Ipad No Charging

Apple iPad won’t charge from computer. Myth

We are certainly not “Mythbusters”, but today we will try to dispel the myth that the iPad does not charge from the computer. If the battery is discharged in the iPad, then almost every user has probably tried two ways to charge the tablet:

  • Charging iPad from a 220 Volt network using an adapter
  • Charge iPad from a computer using USB

I think that you had no problems with the first method. When you plug your device into an outlet using the supplied USB cable and adapter, iPad starts charging. The charging process is accompanied by an indication of the lightning icon, which appears in the upper right corner.

If you are faced with a similar situation, then, of course, you do not need to run anywhere, everything is in order with your tablet. The fact is that the iPad requires more energy to charge than, for example, the iPhone, so the iPad is charged from the computer only when it is in lock mode (standby mode).

In order to make sure that the tablet is charging when its screen is locked, we decided to conduct an experiment and, using the supplied cable, connected the iPad to various USB ports on the computer:

  • Usb located on the motherboard itself, the rear of the system unit
  • Front USB connector (/ extension adapter)

In lock mode, the iPad was slowly charging in any of the USB ports. Therefore, if the charging time of the iPad is not important to you, then you can connect the tablet to the computer and charge it slowly, remembering to press the screen lock button (sleep mode). If the screen is unlocked and the USB does not have enough power, the iPad will not charge from USB.

For whom the charging time of the iPad is of great importance, use the included AC adapter and a 220 V outlet, the tablet from the outlet charges the fastest.

Ipad shows it is charging but not charging

After keeping the gadget connected to the mains all night, users may find in the morning that it simply has not charged. In such a situation, the reason must be sought in the battery. As a rule, you will need to reconnect the gadget to power in order to make sure whether the charging icon appears or not. If everything is displayed in standard form, then you need to wait about one hour. Then check if the charge value has changed. If this does not happen, then you need to go to the service center. It will carry out diagnostics and determine exactly what the problem is: the battery or the electronic part of the gadget.

We check the performance of the socket and adapter

The adapter is a little more difficult. If possible, then you need to try it on a smartphone or other tablet. You can also disassemble the adapter in order to visually check the status of the contacts.

Charging from a computer

On the web, users often raise the topic that the iPad is slowly charging from the computer. This problem does not arise due to breakdown, but due to technical characteristics. The fact is that a tablet requires a lot more energy than a smartphone. When the screen is on, the charging will be in place.

If the owner is interested in the time period for which the battery restores its resource up to 100%, then it is recommended to abandon this method by switching the device into an outlet. Otherwise, you can leave the tablet connected via a USB cable, but do not forget to turn off the screen. This method of charging the battery will take a very long time.

Ipad won’t charge. What to do?

All gadget owners know which icon is displayed while charging. There is a battery icon on the main screen. Lightning appears when the charger is connected to the iPad. If one day this did not happen, then you need to look for the reason.

Ipad No Charging

So let’s take a closer look at each reason.

The famous Apple gadgets are the dream of many people. Their wide capabilities, innovative design, high technologies win the hearts of domestic buyers. As you know, “apple” devices are distinguished by a high level of reliability and a long service life. However, unforeseen problems can occur, for example, the iPad does not charge. Of course, such a breakdown makes the owner nervous.

By connecting the power adapter to the device and seeing a message on the screen stating that charging is not taking place, you immediately start to panic. But professionals do not recommend running to a service center. First you need to find out the reason why such a failure occurs in the system. To do this, it is advisable to test not only the charger itself, but also the iPad. Correct diagnosis is a guarantee of stability.

Within the framework of this article, the most common reasons will be considered when it is impossible to charge an “apple” device. We will also offer several ways to solve the problem.

Damage to the tablet

Also, problems with charging in the iPad can occur if moisture gets inside the case. Contacts begin to oxidize, which leads to breakdowns. In such a situation, you need to be on the lookout, as moisture can provoke a malfunction that will completely disable the device. As in the first case, the owners will have to seek help from qualified craftsmen.

Possible causes of problems and their elimination

To find out why the iPad says “no charging”, you must first pay attention to:

  • Serviceability of the port: very often ports break down due to inaccurate handling of the device or after mechanical damage as a result of improper transportation of the device. The best solution in this situation would be to contact a specialized workshop;
  • Possible breakdown of the charger: to check, it is better to try to use another charger for a while, if the problem persists, you need to look for another reason;
  • It is possible that the lower loop is out of order: basically, such a malfunction appears in connection with the ingress of liquid into the device;
  • Power controller: it mostly breaks down as a result of using non-original charging;
  • Moisture on the device board: the best solution to this problem would be to contact a service center to clean the board.

If iPad wrote that there is no charging

Quite often, Apple tablet owners are faced with a problem when the iPad says “no charging”.

You can get out of this situation quickly and easily, but first you need to find out the reasons for its occurrence.

Troubleshoot problems yourself

After you have found out why the iPad says “no charging”, you can begin the process of fixing the problem. The procedure will be as follows:

First of all, you need to try to connect the USB cable to all free ports on the PC. It’s important to know what USB ports your computer has (usually USB 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0). Only USB 3.0 provides up to 900mA, while the first two provide up to 500mA. Accordingly, the charging time will depend on which port the device is connected to.

  • Purchase a double USB adapter that will allow you to use twice as much energy for charging.
  • Installing the appropriate utility on a PC. Ai Charger, AppCharger, etc. The main benefit of these applications is to switch the port to a higher power mode. But it is very important to know exactly the model of the motherboard on your computer in order to download the appropriate utility on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Preventive measures

    In order not to face a situation when the iPad writes “no charging”, experts recommend following certain principles of using the tablet:

    • Use only original accessories and components;
    • Do not open the device yourself, as you can only aggravate the situation;
    • Use an Apple adapter for a European socket: often the sockets simply do not have enough power, which the device needs.

    Charge iPad

    When the first iPad was announced, potential users of the device had one of the main questions about how long it would last without external power in games, Internet surfing, and multimedia playback.

    Apple didn’t reinvent the wheel and used the same polymer electrolyte lithium battery that was developed for Mac laptops. As a result: up to 10 hours of Internet browsing in Wi-Fi mode, multimedia playback. Without recharging.

    When browsing sites over a 3G network (on a Wi-Fi 3G model), the device allowed battery life up to 9 hours. Games. Up to 3 hours. Not a bad result compared to laptops. In the future, battery performance remained unchanged for both iPad 2 and New iPad, with significantly increased power consumption, which many experts consider a truly fantastic result.

    Apple’s main recommendation for charging the device:

    The fastest way to charge your iPad is to use the 10W USB power adapter that came with your device. Ipad will also charge (but slower) if you connect it to your computer using a high-power USB port (many newer Macs have it) or use the iPhone power adapter.

    When connected to a computer via a standard USB port (most personal computers and older Macs have this port), the iPad will only charge while in sleep mode. When charging iPad via USB, make sure the computer is turned on. When iPad is connected to a powered off computer or computer in sleep or standby mode, the iPad battery continues to drain.

    In testing Apple prototypes, it was determined that the battery retained up to 80% of its original capacity after 1,000 full charge cycles. A very good result. For reference, the capacity of the main iPad battery is about 5400 mAh, the nominal voltage is 3.7 V. If necessary, the battery can be replaced. Its estimated cost is 50.

    For those who do not have enough 10 hours of charge, or do not have an outlet at hand to recharge the device, numerous manufacturers present a significant number of external power sources (external batteries) and alternative chargers on the market. We present you with a small overview.

    Ipad chargers

    In addition to the standard device that comes with the iPad, there are many alternative chargers. Namely:

    1. Docking stations (which are a variety of stands for the device, sometimes with built-in speakers)
    2. Cigarette lighter chargers in the car (also called car charger for iPad)
    3. Chargers built into the protective case (8000 mAh capacity, 500 recharge cycles)
    4. Chargers for iPad in the form of portable universal charging blocks for several devices (including mobile ones, with a built-in battery, as well as powered from a car cigarette lighter socket)
    5. And even chargers with a solar battery (solapad type)

    Why won’t the iPad charge? Causes and solutions

    A common type of iPad malfunction is that the battery will not charge or recharge despite using a Li-on battery.

    • Defective charger. This is the most common reason, therefore, first of all, you need to check the functionality of the charger that is currently in use. You can check the charging fault with a tester (multimeter), if you do not know how to do it yourself. Contact a friend who understands this.
    • The charger connector does not function as a result of mechanical damage (may result from careless use). If the connector is damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one, after which the tablet computer will recharge well again.
    • The bottom loop may be inoperative due to moisture penetration into the device or due to inaccurate use and resulting mechanical damage. In this case, only the replacement of the loop will correct the situation, at the service center.
    • The reason may be the use of a non-original charger, which led to the failure of the power controller. The way to fix this problem depends on the specific case and usually ends with a trip to the service center.
    • Moisture particles or condensation may have entered the main board of the tablet PC. In this case, you need to clean it and restore it to work in the service center.

    Sometimes a malfunction becomes relevant when the iPad refuses to charge from the computer’s USB port. These features must be taken into account when diagnosing the device. The best option would be to contact a repair service, where specialists will eliminate all breakdowns.

    A separate case is the problem when a message is displayed on the iPad screen that charging is not in progress. This often happens when it is charged from a computer via a USB port. In this case, the iPad may display a message about no charging, although in reality it charges, albeit rather slowly. Therefore, charging from a computer takes much longer than from a charger, do not forget about this fact.

    It can be frustrating if your iPad‘s battery drains quickly. This may be due to a battery failure or moisture ingress into the device. In the first case, the battery is changed, in the second, they resort to thorough drying, since in the presence of condensation, the tablet computer can consume much more electricity.

    Many iPad owners wonder how long it takes to fully charge their tablet. The answer to this question is not always straightforward. It all depends on the charging method used, the technical condition of the battery, as well as on the presence of possible faults in the power circuit.