Ipad Stuck On An Apple What To Do

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Shutdown problem

You can turn on the tablet in the same way, but before the company logo appears.

Problem at the OS boot stage

If the iPad freezes on an apple, then the main causes of the problem are most often interruptions in the OS update process, illiterate installation of applications, or moisture getting inside the tablet. The troubleshooting steps will be the same as described above.

Reboot with open application

Few know how to restart iPad if it freezes when opening a certain program: first of all, it is necessary to force terminate the open application. This is done in the following way: you need to press and hold the Sleep / Wake position until the red off sign appears, then remove your finger from the key.

You can also try the following:

Press and hold the Home and Power keys simultaneously for about six seconds.

  • If the Home screen still does not appear, you will need to restart your tablet.
  • If the user has encountered a hang while using this application more than once, it is better to uninstall the program, and then reinstall it from the Purchased section of the App Store.
  • If the program stores important information, you must create a backup copy of it before deleting it.
  • How does a malfunction manifest

    If, in general, we analyze the complaints of different users regarding tablet freezing, they can be reduced to the following situations:

    • There is no response to actions (pressing keys or touching the screen of the device);
    • There is no tablet reaction when switching to the Home screen;
    • Long delay in sleep mode;
    • Cannot turn off the device.

    Ipad freezes what to do?

    Almost every owner of popular apple products has encountered several malfunctions in the operation of their device. The answer to the question of what to do if the iPad is frozen is usually searched for on the World Wide Web. In fact, the way out of the problem will be quite different: it all depends on the specific reason for the iPad freezing. The most common cases will be discussed below.

    Update problem

    If iPad freezes while updating, you need to get rid of the current software version and try to install the previous one. To do this, you need a cable and a computer with iTunes already loaded on it.

    The actions will be as follows:

    Connect your tablet to your computer with a cable.

    Launch iTunes on the user’s computer.

    • Hold down the Home and Power keys.
    • Wait for iPad to turn on, turn off and back on.
    • At the moment of restarting, move your finger from Turning on, but at the same time hold down Home.
    • Select the required program to download in the App Store.
    • Move your finger from the Home key after connecting to the program.
    • Wait until the installation of the required software is completed.
    • At the end, when the application asks you to choose update or restore, select the second option.

    As you can see, the answer to the question of how to turn off the iPad if it freezes is in most cases quite simple and does not require special skills.

    Charging check

    The very first thing to do, if the Aypad does not turn on, the apple lights up, then goes out, check the state of charge of the device. It is possible that you missed the signal on the iPad screen that its battery is in a low state. At the same time, the charging icon itself may not blink Aipad will react to a full discharge with a completely black display, on which the apple logo will appear for only a second. Even if the tablet hangs on an apple, the cause of the malfunction may be the same.

    Your actions in this case:

    • Connect an iPad, which has an apple on and then turns off, to a native charger (charging from phones, iPad mini and other Apple gadgets is not suitable)
    • Wait at least 20 minutes
    • Start iPad again

    Using a native charger is extremely important. Analog chargers are capable of overheating the iPad while it is connected to the network, which leads to various problems in its operation. Incorrectly used iPads freeze when turned on and stop charging at all. Iphone and iPod freeze in the same way.

    If after charging your iPad still does not turn on, also check that the charging cable and outlet are working, connect another phone or smartphone to them and make sure they are charging. If gadgets work with this cable and outlet, please go to other iPad recovery methods.

    Ipad won’t turn on, apple is on and off

    If you are faced with a situation where your favorite iPad does not turn on, the apple is on and off, do not rush to carry the device to the service center. There are several ways in which it is possible to restore the tablet to work at home.

    Reboot the device

    Another way to restore any Apple smartphones, when the iPad does not turn on, the apple is on and off, is to restart the device. This is done in three steps:

    • Press the Home and Sleep keys at the same time
    • Hold them for 10-15 minutes until the apple logo appears on the display
    • Wait for the tablet to reboot

    This reboot method restores almost all Apple gadgets in case of any software failure. This method is often used after installing a tweak from Cydia or a jailbreak, after which the iPad freezes quite often.

    Flashing the gadget via iTunes

    This is a rather aggressive way of dealing with software bugs, but if the iPad hangs on an apple and stubbornly does not turn on, then flashing the last thing you can try at home. The method is bad in that you risk erasing all or part of the data on your device after updating the iPad. This will happen if you have not backed up iPad in iTunes in the recent past.

    Re-flashing in situations where the iPads freeze when turned on is performed in several stages:

    • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
    • Connect to PC iPad that shuts down or constantly reboots on apple
    • Select the appropriate device type in the program settings and wait for the program to download the latest software version for it
    • Simultaneously press and hold the power and Home buttons on the iPad, an apple will appear on the iPad screen, which will go out
    • Follow the instructions in the iTunes dialog that will launch on the PC screen

    The program will prompt you to configure an iPad that is frozen and does not turn on as brand new (with a return to factory settings and a complete loss of all data) or restore the last backup.

    Repair for mechanical damage

    All described methods are suitable for home DIY repair of an iPad that is frozen and will not turn on, provided that the damage to the device was not mechanical. If your tablet has turned off and no longer boots after it fell, then the reason for the constant reboot of the device may be a broken cable.

    Additional signs of this are the following interference:

    • When turned on, the screen lights up and flashes
    • There are streaks and other imperfections in the image before it fades
    • The apple that appears is fuzzy white

    If your iPad goes out due to mechanical damage, do not repair the device yourself. Try rebooting your tablet or charging it as described above, then flashing the device. If none of the methods helped, and the iPad reboots and goes dead, take it to the service center.

    The most profitable option is to entrust the repair of a non-bootable iPad to the Yuda performers. They will restore the tablet, which does not turn on and does not charge, as quickly as possible right at your home:

    • Solder the dangling cable
    • Replace the broken glass of the screen
    • Carry out professional software installation

    Decision. Dfu operation

    If a hard reboot does not bring any results, you must start the DFU operating mode to update the standard firmware of the phone. This option enables automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting of microprocessor problems.

    As a result, DFU will roll back peripheral software, without which the hardware components cannot start.

    Connect your IPhone to your personal computer and open the iTunes for PC utility. Make sure your phone is turned off. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons for 8 seconds. Then release the Power button, but still hold Home until the iTunes has found an iPhone in recovery mode message appears in the iTunes main window.

    Next, in the program on the PC, press the OK button to start the process of rolling back the microprocessor firmware. Do not disconnect your computer or iPhone from your PC until the very end of DFU recovery. This can lead to a complete inoperability of the phone.

    Solution # 1. Hard reset

    A hard reboot helps 99% of the time. However, user data is not saved. After restarting, all your personal files will be deleted. We advise you not to back up your data, because its contents may contain utilities and options that caused the freeze.

    To Hard Reset, hold down the Home button and the Power button until the Apple icon disappears. Next, animated gears will appear on the screen, which indicate the start of the system rollback process.

    Hard Reset will end in 5-10 minutes. Then the iPhone will turn on. You will need to do the basic phone setup again (sign in to your Apple ID, set up a fingerprint scanner, etc.).

    Iphone is frozen on an apple, what to do?

    After trying to turn it on, your iPhone stuck on an apple and no longer responds? This indicates that a serious error has occurred in the operation of the system, which the device cannot solve on its own. Be prepared to have to restore your iPhone. Below are all possible methods to help you effectively solve your problem.

    What to do if the iPhone is frozen on an apple and does not turn on

    Diagnosing the problem

    The eternal reboot of the iPhone occurs due to the failure of the standard algorithm of actions that are required to turn on the smartphone. The smartphone may not be able to access the CPU, check the memory and configure the internal components.

    There are only three reasons that provoke an eternal phone reboot:

    • Ios updates, restoring and transferring data from computer to IPhone and other actions during which a third-party device gains access to the functions of the phone’s cores. Perhaps the error was caused by defender programs, faulty cable or USB port;
    • Have you done Jailbreak? The risk of system errors increases dramatically if you jailbreak your iPhone. The device is more susceptible to viruses and third-party bots;
    • Hardware problems. During power-on, the iPhone first of all checks the functionality of the hardware components and, if important elements do not respond, the phone cannot continue starting. This way the apple logo does not disappear and nothing happens.

    Decision. Connecting loops

    Perhaps the motherboard cables were loose after a recent phone repair. Turn off your phone and open the back cover. Then check the connection of all the loops shown in the figure. If necessary, disconnect and reconnect the component using a spudger or plastic spatula.

    1: Force restart iPad

    Sometimes force restarting iPad can help. The method depends on the iPad model and year of manufacture. Below we will tell you about all the options.

    • Hard resetiPadPro11″ andiPadPro9″ (2018 and newer)

    Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold the Power button until iPad Pro restarts.

    • Hard reboot iPad, iPadAir, iPadmini and older iPadPro

    Press the Home button and the Power button at the same time until the screen turns off and then the Apple logo appears on it.

    In some cases, a forced restart will fix the problem and you will get your tablet in a normal state. If not, go to the next step.

    What to do if iPad stuck on an apple (Apple logo) and won’t turn on?

    Sometimes iPads freeze at the Apple logo on startup or restart. Most often this happens due to a failed software update, but sometimes there may be other reasons for this.

    We’ll tell you what to do if your iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini is stuck on an apple. How to restart iPad if it freezes and other ways.

    • 0: Check if there is a progress bar on the screen
    • 1: Force restart iPad
    • 2: Update iPad via Recovery Mode
    • 3: Reset and restore iPad via DFU mode

    Check if there is a progress indicator on the screen

    If there is a progress bar under the apple, your device is either installing a system update or repairing itself. In this case, do nothing and wait for the process to complete.

    Connect the tablet to a power source and do not touch it until the process is complete.

    If this is a software update, your iPad will automatically restart after installation. You may have iOS auto-update enabled and your tablet decided to download the update now. Do not interrupt downloading.

    If there is no progress indicator, then the tablet is really frozen. Follow the steps below to fix it.

    Update iPad via Recovery Mode

    The next way to fix the problem is by updating through recovery mode. To do this, you need a Mac or Windows PC with up-to-date iTunes, and a USB cable. The method also depends on the model.

    • Recovery Mode on iPadPro with FaceID

    Open iTunes on your computer.

  • On your tablet, hold down the Power button and the Volume Up button until the shutdown screen appears. Use the slider to turn off iPad Pro.
  • Now hold down the power button on your iPad Pro and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Keep holding the button until recovery mode is activated.
  • Select Refresh on the computer screen when the recovery mode notification appears.
  • The update may take 20 minutes or more. If everything works out, the iPad Pro will update the system and reboot.

    You can also try resetting your tablet and then restoring your data from a backup.

    • Recovery mode on any iPad with Home button

    Open iTunes on your computer.

  • Hold down the power button and then turn off the tablet.
  • Hold the Home button and connect iPad to computer.
  • Keep holding the button until recovery mode is activated.
  • Select Refresh on the computer notification.
  • Again, you can try resetting your tablet and then restoring your data from a backup if the update doesn’t help.

    Reset and Restore iPad via DFU Mode

    If the method above did not help you, you can use DFU mode to recover. This will erase all your data from the tablet, but then you can restore it from the copy.

    • Recover iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Old iPad Pro

    Connect iPad to computer and launch iTunes.

  • Press the power button and the Home button at the same time and hold them for about 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, release the power button, but keep holding the Home button for another 5 seconds.
  • On the computer screen, select Restore iPad.
    • Recovery iPadPro (2018 and newer)

    Connect iPad Pro to Computer and Launch iTunes.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • While continuing to hold the power button, hold down the Volume Down button for another 5 seconds.
  • Release the power button, but continue to hold the Volume Down button for another 10 seconds.
  • Select Recovery on the computer screen.
  • When the tablet is restored, you can set it up as new or restore from a backup.

    Fortunately, the problem with hanging on an apple does not occur very often, but now you know how to solve it. Most often, any of the methods above will solve the problem.

    Solving the problem with the iPad freezing during overloads and malfunctions

    At the first manifestation of the disease, you do not need to immediately contact the service center. Most iPad crashes are software related and can be easily fixed manually.

    What to do if a premium gadget freezes and refuses to respond to touches and convulsive presses on all buttons at once? First of all, you need to calm down and give the iPad time to think it over for this device will take 5-10 minutes. In most cases, it independently goes into normal operation.

    You can force quit applications by pressing the Power key until Turn off and Cancel appears, then release the key and hold down the Home button for five seconds. After this procedure, applications are abnormally closed and the tablet displays the desktop.

    If this option did not work, you should try to force restart the device by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power keys and holding them in this position for 8-10 seconds. When the Apple logo appears, release the buttons and let the tablet boot.

    Solving the problem with iPad freezing during the update

    What to do if the iPad freezes on an apple while updating? The previous software version should be returned. To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Connect the iPad to the computer using a proprietary cable;
    • Start iTunes;
    • Repeat the previous operation with clamping two keys and holding them;
    • Force the tablet to turn on, turn off and turn it on again by holding down the Home key;
    • After the connection with the iTunes program appears, release the Home key;
    • Wait until the software and drivers are installed; when the OSD is displayed, select the Restore.

    What to do if iPad stuck on an apple

    Even the most popular tablet in the world is prone to crashes. It should be understood that Aypad is also a computer, which makes his illnesses exact copies of the ailments of his older brothers.

    Most often, iPad users are faced with tablet freezing (it literally hung on an apple). This is an Apple branded logo that greets every tablet owner when they download it. What to do if the icon is not going to leave the screen?

    The constant display of this fruit on the display is depressing for users. In this case, you should not rush to conclusions; there are several ways to get the gadget out of this unpleasant state. The main thing in this matter is to figure out why exactly your Aypad hung on an apple.

    Ipad freezes reasons:

    • The most common cause of an iPad freezing is a failure to update the firmware;
    • Incorrect installation of the application may be a good reason for contemplating the Apple logo on a dark background;
    • Software failure in the operating system (especially if it has been recently installed or updated);
    • Getting inside the gadget of dust, liquid or foreign bodies.

    Solving the problem of the inability to turn on the tablet

    What to do if iPad screen does not light up after repeated attempts to turn it on? This turn of affairs is much more serious than if the gadget simply hung on the apple, but this issue is completely resolved. Before you panic, you need to connect the iPad to a power source (USB connector) for ten minutes, then try to turn on the device again. The appearance of a red battery icon means a deep discharge of the device, which is completely removable.

    The lack of reaction of the tablet to any of the listed options may mean a technical breakdown (it would be better if it just hung on the apple). The iPad is considered to be a very reliable device, and such cases are rare. Most often, liquid or foreign bodies get into the gadget through the connectors and inputs; short circuits are extremely rare with these tablets. If moisture gets inside the device, the gadget should be sent for repair as soon as possible. Only a master is able to clean the tracks (contacts) from oxides and replace the failed elements.

    Decision. Use Apps

    One of the ways to restore iPhone is to use special programs. For example, dr.Fone allows you to solve most of the problems associated with iOS in a couple of clicks. It is important that the utility allows you not to worry about creating a backup, it will remove the white screen without losing data, saving all user files.

    How to fix white screen of death on iPhone using dr.Fone:

    Step 1. Download dr.Fone app from developer site. Install it on PC.

    Step 2. In the window that opens, select the Repair button.

    Step 3. Select Standard Mode and connect iPhone.

    Step 4. The program will detect the iPhone model and offer to download the latest firmware. Then you should click Start and wait for the latest software version to be installed.

    After that, the iPhone will reboot and work again, and the data will not be deleted.

    It should be noted that dr.Fone is a paid program. It is suitable for users who do not have time to find and implement free solutions or travel to the service. It can also be used by those who do not have enough technical knowledge to independently repair the device according to instructions from the Internet, there is a risk of breaking the gadget completely.

    Pay for the one-time dr.Fone program you can use as much as you like for an unlimited period.

    Ipad Stuck On An Apple What To Do

    Decision. Hard reboot

    Sometimes, to fix the problem, you just need to restart the gadget. If the smartphone does not respond to the shutdown button, you can apply a forced reboot. Different key combinations need to be pressed depending on the model.

    To reset iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max and newer models:

    • Press the volume up button and release it.
    • Also press the volume down key.
    • Hold the power button and hold it until the Apple logo disappears and the device starts to reboot.

    To restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the volume down buttons and the power key for about 10 seconds.

    If the model is older, then to restart you need to hold down the power key and the Home button for 10 seconds until the apple icon disappears.

    . What to do if iPhone is frozen on apple

    Any user of Apple technology can face a situation when the gadget hangs on a white screen with the apple logo. This rarely happens, but it does happen sometimes. Fortunately, you can often fix the problem yourself without going to a service center. Let’s talk about some of the ways.

    Why iPhone may freeze on a white screen

    Freezing of Apple smartphones happens for various reasons. Usually a system error is to blame, as a result of which the device cannot access the processor, check memory and other components. The most common failure occurs when installing a new firmware, downgrading to an old version of iOS, or restoring data from a backup. Sometimes the gadget freezes when connected to a PC or unsuccessful jailbreak.

    Also, failure can occur due to hardware problems with water ingress, battery failure, or damage caused by a fall. In such cases, you will have to contact the service center.

    Now let’s take a look at the popular solutions to fix iPhone white screen.

    Decision. Dfu mode

    Dfu (Device Firmware Update) mode helps to force iOS recovery. With its help, the system rolls back and an emergency update of the device. To start, you have to connect your iPhone to your computer via a cable, and then open the iTunes application. If you will be setting up on a PC with macOS Catalina, launch Finder. Then you need to press the key combination. Just like the forced reboot, the combinations differ depending on the iPhone model.

    • Iphone 8, X, XS, and later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the Power key until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the Power button and Volume down key at the same time until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
    • Iphone 6s and earlier: Press and hold the Home button and the Power key at the same time until the recovery mode screen appears.

    If everything goes well, iTunes or Finder will offer to restore or update your iPhone. You should select the update and wait while the program downloads the firmware and installs it on the iPhone.

    What to do if your iPad is frozen and unresponsive

    This article was brought up by such a common problem as freezing iPad. Despite the fact that it may seem completely frivolous, it can go hand in hand with some serious problems, primarily concerning the tablet operating system.

    Freezing can occur due to many factors and its treatment will also depend on the individual case. Next, we will consider the most common of them and offer options for getting rid of this annoying failure.

    : iPad look

    When turned on on an apple

    Another common mistake is the device freezing on the apple start-up screen.

    The most likely reasons for this behavior iPad can be considered:

    • Failure during update;
    • Incorrect installation of one or more applications;

    : stuck on apple when updating

    In this case, it is recommended:

    • Re-write the update;
    • Remove applications causing conflict;
    • Reinstall the OS using a proven firmware;
    • Remove contaminants or take the device for repair.

    Treatment for the eternal apple. Freezes reasons and solutions

    Each of the cases when the device freezes is different.

    In general, several categories of problems can be distinguished:

    • Lack of response to key presses or interaction with the sensor;
    • Inability to get to the Home screen;
    • Ipad freezes and does not turn off in sleep mode;
    • The gadget does not respond to attempts to disable it;
    • Freezing when updating or resetting settings;
    • The appearance of a white screen.

    For these failures, the ways to get rid of them will also be different. We will tell you more about this below.

    When factory reset

    The hang is most often caused by internal tablet errors. What if one of them appeared right during the update or firmware of the device? The tablet is frozen and does not respond?

    How to quickly enter the router settings? Read more.

    There may be several problems in this case:

    • Software error;
    • Problem with the firmware file;
    • Failure of the update process.

    : stuck tablet screen

    Faced with one of them, you should understand that they are quite serious and in the future can lead to errors in the operation of the device. The solution can be flashing and re-updating.

    White screen

    It also happens that the tablet is interrupted by a white screen. The reasons for this phenomenon can be hidden in both software and hardware failures.

    : White screen

    To get rid of this problem will help:

    • Shutting down iPad by holding the Home and Sleep buttons for about 10 seconds;
    • So-called hard reset pressing the Home button on the front of the device and the Power button on the top.

    We use Recovery Mode if the iPhone does not turn on

    In order not to lose information on the iPhone, you can try using the recovery mode aka Recovery. This method is most effective if the problem occurs after a failed system update. The smartphone will reinstall iOS without erasing your personal data.

    • Connect iPhone to computer using Lightning wire.
    • If you have an iPhone 7 or older, press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. If the older model of iPhone is the Home key and.
    • Wait for the notification that the smartphone is put into recovery mode and follow the tips on the PC screen.

    Hard restart when the iPhone won’t turn on and the apple is on

    Turn off and turn on again this method helps in most cases, not only when iPhones break down, but also with PCs, routers and mobile gadgets. The process for starting Hard Reset depends on your iPhone model.

    Recovery through DFU mode

    In case your iPhone does not turn on, the apple is on and goes out when you reboot, a special firmware update mode is provided, it is also the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. When it is a forced rollback of the system, error diagnosis and emergency device update.

    If the option with reboot and recovery did not help you, then DFU will become a kind of plan B. We still do not recommend starting with it, first try Hard Reset and Recovery, and if nothing works, go to recovery via DFU.

    Dfu mode works mostly on older iPhones. Here’s how to turn it on.

    • Connect iPhone to PC using iTunes.
    • Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time as if rebooting for ten seconds.
    • Release the Power key, but hold Home until a message appears in iTunes about entering the smartphone into DFU mode.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your iPhone.

    Unlike the Recovery mode, the DFU works with the screen off, on which no icons are displayed. During the firmware update, all data will be deleted from the iPhone: you will have to re-enter your Apple ID and adjust the iOS settings. To avoid losing important files when you reset your device, save them to the cloud beforehand. We wrote more about backup in a separate article.

    What to do if an iPhone is frozen on an apple

    After updating or rebooting, it may happen that the iPhone hangs on the apple and does not turn on. How to solve this problem and start the smartphone again, read our article.

    The long-awaited iOS 13 update was recently released, we talked about its main features in a separate article. Sometimes an upgrade carries not only cool features, but also a bunch of bugs. Sometimes, installing an update leads to the fact that the smartphone freezes on the boot screen and does not want to turn on. Also, this problem may occur after restarting the device. Sometimes the iPhone freezes when connected to a PC or unsuccessful Jailbreak what is it, read here.

    Less commonly, the problem occurs due to the hardware, as a rule, after an unsuccessful or self-repair. To prevent such a sad outcome, we advise you to use only the advice of Apple Authorized Service Centers.

    Fortunately, in many cases, it is easy to fix everything yourself without contacting the service. We will show you several proven methods that will help revive the iPhone, which turns on and off before the apple.

    How to make a Hard Reset on an iPhone without a button

    New iPhones don’t have a home button. Namely on the iPhone X, iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. But even for them, you can carry out a forced reboot if the iPhone does not turn on, but the apple is on.

    The process is a little more complicated than for older models.

    • Press the volume up button and release it.
    • Also press the volume down key.
    • Hold the power button and hold it until the screen goes blank (the Apple logo disappears) and the device starts to reboot.

    How to Force Restart iPhone with Home Button

    Older iPhones are still equipped with a Home button, these are all devices from the first iPhone to the iPhone X. The most popular of them are: iPhone SE, iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

    • If you have a sixth iPhone or an older model, to restart, you need to hold the Home button and the power key for about 10 seconds until the apple icon disappears from the screen. Also it shouldn’t blink.
    • If you have an iPhone 7 or older, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until the white manufacturer logo disappears.

    During the restart, the phone will restore all disturbed processes and start up normally. Remember that after this you will need to enter the password from your Apple ID account.

    What to do if the logo screen does not disappear and the iPhone is still not working

    If restarting your device, updating the firmware, and even performing a factory reset didn’t work, the issue might be hardware related. In this case, it is best to contact a service that specializes in repairing Apple products.

    Force restart iPhone

    Sometimes a forced restart of the device helps to get rid of an apple on a dark screen. Iphone 7 and newer models can be rebooted by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button and volume control for 10 seconds.

    To reboot older models, press and hold the Power and Home button for 10 seconds.

    We talked in more detail about the reboot in this article.

    Refresh iPhone in Recovery Mode

    If a hard restart does not help, try updating iOS in Recovery Mode. This method allows you to reinstall the operating system without changing the data stored on the device. However, it is only effective if the logo screen appeared as a result of a glitch during the iOS update process. If the problem is related to the hardware stuffing of the device or jailbreak, this method will not help.

    To update iOS in recovery mode, you need a desktop computer with the latest iTunes and a USB cable.

    1. Open iTunes on your computer.

    2. Activate recovery mode.

    On iPhone 7, you can activate recovery mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button and the volume down control until the smartphone turns off. Then, on your smartphone, hold down the volume down button and while continuing to hold it, connect the iPhone using a USB cable to a computer with iTunes installed. After about 10 seconds, the iPhone displays the iTunes logo with the cable, and iTunes on the computer displays a notification that the iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

    On earlier iPhone models, you can activate Recovery Mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power button and Home button until the smartphone turns off. Then on your smartphone, hold down the Home button and, while continuing to hold it, connect the iPhone using a USB cable to a computer with iTunes installed. After about 10 seconds, the iPhone displays the iTunes logo with the cable, and iTunes on the computer displays a notification that the iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

    3. In iTunes, click on Update.

    The above steps will allow you to update your device’s firmware. If the logo screen does not disappear, try again, but select Restore. Please note that in this case, all iPhone settings will be reset to factory settings (all data will be deleted). You can restore them from backups.

    Factory reset (flashing) iPhone in DFU mode

    You can get rid of the logo screen by performing a factory reset in DFU mode. In this case, all data on the device will be lost, so make sure that you have all the necessary backups before proceeding.

    We talked in detail about how to enter iPhone into DFU mode in this article.

    If the problem is jailbreak and you can’t uninstall the tweak or app, a factory reset in DFU mode is most likely the only option.

    Apple on iPhone: what to do if your smartphone freezes or reboots on the boot screen

    Sometimes iPhone owners are faced with an unpleasant phenomenon, the Apple logo appears on the screen and the device stops showing signs of life. Typically, this happens after installing updates or crashing applications. Iphone freezes or restarts on apple, making it impossible to continue using it. What to do in this case, we will tell you below.

    Why iPhone freezes and restarts on apple

    If the iPhone screen suddenly goes blank, a logo appears on it, and then nothing happens, then something went wrong with the software. Reasons for the appearance of the logo screen: