iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Replacement

iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Replacement

Frequent iPhone connections to the network or incomplete charging sooner or later will lead to a decrease in battery capacity. And then you may need to replace the battery on the iPhone. Doing it yourself in a very problematic way. It is much safer to contact a specialist.

Has the tablet run down time? Have to recharge constantly? Does the iPad turn off after a couple of hours of active use? All this is evidence that something is wrong with your tablet’s battery. The reasons for these problems can be many. It is frequent recharging (i.E. Connecting to the network when the battery has not depleted), and the use of networks with the wrong voltage, and just active use for a long time. Battery damage may also occur. To say exactly what the cause of the problem is and whether it is necessary to replace the battery with a newer one, specialist intervention is required.

It’s important to understand that the reasons for the iPad’s battery drain quickly can be hidden in internal damage to the device, oxidation of contacts or other hidden defects, as a result of which the new battery will not last long. That is why we strongly do not recommend replacing the battery yourself. It will be much safer and more profitable for you to use the services of our specialized service center. Our wizards will quickly and expertly replace your iPad battery by performing free hardware diagnostics on your tablet.

How is the battery replacement on the iPad in ModMake

  • The battery runs out very quickly
  • The tablet often turns off despite the large battery indicator
  • IPad only works when the power cord is connected

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Wizard parses iPad
  2. Gently disconnects and removes the old battery
  3. Installs a new original battery.
  4. Assembles the machine in the correct sequence.
  5. Checks tablet performance


As a result of the repair, you get a finished iPad with a new battery. 90 days warranty for work and installed part

Professional repair in ModMac

If the situation with your device is such that you cannot do without replacing the battery, then we are waiting for you at the ModMac service center. We are changing batteries for the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina.

To identify the cause of inefficient battery operation, our craftsmen will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the device on specialized equipment. The diagnostic and battery replacement time does not exceed two hours. During the repair work, only original components are installed, for which we give a guarantee of 90 days.

After completing all the work, you can again enjoy the long work of your favorite gadget.