IPad Os What’s New

Thanks to OS X El Capitan, solving everyday tasks on a Mac is even easier and more convenient. Work in multiple applications simultaneously using Split View. Keep your favorite sites on hand with Pinned Sites. Manage your email in full screen with swipe gestures. And turn notes into convenient to-do lists. System improvements will make your Mac faster and more efficient in solving any tasks: from working with PDF files to downloading emails. And Metal technology will provide the most demanding games and applications with the corresponding level of graphic power.

Split view

One of the great features of a Mac is to run many applications at once. Another is to open the application in full screen. In the Split View mode, you get both of them, since it allows you to open any two applications in full screen. You can discuss dinner plans in Messages and at the same time look for a restaurant in Maps. Or work on text in Pages and look up information in Safari. All this. without being distracted by other applications and without the need to configure windows manually. And your desktop is always there: just swipe the trackpad to return to all your tasks.

Mission control

We’ve improved Mission Control mode to make it even easier to see and organize everything that’s open on your Mac. Swipe the trackpad, and all the windows on the desktop will be placed in one layer without stacks and hidden fragments. Mission Control arranges the windows in the same way as on the screen, so you quickly find the right one. And if the windows clutter each other, now you can easily free up space for them. Just drag any window to the top of the screen and drag it to a new desktop. Distributing tasks has never been so easy.

Lost cursor on a busy desktop? Just move your finger on the trackpad or shake the mouse. the cursor will increase in size so that you notice it.

See what happened in the mail.

Improved full-screen mode and swipe gestures in Mail will allow you to easily deal with correspondence.

Improved full-screen mode in Mail will help you work with all correspondence right away. Now, composing a letter, you can move it down the screen and see the inbox. It is very convenient for copying text and attachments between letters. And if you have several correspondence at the same time, then you can switch between them in convenient tabs.

Now you can manage your mailbox using swipe gestures. just like on iOS devices. Need to sort incoming emails? Swipe right to mark the message as read or unread, or swipe left to delete it. Focus on the important without distracting the little things.


The new Notes application provides much more than just the ability to record thoughts and return to them later. Now you can instantly turn them into an interactive list. Or easily add a photo,, link or map. And thanks to iCloud, all your recordings and their contents are synchronized on all your devices. You can create a note on Mac and watch it on iPhone at any time.

IPad Os Whats New

You can add almost any file to the note with a simple drag and drop. documents, links, photos, location, PDF files,s and other materials.

Are you planning a trip? Create a note with a link to the hotel’s website directly from Safari or with an address directly from Maps. You can save data to Notes and from many other applications. Just click the “Share” button in the application to save content to ready-made notes or create new ones.

In Notes, you can now easily create interactive lists. Make a shopping list, a wish list or tasks. in one click. And then mark the completed items.

All files added to notes are organized in a convenient Attachment Browser. Here you can sort photos,s, places on the map and links without having to remember which notes they were added to.

Notes work with iCloud, so they are always updated no matter what device you open them on. Create an interactive list on Mac and open it on iPhone. Mark the item on the iPhone and it will update on your Mac. Take a picture on the iPhone, add it to the note, and this photo will be on all your devices. Any changes you make to notes on one device instantly appear on the rest.

new features, new places and new faces.

Add personality to your photos using third-party processing tools. Improved organization, support for the new Live Photos format and high performance make the Photos app even better.

OS X El Capitan supports third-party tools that will appear on the App Store for Mac and will be available directly in the Photos app. You can apply extensions of various developers to one photo or use the extensions and processing tools built into Photo. From subtle filters to noise reduction technologies at the level of professional applications. photo processing has reached a whole new level.

We have optimized the Photos app to make managing your library even easier. Now you can add a location to one photo or several. And change the name, description and keywords of a whole group of pictures. Marking people that are important to you in the “Faces” function has become even easier due to the improved processing process. You can also sort albums and their contents by date, title and other parameters.


OS X El Capitan Enhances Better Browser for Mac Safari takes care of your favorite sites: with the Pinned Sites feature, you can always keep them open. To turn off the sound you do not have to look for the tab on which it sounds. And the AirPlay function allows you to broadcast from a web page directly to an HD TV.

Thanks to the Pinned Sites feature, your favorite websites you visit frequently — webmail, Facebook, or Twitter — will now always be open, updated, and accessible. They will remain active in the background so that at any time you can open them using the tab bar on the left.

Show the from the webpage on your TV using Apple TV. In this case, no one will see what is happening on your desktop. Just click on the AirPlay icon that appears on the if it is compatible with this feature. And you can watch this on the big screen. 1

Want to turn off the music without a long search for the desired tab? Now you can do this directly from the smart search field. If you listen to audio on one tab, and music starts playing on the other, then you can easily turn off unnecessary sound. And if you need to be in absolute silence, then you can turn off the sound at once for all tabs.


If you use trains or buses, the Maps application will greatly facilitate movement in many cities around the world. You will find everything you need to get from point A to point B. built-in traffic patterns, navigation and timetables.

Select your destination in Public Transport mode, and Maps will offer you the best routes with descriptions for pedestrians or for trips by metro, train, bus and ferry. You will also see a transfer plan if you need to take the metro, then walk and catch the bus. You can even plan a route with a specific departure or arrival time.

Make a route on the Mac and send it to your iPhone with two clicks to have step-by-step tips at hand, wherever you go.


OS X El Capitan introduces new fonts that look great on the Mac screen and in any documents: the modern ergonomic San Francisco font, the new PingFang for the Chinese language with thousands of improved characters and six new density options, as well as four new fonts for the Japanese language, expanding the ability to work with presentations, mail and more.

Designed specifically for Apple devices, the San Francisco font has been optimized to be better readable on a Mac screen and look crisper and brighter on a Retina display. Thanks to the dynamic intersymbol spacing and contours that change depending on the size of the characters, the new San Francisco system font significantly improves the perception of information. You will feel it from the first word.

It is now easy to distinguish between an uppercase letter I and a lowercase L or unit.

The spacing between letters and words is adjusted to the font size for better readability.

PingFang, the new system font for Chinese, is designed specifically for digital displays. The text is perfectly readable in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

The PingFang font has six density options: ultra-thin to bold. Thus, it is convenient to highlight headings, signatures and much more.