a video about why iPad doesn’t charge

One of the common problems with Apple devices is the situation when the iPad is slow to charge. Sometimes all night is not enough to fully charge the battery of your iPad.

The speed of battery charging may depend on a variety of reasons: the condition of the battery tablet, the state of the charger and software, and so on. In some cases, you will be able to fix your device yourself.

iPhone (iPad) runs down quickly? Fix the cause in 1 minute!

Regardless of the version of iOS, users have always found themselves in a situation where the iPhone runs down quickly. And this problem occurs to many people, but not many people pay attention to it, and not immediately.

In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this trouble and return the battery of your iPhone “former shutter speed”. By the way, the information in this article also applies to iPad tablets.

In my case, I quite accidentally noticed that the percentage on the remaining charge meter began to disappear unnaturally fast. I even experimented by charging the iPhone battery to 100% and leaving it to snooze on the table overnight.

And what do you think? To my great regret, the tests confirmed my fears. the iPhone was indeed running out of power abnormally fast.

overnight (in about 7 hours) I was losing over 20% of my battery charge. This is provided that the phone was not used at all, and was in low power mode. It was a disaster! What to do?

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Unscheduled iPhone repair or the problem is in the software? My head was full of questions, and I turned to the Internet. And this is what I found.

The thing is that somewhere in the “depths of iOS” a conflict may arise, which partially crashes one of the applications, which in turn begins to “feed energy” intensively.

Т.е. Everything is sort of normal, and you use your phone normally, but at one point it starts “devouring” charged lithium ions at an incredible rate.

And notice that all this happens for no apparent reason, regardless of the version iOS and model of your iPhone. My iPhone has been running out of power all of a sudden on 5.1.1 and on iOS 6.1.3, and on iOS 7.0.6. iOS 7 recently came out.1. I think you will find the same flaws in it as well.

Now you’ll probably ask “Well, what to do when the iPhone runs out quickly?”. The answer is always the same. “Follow the instructions below.”

If your iPhone runs out of power very quickly you need to empty the RAM (close all apps) and hard reset the device.

Now for more details, for those who don’t understand what you need to do:

STEP 1. Close all open apps on your iPhone. To do this, double click on the Home button to bring up the multitasking panel, where you close all the applications by swiping the icons up.

Warning! Close all apps. Only the Home screen should remain.

STEP 2. Hardly reboot your iPhone. To do this, simultaneously press the Home button (the round button under the screen) and Power (on the top edge of the phone). Hold it down until the screen goes out (about 7 seconds).

If the above method did not help, it is possible that the problem is with the hardware (battery or charge controller). The articles at the links below will help you figure it out.

That’s all it takes to do. The whole procedure takes exactly one minute. Now your iPhone will stay up all night and will not discharge more than 3%. Checked at!

Do this procedure at least once every three months And do not forget that the batteries and rechargeable batteries of any device are consumables, t.е. lose their properties over time and need to be replaced.

If this article was helpful to you. share it with your friends on social networks. Don’t let their iPhone drain that fast either.

The 5 main reasons why the battery on your iPad drains quickly:

The battery is worn out or it is a manufacturing defect. The reason is banal and simple. You’ve been using your iPad for years, you’ve recharged it “thousands” of times, which has eventually worn out the battery. In this case you can go to the service and replace the battery for money. Or you can continue to use an outdated device until the battery dies completely. There is a third option. The tablet to give as a gift to someone, or sell for cheap, for example on avito. Buy a new device for yourself and enjoy its long working time again.

If the cause is a factory defect, you must, after its detection as soon as possible (before the warranty expires) to contact the Apple service center for a replacement iPad.

ipad, long, time, charge, quickly

Cellular data enabled and using 3 G. These systems can “consume” a lot of energy, especially if there is a low level of signal. iPad in this case constantly has to waste its energy searching the cellular network. It is better to turn this function off, especially when it is not actively used and you do not need, for example, to search something on the Internet. You can turn off the “cellular data” in the settings by sliding the desired slider to the left, or just turn on the “air mode”. When you activate “air mode”, all networks are also automatically turned off. As for wi-fi, it is also capable of wasting energy when the signal is weak, but not as much as 3G does.

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Working in power-consuming applications. Most often these are games with great graphics, the functioning of which consumes a lot of power. Or the reason for the high power consumption can be hidden in a poorly designed application due to certain internal bugs that the programmers have not eliminated. You can feel with your own hands the power drain on your iPad. This is clear by its hot state. To eliminate this cause of the tablet’s fast discharge, you just need to remove such games. Although this is probably not why you installed them. But you should understand that if you play them, the battery will quickly run out, and soon iPad needs to recharge. Also, power-hungry games wear out your iPad‘s battery faster.

New operating system update bug. It is a temporary flaw. It is usually fixed with the release of a new version of iOS, in which developers fix all previous problems. You have nothing to do but wait for this update.

Geolocation detection. Wasting resources to find your location. It is possible to disable finding geolocation for all installed applications, and it can be done selectively for some. It is worth to say that most programs simply do not need this function. “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Geolocation services”.

Problem with Bluetooth connections

Sometimes you may experience problems connecting to other accessories (e.g. keyboard, speaker or headset) via Bluetooth. Before you take any action, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in the settings menu.

  • Remove the paired device from the list of available devices and set up the connection again.
  • Try rebooting your iPad Air and then try connecting again.
  • If possible, try resetting the second device. Also, make sure it is charged.
  • Some Bluetooth devices may only have one active connection at a time, so to connect to it, you must remove the connections you already have.

Controller failed

One of the serious breakdowns when the iPad stops charging can be a failure of the power controller. Most of the time, this problem occurs with tablets that connect to an uncertified cable.

Unfortunately, this repair will cost the owner a lot of money. You can say that he is very lucky if the gadget is still under warranty.

What to do if your new tablet runs out of power

On new tablets, charging problems may be due to a battery defect, especially if it overheats quickly. This problem is quite common in knockoffs. If the tablet is very warm when the device is on charge, running several applications simultaneously, playing online videos, then it is normal. If the battery is blown, you should not continue to use such a tablet, it is even dangerous. It is desirable to remove such a battery from the gadget and replace it with a new one. But in no case you can not do it yourself, because it can ignite the Li-ion battery in contact with oxygen.

It is better to take the tablet to the service center and trust the professionals to do it.

If there is no visible damage to the battery of a new tablet, you can try to use the method of battery calibration. On Android devices it can be performed with the help of a special application, you just need to run it and follow the instructions described in it. Or you can try to calibrate the battery manually. This requires:

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